Lesbian MMA fighter Liz Carmouche to take on Sandy Hook “truther” in 1st women’s UFC title fight?

I got a chance to sit down yesterday via Skype with Liz Carmouche, 28, a professional mixed martial arts fighter who is openly-gay, and will be competing in the first-ever, women’s UFC title fight against Ronda Rousey on February 23, 2013 on Pay-Per-View (UFC 157: Rousey vs Camouche).

Her opponent Ronda Rousey appears to have sympathies, at the very least, with the Sandy Hook “truthers” – people who think the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre was a hoax created by the government in order to justify a crackdown on guns.  Here’s a text copy of Rousey’s tweet to her 168,000 fans, that she’s since taken down, and then a tweet in which she defends disseminating the video claiming Sandy Hook was a hoax:

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 7.26.48 PM

Extremely interesting?  A video claiming the government had 20 children murdered.  Here are two screen shots from the video:

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 7.56.34 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 8.01.18 PM

Then when Rousey’s tweet disseminating this video became controversial, she tweeted the following:

Sandy Hook truther Ronda Rousey conspiracy hoax fake

Sandy Hook truther Ronda Rousey

Oh the patriotism, of sharing a video suggesting the US government had 20 six and seven year old children shot dead in order to help pass legislation in Washington.  I may tear up.

One Ultimate Fighting Champsionship fan was not pleased:

I’m not going to bother debunking the delusional, callous and vile assertions of that video here. If you believe that the President ordered an elite team of assassins to kill 20 children or that the incident was entirely fabricated (conspiracy theorists can’t seem to decide which is the case, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering there’s a complete lack of evidence for either), there’s no hope for you. But those are the theories that Rousey is endorsing. She’s not just “asking questions”; by posting that video, she’s implicitly promoting the notion that Sandy Hook is a ploy by a tyrannical government. (While Jon Fitch also posted the same video, he immediately questioned its authenticity and readily acknowledged its fraudulence when confronted with evidence.)

I talked to Liz about being openly-gay and a woman in professional sports, about her nearly six years in the US Marines, and about growing up lesbian.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know her opponent had sympathies with the “truthers” when I interviewed Liz or I’d have brought it up during the interview. (H/t to FatRat in the comments for tipping me off about the Rousey being a truther. As FatRat noted ironically in the comments, “I’m not sure who I’m going to root for, the gay Marine Corps Veteran or the Sandy Hook Truther.”)

liz carmouche 1

Liz Carmouche, professional mixed martial artist.

MMA is basically a mix of kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, and jiu jitsu. The thing is, up until now, the premiere MMA organization, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has only permitted male mixed martial arts fighters. That’s why the upcoming match between Liz and Ronda Rousey is such a big deal. The hope is that the UFC will see merit in women MMA matches, and continue the fights beyond this upcoming one.

Liz is a joy to interview.  She’s just so much fun, energetic, smart, thoughtful, and that smile – she has a never-ending smile.  If both of us weren’t gay, I’d be in love.  Seriously though, she’s quite impressive, and not at all like her scary-faced tough-gal publicity photos.  She’s a really smart, interesting woman.  I hope she keeps talking about what it’s like to be gay in professional sports, because I think she could really make a difference.

Liz has no problem talking about being gay, and in fact sees it as a bit of a selling point for her career in MMA.  Liz’s fans, many of whom are lesbians, but certainly not all, even have a nickname for themselves that Liz laughs about: Lizbos.

Liz Carmouche and her signature smile.

Liz Carmouche and her signature smile.

At one point I asked Liz if it made sense to keep male MMA and female MMA competitions separate.  She said it did make sense, but she could still beat the guys because she’s so strong.  Her extraordinary strength earned her the nickname “Gorilla.” Though it’s spelled: “Girlrilla.”

The interview is around 17 minutes long, so watch at your leisure. It’s fun.

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14 Responses to “Lesbian MMA fighter Liz Carmouche to take on Sandy Hook “truther” in 1st women’s UFC title fight?”

  1. MMA Vacations says:

    Yes I totally appreciate with you on that there are no any more different in fighting styles and lets redirect to upcoming UFC events.

  2. Rousey already apologized for linking the video in her tweet and was thoroughly embarrassed about it to the best of my knowledge. And yeah, Rousey will almost certainly win the title fight but mainly because she has as good or better clinch throws and armbars as anyone of either gender in the sport (women only make up about 3-4% of active fighters globally last I checked, although that’s rising fast). Carmouche is very good, has scary flying takedowns (which will be useless here), probably has a torque-strength advantage, and hits like a truck, but barring a lucky punch I can’t see her beating Rousey.

  3. Bob says:

    I just posted a comment and now it’s gone. I said if you watch 3 seconds of video you will see 3 extra gun men who were taken alive at Sandy Hook. The media said 1 man shot all those people. Does that seem far fetched to you, when one person was shot 7 times? I’d appreciate it if my comments weren’t removed. Ronda is going to win, simply because spiritually awake people are better at fighting… Being able to go against 300 million people with an opinion takes courage beyond any MMA fighter…. I didn’t really like Ronda before, but now I know she has tremendous courage.

  4. Bob says:

    Sadly Liz will lose the fight, since she is not as spiritually aware as Ronda. Spiritual fighters win 99% of the time over brain washed counterparts. ALL the school shootings are caused by the government, and these school shootings started about the same time terrorism officially started in the USA. It’s a huge hoax, and if anyone here watches 3 seconds of videos you’ll see 3 gun men who were taken alive at Sandy Hook, while Adam Lanza was dead inside, that makes for a total of 4 gun men. Don’t play stupid when the facts are clearly available and point to this being a conspiracy.

  5. FatRat says:

    It’s beyond insane.

  6. I just watched the video. That stuff ticks me off. The video actually suggests the government had the children murdered. And Ronda thinks that’s “extremely interesting” and that it’s patriotic to share those theories with her nearly 170,000 fans. Jesus.

  7. FatRat says:

    And thank you for adding it.

  8. Holy crap, I had no idea. Thanks. Just added it to the story. Wow.

  9. FatRat says:

    I’m not sure who I’m going to root for, the gay Marine Corps Veteran or the Sandy Hook Truther. http://www.cagepotato.com/ronda-rouseys-sandy-hook-conspiracy-tweet-highlights-the-ufcs-social-media-problem/ I hope that Liz beats her totally senseless, Ronda is already halfway there.

  10. Stev84 says:

    “Martial arts” is just an umbrella term for different fighting styles. It’s sometimes more associated with Asian fighting systems, but it doesn’t have to be that exclusive.

    So saying “kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, and jiu jitsu” is like saying “lager, ale and beer”

  11. This is the part in Monty Python when the troll ejects me from the bridge :)

  12. Stev84 says:

    Technically it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for ground fighting. Japanese Jiu Jitsu is more versatile

  13. Added it – but is jiu jitsu a form of martial arts? Wondering if I don’t now strike the reference to martial arts?

  14. Jordan Tabb says:

    Jiu Jitsu is the thing you’re forgetting – the part where MMA fighters can go to the ground and use holds, chokes and joint locks to coerce a “tap out” to win a fight.

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