CPAC bans mention of “the gay” to conference chairman

Oy gay.  CPAC, the most important annual conference of conservatives, is taking place in Washington, DC today.  And some leaked emails reportedly show that organizers have banned conference attendees from speaking about any controversial gay issues to the chairman of the conference, American Conservative Union chairman Al Cardenas, at an event this evening.

PFAW’s excellent RightWingWatch reports on an apparent email exchange between the organizer of an invite-only “Blog Bash” this evening at the conference, which Cardenas, among other Republican luminaries, are due to attend.  The emails were published on the Web site “Breitbart Unmasked.”

In the emails, one of the organizers of the Blog Bash, Ali Akbar, sets out the edict that anyone who talks to Cardenas about GOProud (a far-right gay group that was banned from officially attending CPAC), or who talks to Cardenas about “anything like that,” will be kicked out of the event by security.


There are more threats in a second email:


You might recall that the gay group GOProud causes an annual disturbance by trying to officially attend CPAC each year, and then being banned.  Ironically, GOProud is only marginally a “gay” group in name only, though it is impressive that a number of conservatives. such as Grover Norquist, are defending GOProud in their ongoing battle with CPAC.

ACU chairman Al Cardenas, photo by Gage Skidmore.

ACU chairman Al Cardenas, photo by Gage Skidmore.

As much as I find distasteful Republican gays who tend to exist only for the purpose of giving anti-gay Republicans cover, it is funny that the head of the organization running CPAC can’t even handle being asked about GOProud “or anything like that.”  There’s so much fear of being asked about the gay that the email below notes they won’t even publish Cardenas’ photo much in advance, lest someone see him and ask him a question.

Funny that the folks organizing the Blog Bash aren’t familiar with the Google (see photo at right).


You know where else they ban people from talking to their political leaders about civil rights?


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