Obama “just” finished gay marriage interview

UPDATE: Two sources have told me they’ve heard ABC will have a special report at 3pm Eastern about the interview.  Stay tuned.

A source tells me that ABC’s Robin Roberts, who interviewed the President today about gay marriage, has just finished her interview with Obama.  So the news could come at any moment.

More evidence of what’s to come:

ABC secured the interview with Mr. Obama on Tuesday afternoon, according to two people involved in the planning. It will take place at the White House. The interview was so hastily arranged, in fact, that Ms. Roberts was still in New York on Wednesday morning to co-host “Good Morning America” — and was planning on returning to New York right after the interview, because her mother is visiting and the two have dinner plans on Wednesday evening.


… Obama is scheduled to sit down with ABC News’s Robin Roberts at the White House for a hastily scheduled interview just a day after voters in North Carolina approved a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. … “I think the waiting is finally over,” said Richard Socarides, who served as an LGBT adviser to President Bill Clinton. …

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