Interview with the gay military couple whose iconic “kiss” photo went viral this year (video)

You may recall the photo of the gay kiss, showing a Marine jumping into his boyfriend’s arms on coming home from Afghanistan.

Well, DepFox has done a great interview with them, on YouTube. Here’s the description, video is below:

This February began with one of the most iconic photographs of the entire year, that of USMC Sgt.. Brandon Morgans welcome home kiss with boyfriend Dalan Wells….a photo that has come to be synonymous with the end of DADT. Well we had the incredible fortune of being able to sit down with Brandon and Dalan and to to get their point of view on how that photo has affected their lives and whats in store for their future.

Interview with the iconic “gay military kiss” couple (video)

It’s funny to hear the guys talk about, when discussing the propriety of how they carried themselves at the iconic moment, how some other people at the homecoming (straight women) were dressed inappropriately skimpy!

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4 Responses to “Interview with the gay military couple whose iconic “kiss” photo went viral this year (video)”

  1. James Stone says:

    Jay and Bryan are friends. We went to the premier of their documentary “The Right to Love an American Family” last year in San Francisco and New York. If you get a chance..order it. It is available on DVD. I promise you will laugh and tear up……

  2. Who does your closed captioning? Helen Keller?

  3. Dakotahgeo says:

    What an extraordinary blessing, seeing these guys being welcomed and accepted for they are… totally normal and happy!!! Now THAT’S the way it SHOULD be!
    Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

  4. geoffalnutt says:

    Excellent interview! Such nice guys. What a great photo and what a great year. Yay!!!

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