One of the coolest anti-hate videos I’ve ever seen

What a wonderful video from the Anti-Defamation League.

Here’s how they describe it:

Join ADL in our Centennial Year as we Imagine a World Without Hate™, one where the hate crimes against Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, Matthew Shepard and others did not take place.

It’s only a-minute-twenty long, and worth the watch.  Remarkably well-done for a traditional organization. Bra-vo.

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33 Responses to “One of the coolest anti-hate videos I’ve ever seen”

  1. Skeptical Cicada says:

    The trouble is that ignoring Foxman only empowers him to continue. An organization that retains him as its director is deeply dysfunctional.

  2. S1AMER says:

    Foxman has been an ass on more than a few occasions in the last few years, no doubt about it.

    But don’t reject an entire, and entirely worthy, organization for that reason. ADL has done heroic work for justice for many, many years, and our country is a better place as a result. This wonderful ad is a perfect example.

  3. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Let’s hope.

  4. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Yes, I have to admit that I can’t watch the video without feeling like it’s another slick effort by pro-Likud Americans to exploit the gay community in defending the emerging Apartheid system in Palestine. I’ve had enough of being told by Likudists that self-respecting gays are supposed to despise Muslims as much as the Israeli far right because they aren’t pro-gay, as if the right to self-determination depends on a people being pro-gay. I’m fully capable of simultaneously opposing BOTH Palestinian homophobia AND the anti-Arab hatred of the Israeli far right, and I actually resent the exploitation of my sexual orientation to promote the latter. Having just witnessed the effort by Likudists to force an anti-gay bigot down our throats as President, I understand clearly that Likudists don’t give a flying fuck about gay equality except when they think pretending to care about gay equality somehow serves their anti-Arab agenda.

  5. JamesR says:

    Thanks. That was really beautiful.

    A bit more beautiful than the ADL, yet I can separate the two, it was that good. If as the video encourages, we all answer our consciences and make our institutions do better, that will make the ADL itself better. In time. If people guide them and they listen.

  6. JamesR says:

    His response was immediate, swift direct and effective, then the music resumed. Awesome. Thanks for posting. A better angle showing the whole stage than what I had seen a couple days ago.

    If only our political leaders were so skilled.

  7. News Nag says:

    Thank you, too, Nicho.

  8. News Nag says:


  9. News Nag says:

    You could work right now to change the situation on the ground where people are having their land stolen out from under them at this very moment, but if you did the ADL, who made this video, would jump down your throat and call you a bigot and anti-semitic and otherwise demonize you till you grow old and gray. Of course, I’m talking about the rights of people, Palestinians, who’ve lived in their own land for 1000’s of years now being denied citizenship rights or even any freedom whatsoever. The ADL is vehemently pro-Greater Israel at any cost, and they slander and bait Palestinians and others who try to stand in the way. Just a fact. Not anti-semitic. Jewish myself. You’ll have to take my word for it.

  10. judybrowni says:

    Wow, just wow.

  11. News Nag says:

    Enrique, I think people are missing your point (heck, you might even be missing your point), which is subtle and that I interpret as meaning that people need to be careful who they support. If someone still supports what Columbus did, for instance (ridiculous, I know), then that’s not cool. It’s also not cool to support a group like the ADL that’s intimately intertwined with a country that is currently terrorizing millions of people it suppresses and imprisons, and is a country also that invades its neighbors regularly, sometimes for reason and sometimes no reason. I’d like to think that’s the ludicrousness Enrique is talking about. If someone supports the ADL – nice video or not – they’re supporting a hate group that wants to make nice with everybody who can do them some good but who continues piling on Palestinians and other Arabs for merely being in the way of an expansive-at-others’-cost Greater Israel. The ADL aggressively sides with the Israeli and the U.S. right-wing in their attempts to squash Palestinian rights as human beings to be citizens of a country, whether it be of a Palestine or even citizens of Israel, which rules them with a brutal iron thieving fist. The ADL piles on Palestinians negatively and with slander every time Palestinians make a positive move to assert their rights or even their humanity. You can google your way to enlightenment about this if you choose, or stay unaware. And John, you make a very solid point about using the video to help fight hate. Heaven knows hate needs fighting, but don’t let a hate group slide by under the radar unquestioningly. BTW, I don’t hate the ADL or its people, but I hate to see a wolf in sheep’s clothing be praised and get credit for being something it’s not. They’re not your natural ally, nor anyone’s who practices goodwill toward all people. Don’t let them split you off from real allies, allies who are worthy of the name and have earned your loyalty, each and all of them.

  12. News Nag says:

    This truly is a nice approach. Thanks for sharing it. I won’t share it with others though, because in a very real way the ADL is a hate group itself. You’ll notice it always goes out of its way to defame Palestinians. They are very big on demonizing and further victimizing Palestianian victims of Israel’s cutthroat inhumane policies against them. I’m Jewish, bar mitzvahed, and had enough of Israeli self-gratification at others’ expense, as well as having had enough of their extremist American backers, including the ADL, who see only their own side of things. The ADL wants to enlist people of color as allies, but its own blind spot is their unwillingness to see their chief ally, Israel, as practicing terrorism against people less powerful than they themselves have become. The ADL has a long way to go to actually become an ally of people of color or of even the world community of compassion. Only in the U.S. could the ADL be considered liberal. They’re merely self-interested. Words and videos are cheap. They should practice what they purport.

  13. Jim R says:

    Um, “watch IT again.” Sorry. Foiled again by Swype.

  14. Jim R says:

    Thank you for this. I can’t wait to share it. I cried, and now I’m gonna watch out again. This really touched my heart.

  15. nicho says:

    Yeah, the ADL in Boston was best buddies with Bernard Law at his anti-gay, pro-pedophile pinnacle. Gave him awards and everything.

  16. Drew2u says:

    Gun nuts have traction, thus far, on that premise alone.

  17. ginger_katz says:

    That was awesome. Almost made me cry.

  18. I’m not sure still being pissed at Columbus is the best excuse for not taking action to make things better today. The whole idea behind fighting hate is that hate exists. To use its existence as an excuse not to fight it would be, well, messed up.

  19. Oh that’s right, yeah I blasted him for that one.

  20. OtterQueen says:

    I can’t change what happened 500 years ago, and I have not personally stolen any land from anyone. I can only do what I can here and now.

  21. FunMe says:

    Beautiful! I cried.

  22. Enrique Vega says:

    So now we start talking about a world without hate. Ludicrous. Killing and stealing land from Indigenous people for over 500 years and now you want to talk about peace.

  23. Skeptical Cicada says:

    It is a lovely video, but I can no longer consider ADL without recalling how its long-time executive director, Abraham Foxman, linked arms with Sarah Palin in a crusade against a Muslim community center in Lower Manhattan–a crusade that rested on scapegoating all Muslims for 9/11 and that predictably sparked several serious anti-Muslim hate crimes across the country.

    Question: Where was the picture of a grown Palestinian man who wasn’t killed by Israeli soldiers as a child, living in his home that wasn’t bulldozed by Israeli soldiers when he was a child?

  24. BeccaM says:

    Woah. Sent shivers down my spine, it did. Thanks, John.

    I hope this one gets some serious air-time.

  25. UncleBucky says:

    This is TOP RATE. Made me cry. For every single one of those mentioned.

  26. Jared Hyder says:

    Made a couple tears….excellent video and message.

  27. I really must praise whoever thought of this video. This idea thinks big: Matthew Wayne Shepard, an abassador at the Unted Nations! The composite was nice and they captured his slight chin cleft, but I don’t think he’d be that filled out. He’d probably still be quite thin.

  28. Well yeah :-) maybe it’s a world without hate-inspired violence at least.

  29. billylost says:


  30. The video is beautiful and inspirational. Two curious oversights though. In a world without hate why would Harvey Milk need to promote gay rights world-wide and why would Matthew Shepard need to lead an anti-bullying campaign? It seems that even in a world without hate gays are still getting denied rights and being bullied.

  31. Bj Lincoln says:

    John would be proud.
    I need a tissue now.

  32. Wisteria says:

    Thank you for sharing a beautifully made message. Nuff said as I wipe a tear…

  33. nicho says:

    Somewhat related, Ken Casey of Dropkick Murphys interrupted a concert in NYC to beat on a guy giving the Nazi salute at the edge of the stage. Mayhem ensued. Casey grabbed the mike and said, “Nazis are not fucking allowed at a Dropkick Murphys concert.”

    Good for him.

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