Uganda to pass death penalty for gays, their landlords, NGO donors, anyone who doesn’t report gays to cops

Uganda on Verge of Giving Gays Death Penalty

That whole Idi Amin thing is making a lot more sense now.

A vile piece of legislation is reportedly on the verge of being passed in Uganda at any moment. It’s a law that will put gay people, and anyone who comes near us, to death.

Here’s what the new law is going to do:

  1. Have gay sex once: life in prison (which is already the law).
  2. Have gay sex twice: death.
  3. Have gay sex once with a person with a disability: death.  The law assumes that people with disabilities are all helpless victims. The law also ensures that a gay person with a disability is the last person on the planet you’re ever going to have sex with, thus punishing people with disabilities even more than average gay Ugandans.
  4. Rent an apartment to a gay person, and they have sex with someone in that apartment, ever: life in prison for the landlord.
  5. Rent a second apartment to a gay person, and they have sex with someone in that apartment, ever: death for the landlord.
  6. Have sex, even consensual, and you have HIV, even if you disclose your status to your partner, or even if you didn’t even know you had HIV: death.

Gay Person Touches Anyone in Uganda, He Dies

It’s already a crime punishable by life imprisonment to have gay sex in Uganda. But this legislation would make it a crime to touch another person, with your body or an object, that in a way that suggested you meant to have sex with them. Well what does that mean? Bumped into them? Threw a ball at them? Punched them? If the other person took it to mean “do me,” you’d be guilty of the offense of homosexuality and get life imprisonment.

A very useful law to use against those whom the government does not like, as Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin, who has been dogging this legislation for a while, explains:

Look again at Clause 2, 1.c.: a person, under this clause, can be sent to a Ugandan prison for life for merely “touching” someone. And Clause 1 defines ”touching” to include “any part of the body” “with anything else” (a finger? a foot? a ten foot pole?) “through anything.” All of which means that someone can “commit homosexuality” even if they are fully clothed and there is no actual skin-to-skin contact. The sole proof required is that the “touching” took place with the perceived “intention” of committing the act of homosexuality. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But just to make sure we’re clear that the bill intends to cast an extraordinarily wider net, go back to the definition of ”sexual act” in Clause 1: an act that “does not necessarily culminate in intercourse.”

You can see where this is going, can’t you? With the bar for conviction thus lowered, anyone can be falsely accused of being gay — one can easily imagine rival politicians, business owners and pastors falling prey to such accusations – and it will become virtually impossible for them to prove their innocence.

Rent a Room to a Gay Person in Uganda, You Die

It’s legislation that would not only punish homosexuality by either life imprisonment and/or death, depending on the circumstance, but it would also put to death anyone who, more than once, rents a room to a gay person, refuses to report a gay person who isn’t celibate to the police, uses the Internet to advocate for gay rights, or donates to a pro-gay cause.  Do any of those and you go prison for life.  Do it twice, and you die.

Apparently, all the MSM reports about the death penalty provision being “dropped” are bull. The parliament did a cute little trick we try here in America with our congress. They deleted the phrase about putting people to death, and then referred to the punishment permitted under a separate piece of law – and the punishment under that other law is… wait for it… death.

More from Burroway:

1. Clause 3 (2) is amended by substituting for the words “…suffer death’’ with words “…the penalty provided for aggravated defilement under Section 129 of the Penal Code Act”.


To harmonise the provision with the penalty under the Penal Code Act

Well guess what. Section 129 of the Penal Code Act reads that anyone who “commits a felony called aggravated defilement [i.e. child sexual abuse] and is, on conviction by the High Court, liable to suffer death.” Which means that the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee recommended that the death penalty be retained through stealth.

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