Being gay in Honduras sucks

A seriously depressing article in the Miami Herald: about how lousy it is being gay in Honduras. one bright note: The Obama administration appears to have helped force the Honduran government to take the murder of gay and trans people seriously.

Under pressure from Washington, Honduran authorities ordered police to set up a unit to investigate crimes against gay people and others. The unit began work in November. That unit and a partner squad of a prosecutor, three detectives and two analysts have been given U.S. funds to function. Even so, there have been fewer than five arrests in LGBT slayings.

U.S. Ambassador Lisa Kubiske said she believes the policy emphasis to protect rights associated with sexual orientation will have an impact, and not just in Honduras.

“It’s a little bit like Secretary Clinton’s work with women. Some people laughed when she first started focusing on women-led initiatives. But over the years, she’s encouraged a lot of people to get active,” Kubiske said in an interview. “I’m sure that getting LGBT conversations into the mainstream of what gets discussed creates an acceptance, and when you use language like ‘these are people, too’ it will make a difference.”

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