Uganda to pass death penalty for gays, their landlords, NGO donors, anyone who doesn’t report gays to cops

Uganda on Verge of Giving Gays Death Penalty

That whole Idi Amin thing is making a lot more sense now.

A vile piece of legislation is reportedly on the verge of being passed in Uganda at any moment. It’s a law that will put gay people, and anyone who comes near us, to death.

Here’s what the new law is going to do:

  1. Have gay sex once: life in prison (which is already the law).
  2. Have gay sex twice: death.
  3. Have gay sex once with a person with a disability: death.  The law assumes that people with disabilities are all helpless victims. The law also ensures that a gay person with a disability is the last person on the planet you’re ever going to have sex with, thus punishing people with disabilities even more than average gay Ugandans.
  4. Rent an apartment to a gay person, and they have sex with someone in that apartment, ever: life in prison for the landlord.
  5. Rent a second apartment to a gay person, and they have sex with someone in that apartment, ever: death for the landlord.
  6. Have sex, even consensual, and you have HIV, even if you disclose your status to your partner, or even if you didn’t even know you had HIV: death.

Gay Person Touches Anyone in Uganda, He Dies

It’s already a crime punishable by life imprisonment to have gay sex in Uganda. But this legislation would make it a crime to touch another person, with your body or an object, that in a way that suggested you meant to have sex with them. Well what does that mean? Bumped into them? Threw a ball at them? Punched them? If the other person took it to mean “do me,” you’d be guilty of the offense of homosexuality and get life imprisonment.

A very useful law to use against those whom the government does not like, as Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin, who has been dogging this legislation for a while, explains:

Look again at Clause 2, 1.c.: a person, under this clause, can be sent to a Ugandan prison for life for merely “touching” someone. And Clause 1 defines ”touching” to include “any part of the body” “with anything else” (a finger? a foot? a ten foot pole?) “through anything.” All of which means that someone can “commit homosexuality” even if they are fully clothed and there is no actual skin-to-skin contact. The sole proof required is that the “touching” took place with the perceived “intention” of committing the act of homosexuality. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But just to make sure we’re clear that the bill intends to cast an extraordinarily wider net, go back to the definition of ”sexual act” in Clause 1: an act that “does not necessarily culminate in intercourse.”

You can see where this is going, can’t you? With the bar for conviction thus lowered, anyone can be falsely accused of being gay — one can easily imagine rival politicians, business owners and pastors falling prey to such accusations – and it will become virtually impossible for them to prove their innocence.

Rent a Room to a Gay Person in Uganda, You Die

It’s legislation that would not only punish homosexuality by either life imprisonment and/or death, depending on the circumstance, but it would also put to death anyone who, more than once, rents a room to a gay person, refuses to report a gay person who isn’t celibate to the police, uses the Internet to advocate for gay rights, or donates to a pro-gay cause.  Do any of those and you go prison for life.  Do it twice, and you die.

Apparently, all the MSM reports about the death penalty provision being “dropped” are bull. The parliament did a cute little trick we try here in America with our congress. They deleted the phrase about putting people to death, and then referred to the punishment permitted under a separate piece of law – and the punishment under that other law is… wait for it… death.

More from Burroway:

1. Clause 3 (2) is amended by substituting for the words “…suffer death’’ with words “…the penalty provided for aggravated defilement under Section 129 of the Penal Code Act”.


To harmonise the provision with the penalty under the Penal Code Act

Well guess what. Section 129 of the Penal Code Act reads that anyone who “commits a felony called aggravated defilement [i.e. child sexual abuse] and is, on conviction by the High Court, liable to suffer death.” Which means that the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee recommended that the death penalty be retained through stealth.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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116 Responses to “Uganda to pass death penalty for gays, their landlords, NGO donors, anyone who doesn’t report gays to cops”

  1. On Sunday, December 29th – The Feast of the Holy Family – I will holding a prayer vigil in front of the Ugandan Consulate in Chicago to protest the murders of GLTB Ugandan citizens and the ongoing genocide of GLTB persons in Uganda.

  2. Jude Price says:

    Yeah – good world needs more Becca’s

  3. htfd says:

    People in need can make strong arguments with their government to abandon this policy. People in need can push these faux christian groups out of their country.

  4. htfd says:

    And I forgot this one, lose their religious tax free status.

  5. htfd says:

    Any and all countries that advocate this policy should be totally cut off of any and all foreign aid and sanctioned 10 times greater than Iran. Also the names of all US supporters of this ‘kill the gays’ should be spread throughout the internet all
    along with their parishioners names.

  6. htfd says:

    I don’t see your “God” stopping the drone killings of innocent people, especially children. If it’s because they are Muslin that’s even sicker. The supreme being I believe in loves his people with no strings attached.

  7. mike31c says:

    Then don’t marry your boyfriend and don’t join the military. I doubt an asshole like you would join the military or ever thought about joining the military. So go fuck yourself :D

  8. madbro says:

    Good for Uganda, I support them. I don’t support gay marriage or gays in the military, never have and never will, and no one will ever change my mind on that.

  9. karmanot says:

    Genocide is terrorism. End all aid to Uganda.

  10. datsneefa says:

    you’d think a country who can’t feed their own population and are half animal would embrace a group that wont add more strain to their meager resources

  11. Skeptical Cicada says:

    I fail to see the dramatic difference between lengthy imprisonment and death. I don’t regard reporting of either as “sensationalizing.” If you think the non-death version doesn’t merit similar attention, you need help.

  12. Genocide 101 first identiy the group. Any harmless group will do Jews, gays and so on Two: make it impossible their ability to live everyday lives. Three make them wear an symbole.. Four: round them up and kill them. This is the 21st Century this country is on its way to Genocide. I lay the blame for this at the feet of Scott Lively, he needs to be arrested for crimes against humanity. Please feel free to add any other to the list of other members of Evangelical Christianity who are responsible and need to be held to account.

  13. Don Watson says:

    THIS LAW IS PURE HATRED AND PURE EVIL….. and really HETEROsexual people are going to suffer GREATLY under this ridiculus bill gets passed…. How long before they start throwing people in jail for other consensual lifestyle choices like say……..RELIGION….. Better wake up people…. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS FOOLISHNESS IN UGANDA….!!!!

  14. zorbear says:

    Would we be more moral to give them drones instead?
    (what’s the emoticon for bitterness?)

  15. HelenRainier says:

    Dorothy — are you serious or are you being snarky? Your solution is “turn to GOD.” Get a grip. Not all people on this planet believe in your god. You have a right to believe in this god but don’t expect it to solve problems that require we humans to use our innate intelligence.

  16. mike31c says:

    The US have no business giving one dime of Taxpayer money. These pigs and their bigoted policies are not what the US represent. GOP sheeple maybe but not the US.

  17. Chad Denton says:

    If they don’t want to be compared to Nazis, then maybe they should take the novel approach of not acting exactly like Nazis.

  18. Chad Denton says:

    So, the “reasoning” here is…don’t antagonize them because it might get worse? They might – what- flat-out try to commit genocide against gay people or something?

  19. Mighty says:

    She needs to do a follow up. She needs to point out again the links to the religious right in this country that sponsored this evil.

  20. Mighty says:

    The religious right in this country has so much blood on their hands… the problem is they like it. This legislation is what they masturbate over to have in the US. They are murderers. They are genocidal Nazis. If Hitler were alive today he’d feel at home in the Republican party.

  21. A reader in Colorado says:

    I’m sorry, but it’s very helpful. The Ugandan government has backed down and delayed this law before from threats by the U.S. government, prompted by anger from the U.S. people. We here on this blog are among the U.S. people and it is important for us to let our government know that giving money to thugs and murderers like this is not in our best interest, and angers us, the American people.

    This set of suggestions – being silent, not calling a thing what it is, and continuing to give the Ugandan government aid to which it is not entitled, and for which there are conditions attached, only enable and empower the Ugandan government, is ridiculous and if even if real bespeaks of terror rather than rational thought.

    No one is going to stop people in the world from observing what is going on and using whatever language is appropriate, in addition to making threats. It is like attempting to put a finger in a collapsing dam to stop the water from coming through. It’s just unrealistic in the first place, and pampering thugs and murderers so that they will not kill or oppress in the second.

    And this is not only about Uganda, it is also about the United States. We need to stop giving a pass to the U.S. government giving foreign aid to mass murderers and people who oppress women and gay people. If the Ugandan LGBT community is so terrified in the manner of prisoners that it will put out suggestions like this, it deserves to be ignored until it puts out more sensible suggestions.

  22. Wade Shipman says:

    Christianity is the new Nazi evil in Uganda. The religions that condone murder and oppression are WHORES to human indecency. God should be the one to intercede their actions but he won’t because he never does correct mankind’s abuses.

  23. A reader in Colorado says:

    Oh please. The arrogance here is astounding. The Stockholm Syndrome is astounding. This isn’t being cautious and pragmatic. Do not talk to the press about the bill unless asked? Are you kidding me? Don’t insult would be murderers?


    And cutting off aid to Uganda is not their decision, nor is activism in our country.

  24. Kevin says:

    This if freaking horrible! Our tax dollars are actually going there to help kill gay people?! What the hell? Why are we still giving them money?!!!! The White House needs to step up and do something.

  25. Do unto others as they would do unto you.

  26. Wow, you are stupid beyond belief to think that. No wonder the church attendance is down.

  27. If anyone has deserved the label “Nazi” as of late, it’s Ugandas pushing this legislation.

  28. If you approve of genocide, you are beneath humanity.

  29. Homosexuality among consenting adults causes no ills. Yet demonstrably, your willingness to go along with genocide does. Think about that.

  30. kaydenpat says:

    Why would the US continue foreign aid to Uganda when it is on the brink of passing a death penalty against its gay citizenry? Not only should all aid be cut, but American citizens should be discouraged from visiting Uganda (except for humanitarian reasons). We should treat Uganda as the leper state that it has become.

  31. Bob says:

    Maybe your God is creating these disasters trying to tell hateful little YOU to start LOVING your fellow man and woman which INCLUDES GAYS…maybe you should revisit your connection with your hateful god, my God is loving.

  32. leliorisen says:

    Update: The proposed ‘death penalty’ portion of the bill has now been dropped. They still plan to criminalize being gay, however.

  33. BeccaM says:

    Sorry, but I’m going to do more than merely sign an online petition.

  34. Jude Price says:

    Becca – there is a petition from AvAAZ gaining 10,000’s of signatures every hour here, they need 1 million signatures, please help spread this. That will help

  35. Jude Price says:

    There is an urgent petition at AVAAZ for this here:

  36. Brett Remkus says:

    See my post just above – are you saying shame on the activists fighting on the ground there who are facing this terror? Look at what they are asking us to do. I think I’ll trust them.

  37. Brett Remkus says:

    I’m just saying we need to listen to people on the ground – like this:

    “In response to the recent claims made by the Hon Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament that she would see the Anti-Homosexuality Bill passed before this year comes to a close, we urge you to adhere to the following Action Alert Guidelines and to always seek clarification where there is a difference of opinion on tactics or where there is confusion or need for further information.

    We encourage you to:

    1. Urgently engage with the leadership of the nation (the President, the Prime Minister, the Leader of Opposition, The Speaker, the Minister for Gender Labor and Social Development, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Justice and any other Cabinet Ministers that you can engage with, the Inspector General of Police and the Principal Judge) to impress upon them the needlessness and imminent harm of this bill. This must however been done diplomatically and off the media. There should not be any media/public admonitions PLEASE!

    2. Engage with any non-LGBTI partner organizations in Uganda that you may collaborate with or whom you fund to establish what their thinking is on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, as well as their thinking on other related legislative moves such as the proposal to amend the Penal Code in line with the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

    [. . .] We urge that you do NOT:

    1. DO NOT Put out any public press statements on the Bill for now. But you can express your opinion if asked about the Bill. However this opinion must be candid and practical without being ‘insulting’. 2. DO NOT Make strong public statements threatening to cut aid or in support of such threats in response to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, as this can lead to scape-goating of the LGBTI community as well as Human Rights Defenders working with LGBTI rights and whip up sentiments for the Bill. ”

  38. Brett Remkus says:

    I’m not arguing it’s not worthy of such language – but what I am arguing is that such language is not helpful. I don’t see how inflammatory language is doing anything to save anyone. Like I said – if you pay attention to the calls for Ugandan LGBT activists, this is what they have asked us to do! Sometimes we have to choose between the lesser of two bad choices, and I think here are choice is between forcefully speaking the truth, which will provoke more violence, or carefully and quietly apply pressure to the leaders (especially the President) which may yet stop this law, though it sadly (yes I do think its sad) would prevent us from pointing out the true violence of what is going on. I’m just saying that while the death going on over there is a black and white issue, our response to it isn’t necessarily so, and I just don’t see how everyone can just agree with these arguments, especially if they are familiar with the history of this region, the facts on the ground, the likely response to these arguments and a vision towards a long term goal of making Uganda safe for sexual minorities.

  39. GoodbyeGravity says:

    Gotta love Rachel Maddow!!!

  40. Thats a nice thought, but it’s doubtful that the makers of this law would allow it to be used against them. It’s more likely the accusers would be put to death for something trumped up like treason or such.

  41. Thomas says:

    Yeah girl, genocide will surely please God. You seek to save people from Hell, yet your efforts only succeed in making the waking world a living Hell. I pity you for your ignorance, and your arrogance. I can only pray that you see the error of your ways before you pass on.

  42. Thomas Smith says:

    If ‘God’ is so righteous then why did he not speak out against slavery? Also, reread Sodom and Gomorrah, you will find that ‘God’ did not destroy the city because of gays, but because of other reasons. Now take a step back and look at yours and my life as if you were reading it in a history book. Do you wish to justify genocide, or be one who sought freedom? Please, be on the right side of history, brother.

  43. Eugenia Syro says:

    I don’t believe the death penalty is part of this legislation. I thought the backers removed it from the bill.
    Who is verifying the information in this story and how is it verified. I see it sensationalized, but how do we know this is the full truth?

  44. Kevin Goody says:

    oh if you said that in my neiborhood you would get fucked up so bad you would be able to have an open casket at your funeral

  45. Kevin Goody says:

    bitch you need to put the crackpipe down that shite’s makin you fucking crazy! smh

  46. Interesting... says:

    Wait since they accept money that in some part comes from taxes that LGBT and LGBT who have sex, not once but more than twice, does that mean the whole country goes to jail for life or wait, death.

  47. Kevin Goody says:

    take your bible and stick it where the sun wont ever shine!

  48. Diane Keller says:

    Um….Sodom and Gomorrah were NOT destroyed because of gays, but because of the callousness and cruelty of their inhabitants. Homosexual rape was simply one of many ways of tormenting visitors. Punishing acts of kindness, such as smearing honey on young girls and hanging them up to be stung to death by bees for giving bread to a hungry person is another. The cities were NOT full of gays. But hey, selective reading has its advantages, huh? As for storms and tsunamis….they are nature at work, not punishment. I’d rather be in oblivion than turn to YOUR god, who seems to be all to willing to do things according to YOUR will.

  49. Adam n Adam says:

    Dorothy, have you forgotten G-d’s commandant of thou shall not kill. Or if you are going to subscribe to the laws as written in Leviticus, will you be killing those who commit adultery? What about those who eat unclean animals? The fool, the hater, the unchristian are people like you who feel that it is a right to kill others for being who they are as created by G-d. Killing is a sin against the Creator. If you feel killing gays will absolve you of the murder, just remember that you can never ever call yourself prolife, or that you value life if you spill the blood of innocent people.

  50. Sin says:

    All aid from the outside should be pulled completely. No exceptions. This is absolutely sickening, and it should be made clear that we *will not* tolerate this disgusting cruelty.

  51. johndoe says:

    john, is there a petition for this on if not, could you start one and publicize it?

  52. clarknt67 says:

    You’re at AmericaBlog. World Nut Daily is thataway —>

  53. Skeptical Cicada says:

    “And remember who started this too – it was US evangelicals, fueled by Bachmann allies. They should be the ones you aim your fire at, not these people who they convinced that their country faced a real threat.”

    You can’t recover your credibility after an absurd statement like this.

  54. karmanot says:

    “I’m just saying people Bachmann et al should bear some responsibility for this,” Oh, but they are and are quite proud of their work.

  55. karmanot says:

    The lesser evil is a false equivalency here. Such sophistry is misplaced and deadly. So, some will starve if we oppose most vigorously, genocide? Shame on you.

  56. karmanot says:

    This will go right over Ms. Dot’s pea brain and she will just hate it. We should check to see if she has cloven hooves and is just a holy imposter troll working AB

  57. BeccaM says:

    I know! We are SO totally wasting our omnipotent powers.

  58. karmanot says:

    And they never explain how high the Virgin Mary got on holy Ascension Day. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t explain how she got pregers. .

  59. karmanot says:

    I don’t know Adam, but Cain was hot, sweaty, furry but too kinky—the Bible says so. Slept with his mother to create the human race——probably one of your ancestors.

  60. karmanot says:

    I thought Saddam and Gonorrhea ended when we won the Iraq war.

  61. A reader in Colorado says:

    Let’s not forget that before this happened, the Ugandan government had life imprisonment as a penalty for being gay, that we have other alliances with countries that openly advocate executing gays, that we are allies with nations that execute gay people and subject them to horrific punishments.

    I want aid to Uganda cut off. But to cut off aid to ONLY Uganda would be an act of unmitigated hypocrisy.

    What about Saudi Arabia?

  62. A reader in Colorado says:

    Pressure has been tried. It’s time for more severe pressure.

  63. A reader in Colorado says:

    So your argument is that you should be allowed to kill people because you imagine that they sin, that anyone accused of sinning, your country should be allowed to kill or put in jail for the rest of their lives?

    What happened to “thou shalt not kill”?

  64. BeccaM says:

    That’s been a big part of it. Another is the U.S. empire wants influence in Africa, but doesn’t want U.S. casualties — so our taxpayer dollars have been going into the creation of a vast multi-nation proxy-army under the auspices of the African Union. That way there are no more Mogadishu “Black Hawk Down” incidents and murderous, corrupt, but stable dictatorships are the norm rather than the exception.

  65. Sweetie says:

    Nazi Germany attempted to exterminate gays. This is not a new thing, except for the fact that we’re funding the process.

  66. BeccaM says:

    Hmm… angry genocidal Sky God on the one hand versus human-caused climate change, as well as the fact that earthquakes and tsunamis simply happen because the Earth is a tectonically active planet.

    Irrational myths that lead people to slaughter each other based on archaic rules from bronze-age cultures versus science, civilization, tolerance and compassion. Genocide versus the Golden Rule.

    I think the choice is very clear. Thank you for helping us out with that.

    As for transferring all our riches to you…well, it’s true there’s no shortage of idiot Americans prone to be suckered in by your phony exiled Ugandan prince email scams, but fortunately most of us are smarter than that.

  67. Sweetie says:

    The point was to convert Uganda’s leaders to evangelical Christianity.


    So Exxon would get a nice oil deal. I’m the only one who has connected the dots, from what I’ve seen. I have yet to see a single piece in the media that has done so.

  68. BeccaM says:

    I don’t think the Ugandan government spends much time reading American political blogs, much less caring what is in them.

  69. Sweetie says:

    Evangelical Christians were sent by our corporate government to convert Uganda’s leaders so Exxon would get a nice oil deal and this is what happens.

  70. BeccaM says:

    On top of which, the U.S. has allied itself with President Museveni’s murderous regime, giving him military as well as agricultural and economic aid — which only increases his perceived legitimacy in Uganda and throughout the region.

    As I noted in another comment, U.S. military aid to Uganda in the form of weapons, training, and supplies has been some $100+m since 2011. And of course much of the humanitarian aid is diverted to Museveni and his top cronies, as well as being directed only to those areas supporting his regime.

  71. BeccaM says:

    Much of the aid is not going to the Ugandan poor or other worthy programs, but directly to the Ugandan government itself.

    The U.S. has strong ties with the Ugandan military and since 2011 has given them more than $100m in military aid, weapons, and training. Our military even has training advisors there.

    Unfortunately, part of what’s going on is two different vile and murderous groups in Uganda have been killing each other in giant massacres, and rather than truly bring an end to the violence, the U.S. response has been to pick one side — the existing corrupt government — over the other (the rebels). One of the big reasons nothing has changed is the U.S. has attached no pro-democratic, pro-humanity conditions to its funding, whether it be military or otherwise, and so the Ugandan government has no incentive not to be a gang of murderous thugs. In fact, U.S. support legitimizes the horrific behavior of the existing totalitarian regime. Uganda’s dictator since 1986, President Museveni has even pointed to U.S. largess and generosity as evidence of his own effectiveness as Uganda’s leader and America’s tacit backing of his rule. In addition to all this, there are credible allegations that aid intended for the poor has been systematically embezzled by Museveni and his top officials, with some of the resources diverted to areas and groups loyal to him alone, and the rest enriching Museveni and his cronies.

    This paper here is very educating:
    ( PDF study… had to get it via Google Docs).

  72. BeccaM says:

    A literal reading of the Bible clearly implies that the entire human race is the result of incest between the children of Adam and Eve.

    But anyway, I’d disagree on the Bible being silent on slavery. It’s totally pro-slavery, and helpfully includes rules about who you’re allowed to enslave, how much is a proper price for buying a slave or selling your own daughter into slavery. And of course, there are repeated mentions throughout the Bible, telling slaves to obey and respect their masters because that’s what Yahweh wants (Peter, Ephesians, Timothy, Colossians, Titus, and more).

  73. BeccaM says:

    We need more than online petitions, which never accomplish anything.

    Now is the time to write (on real paper) and to call your Senators and Congressional Representative. Write and call the White House. Send letters-to-the-editor to your local newspapers — and heck, even TV stations have viewer feedback. Get the word out there. Donate money to groups fighting to oppose these monstrous laws, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

    This proposed genocide needs way more than click-click, type a name and email address, and pat ourselves on the back all satisfied for having taken ten seconds out of our busy day merely to say “Me Too” at the Internet equivalent of a Memory Hole.

  74. Sharon Boyd says:

    So is there an on-line petition on this yet to cut off aid to this excuse for a country if they pass this?

  75. Sharon Boyd says:

    Dorothy – You have one of the most corrupt nations on the planet. Why don’t you try taking the log out of your own eyes first; and, whatever happened to “let she without sin cast the first stone?”

  76. Scott Bard says:

    Exactly, and that’s why they get what they deserve.

  77. BeccaM says:

    We’re dealing with an obvious troll here, SC.

  78. BeccaM says:

    Sorry, but genocide itself is worthy of inflammatory language.

  79. BeccaM says:

    What you said there made it just cross my mind: I can easily imaging feuding neighbors accusing each other, or angry children accusing their parents or teachers or some shopkeeper who just caught them shoplifting…

  80. DataSnake says:

    “With the bar for conviction thus lowered, anyone can be falsely accused of being gay — one can easily imagine rival politicians, business owners and pastors falling prey to such accusations – and it will become virtually impossible for them to prove their innocence.” Welcome to Salem.

  81. jomicur says:

    You’re absolutely right. Only “idiots” know anything about grammar, syntax and punctuation. Really, totally smart people like you are too busy passing genocidal laws to bother with anything as trivial as basic communication skills.

  82. Kalimbwe Mwanyi says:

    You must be one as well! lmao

  83. jomicur says:

    Before you go calling people idiots, it might be helpful if you’d learn how to write a coherent English sentence,

  84. Scott Bard says:

    Thanks, Dorothy, for pointing out the real driving force of a corrupted Christian heart – greed, plain and simple.

  85. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Christianity is a European imposition, moron.

  86. Scott Bard says:

    This should be simple to resolve – start accusing those high up in the Ugandan government of being closeted homosexuals. After the first few are put to death, they’ll decide maybe the laws weren’t such a good idea after all. Problem solved…

  87. Brett Remkus says:

    How about this logic – Uganda LGBT activists have asked for quiet pressure on this bill. I think this bill is absolutely despicable, and it is rightly opposed. But if we are really interested in saving lives, we have to be pragmatic. The rhetoric in an article such as this is more likely to cause violence against LGBT people in Uganda than stop it. And I think we can all agree that is something we do not want to happen.

    I’m not saying the Ugandans should get a pass either – I’m just saying people Bachmann et al should bear some responsibility for this, but the article is only focused on the Ugandans. Ultimately, this bill would likely not have ever been pushed without the US evangelical interventions.

    Of course we should be pressuring the government to stop this threat of death. I’m just arguing that if we really want to save lives, we have to be careful about the form our condemnation takes. I wish it were different but it is not – and we have to live with the bitter difficulties of a situation where our well-intentioned actions could cause more people to die.

  88. samizdat says:

    The “pearl” has a nasty stain on it, Dorothy…the stain of the blood of innocents. You don’t deserve the life which “god” gave you, if you are so cavalier with the lives of others. I am a human being, a compassionate, thinking man (hetero, if that matters to you or anyone else), and the notion that you and others have the power of life and death over a group of our fellow humans, no matter who they are, is repulsive to me. You are a sad, ugly person, Dorothy.

  89. cybersleuth58 says:

    The bible they rely on literally remained silent on things like crucifixion, the stoning of women, and slavery… Further, some of the patriarchs reproduced impregnating their own daughters. Did anyone ask the “Virgin Mary” if she wanted a kid out of wedlock? Nope. Need I say more?

  90. cybersleuth58 says:

    Listen Dorothy – If you believe the Old Testament and take Genesis literally – there was a need back then to populate the earth so of course a breeding pair was produced. Sadly, now, we are way overpopulated and over using resources. I will wager you believe in the afterlife & the soul. Our genders, our “maleness” and femaleness” are part of our physical bodies. Our souls have NO gender. Read Galations 3:28: “In God there is no male, no female… we are all one…” God has no gender, either. There is no need for procreation on the spiritual plane. Gay people were created the way they are. They don’t get to choose, just as you didn’t get to choose being heterosexual. We are all given a conscience for a reason. We all need to live according to what is right. If it would not be right for you to take a female life partner – don’t do it. What is right for you is not right for me. Who is the fool? It is the one who sits in judgment of the creator who forbade his flock to judge ANYONE… The fool who is arrogant enough to second-guess the handiwork of her own creator! Your interpretation of the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah is simply incorrect bc it lacks understanding of the cultural context. Lastly, if you plan to hang your hat on Leviticus, please think about that the next time you eat shellfish. Peace.

  91. KingCranky says:

    If you can’t figure out such a simple fact as who wrote this article, since the author’s name is listed, it doesn’t say much for your powers of observation or grasp of reality.

    It does explain your clear lack of logic, though.

    BTW, if your church is receiving any tax breaks, those are being funded by LGBT taxpayers, which would make you an easily-debunked hypocrite, the type Christ railed against in the Temple.

    Sucks to be you.

  92. MyrddinWilt says:

    Boycott, Sanctions, Disinvestment.

    There is a large caucus in the Congress to cut all foreign aid so pushing to cut aid is pretty easy. The problem there being that some of the aid might be going to help people in actual need. Though the history of US aid tends to be very very poor.

    The history of Uganda is rather worse. Obote was corrupt and mounted a coup when his gold smuggling scheme was discovered. Then the British organized a coup which put Idi Amin in power, the guy whose thugs murdered children if their parents had not bought the school uniform sold by his wife’s company (amongst many other atrocities). The British organized the coup against Amin as well.

    Problem with Uganda is that the Western powers have intervened many times before and the result has been worse each time.

    First thing is to demand a strong rejection of the law by the US ambassador.

  93. Drew2u says:

    So… Gays can create ‘storms, Tsunamis etc????’
    Wow, I guess I’d should demand better Christmas presents this year..

  94. kingstonbears says:

    It’s because of self centred bigots like you that there is a mass exodus from organized religion, and I’m not referring to the right wing cult that you obviously belong to. I am very content in worshipping God in my own way and trying to follow Jesus’ teachings in my day today life. I don’t need sh*t from you thank you. And turn to God, look in the mirror sister as you’ve turned your back on him.

  95. ComradeRutherford says:

    No thanks, yours is the god of hatred and genocide. You can believe all that sorcery you want to (transfer all your riches to us for keeping his law), but your belief in hatred won’t make it true.

  96. ComradeRutherford says:

    Yes, yes, we all know Jesus’ prime commandment was ‘Kill everyone that’s different from you’. Your hatred for The Other is not godly.

  97. dula says:

    Uganda is a war torn monstrosity. You always will be until you decide to live by the will of God/Love, instead of the will of your ego. Pearl my ass.

  98. ComradeRutherford says:

    This has all come about because of USA ‘christians’. This is what FoF and AFA all want for America. If Republicans has their way we’d already have exactly this law here in America.

  99. Indigo says:


  100. Don Chandler says:

    Brett, you should hear yourself.

    What is wrong with this logic: “we were persuaded to kill our people therefore the guilty are the persuaders”

    What is wrong with this statement: “KKK is murdering black people in the US South. The KKK are vile. But it’s more complicated than people realize.” It isn’t complicated.

  101. dula says:

    Yet God spared the Gay section of New Orleans while devastating the rest of the city with his Hurricane Katrina. God made Obama (pro Gay rights) win the election. Hey Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore so STFU.

  102. Hue-Man says:

    Box Turtle Bulletin has been analyzing clause-by-clause legislation. Besides what you’ve summarized here, the “snitch laws” impose huge penalties on people who fail to report gays and lesbians as well as anyone who has “aided and abetted” gays and lesbians (doctors, nurses, etc.).

    The “official” end of aid to Uganda doesn’t have to be related to their gay genocide. “A UN group of experts monitoring Congo’s arms embargo has accused Rwanda and Uganda of backing the
    rebels, allegations both governments deny.” US tax dollars at work – killing gays and supplying arms for the overthrow of the DRC! Even better, to pay for Uganda’s murders, cut benefits for granny so she has to subsist on cat-food before she pushes HERSELF off the cliff.

  103. Dorothy says:

    Keep it!!! Go read the BIBLE. Exodus (Egypt & Israel) The lord will transfer all your riches to us for keeping his law. While you at it. Read about Sodom & Gomorrah. Then you wonder why you are having storms, Tsunami’s etc????? Ignorance is Bliss. My dear brother turn to GOD.

  104. Dorothy says:

    Who wrote this stupid article???? Do not impose sin on us. Please do stop the AID and see the power of GOD work for us. We are called the pearl of Africa for a reason. HE will sustain us. With him all things are possible. However, what we wont do is to SIN against our CREATOR!!! God made ADAM & EVE, not adam & adam. or eve & eve!! Fools…….

  105. Becca says:

    I entirely agree with all of the above, utterly horrific and hateful. However, suggestions that the US simply stop aid to Uganda is not a helpful way of going about pressuring the government. Firstly, Museveni will never go hungry if the aid stops, and he doesn’t care enough about his people to see them fed if the money stops coming, so this ‘pressure’ is ineffective. Secondly, I work with human rights defenders and spoke to some LGBT Ugandans who told me that cessation of aid actually makes their situation worse; people left struggling without international aid then ‘blame it on the gays’, further entrenching the stigmatisation of the group.

    Pressure is clearly a must, but the form it takes must be chosen sensitively in the light of this.

    But, dear lord, if this isn’t some of the most grotesque legislation I’ve ever heard.

  106. Skeptical Cicada says:

    What an absurd apologist statement–that the people enacting and enforcing the law bear zero culpability for it. Give me a break! Leaders of Uganda are responsible for their own stupidity and genocide. Spare us the imperialist condescension that says they don’t know what they’re doing.

    And if the genocidal state needs aid, it can ask its “pro-life” evangelical friends for donations.

  107. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Respect our existence, ignorant bigot.

  108. Skeptical Cicada says:

    You’re genocidal maniacs.

  109. FunMe says:

    Uganda to pass death penalty for gays … Germany to pass death penalty for jews.

    See a pattern?

    Where’s the outrage? This sh** has got to stop now!!!! I hope Amnesty International is on it to pressure the world to join them stop this. This is horrible!

  110. Kalimbwe Mwanyi says:

    The author of this article is a high priest among idiots and thinks can take us to such a low level! Get a life man!

  111. MUSA says:


  112. BeccaM says:

    Let’s call this what it really, truly is: Attempted genocide.

    In the past, such attempts were against people of particular races, national origin, religion, or other social groups. Now, we have the proposed genocide of gay, lesbian, and bisexual human beings in Uganda. I can only assume they’ll lump transgendered folks into the same category.

    I am — along with you, John — outraged. What can we do to try to stop it? Anything?

  113. Brett Remkus says:

    Honestly, the inflammatory tone of this article only makes things worse! Listen to the advocates from that country! They need us to apply quiet pressure, not stir up resentment. What’s going on is vile, but if anything is going to cause Ugandans to get more angry and kill more people, it is likely to be rhetoric that compares them to Nazis. And the aid issues are more complicated than you realize – do we want to be responsible for the death of thousands from starvation because someone did not get aid? Especially people who may have nothing to do with this law? I think the response called for here is to be pragmatic not bombastic – that will be the life saver in this situation. And remember who started this too – it was US evangelicals, fueled by Bachmann allies. They should be the ones you aim your fire at, not these people who they convinced that their country faced a real threat.

  114. Pat from Hunt Valley, MD says:

    The reason Uganda is doing this is because the U.S. sent representatives to that country during President Bush’s administration to coerce them into making certain laws stricter. We taxpayers paid Senators and Congressmen to minister to and try to convert people to Evangelical Christianity. One of the biggest players in all this was Sen. Jim Imhofe of Oklahoma. Google Imhofe Uganda for more information, or read Jeff Sharlett’s book titled, “C Street.” My opinion of the Evangelicals is that they are evil.

  115. clarknt67 says:

    So… what’s a little genocide, huh? Especially if it’s only gays getting whacked.

    That’s your point?

  116. Jim Olson says:

    We give a lot of money to countries we shouldn’t.

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