New video of pro-family riots across Paris. Police tear gas violent anti-gay thugs in multiple locales.

Family values thugs rioted in Paris yesterday, throwing objects at police, storming police lines, and intentionally putting their children in danger, enraged that their government is in the process of giving full civil rights to their gay and lesbian citizens via the right to marry.

A second video we just obtained shows that violence was not the exception at the “pro family” march, it was the rule. There was violence in at least three different locations in Paris yesterday.

No word from lead anti-gay-marriage group NOM, that is closely allied with the violent anti-gay movement in France, on yesterday’s violence.  NOM is today trying to raise money off of France’s violent riots.  They certainly aren’t distancing themselves from the violence.

It should be noted that, like in the US, the religious right extremists in France are nothing more than a vocal minority.  A majority of the French support gay marriage.  Which is probably why the anti-gay thugs have now chosen violence.  Here’s a recent poll from Radio France International, which shows widespread support for same-sex marriage, though less support for adoption.  Thus, French anti-gay protesters are trying, more and more, to use their children as political and human shields as they grow in desperation.


Much like their American counterparts, they prefer smoke-and-mirrors tactics to scare public officials into thinking the opposition is greater than it really is.

Here’s a shot from that second, video which you can find below.



“On met les enfants devant, on met les enfants devant.” TRANSLATION: “Put the kids in front, put the kids in front,” a father yells to other protesters, as he approached the police line with his three year old child perilously perched on his shoulders right after the police used tear gas and batons, telling the protesters to back up.

In the video we posted yesterday, you can see throngs of religious right protesters pushing against police lines and ignoring the police’s admonitions to back up.  The police are finally forced to tear gas the mob, and use their batons, and what happens next?  A family values thug yells to the mob, repeatedly, to “put the children up front!”  He then went right up to the police barricade, where he was ordered not to go, and challenged the police using his two-year-old child as a human shield against the police.

Mind you, moments before there was tear gas and violence in this same spot.  Rather than take his child and leave, this family values advocate, fighting for “the children,” intentionally injected his child into a violent situation as some kind of political prop.

The new video, posted below (h/t JoeMyGod), confirms that the violence was widespread.  First, here’s the video, then I walk you through it – there are quite a few nuggets in there:

About 25 seconds in to the new video, you can see the religious right mob start to rush the police in a show of brute force.   And anyone who says this was just a few kids, these were grown men:


Also quite telling – this was an entirely different location than the other tear gas episode that happened in the other video I posted.

Note location 1 where the violent mob was teargassed in my earlier post:


Now note location two, below.


Not only has the position of the Arc de Triomphe changed, but in the first photo, the Arc is behind the police.  In the second photo, below, the Arc is behind the mob, not the police.  These were two different incidents.  Just how many incidents of mob violence did we have at yesterday’s “pro-family” protest in Paris?  Clearly violence was not “isolated.”

At one point, you see a family values rioter throw a large solid object at the police.  Initially, you think it’s a plastic bag – but when you slow the video down, you can see it’s a dark object that almost looks like a pick axe, and oddly it”s covered in plastic, possibly to hide the perps fingerprints.  Note the object, circled below in yellow:

pick-axeNow watch the religious right activist throw the object at the police – the object is several feet long:



Then about 45 seconds in, you see a group of men surge against the police.  These people were not peaceful protesters. You can hear someone saying “s’abitue, s’abitue” – “you’ll get used to it,” seemingly referring to the tear gas the police were now using to stop the mob, and seemingly suggesting that people should continue to rush the police.

Then at 57 seconds in, you can see, in a third location, an actual mob rioting on the streets of Paris.

The police were again forced to tear gas the “peaceful” family values anarchists.  News reports say 33 policemen were injured by the family values rioters.

Now look at the pro-gay-marriage march in Paris:


Notice a difference?

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40 Responses to “New video of pro-family riots across Paris. Police tear gas violent anti-gay thugs in multiple locales.”

  1. The riots were NOT about gay marriage! This is an outright lie trying to blame your “enemy” for someone else’s actions. The riots in Paris have nothing to do with gay marriage and everything to do with austerity. What a bunch of BS…

  2. Please stop making it worse says:

    *Be accepting

  3. Please stop making it worse says:

    This story is heavily misrepresenting facts. It is another example of Liberals judging others while claiming to aceepting of all (as long as they are liberals too). The large majority of people in the world are uncomfortable with Gay marriage and out right opposed to gay adoption but have been bullied into silence. This article lies lies lies….

  4. edcrunk says:

    Shut up with the equal rights. Gay people exempt themselves from marriage. For anything to be a marriage it requires a man and a woman… anything else is not marriage. Call your gay “marriages” Garriage… ok? The only folks being told they can’t marry are close relatives and small children.

  5. mike31c says:

    So you ARE gay then right?

  6. mike31c says:

    I am betting stupid.

  7. mike31c says:

    And when are you and your ilk going to die? Not soon enough for decent people in America. BTW: It’s Repukes lie and people die. Or have you forgotten about Iraq? Yeah, where are the WMD’s? Go snort some drugs and get some viagra. You sound like you need it.

  8. The Reader says:

    The United States government has funded several homosexual studies. the most recent was “Why are lesbians fat, and homosexual men not?” Why do lesbians drink so much? They did that one in Chicago. And the next was why are homosexuals so promiscuous? Why is it any business of the Federal Government? Really convicted Drug addict Rush Limbaugh? for what? See this you lying sack of crap: Democrats lie and people die. Wait until everyone gets O’bama care-pharma should take out about 1 million.

  9. The Reader says:

    there are just two genders — male and female — and not five, as homosexual activists want us to believe.

  10. The Reader says:

    Where in the Constitution does it say ‘homosexual marriage’ is a civil right?

  11. The Reader says:

    Woo hoo now we can have polygamy. If homosexuals can marry I can marry my two brothers.

  12. Papa Bear says:

    Ignorance has to be willing, since it’s so easy to fix if it’s unwilling…

  13. BeccaM says:

    Interesting how your opinion about sexual orientation is 100% at odds with scientific research. You also seem to be completely unaware of the difference between gender, culturally-based gender roles, and sexual orientation.

    How sad to be locked inside such willing ignorance.

  14. Ron Bockman says:


  15. Ron Bockman says:

    no, only mentally ill sodomites

  16. Ron Bockman says:

    Must be a lot of thugs in France, looks like thousands of thugs are rioting over letting sodomites assume they are normal, that is if the new normal is legitimizing mentally ill people to spread disease through a filthy lifestyle. The sodomizers are largely responsible for spreading aids in the west and right now are spreading bacterial meningitis among themselves in New York, last I read 22 sickened, 7 dead. Good going for masochists.

  17. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    That’s utterly fascinating. Did you do your own research or are you referring to research done by others? Or … most likely, are you listening to those bigoted voices in your head? You are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but please do not state it in such a way that it sounds like proven fact.

  18. Sean says:

    can’t tell if you are trolling or immensely stupid

  19. Ryan says:

    Gays should not be parents, sorry but a child needs to know gender roles very clearly it will create confusion. If a girl is raised by two lesbians chances are the girl may grow up bisexual, and most men will not want to share their wives with anyone, I for certain would not.

  20. Richard Boyle says:

    I am all for people demonstrating for what they believe even if they believe something quite contrary to what I believe. Everyone has a right to be heard. As to rioting, that is not something I’d support in a million years. No good comes from the evil that is violence fed by political and/or religious fervor. It is because people do not show respect for each other just because we are all human beings is at the heart of every was that has been fought since ancient times. You’d think that by now we’d have learned a thing or two.

  21. karmanot says:

    Absolutely, and it teas me off!

  22. mike31c says:

    Nice view of ‘family values’ and all that crap… Of course, RWNJ’s here in the USA have no concept of Family Values either with their divorces, drug use and their inability to tell the truth once and a while (re: Convicted drug addict Rush Limpballs)

  23. Stev84 says:

    Because it was filmed and they attacked first

  24. Blogvader says:

    I don’t support folks like this, but out of curiosity, how do we know that it wasn’t the authorities who incited the violence? (Honest question.)

  25. BeccaM says:

    I think the term you’re looking for is “privileged.”

  26. BeccaM says:

    What really gets me is their new meme about children being “entitled” to be raised by a biological mother and father, regardless of fitness. I followed one link to an interview and one of the protesters referred to kids born of IVF as not really human at all. And statements like, “I don’t hate gay people, but they shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.”

    So as ever, clearly this means infertile hetero couples shouldn’t be given marriage rights, nor should those who plan not to have kids. Absolutely a couple where one is fertile and the other is not should be denied the right. Apparently they’re implying that a single parent should either have their child taken from them or be forced to marry. Divorce where there are children involved is to be banned, I suppose. And throughout it all, children are to be taught the lessons that adopted children are inferior to biologically-raised ones and, of course, that it’s bad to be a gay person.

    They say they don’t hate gay people, but you’re right: Marching in the streets to deny a civil right to a minority because one thinks they are inherently immoral and unfit people is the essence of hatred and bigotry.

  27. Indigo says:

    I have the impression that’s the French Catholic Church at work. Am I mistaken?

  28. BeccaM says:

    What wasn’t completely clear in yesterday’s video and photos was how the anti-gay crowd wasn’t just refusing to move or to obey police orders, but as is shown here, an estimated 100-200 of them were actively rushing the police lines in an attempt to march on the Champs-Elysees.

  29. nicho says:

    People who take to the streets to protest against other people having equal rights aren’t very nice people to begin with. They are prime fodder for the extreme right-wing elements that are rearing their ugly heads in Europe these days. The ugly right is already well-established in the US.

  30. Ninong says:

    They want the liberty to continue to be intolerant.

  31. Drew2u says:

    Kinda like the teabillies in teabaggistan whipped up by the teavangelicals, innit?

  32. BeccaM says:

    Just an observation, but one possible explanation for the Arc’s two different locations is one photo was taken closer to it, near the police lines, whereas the second was taken further back, from behind the protest mob.

  33. BeccaM says:

    The part I always find so fascinating is how the bigots’ definition of “liberty” consists entirely of denying liberty to others.

  34. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Funny that in the US these are jackbooted fascist thugs keeping down the 99%, and in France they’re the peacekeepers asserting order amidst the angry rioters.

  35. Ninong says:

    The other thing they’re worked up over right now is Cyprus. Russians and Russian companies account for about 45% of the deposits in Cyprus banks and they’re not happy that the EU is taking a large chunk of that money to bail out the bankrupt Cyprus government.

    It’s amazing that the wealthy Russians all keep their money in other countries to avoid Russian taxes and it’s no big deal to the Kremlin. I guess that’s because they’re all doing the same thing. Except that Vladimir Putin’s money is all in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He’s not dumb enough to put any of it in a risky place like Cyprus. All those Cypriot banks bought Greek bonds with their depositors’ money to fund their interest payments and the Greek government bonds turned into junk. It’s sort of poetic justice if you ask me that the EU, the ECB and the IMF are sticking it to the Russian upper class.

  36. Bj Lincoln says:

    They can keep making themselves look bad while we keep making ourselves look good. I have never heard of problems like this from the LGBT side.
    Maybe we are just more peaceful in general. In 5 years of living in Baltimore, I have never heard of any problems at a weekend of Pride yet the general population can not seem to gather for anything without a problem or 2 including stabbings and a small child was shot.
    Maybe NOM will move there. They seem to have more supporters.

  37. Drew2u says:

    Nothing on the morning news about this. Anyone catch anything, anywhere, on this?

  38. It’s violence in the west. Think “Soviet” and you’ll understand the kind of stories RT covers – anything that shows the west as bad, evil, violent, etc.

  39. Brandt says:

    It’s kind of hilarious to see the Russian propaganda outlet “RT” documenting these protests.

    I’m curious, did RT cover this story?

  40. Ninong says:

    They keep chanting liberté but leaving out égalité and fraternité. It’s clear that their main objective is to provoke the police into using force so that they will make it onto the evening news.

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