Trans activists glitterbomb Dan Savage again, this time because he supports marriage equality

Trans activists are now publicly demanding that gays not be permitted to wed until trans people get more of their civil rights. From Xtra:

In an interview with Xtra after the confrontation, activist Fister Limp Wrist accused Savage of “ableist, racist, transphobic, fat-phobic, sero-phobic and rape-apologist attitudes and views.” Activists handed audience members bright pink pamphlets outlining their accusations as they entered the theatre.

“Savage is taking on being a speaker and leader in this movement. We have to take that into account,” she adds. “He’s part of a broader [group] of gay, white, cis-gendered, able-bodied gay men focused on gay-marriage priorities. We want to say those priorities are messed up.”

So who’s next for trans activists, Evan Wolfson and the crew at Freedom to Marry, Ted Olson and David Boies who are leading the legal fight against Prop 8?  And if Dan Savage is now the enemy for simply supporting marriage equality, then who isn’t?

If there are other voices in the trans political community besides these, perhaps it’s time to hear from them.

Now you’ll understand why the Center for American Progress’ recent panel discussion trying to diminish marriage equality caught my eye.

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