Gay couple wins Amazing Race, big prime-time kiss, Gmail & Facebook crash

amazing-race-gay-couple-wins-6Okay, so maybe Gmail crashing today wasn’t the fault of the gays winning the Amazing Race TV competition last night. Though I’m not going to make any promises about Facebook, and we do still control the weather, so don’t f with us.

Anyway, so a gay couple wins on a major TV show, and celebrates with a big ole prime time smooch (see photos below). In my view, that’s a thing.

Why? As I’ve explained before, because it matters. As I wrote recently aboug the fact that Nate Silver is gay:

Some of you, I know, will ask, “why does it matter?”

It matters because it matters. When gay people still are having their civil rights voted on, like some high school popularity contest, and we often lose, then it matters who in famous-land is gay because it puts another face to the “gay menace” and makes it that much less menacing.

It’s long been held that people become more supportive of our civil rights if they know someone gay. And even if (or perhaps even better if) the person is a “celebrity” who you don’t know personally, but perhaps feel even more strongly about than someone you actually know – finding out they’re gay helps to soften any internal opposition you might have.

It also doesn’t hurt, when gay kids are killing themselves because they refuse to believe that it will ever get better, for those same kids to see adult role models who are happy, successful, well-loved and admired, and yes, gay.

So yeah, until it stops mattering that we’re gay, it matters that you’re gay.

When I see a gay couple, on national TV, kissing in joy as any other “normal” American couple would, yeah, for me, it matters.

And, I’m sorry, but is this the year of the Gay Geek or what?







And here’s the video of the last two minutes of the show, showing them winning.

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