Video from Maine as first gay couple gets married, crowd goes wild

Michael Snell and Steven Bridges of Portland, Maine were the first gay couple to married in the state following our victory in the November elections.

The Portland Press Herald has photos.

gay marriage maine

Here’s video of the first married couple leaving the City Hall after the ceremony – the crowd goes wild (video courtesy of Marissa Bodnar, a reporter with WGME in Portland):

maine gay marriage

Marissa Bodnar, a reporter with WGME in Portland, just tweeted out the following photo of gay marriage supporters waiting outside city hall, in freezing temperatures, for the marriages to begin:

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 11.36.19 PM

gay marriage maine

Source: Marissa Bodnar, a reporter with WGME in Portland, via Twitter.

And TVTeddy, an assignment manager at WCSH6 in Portland, tweeted the following, including a photo:

maine gay marriage

maine gay marriage

Source: TVTeddy, an assignment manager at WCSH6 in Portland, via Twitter.

The boys, walking out to greet the crowd after their marriage:

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 11.54.16 PMCrowd in Portland sings “All You Need Is Love” (the video is crooked, but you can still listen, and turn your head :):

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 11.57.37 PM

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8 Responses to “Video from Maine as first gay couple gets married, crowd goes wild”

  1. emjayay says:

    Yeah, maybe look it up on YouTube. This site, at least in terms of this topic, is a disaster area. Nothing works except for one little bitty video which won’t expand and is on mute, which I also can’t change.

  2. rmthunter says:

    It’s their wedding.

  3. dula says:

    Well, I just saw another photo from the front. They were wearing a T-shirt boutonniere which was at least something to indicate the grandness of the day for each other.

  4. cole3244 says:

    as a straight white male i say cuddos to all the gay couples that have had to bear the bigotry of my portion of society and the hatred my group has foisted on anyone not straight white & male, the planet would be a better place without straight white males, on average i realize, and my apologies to those s, w, m, that aren’t part of the problem but part of the solution, again congrats to all the couples that can love legally from now on, lets hope more states follow suit as soon as possible.

  5. dckit says:

    A very momentous day for our brothers and sisters in Maine. Congratulations to all! I agree with @dula, however, and not to take anything away from their happiness, but really, dirty jeans and t-shirts? They didn’t need to be decked out in full formal wear, but some sartorial deference to the occasion would be indicated, no?

  6. dula says:

    What a very special day for them. You’d think they could have dressed up slightly.

  7. Bj Lincoln says:

    Congrats to all the happy couples! Maryland is coming up soon!

  8. OtterQueen says:

    Drat. Can’t see any of the videos.

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