Guy who routinely calls us “pedophiles” wants an end to “reckless rhetoric”

I’ve already posted ample evidence as to why the Family Research Council was officially designated a hate group – it’s not their policy positions per se, it’s their strategy of willfully and systematically lying in order to defame, and discriminate against, an entire class of American citizens – but it really does still amaze me that after everything this organization has said, and continues to say, about gay people, they have the nerve to lecture their victims about being mean.

It’s genius, really.

If they call you a pedophile, it’s just their religion.

If you say you’re not a pedophile, you’re the one who’s reckless and inciting violence.  (Forget the fact that most people would sooner kill a pedophile than let one near their children.)

I’ve been tracking the Family Research Council for going on twenty years now.  And their willingness to twist the truth in order to achieve their objective of demonizing and subjugating entire underclasses of Americans is far worse than most realize.  I watched the Family Research Council quote court cases to prove their point, without point out that they were actually quoting the dissent.

I’ve watched the Family Research Council publish the most damning quotes from studies against gay people, only to find out that the study wasn’t that damning after all – and the quote was actually quite benign, but FRC “forgot” to end the quote, and thus their conclusion came off, accidentally, as the conclusion of the study.

Let me explain this last point further, because it really is genius.  Imagine that this is damning quote against gays from a real scientific study:

“Gay people like to wear jeans a lot… and they routinely abuse children.

You’d say “holy cow,” that’s a really damning conclusion in that very respectable study.

Then, if you read the actual study (which I did), you’d realize that the quote doesn’t end after “abuse children,” it ends after “wear jeans a lot.”  FRC simply “forgot” to put an end quote after the ellipse, making it look like the study wasn’t simply benign, but rather was damning.

They actually did this.  Not with the quote I give above, that’s just a made up example, but they actually did this in one of their anti-gay reports – “forgot” the end quote after an ellipse, which made  a study sound incredibly damning when it wasn’t that damning at all.

I’ve spent a lot of time following the FRC’s hate research.  And this is sadly typical of what they do.  Like when FRC’s head quotes pseudo science organizations to make it sound like a real study slammed us when the group isn’t that real at all.  Like when he says that gay parents are bad, and a study proves it – the study shows that kids do better with a mom and a dad!  But doesn’t tell you that the study actually says kids do better with a mom and dad versus a single parent – the study says nothing at all about the merits of a mom and dad versus a dad and a dad, or a mom and a mom.

If you follow GOP politics, the trick is familiar.  Using lies, and pseudo-facts, to fool the American people into agreeing with you – “death panels” come to mind.  It’s what the GOP excels at it. It’s what the Family Research Council excels at.  And it’s why they were officially designated two years ago as a “hate group.”

Not because they’re Christians.  Not because they oppose marriage equality.  But because they knowingly and systematically twist the truth to promote the hatred and subjugation of a minority.

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