Bush appointee strikes down DOMA in Golinski case

Via ThinkProgress and GinnyLaRoe (and here’s the PDF of the decision):

If we lived in Iran, we wouldn’t have to worry about all these judges giving people their civil rights.  Who gave them the power to decide these cases anyway?  Oh yeah, that’s right, the Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution.  At their core, Republicans and their religious right overlords simply don’t like our system of government because when the system is fair and honest and open, conservatives tend to lose, at least the dishonest ones that currently run the GOP do.  It’s the same reason they, along with their propaganda arm at Fox, are trying to destroy the US media.  Anything that keeps the system fair keeps them from winning.

Never forget: When Republicans attack judges they are attacking our democracy and arguing that the Framers got it wrong.

More from Geidner.

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