CNN refuses to take Tony Perkins’ lies as fact

“Why do homosexuals bother you so much?”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, and GLAAD, did a great job here. She was interviewing the head of a known hate group, the Family Research Council, and she simply did her job. Rather than let FRC’s head, Tony Perkins, spout lies, she quizzed him on everything. It was great. She didn’t show bias, she simply refused to accept bias as fact, and did what any good journalist would and should. She asked questions.

Perkins spouts his usual lie that studies show that children grow up better with a mom and a dad. According to GLAAD, that’s a lie. The studies show that children grow up better with a mom and a dad VERSUS A SINGLE PARENT. The study doesn’t show that children grow up better with a mom and a dad than two gay parents. But FRC has a long history of playing cute with the facts. They’re very good at twisting the truth in subtle ways, such as with these studies. And that’s why the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled them an official hate group, alongside the Klan, the neo-Nazis and the white supremacists.

Glad has more on this, and here’s the video – watch it, it’s good:

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