Give Salvation Army anti-gay bigots vouchers instead of money

Salvation Army Has Been Advocating Against Gays for 40 Years

UPDATE: I posted an exhaustive update on all the Salvation Army’s anti-gay hate over the last four decades. It’s not all-inclusive, I’m sure there’s even more, but it’s a horrifying looking at an virulently anti-gay organization.  Please have a look, and share.


Salvation Army is a Religious Right Evangelical Church

Many people don’t realize that the Salvation Army is a nasty, bigoted, anti-gay, far-right evangelical church.  Read it in their own words – I copied this from the Salvation Army’s Australia Web site a few years back:

“[Homosexual activity is] as rebellion against God’s plan for the created order…. Homosexual practice, however, is, in the light of Scripture, clearly unacceptable. Such activity is chosen behaviour and is thus a matter of the will. It is therefore able to be directed or restrained in the same way heterosexual urges are controlled. Homosexual practice would render any person ineligible for full membership (soldiership) in the [Salvation] Army.” – Salvation Army Australia Web site (emphasis added)

salavation army vouchers anti-gay

I Don’t Give My Money to Anti-gay Evangelicals

The Salvation Army discriminates against gay people, and discriminating donors should find another charity this Christmas than evangelical bigots who advocate against our civil rights.  And not just that – they’ve actively lobbied against pro-gay policies in a number of countries as well.

A number of years ago, several people created “vouchers” that you could download and give to the Salvation Army at Christmas instead of dropping cash in their buckets outside all the stores. The vouchers are a good way to let the Salvation Army know that bigotry is not a Christmas value.

The Salvation Army considers itself an evangelical Christian church – i.e., a religious right church – and therefore says it has the right to discriminate against gays (who the Salvation Army says should be celibate for life). And that’s their right, to be religious right bigots – and it’s our right not to give our Christmas donations to religious right activists.  Seriously, would you knowing give money to, say, Pat Robertson?

I found one of the old vouchers on my hard drive, I don’t know who created it at this point.

Much more background on the Salvation Army’s history of anti-gay bigotry here.

salavation army vouchers anti-gay

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121 Responses to “Give Salvation Army anti-gay bigots vouchers instead of money”

  1. cole3244 says:

    until religions refrain from being the problem they can’t help solve problems, and until you open your eyes to the truth you will remain part of the problem even though you don’t realize it or participate personally.

  2. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    BTW – when you use Google to find a place to deposit your ideas, check the dates more carefully. I only came back here, because your reply ended up in my Inbox.

  3. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Hon, you are messing with the wrong queer. First, do you realize that you have found your way to an old discussion? It is sort of irrelevant since the bell ringing season is over. I was raised in an evangelical household, and I have a good memory. However, what what you said doesn’t negate Jesus’ teachings about divorce? Isn’t “leaving of women and children with no means of support on a man’s whim” one possibility of divorce? Think of Rep. Joe Walsh. Your attempt to twist the teaching of the Lord is amusing. I’m certain you believe what you said, but will you accept that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was due to the sin of inhospitality?

  4. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    I agree. In most cases sexual orientation is there before birth…. understand the 4th month of gestation and it will be clearer and in connection, check put this… it will shock you.

  5. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    Yes they can. They do not turn away the needy… no matter your sexual orientation nor religious beliefs (or lack of).

  6. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    You have very little idea of what you’re talking about. What was Jesus’ ‘statement’ about divorce? In those days the law of the land only required a husband to ‘say’ I divorce you… Jesus spoke against the abdicating of responsibility. The leaving of woman and children with no means of support on a man’s whim. Please, know what you’re posting before doing so.

  7. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    I agree. Very well put.

  8. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    Wrong… they have released that information even though they are not obliged to. Get you facts straight, please.

  9. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    …and your charity most likely spends the majority of that donation to fund bringing in more donations rather than on the needy…. ALL needy (not just some as has been falsely stated here). as do TSA.

  10. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    Agreed. Few charities give the percentage to those who need it. Most spend the majority (as much as 94%) warming their own personal charity. The statement that TSA turns away people with different sexual orientations when they need assistance is false. They are annoyed with the organizations benefit packages not being extended to same sex partners. An issue, but not the one that they are trying to convince us with.

  11. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    Well said. Most of this nonsense is exactly that. Thank you for making the point.

  12. AnOpenMindedGuy says:


  13. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    Hey, you’re the one who said it. Stop stereotyping.

  14. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    Min546 is NOT the exception… you just haven’t bothered to really see. The United Church of Canada is the largest protestant church in our country. We embrace the same beliefs. We had discussions about it, but is was not a major fight or division of the church (contrary to some sensationalistic media reporters). I know…. I was there!

  15. AnOpenMindedGuy says:


  16. AnOpenMindedGuy says:

    I agree with you… I am a United Church of Canada member, the only major church organization that I know of that has dealt with acceptance of people no matter what their orientation, a yet we get ‘stereotyped’ due to the ignorance of many. On the other hand, many who, as you say, ‘make the news’ do so because one person has a problem with one person… or regarding a single situation. Once again, everyone gets ‘stereotyped’. And then stories get embellished. I know personally, I have had more assistance from TSA than from any other such organization and have never been asked about my sexual preferences or religious affiliation. I have numerous times been there at the same time as a person who is transgendered (including at a supper last year with a table of people who are transgendered). Everyone received the same loving attention and a very large bag of goodies as a special gift. So much for not being accepted by the organization or it’s membership.

  17. You homo lovers have nothing better to do, than spreading your sick perverted agenda…

  18. Mighty says:

    Then give to a charity that isn’t so bigoted.

  19. Kelly says:

    Thanks for exposing the salvation army for what they are, I’ve been saying it for years

  20. Leeds Deals says:

    hey nice voucher…..Wish I could find a similar voucher

  21. You’re not hitting them anywhere, you’re hurting the people who need them the most.

  22. Alys says:

    “Right” still counts as far as social right, which is against marriage equality, among other things. I’m all for avoiding generalizations and wish more people would draw distinctions between social and fiscal conservatism, but as it is homophobia is well acquainted with the (social) right.

  23. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    1. Whenever you use google or whatever search engine you used, be certain it takes you to a current blog thread.

    2. If you had tried looking, you would have found the evidence for which you asked.

  24. Nathan says:

    I am a soldier of The Salvation Army in New Zealand. Firstly, under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, a person being employed by a Church may be required to sign a Churches doctrines of faith etc. This is logical, why would you want to work for an organisation who’s beliefs you did not believe in.
    Secondly, the Salvation Army, has got it wrong time and again, but there is hope for improvement. The Salvation Army does a lot of good in the community. Each Church has its faults. However, the Salvation Army’s mission is to serve. The article above does not provide any evidence to support its claims, however, I’m not saying you’re lying either. I would like to see these issues address.
    I suppose the Salvation Army would be justified in required its officers (ministers), and people involved with Ministry, and Soliders to align with the Churches doctrines (its a right to freedom of religion), however, they should consider being more accepting with soldiers anyway. However, they should not discriminate in who benefits from the Ministry, and who can work for the Salvation Army in layman’s roles. If a homosexual person or anyone else for that matter is happy to work for the Salvation in a lay persons role, I don’t see why they can’t. But please don’t lable the Salvation Army as a church of anti-gay bigots because we’re not. There may be bigots in the church, but they are everywhere. It is unfair to define a church based on the actions of a few.
    You might ask why I choose to be a soldier of the Salvation Army, I became a soldier because the Army brings hope and life to many people, and I hope that one day, the Salvation Army would be more accepting. I am speaking as a person who happens to be a soldier, rather than a representative.

  25. a says:

    Why not make one, and share it with others?

  26. Sonia says:

    I actually do try and live the way he said to live. I have no issues with any race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation. When I have a problem with a person, it’s with the individual not with what subculture or what have you that they represent. Call me crazy, but you live how you choose. It doesn’t bother me at all. As a matter of fact, I wish you a merry Yule Kota. I know it’s not time yet, but who knows when we’ll talk again.

  27. I am Pagan and know Jesus said something like this, help the poor, hungry, downtrodden, and love everyone even your enemies. A true Christian would say what you just said and actually live it.

  28. Sonia says:

    I’d like to protest the statement that all Christians are anti-gay. Not all of us are like that. My niece is transgender and so is my cousin. I really don’t care about who someone loves. It’s none of my business and I have enough to worry about without meddling in a stranger’s life. Besides, God said love thy neighbor. I’m pretty sure he meant all of them, not everyone the same as you.

  29. Firstly, The voucher thing is an awesome idea. Second, Yep those people are just like Santas, sometimes they even paid them for doing that. (Learned that from a family member that used to ring the bell and quit once she experienced their bigotry first hand for being bisexual.) I am a Pagan, and I know much more about Jesus’s teachings than most Fake “Christians”. I am a Pagan because I can feel it is my one true path. Okay less about Me and more about this *cough*B*%%$^#!*cough* “Church”. Random Facts about True Christianity-> Christian: a person who adheres to Christianity, an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth….Okay, Jesus is he was friend to all and loved all and never even once was found on record speaking against LGBT people. The man was all love and tolerance to EVERYONE not just a select few. So these people are by no means Christian for the simple fact that hating and discrimination goes against the very core of Jesus’s teachings. The Fake “Church” would label him a radical socialist hippie (if he were somehow able to return)for saying help the poor, hungry, downtrodden, and love everyone even your enemies and actually following through with it to the letter.

  30. catherine says:

    I looked for a more recent quote and couldn’t find a nice, short one so I’ll just go with this.

  31. ldykismet says:

    Went on the website and it looks like they at least have cleaned up what they have there. Never had much experience with them so can’t say for sure. I do agree with you though would like something a bit more than an 11 year old quote.

  32. ldykismet says:

    Well I don’t know I went on their website since as another poster pointed out the fact the quote is from 10 years ago. On the UK website and while they do say heterosexual relationship it does say a state recognized marriage for non christians. Though curious if that will change if Parliament gets around to passing the marriage/civil union law. But it is not the same as the clip from the article.

  33. Diane Keller says:

    there are lots of charities out there who don’t discriminate, Truth. Try a local food pantry…in my town, we have an organization called BIN, which stands for Bikers In Need. It’s a food pantry among other things. While they give to bikers, their donations also help others. Salvation Army isn’t the only game in town.

  34. ProudAtheist says:

    as long as your not gay. and you conform to them. obviously your comment was so negligent and unneeded that no one bothered to say anything. your welcome

  35. Christopher says:

    Nope…never inspired by the word of God. If inspired by the word of God then God would have gotten some things in the Bible right….as in the Earth revolves around the sun? Talking snakes? Living in a fish? Living to be 500 years. Inspired not by the word of God but by ignorance, boredom and fear.

  36. ProudAtheist says:

    “mistranslation”, or someone deciding it for others when translated? Bible was written by humans, if “god” really was “all powerful” and really wanted a book that people had to abide by, you’d think he would take the time to do something as important as that himself. (“inspired”? such a general term for you to escape what i just said). so is your god just lazy then?

  37. Christopher says:

    Christians are the worst of the worst kinds of hypocrites….every single one of them.

  38. vesana says:

    There are an awful lot of exceptions … you may wish to have a look at John Shore or Unfundamentalist Christians to see how much religious support there really is :)

  39. love to hear about Christians actually being Christian- like <3
    Ps love the use of "go team!" :)

  40. Christopher says:

    But you still believe in talking snakes….interesting.

  41. Loki100 says:

    “The massive popularity of Ron Paul?” Are you on crack? Neither Ron Paul nor Gary Johnson could crack 5% of the polls. Not to mention Ron Paul is nothing more than a unreconstructed states rights segregationist. He’s not libertarian at all, he just doesn’t want the federal government imposing upon the states, like they did to end Jim Crow, ever again. He has no problem with state governments being totalitarian.

  42. laprofe63 says:

    Totally agree that I discounted libertarians. That’s because I don’t really consider them fully part of the “right” because they have many points of agreement with the far left, and many points of disagreement with the far right. So, to me, libertarians really belong in a party all their own.

    But maybe you can help me understand something. Given the “massive popularity of Rep. Ron Paul,” why did he not run as a third party candidate? I know he never endorsed Romney, but why did he just drop off the face of the earth towards the end of the campaign?

  43. cole3244 says:

    you are an exception i’m sorry to say, so until the majority of all religions show tolerance for people of all stripes that are out of the norm then i will continue to criticize religion and its hypocrisy, you keep up the fight and someday your agenda will be the norm.

  44. Neferhuri says:

    Well, I just tried “Print Preview” in Firefox and it slices right through one of the vouchers. It these vouchers were easier to download and print, I’d use them. As it is, I’ll have to skip it, even though I heartily agree with the cause.

  45. min546 says:

    I am a queer minister in the United Church of Christ in America. We have a long standing history of both marrying and ordaining persons regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. A coalition of over 600 faith leaders united against the MN Amendment that was just defeated (go team!). We held rallies and press conferences, and still the news reported that the defeat of the bill signifies the “death of religion.” We are out here! (no pun intended.) :) Anything you can do to not perpetuate the myth that all Christians are anti-gay would be appreciated.

  46. CuriousB says:

    I can’t quite wrap my head around libertarianism. Like all belief systems based in ideology it works just fine in the macro sense, but once you zoom in and look at how it actually affects individuals it completely falls apart. I’ve yet to meet a libertarian who could explain the logic (or seeming lack thereof) in a way that made sense to me.

  47. Outspoken1 says:

    I distinctly recall the Salvation Army meeting with GW Bush to receive permission/clarification that the SA could exempt Gays from their charitable work. I have never given a penny to the SA since. How hypocritical being in the charity ‘business’ and wish to exempt any group. I am going to have sooo much fun with these vouchers!!

  48. Rebekah says:

    The Salvation Army teaches non-discrimination of any form. Please don’t condemn The Salvation Army for the acts of a bell ringer or any other member of their church. Educate yourselves about any group before acting them. The Salvation Army has been serving the poor since 1865 and are in 130 countries. The gift of KROC Centers in the US has opened more doors to the needy in our country. They are community centers, open to all to come inside. Memberships to the gym do cost a monthly fee, but scholarships pay for those who can’t offer the fee. There’s always a person out there who goes too far in their behavior. It’s true of any group. Think America, think!

  49. Don Mei says:

    laproffe – you are ignoring the massive and growing movement towards libertarianism. This is illustrated by the massive popularity of Rep. Ron Paul. Saying that all who are “right” are religious is as idiotic as saying that all fags are promiscuous. They are both offensive and demonstrate a affinity towards outdated dogma rather than logic.

  50. laprofe63 says:

    Sorry, Don, but the religious “zealots, bigots, a$$holes” –what have you– are “the base” of the right, (ie. the GOP, Republicans, etc.).

    The problem is that the party is an unholy marriage between them (the “religious wackjobs” as you so elegantly put it) and the “fiscal conservatives” (who spend but don’t tax).

    It looks like there may be a divorce in their future….except, I think the bible prohibits it.

  51. Don Mei says:

    I was with you 100% until you said religious RIGHT(!!!). There is nothing anti-gay with being a conservative. Don’t be so closed minded. Don’t make assumptions about stereotypes that since someone’s politics may be right leaning, they are bigoted or anti-gay. The VAST majority of conservatives are sick and tired of the religious wackjobs. So please, PLEASE. Call them religious zealots. Call them bigots. Call them a%%holes. But don’t reference “right”.


  52. Two of my grandparents were involved with the Salvation Army, so I grew up with a respect for it. When I first moved to San Francisco as a young adult, for a few months I was broke and homeless – a fact I kept secret from my parents who would have helped out if they had known. On Mother’s Day, after phoning my mother (collect) and pretending all was well, I went searching for something to eat. I had heard that the Salvation Army was offering a Mother’s Day meal. So I went. It was located in a seedy part of town. Inside I was instructed to take a seat because there would be a sermon before the meal. It looked like most of the people there were drunks. A man in a SA uniform proceeded to sermonize about the evils of drinking. He droned on and on. I remember him saying what a disappointment most present must be to their mothers. One man interrupted by shouting, “When do we get to eat?”. The SA officer proceeded to dress the poor guy down. I marveled at how depressing the sermon must have been for all those who had the misfortune of being there. Finally it ended, and everyone got up to leave. At the door they handed out a paper bag to each who had attended the sermon. Mine looked crumpled and had what looked like a grease stain on it. Inside I discovered crushed Easter candy – mostly a crushed cocoanut cream chocolate Easter egg. That was the “meal”. I’ve never had anything to do with them since.

  53. hb says:

    Wish I could find a similar voucher for the boy scouts!!

  54. cole3244 says:

    sadly hate is always more visible than love, thanks for being you canada, eh!

  55. I’m a minister in the United Church of Canada. There are many of us that are gay affirming in the truest sense in many mainline protestant congregations–sadly the right wingers always make the news.

  56. M.j. Kroner says:

    In the past couple of years I have gotten the occasional telephone solicitation from the Salvation Army, either for money or for used household goods. Each time I have politely explained that other organizations will get my donations, because the Salvation Army clings to anti-gay discrimination in hiring. Each time, it was news to the telephone solicitor, who seemed genuinely interested to hear about it.

  57. jhante says:

    this is one of those cases where the Bible-thumpers get to decide which things in life are there because god wanted them and which are the work of the devil. The things they like and approve of are god’s doing, Things they don’t like are the devil’s work. Convenient, huh?

  58. jhante says:

    Religion is just another excuse for discrimination. It by necessity creates an “us and them” mentality. If you want to believe in a supernatural being, fine, but the Bible is full of garbage – rules and restrictions that were never anything but offensive.

  59. jhante says:

    hah, just what I was thinking!

  60. jhante says:

    I completely agree I prefer to donate to charities that are not religious. Ultimately they are working against the best interests of a free and open society with equality for all.

  61. karmanot says:

    Your last sentence is wise. However, any literate believer who recognizes the historical and complex compendium know as the Bible cannot possibly believe that lines from Babylonian court poetry in The Book of Esther is the word of god—–divine and sensual poetry perhaps. Also, by your reasoning mistranslations of the Aramic into Greek and finally Protestant interpretative corruptions of the Catholic Latin are the productions of men and hardly the word of a god. I would agree that the imagination, historical accounting, and sublime poetry are often sublime gnostic insights emanating from the human mind.

  62. Stev84 says:

    Stop forcing your childish fairly tales on people who don’t believe in them

  63. Stev84 says:

    They are a church, not a charity. You should donate to a real charity whose real goal isn’t to convert people.

  64. Stev84 says:

    And they are actions that hurt someone. That’s the real reason they are bad. Not because the invisible man in the sky gets offended. Being gay hurts no one.

  65. Plisko says:

    The Bible, and the Church, are both the magic tricks created by men who have appointed themselves spokemen, translators and interpretors for God. Absolute truth is entirely beyond man and his language and to presume otherwise is to commit vanity in Gods name. The attachment of absolute truth to historical documents created with human language at a time while the earth was flat and science was a twinkle in humanity’s eyes is the height of both arrogance and ignorance. It is arrogant because written language is the smallest and weakest vessle of truth and it is ignorant because the it is the interpreters who are creating meaning out of it….. not God.

  66. rmthunter says:

    I just very nicely told the lady ringing the bell in front of the grocery store that I don’t donate to Salvation Army. Let her figure out the reasons.

  67. starlitsoul says:

    Actually, homosexuality has been observed in hundreds of species…. so what part would you say is biologically abnormal?

  68. Thomas Hill says:

    In its original writing I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. Now the same can not be said for all translations of the Word. Some of the “original” texts were so old that translators had to guess the full meaning. The Dead Seas scrolls brought new meanings to the translations as they were more complete than some of the texts used by the priests in King James’ times. But with all of that said, Jesus never turned anyone away. He associated with the lowest of the low. Can the Salvation Army make those claims.

  69. the real definition of the closet is REACTION FORMATION.


  70. btw the russisna orthodox church sure did a number on Stalin – he was in a semiary there in his youth. If you think the ROC is a progressive church you are sadly mistaken

  71. were jkust elling the truth about them and many evagelicals. Cant tar/ feather them all, eg the Evangelcal lutherans will in many of their churches marry gay people relgiously, even if it isnt recognized by the state

    The evangelicals who are anti gay are basically like the southern baptists – who justified slavery as per the bible and objected to inter-racial marriage as demeaning the sanctity of the white race.

  72. then give your money to your good church and I;m sure they know people in need.

  73. Its in the dna of this organization.

  74. karmanot says:

    Better yet, drop in a little black pebble to remind them of their stone cold bigoted hearts.

  75. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Did you have to dodge lightning bolts as you typed that? Christians are prize winners at picking and choosing. Jesus was most definite about divorce. Divorce was totally unacceptable to him. Yet, almost all Christian denominations seem just fine with divorce (Catholics don’t get a pass by calling them annulments). If Jesus was God his word should have been final. Can God forget? Do you think Jesus just forgot to mention same gender attraction (the term homosexual wasn’t coined until the 1800s)?

  76. karmanot says:

    That’s OK Colo. just drop in a small rock to represent Salvation’s ‘heart’ of stone bigotry.

  77. karmanot says:

    “can ever change the mind of God,” “you cannot overturn absolute truths.” There is no God and death is the only absolute truth.

  78. karmanot says:

    “the Bible is the inspired Word of God.” If you truly believe that bullshit, then re-read your Matthew: 5: 1-12

  79. karmanot says:

    They often abuse their employees and are frequently criticized for misogyny as well as practice a vehemently anti GLTB discrimination.

  80. RyansTake says:

    The point it to make a statement. You can still make that statement, and doing so isn’t necessarily a ‘lie’ either, given that your financial situation can change in time (take heart).

  81. RyansTake says:

    Hey troll,

    If “homosexual behavior” were “biologically abnormal” then why does it exist in almost every specie of animal kind? In that context, a multitude of sexual *orientations* (not just behaviors) in our species seems pretty “normal” to me.

  82. RyansTake says:

    1) As Eric said, there are plenty of examples of discrimination, both in service and certainly in employment.

    2) The argument that ‘it’s selfish to take away money from people who need it’ falls on its face because there are PLENTY of other organizations out there that don’t discriminate in any way, shape or form, be it to people they service or to people they employ, etc. Give your money to those groups — most of them are far more transparent with their money, too, so you know where it’s going to. Salvation Army is notorious on the transparency front, too.

  83. RyansTake says:

    Other organizations help people and *don’t* discriminate. Donate to one of those.

    PS. Salvation Army doesn’t “help” nearly as many people as you may think. There’s a reason they don’t release what percentage of their donations go to charity (or even how much they raise), and what goes toward ‘administrative expenses,’ AKA lining their own pockets. It is a bad organization in almost every way imaginable, and their charity efforts are just a front.

  84. Sweetie says:

    The bell noise is really annoying. It would be less annoying if it didn’t represent the sound of seasonal bigotry.

  85. Sweetie says:

    horse pucky

  86. James Stone says:

    I hope you find your way out of the closet before you is so short. I am sorry you were raised in an atmosphere of hate and homophobia. It really isn’t very “Christian” is it? Jesus would be appalled…

  87. elheugh says:

    How come no one is taking on the Bible here? After all, that is the basis for Christianity and Judaism. Both Old and New Testaments condemn the practice (that is to say, the act) of homosexuality. People of these faiths do not have the luxury of picking and choosing what they will accept from its teaching if they believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

    But that said, I have never known The Salvation Army to discriminate in providing social services, counseling or any other assistance based on sexual orientation – any more than their strict tea-totalling stance affects their very effective substance abuse programs for alchoholics and other addicts.

    The opinions expressed in this blog seem far more bigoted to me.

  88. Yeah I disagree with their policy but they still help people and so I do donate to them during the holidays. At least my church doesn’t discriminate.

  89. ericxdc says:

    Google it, please, for other examples, before you make blanket statements like that. From the New York Times 12/24/11: Bil Browning and his boyfriend were homeless… “The Salvation Army refused to help us,” Mr. Browning recalls, “unless we broke up and then left the ‘sinful homosexual lifestyle’ behind. We slept on the street, and they didn’t help when we declined to break up at their insistence.”

    – In 2001, The Washington Post obtained a Salvation Army document that said the administration of President George W. Bush had promised to honor a Salvation Army request: that religious charities receiving federal money be exempt from local gay antidiscrimination laws.

    – In 2004, in response to a City Council ordinance requiring that organizations with city contracts offer benefits to gay employees’ partners, the Salvation Army threatened to stop operating in New York City.

  90. Truth says:

    They don’t discriminate in terms of who they give aid to that is against there policy. I would rather give them money as even if I dont agree with all of their views I think it’s selfish to take away money from people who need it.

  91. caphillprof says:

    On every occasion when it counts, same sex marriage is the real deal. It’s no sham when you are in the widow and orphans court. It’s no sham when you are a surviving spouse.

  92. BeccaM says:

    I have a simpler solution to the bell-ringers who noise-pollute outside of just about every store: I ignore them. And if they say anything to me about giving, I say, “I’m sorry, but I’m a lesbian and your organization thinks I’m an abomination. I know you mean well, but there it is. Have a good day.”

  93. ErikDC says:

    Your comparison is nonsensical. Adultery, theft, and lying are all acts of commission. Sexual orientation is a state of being.

    I am gay. I am gay whether I am celibate or in a relationship. I was gay before I was sexually active.

    Presumably, you are heterosexual. You are heterosexual whether you are celibate or in a relationship. You were heterosexual before you were sexually active.

    Sexual orientation is a state of being. It is not predicated by your behavior. It exists separate from your behavior. Attacking gays and lesbians is wrong.

  94. rulesreason says:

    Religions that preach against gays are no more bigoted than when they preach against adultery and theft and lying. They are following the Word of God as put down in Scripture. And that is why all the legislative and judicial actions in US and other countries are for naught. They will achieve civil rights perhaps, and even widespread acceptance of same-sex marriage (destined to always be a sham version of marriage by virtue of the very fact that it is same-sex marriage). But no amount of legislative or judicial victories can ever change the mind of God, or the reality of nature (the reality that homosexual behavior is biologically abnormal).

    There may even come a time when homosexual activists succeed in outlawing anti-gay preaching of any kind — just as Lenin and Stalin outlawed religious activity. But you cannot overturn absolute truths.

  95. Miket298 says:

    One little nit though, isn’t there anything more recent then a 11 year old quote to show they are discriminating?

  96. cole3244 says:

    generally anything that has a link to religion has some form of hate and bigotry tied to it, they all preach love but hate is an easier emotion to sell.

  97. Mighty says:

    Hit em in the pocketbook its the only way they will ever listen.

  98. leliorisen says:

    For a lot of reasons, dropping a voucher in the collection pot is probably far better than engaging these people in dialogue. For one, an argument is bad PR, because bell ringers are almost treated like Santa Clauses and we hardly come across as sympathetic. To be honest, most of these people seem like they do not even want to be there. The vouchers are a good idea.

  99. A reader in Colorado says:

    Well, I realized that the Salvation Army was a nasty, anti-gay organization.

    But I have no money to give any charities because of the poverty I am experiencing, so the voucher would be untrue in my case.

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