Nice marriage equality video from Britain

Seems a bit of a take-off of that great Canadian spoofed ad one a few months ago. I’m intrigued by the choice of the kiss at the end. Yeah, to us it’s adorable, and guess what, we’re not the target audience for any ad campaign. If this ad is intended to win over heterosexuals who aren’t quite there yet, then you don’t include things in the ads that heteros have hang ups about, like men kissing.

It’s a pet peeve of mine, people who think advertising, and PR more generally, is about them, or some glorified sense of PC, rather than about influencing the audience. Meaning, far too many liberals think that the people who appear at congressional hearings, or as poster children for any particular issue, should represent a rainbow coalition of diversity. In fact, if you want to win, you pick the people most likely to influence the target, be it Congress, the White House or whomever. And the same goes for this ad. If the goal is to win over unconvinced straight people, then don’t include things that push them away, regardless of how adorable we think, and know, it to truly be.

You could put a Martian in a gay rights ad, for all I care, if the polls show it would win the public’s support. Bottom line: I want my rights. Let someone else worry about whether the winning ad meets their PC test. My PC test is whether we win. (end rant)

Having said that, it is a cute ad.

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