Straight guys respond to gay guys’ threat to marry their girlfriends: Marry them, please (humor)

The video below is in response to this earlier video in which gay guys threaten to marry straight guys’ girlfriends is they don’t come out and accept gay marriage.

In the new video, below, straight guys respond, telling the gay guys, in essence, “take our girlfriends, please.” Both videos are well done.

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26 Responses to “Straight guys respond to gay guys’ threat to marry their girlfriends: Marry them, please (humor)”

  1. karmanot says:

    I dropped my fan and put on a Maria Callas record to restore myself.

  2. Kes says:

    Nobody’s telling you that you can’t or shouldn’t be offended, John. But it’s not your prerogative to determine what women can’t or shouldn’t be offended about, either. You live in a culture full of homophobia, and presumably know it when you see it. Give women credit that we live in a culture full of misogyny, and know it when we see it. And to be frank, the last thing we need is a man telling us to not take it so seriously and that it’s just a joke, and that we’re somehow just not smart enough to get that it’s all just fun and games.

  3. And that isn’t what a lot of straight guys think of women? I guess that’s why I’m having a hard time understanding this. The video wasn’t intended, in my view, to be an accurate portrayal of “women.” It was intended to be an accurate portrayal of straight men’s impression of their girlfriends, and that’s why it’s funny – not because women might like to go the opera with their gay friends, but because the list of things that annoy straight guys about their girlfriends is rather silly on its face, thus showcasing how it’s the straight guys who are the goofs in all of this.

    Perhaps the video wasn’t done well. But I also find that if you try to do irony, or satire, no matter how well it’s done, a good chunk of people will never understand it. So in the end it can be difficult to discern whether the piece flopped because it wasn’t done well enough, or whether it flopped because it was done well and some folks didn’t get it.

    I’m still having a hard time understanding why I as a gay man shouldn’t be outraged by the first video presenting us all as fey and girl-like, and I personally find its portrayal of gays funny, but we should be outraged by the stereotype portrayed of girlfriends.

    Anyway, if folks are willing to a respectful conversation about why the video does and doesn’t bother them, I think it could be enlightening all around. Thanks.

  4. Steve McCaig says:

    So where is, or when is the third video coming out from the girlfriends telling both the gays and the boyfriends what they have wrong?

  5. dula says:

    Awe it’s sweet that you think you’ve found some support in the world, but decent people are still going to reject you for being a douchebag.

  6. Sweetie says:

    It was about 4x longer than it needed to be. Repetative

  7. Ginger_FL says:

    oh my, tell us how you really feel LOL

  8. FLL says:

    The first version was funny, yes, but a little heavy on the fem stereotyping, don’t you think? Not all gay men are into high fashion, and some gay men are into sports. There is no gay “orthodoxy.” Live and let live, no? I will say that the first version does throw a wrench into the fundamentalist Xtian propaganda machine, which is never a bad thing. This second version, however, is brilliant and hilarious. Philosopy from the mouth of babes.

  9. Ginger_FL says:

    I was also thinking there will be another one from the woman LOL…can’t wait. I didn’t take either one to seriously, thought both were funny. Then again, I’m a Sex in the City fan LOL

  10. Ginger_FL says:

    LOL, very funny

  11. caphillprof says:


  12. jade says:

    Yes. I’d read some comments from women about the first video about women being the “spoils of war.” But it’s obvious that the makers of that video didn’t mean it that way. Everyone got mocked.

    John is simply wrong that this video mocks straight men. It doesn’t. It doesn’t mock gay men either. Just women.

    Women had no say regarding the first video, but we’re ones catching heat from it. That’s why it’s not funny.

  13. Kes says:

    The first one “poked fun at gay men” in large part by
    having them suggest that women are like easily manipulable objects, and
    that straight men can be punished by having their toys (women) taken
    away from them. Gay men were not the only one being “poked fun at.” Then
    again, women are so OFTEN the brunt of this kind of humor, obviously it
    goes right over some people’s heads. Mocking women might not have been the punchline to the first video, but it was assuredly the lead-up.

  14. hefetone says:

    Oh gracious, I’m getting the vapors.

  15. hefetone says:

    This was perfect…an antidote to all the whining gays and women…the fact that many here are calling it misogynistic/homophobic suggests it is right on the mark…more please.

  16. mirror says:

    Both were cute, but I see a “when hell freezes over” video on the horizon from some ladies. The more straight men get comfortable talking openly about gays as something ordinary but different, rather than as something odd and forbidden, the better it will get.

  17. cay says:

    “Take my wife, please!” Really cutting edge, John.

  18. perry says:

    the first one clearly poked fun at gay men – and the second one isn’t quite done well enough to be poking fun at straight men. It feels sexist and stereotyping to me – women are annoying, stupid, superficial, etc. yawn.

  19. I’m with you. I just watched this one again. It’s totally making fun of the straight guys for thinking this way about women. And to the degree it’s misogynistic then it’s also homophobic because its making the same jokes about straight women as it makes about gay men. And I’m not offended. Oh we’ll :-).

  20. JPS says:

    “Both videos are well done.”

    No. The first one was pretty good. This one goes over the cliff into offensive misogyny.

  21. kingstonbears says:

    Oh for “f” sake, like Betty White said: “Grow a vagina, those things can take a real pounding”. Both were very entertaining, anyone who takes them serious should get their dicks out of their ass. Lighten up girlfriends.

  22. draftmama says:

    Nah – mysogynistic in the extreme. And I’m an old woman. If straight men think that young women only want to get married they should meet my daughters – HAHAHAHAHA. The first vid was sort of funny, this was really stupid.

  23. jade says:

    This video isn’t mocking straight men. It’s stereotyping and insulting women. The first video wasn’t intended to be mean, but this one is. To women. And women had nothing to do with the first video. So why are we the targets?

  24. BeccaM says:

    I was cool with both versions, found them funny, mostly.

  25. Actually I found the second one, above, to be more self-mocking of the guys.

  26. Kes says:

    …geez, and I thought the -first- one was misogynistic. I am so the fuck over the whole “sexism is legits for funnies if you’re being deliberately ironic” schtick.

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