Video: Religious right rioters give fascist salute then attack police in France over gay marriage

In yet another video, we see more evidence of widespread violence in Paris yesterday from religious right anti-gay thugs who outright antagonized and attacked French police while giving the fascist one-handed salute in the air.

Heckuva way to celebrate Palm Sunday.

The religious right was marching in opposition to government plans to legalize gay marriage in the country.

The video is chilling. These are Christ’s servants who claim to be worried about the poor children. In fact, they’re vicious religious right hooligans, giving Mussolini/Hitler-style salutes while kicking police officers, throwing smoke bombs, and waving racist white supremacist flags. A chilling look at what passes for “family values” in the French religious right, which scarily has close ties to America’s own anti-gay activists at NOM.

The newest video shows even more violence, in even more locations, caused by the religious right anti-gay marchers in Paris. They were quite literally rioting. This goes far beyond the video I first showed yesterday where are a religious right protesters was calling for his family-values brethren to use their small children as human shields against the police’s tear gas. These people are quite literally violent racist fascists.

Let me walk you through the newest vide from LinePressFrance, which will be posted in full at the bottom of this post:

French anti-gay-marriage marchers give the fascist salute while singing the French national anthem:


During the song, one religious right protester decides it’s time to start pulling down a police officer’s shield:


He successfully pulls down the shield, and then all hell breaks losse:


In the ensuing melee, another pro-family demonstrator decides to kick a police officer:


And another tries to hit a police officer:


Just one bad apple?  Hardly.

And yet another kicking police officers:


 At this point, it’s an all out riot. 

And here’s the family values white supremacist contingent from Bloc Identitaire – you can read the description of them beneath the photo:

This is the white supremacist flag of France's "Bloc Identitaire." They oppose the mixing of the races, and protest against Jews and Muslims, among others "non-whites."

This is the white supremacist flag of France’s “Bloc Identitaire.” They oppose the mixing of the races, and protest against Jews and Muslims, among others “non-whites.”

And now the religious right anti-gay protesters set off smoke bombs:


A few more images of the riot:


And a lot of these marchers brought children.  To this.

Welcome to Family Values Circa 2013.  It looks a lot like 1938.

Here’s the video.

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457 Responses to “Video: Religious right rioters give fascist salute then attack police in France over gay marriage”

  1. Richard Wilson says:

    How is this racist?

  2. Richard Wilson says:

    white supremacist? you know zilch about BI. Theyre not ” racialists”. Nothing wrong with Fascist dictatorship. Its coming. This is what happens when liberalism goes too far.

  3. Aliou says:

    Ce n’est pas un salut nazi, ils tendent les DEUX bras :) désinformation

  4. Neli Borba says:

    They are trying to show things under their light “the religious group is violent, fascist”…nice try gay people.

  5. Dylan Palmer says:

    Fascism is the most inherently evil ideology in world history it is just pure evil that some still support it.

  6. alienlombric says:

    pourquoi tant de tensions

    le gouvernement refuse d’écouter le peuple, la police a d’ailleurs des consignes

    je suis contre ces genres de personnes qui veulent mettre a mal notre pays, mais forcé de voir que le gouvernement joue beaucoup sur ce thème pour se donner bonne conscience.

  7. strohmian says:

    Extremists DO exist in EVERY religion. Islam is not the only one. And Christianism has a lot of fundamentalist sects. Fundamentalism is dangerous in every religion. And I’m pretty sure that if we were living in a fundamentalist christian country, some of the people currently demonstrating in France would be really happy to be able to kill homosexuals.

  8. pappyvet says:

    Dont much care about the salute or whatever else it may have been. The reason for them being there is enough bigoted hatred to get the point.

  9. pauline says:

    this is not the “fascist salute”… this is our national hymn, and we raise our hands during the chorus. don’t talk about a culture you do not know, thank you.

  10. BunnyOle says:

    There is no christian or jewish taliban, the taliban exists only in islam. HERE’S THE DIFFERENCE. Gay people in Israel have pride parades and live openly, in muslim countries they will execute 15 year old boys for the crime of homsexuality, I’D say that’s a HUGE difference, and you’re a twat.

  11. Lutte Fascistes gauchistes says:

    Flanby est un fasciste gauchiste. Rien à espérer de bien de ce tocard de merde…..

  12. BunnyOle says:

    because he’s a liberal fascist liar, anti christian, and for some INSANE reason ‘pro islamic’ immigration. Its AntiChristian bigotry, and I guess by the time the liberals wise up – gay people in Europe will be afraid to leave their home lest they get stoned by a mob of islamic lunatics.

  13. BunnyOle says:

    yeah, cause it’s the christians publicly executing teenage boys for being gay, enacting laws making homosexuality a capital offense, and perpetrating waves of gang rape, persecuting & murdering jews, and putting burqas on ‘naked lady statues’ in Europe,

  14. Lutte Fascistes gauchistes says:

    A. Antoine et ninong sont des fascistes. Inutile de discuter avec ces abrutis qui viennent là uniquement pour déverser leur haine homophobe tout en prétendant la dénoncer. Les psys ont du boulot.

  15. Lutte Fascistes gauchistes says:

    L’hélicoptère de la Police a confirmé 1,8 millions de personnes.

  16. Lutte Fascistes gauchistes says:

    Leftists are fascists and we’ll stop them.

  17. Lutte Fascistes gauchistes says:

    Nous lutterons contre les fascistes gauchistes jusqu’à ce qu’ils stoppent de déverser leur haine ;)

  18. Lutte Fascistes gauchistes says:

    Voila les fascistes qui veulent imposer leur haine.

  19. Lutte Fascistes gauchistes says:

    Effectivement, 1,8 million de pacifistes attaqués par la Police aux ordres du Préfet.

  20. Lutte Fascistes gauchistes says:

    Stoppons les fascistes gauchistes néonazis Anonymous !!!!!!

  21. Bill Gates says NO to fascism says:

    Anonymous l’a dans le cul et bien profond !!!!!!
    que les Anonymous sont composés au moins de 70 % de fas…tes gauchistes ! Comme
    les merdias ! ^_^

  22. A. Antoine says:

    I guess, to you, Muslims have nothing to do with Islam.

  23. A. Antoine says:

    Non au spam de blogs.

  24. A. Antoine says:

    Quel rapport avec le sujet?

  25. A. Antoine says:

    Tu te crois malin à déverser tes crottes sur le blog?

  26. A. Antoine says:

    This number is just ridiculous.

  27. smith says:

    They were no more than 300 000 walkers, see the video :

  28. ESz says:

    Your comment and report is just desinformation. We were more than a million demonstrating peacfully on three avenues converging to the “Arc de Triomphe” and you only show a dozen of extremist trying to pass throu.
    Regards from France.

  29. Ninong says:

    Le Sénat a adopté, dans la soirée de mardi 9 avril, le premier article du projet de loi sur le mariage homosexuel, le plus important, qui ouvre le mariage aux personnes de même sexe. Cet article a été adopté par 179 voix contre 157, sans modification par rapport au vote en première lecture de l’Assemblée nationale. Ce vote devient donc définitif sauf si l’ensemble du projet de loi était rejeté à l’issue de son examen par le Sénat. Il ne sera pas soumis à une deuxième lecture de l’Assemblée nationale ni à la CMP (Commission mixte paritaire).
    Vive la France!

  30. louise says:

    so muslims are islamists now? How not racist !

  31. louise says:

    C’est malheureusement pour cette raison que le débat est impossible, d’abord le mariage ne reconnait pas un sentiment, d’un point de vue législatif, comment reconnaitre un sentiment? Et il ne s’agit pas de priver de droit mais de ne pas en créer de nouveau, parce qu’après le mariage, la pma suivra… et, enfin c’est un avis qui n’engage que moi, même si en tant que jeune femme je compatis pleinement à la souffrance des homos de ne pouvoir avoir d’enfant, si dans un couple aucun n’est stérile, ce n’est pas à l’état de fournir les enfants (6000 euros l’insemination et droit à 4 ou 6 tentatives je ne sais plus). Pour ce qui est des droits, oui les homos devraient avoir le droit d’adopter les enfants de leur conjoint, oui ils devraient avoir le droit aux mêmes avantages fiscaux et oui ils devraient aussi être protégés de la même maniere. Mais pourquoi se braquer de la sorte pour le mariage?

  32. louise says:

    Donc un salut nazi se fait uniquement avec le bras droit tendu, mais a hauteur des yeux, doigts tendus et pouces contre les autres doigts. Ensuite, pour nos amis bien pensant français, si on avait réduit les manifs de gauche à quelques casseurs que l’on a pu voir il n’y a pas si longtemps l’auriez vous bien pris? Meme s’ils ne font pas le salut nazi oui il y avait quelques extremistes, par exemples certains de civitas dans le cortege…et si ca ne tenait qu’à moi on leur botterait les fesses hors de la manif…mais puisqu’il faut désormais tout accepter au nom de la liberté et de l’égalité, quitte à devenir nihiliste, laissons les eux aussi s’exprimer…

  33. Bill Gates says NO to fascism says:

    Le fascisme des gauchistes ne passera pas.

  34. Tu les as compté sur cette atroce reproduction de photo, très gros bouffon?

    Alors tu la fermes.

  35. Anti haineux says:

    Orikan s’est échappé de l’asile ^_^

  36. Anti haineux says:

    What is the purpose of your disinformation Orikan? You need drugs ? You need to see a doctor or what ?

  37. Anti haineux says:

    krysalia vient ici uniquement pour jouer à la fasciste de gauche. Tout ce que tu diras, elle dira que c’est faux ;) Laissons-la délirer. Ses énormes mensonges parlent pour elle ^_^

  38. Anti haineux says:

    You know who preferred Hitler ? The communists and the socialists ! They are still in the government RIGHT NOW and we are trying to stop these fascists.

  39. Anti haineux says:

    Bien sûr mais faut aussi dire à ceux qui ont des oeillères que ces photos ne montrent pas ce qu’ils veulent y voir… Mais bon… Expliquer à des abrutis à qui on montre des chauves pour faire croire que les manifestants sont des nazis, c’est chose impossible ^_^ Vive la greffe de cervelle ;)

  40. Anti haineux says:

    Merci d’avoir répondu à mon appel pour dénoncer les vrais fascistes qui sont les gauchistes ^_^

  41. Anti haineux says:

    Merci d’avoir répondu à mon appel ;) Montrons à ces abrutis de fascistes gauchistes qui sont les vrais méchants fascistes —> les gauchistes !

  42. Anti haineux says:

    Heureusement que les fachos gauchistes d’americablog n’ont pu avoir de photos de chauves… C’est une pratique courante chez les fascistes négationnistes ;)

  43. Anti haineux says:

    Les journalistes font du fascisme gauchiste en désinformant…

  44. Anti haineux says:

    D’habitude, les fascistes gauchistes photographient des chauves pour crier aux vilains ;)

  45. Stop the fascism says:

    Pour 70% des Français, le pays est en dépression par perte identitaire (sondage) »
    Sept Français sur dix estiment que la France et ses habitants vivent une «…

  46. Stop the fascism says:

    the religion of peace….

  47. Stop the fascism says:

    c’est lui qui le dit

  48. Stop the fascism says:

    Sans commentaire

  49. Stop the fascism says:

    no comment

  50. Stop the fascism says:

    In the streets in France.

  51. Stop the fascism says:

    The streets in Paris

  52. Stop the fascism says:

    Flanby est un fasciste

  53. Stop the fascism says:

    FALSE. Stop to post disinformation and bullshit. Bonne journée ;)

  54. Stop the fascism says:

    Encore un de ces salopards de fascistes de gauche !

  55. Stop the fascism says:

    wrong. Stop to post bullshit.

  56. Stop the fascism says:

    Les Femen déclarent la guerre au salafisme à Paris
    Sacrées Fémens ! En France, elles s’allient avec Caroline l’Enfourée. L’islam, on y touche pas ! Il y a un mois environ, un reportage télé en Ukraine montrait qu’elles avaient une profonde aversion pour la doctrine de haine qu’on appelle religion de paix ! L’une des leurs se fait enlever, ramener de force au bled et shooter à mort pour se tenir tranquille et maintenant elles se lancent à l’assaut des salafistes ( salafistes seulement ). Elles vont là où le vent les pousse. Pas facile de suivre ces exaltées du ciboulot ^_^

  57. Ninong says:

    No, that’s a racist fascist! You can’t be both leftist and fascist at the same time. It’s a contradiction in terms.

  58. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Pat Condell : I’m offended by Islam

  59. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Ceux qui veulent le mariage des homos vont bientôt avoir une surprise ^_^

  60. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Usual message from the famous religion of peace ^_^

  61. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    They tell it themselves, so will you believe it now???

  62. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Palestinian nazislamists

  63. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    L’avenir de la France

  64. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    The french president called flanby

  65. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Top french fascist : Mélenchon called MéchantCon ( BadAndIdiot )

  66. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Nazi Center Association in Iran. I think the leftist fascists love that.

  67. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    the future…

  68. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    See what the palestinian are doing ;)

  69. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    See what you will celebrate soon !

  70. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    You will love this religion of peace !

  71. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    One victim of the famous religion of peace, among many others….

  72. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Une chance pour la France !

  73. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    You see the nasislamists ???

  74. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Search for the error…

  75. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:


  76. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Pour ceux qui ont besoin qu’on leur fasse un dessin

  77. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Albert is our friend ^_^

  78. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    A clear message….

  79. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Thanks to the english free speach that allows us to see the real face of this people full of hate.

  80. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    when we stop that ?????

  81. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    La récompense de l’idole des haineux ;)

  82. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    le racisme fasciste haineux

  83. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    C’est toi qui voulait niquer la France ??

  84. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Tout est dit ^_^

  85. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    On voit mieux sans les oeillères fascistes gauchistes hein ??

  86. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Obama prepares the change for America

  87. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    L’avenir de la France….

  88. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:


  89. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    see again

  90. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:


  91. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

  92. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Halal : Une centaine d’enfants meurent chaque année en France – E-coli – Escherichia coli
    Plus de morts qu’avec la vache folle !!!!! Les survivants doivent être dialysés à vie !
    Vidéo de general3gaulle
    Plus :
    Une centaine d’enfants français mouraient chaque année à cause de la viande halal
    Une centaine d’enfants français mouraient chaque année à cause de la viande halal

  93. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Verbalisé pour le port d’un tee-shirt ‘MPT’ »
    Boulevard Voltaire Verbalisé pour port d’un tee-shirt de la Manif pour tous !…

  94. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Les “rebelles” de Syrie propagent la haine, le nazislamisme, le Jihad : voici leur vrai visage
    Voici les gentils rebelles de Syrie

  95. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Libye : des noirs traités comme des singes au zoo aux cris d’Allah Akbar
    Quand j’avais vu cette vidéo pour la première fois, je me suis dit qu’aucun média n’en parlerait !
    Et pourtant France 24 ( chaîne profondément islamo-collabo ) l’a diffusée ! OUI VOUS LISEZ BIEN ! Mais il y a un bémol !
    Ils ont ‘oublié’ de diffuser la fin, au moment où les haineux leur ordonnent de se lever et de faire les singes !
    Faut pas pousser ! Montrer des haineux c’est déjà pas mal ! Mais montrer à quel point ils sont racistes et méchants, ça non ! C’est pas politiquement correct ! *Encore une démonstration de la manipulation des médias !

  96. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Extraordinaire interview du père Henri Boulad

  97. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    THE POST has released a stamp with a picture of Francois Hollande … Except it does not stick to envelopes! After one month of investigation, it appears that the patch is well conditioned.
    It’s just that people spit on the wrong side … According to a survey, they simply prefer to spit in his mouth rather than lick his ass!
    La POSTE a sorti un timbre avec la photo de François Hollande… Sauf qu’il ne colle pas aux enveloppes ! Après 1 mois d’enquête, il s’avère que le timbre est bien conditionné.
    C’est juste que les gens crachent du mauvais coté… D’après un sondage, ils préfèrent tout simplement lui cracher à la gueule plutôt que de lui lécher le cul !

  98. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Words of the second President Of The United States John Adams regarding Islam.
    “In the seventh century of the Christian era a wandering Arab, of the lineage of Hagar, the Egyptian, combing the powers of transcendent genius with the preternatural energy of a fanatic and the fraudulent spirit of an imposter, proclaimed himself as a messenger from heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. Adopting, from the sublime conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God, he connected indissolubly with it the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as part of his religion against all the rest of mankind. The essence of his doctrine was violence and lust; to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature. Between these two religions, thus contrasted in the characters, a war of more than twelve hundred years has already raged. That war is yet flagrant; nor can it cease but by the extincture of that imposture, which has been permitted by Providence to prolong the degeneracy of man. While the merciless and dissolute are encouraged to furnish motives to human action, there never can be peace on earth and good will toward men. The hand of Ishmael will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him.” – Originally published in The American Annual Register for 1827—1829 (NY 1830) think “Facebook for infidels” – take a public stand against islam! – the finest in online virtual desecrations – exposing the Nazi roots of the “Palestinians”
    John Adams On Islam

  99. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Histoire honteuse : la gauche française a été largement compromise dans la collaboration avec les Nazis.
    La dictature moraliste du Parti socialiste et de ses affidés, collabos et autres supplétifs que sont les Verts, les rouges dont le mélange fait du brun, doit cesser. Cette dictature s’appuie sur un…

  100. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    Les musulmans, premières victimes de l’islam :
    Churchill :
    « Combien sont terribles les malédictions que la foi de Mahomet fait peser sur ses adeptes ! »
    “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism (Islam) lays on its votaries (faithful)!”
    Churchill était bien conscient de la menace que constitue l’islam à l’endroit de l’héritage occidental
    « Il n’y a dans le monde aucune force rétrograde plus forte. Loin d’être moribond, l’islam est une foi militante imposant le prosélytisme. Il s’est déjà répandu en Afrique Centrale suscitant l’apparition de guerriers sans peur à chaque étape; et si le christianisme n’était pas entouré des bras forts de la science, science à laquelle il s’est vainement opposé, la civilisation de l’Europe moderne pourrait disparaître, comme a disparu la civilisation de la Rome antique. »
    “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism (Islam) is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

  101. NonAuxFascistesGauchistes says:

    False. Even the gay people is only 1 % for the wedding ^_^ So you see how flanby ( our fake president Hollande ) is stupid ^_^

  102. Marsterl says:

    Voila un fasciste gauchiste !

  103. Marsterl says:

    A nazi ? Not sure but a fascist : YES

  104. Marsterl says:


  105. Marsterl says:

    Ronsard nous avait prévenus !!!

    France de ton malheur tu es cause en partie,
    Je t’en ai, par mes vers, mille fois avertie.
    Tu es marâtre aux tiens, et mère aux étrangers
    Qui se moquent de toi quand tu es en danger,
    Car la plus grande part des étrangers obtiennent
    Les biens, qui à tes fils, justement appartiennent.

    Pierre de Ronsard (1524 -1585)
    Et ces vers datent bien du XVIème siècle !

  106. Marsterl says:


  107. Marsterl says:

    t’as oublié de prendre tes médocs ce matin ?

  108. Marsterl says:

    A VOIR : Les Videos de la Manif Pour Tous Truquées Par Manuel Valls ?

  109. Marsterl says:

    Les Videos de la Manif Pour Tous Truquées Par Manuel Valls ?

  110. Marsterl says:

    MéchantCon est une ordure de fasciste.Les Videos de la Manif Pour Tous Truquées Par Manuel Valls ?

  111. Marsterl says:

    70 % of people in jails are muslims…
    Un bilan AUTORISE et officiel du CNRS concernant le lien entre immigration et insécurité

  112. Marsterl says:

    Yes it’s correct. AmericaBlog is nothing but bullshit and full of leftists fascists.

  113. Marsterl says:

    Remets les pieds sur Terre et arrête ton délire ^_^

  114. Marsterl says:

    La diffamation est un délit

  115. Marsterl says:

    Ce seont eux les fascistes qui portent des accusations mensongères.

  116. Ninong says:

    No, no, that’s not the way to do it. This is how you do it:

    You have to raise your right arm with a clenched fist like Anders Breivik. Now that’s a real Nazi. Hollande is a Socialist.

  117. LambaFr says:

    White Supremacist ? ah ah ha
    You’re sily….and gay beurk

  118. DL Greenlee says:

    I want to say something, I really do, I just can’t because my knowledge is very limited ( Yeah, Yeah, I know that’s obvious) even after watching the video and reading the article as I don’t know French. By golly this is America I only speak American! Sorry, a delusional character slip there. My questions. How is it known these are “religious right,” and what exactly is that in France? What are they saying throughout the video and singing when they raise their hands? What do the messages on the varied signs mean? Not just a literal translation, but what do they mean?

  119. Célia says:

    Oui. Et ils ne risquent pas leur vie pour informer les idiots qui leur crachent dessus (j’parle des reporters, des vrais, pas de Morandini hein). C’est p’t’être aussi que le métiers attirent des gens curieux, qui veulent comprendre et faire comprendre, informer… et qui sont donc plus à gauche… J’pense que chez les plombiers on trouvera peu d’écolo-bobo. On a les pensées de sa condition comme disait Marx.

  120. Ninong says:

    True, but that hasn’t stopped the Church from counting them anyway, has it? Just ask them how many Catholics there are in France or in the world and they will count every person ever baptized. According to canon law, if one doesn’t even believe in God, he is automatically excommunicated, as well as every person who has ever obtained an abortion or who took part in an abortion.

    You would think that all those who never attend Mass except for baptisms, weddings and funerals would also be automatically excommunicated but that’s not mentioned. By that reckoning the true count of Catholics in Europe would be reduced by about 90%. The Church in France and the Church in Italy is more ceremonial and cultural in the hearts and minds of the faithful. It hasn’t been an actual religion in some time now. However, they cling to their cultural heritage just as the British cling, precariously, to their ceremonial monarchy.
    It is, in fact, a house of cards. Beautiful cathedrals and priceless art but no long the main event in the lives of the people. It wasn’t surprising that they chose a South American to replace Ratzinger.

  121. ” 300 000 French citizens (according to the Police /1M or more according to the demonstrators). ”
    You forgot to indicate that the 1 M number is absurd.

  122. ” La loi impose de conserver les adresses IP pendant 1 an. ”

    Mais est-ce que cette loi s’applique sur ce site?

  123. ” UMP (main right-wing party, moderate) ”
    Not so much moderate now.
    Their leaders made a number of anti-republican comments .

  124. Méluch is a fascist, obviously.

  125. Right wing extremist Christians and Islamists together, how nice.

  126. ” There were a million people ”
    What is your counting method?

  127. ” I can confirm that we were 1,4 millions french ”
    So you have counted yourself?
    Not that I believe you, of course. This sentence shows that you are a fanatic religious moron. You would believe anything.

  128. Et alors?
    C’est un blog en anglais.

  129. Quel est l’aérosol qu’on voit sur la dernière photo?

  130. ” tous les journalistes ne sont pas de gauche ”
    Seulement 90 %.

  131. ” Half of French Catholics don’t believe in God ”

    Then they are not Catholics, by definition.

  132. Just because right wing fascists fight Islamic fascists does not mean they are not fascists.

  133. All photos from right wing extremists very clearly show that the density is not remarkable.

    So the estimate for 1.4 millions is silly.

    I don’t know why you ridicule the “manif pour tous” like that. 300,000 protesters is a success, except if you define success as 1.4 millions. Then it’s a complete failure.

  134. Ninong says:

    Some of the responders are trying to claim that it is customary to raise a right-armed, clenched fist salute in the face of the CRS when you sing the national anthem. They don’t do it on any other occasions, just when they’re trying to provoke the police.

  135. Ninong says:

    Manif pour tous was told three weeks ago that the Champs-Élysées was off limits. They were forcefully trying to break through police barricades in violation of that restriction.

  136. icr says:

    Are you open to ‘equality’ in the sense of allowing a report of this ‘riot’ incident from another perspective? An article that gives a differing point of view of this even:

  137. eriv says:

    You are really shame !

    I was in the street and there is not any nazy !
    Your pictures shows people truing to protect themselves because the french police (my police) don’t want they follow the way on Champs Elysees. That’s all !

  138. Smith says:

    Putain, on a peur….

  139. sekhmet69 says:

    Shame on you to write so stupid things on your paper !! hope americans are not stupid to believe all what you say manipulating some pictures of few parts !! you are totally ridiculous !!

  140. Ninong says:

    It’s hard to keep track of all the far-right splinter groups in France.

  141. Ninong says:

    There are hateful and stupid people in every country. And every large protest march is likely to include some of those people because they want to take advantage of every opportunity to show their displeasure with the government.

  142. Ninong says:

    La PP de Paris told us it was only 300 000. If you don’t like it, take it up with them.

  143. Cipher says:

    Thank you for these images from France.
    However the yellow flag with black logo on 7th photo is not Bloc identitaire but Génération identitaire, a new far-right group born in 2012.

  144. Ninong says:

    “Fascist merdia?” Really? Is that a new word you just coined? Merde + media = merdia?

  145. Ninong says:

    How long have you had this compulsion to repeat yourself?

  146. Ninong says:

    Maybe it’s because le Bloc Identitaire really are thugs? Did you ever think of that possibility? You know, the reality that le Bloc Identitaire might be nothing but a bunch of right-wing racist thugs?

  147. Ninong says:

    Dude! Le Gaulois is not OFFICIAL anything! LOL

    You guys came up with your own so-called official estimate of 1.8 million but the real official estimate put out by la PP de Paris is 300 000. So until you can get your government to revise their official estimate, the official estimate is still 300 000.

  148. karmanot says:

    “Heckuva way to celebrate Palm Sunday.” Nazi salute? Oh,the irony.

  149. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    Prise la main dans le sac ;)

  150. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    Tu es responsable de ce que tu écris, c’est à dire de la diffamation ;)

  151. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    A bientôt devant le juge !

  152. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    Musilm Damages 14th-Century Astronomical Clock In Lyon Because “It Prevented Him From Concentrating On His Prayers”

  153. Moineau says:

    disque rayé!!! Merci; aurevoir

  154. Anti Fasciste ter says:

    Prise la main dans le sac ! Moineau is the real fascist and has been reported ! YEAHHH ^_^

    Moineau • 5 hours ago

    The GUD and the bloc identitaire call themselves the “modern nazis” so, they
    were at the demonstration, and they are proud of what they did! They wanted to
    do more but they couldn’t because of the police. And the catholics pariticipated
    at the action with them. By the way, I’m French and I’m writting in english
    cause we can not desinform the foreign lectors. The world has to know what’s
    happening in France (homophobia, racism, discrimination…) You’re completly
    dishonest about what happened on sunday in France!

  155. Moineau says:

    Good luck for that ;)

  156. Anti Fasciste bis says:

    Je viens de passer un coup de fil au Bloc Identitaire qui va déposer plainte contre toi et tous les autres fascistes qui ont posté ici. La loi impose de conserver les adresses IP pendant 1 an. Une demande va être faite pour obtenir vos adresses IP à partir de vos messages diffamants sur ce site ;) On se revoit bientôt devant un juge ^_^

    Le Bloc Identitaire porte plainte contre Yann Galut, député socialiste du Cher

  157. Moineau says:

    I’m pretty sure that you didn’t understand what I meant ! Anyway…think what you want!

  158. Un Anti Fasciste says:

    Savez-vous qui est l’auteur de ce beau discours socialiste ?

    Ce document a été posté sur ‘Islam : danger planétaire’ et sur G+

  159. Anti Fasciste says:

    Négatif ! Tu es un fasciste ! Et j’aime pas les fachos ! ^_^

  160. Against fascists ! says:

    Photo symbolique prise de l’Arc de Triomphe avec un doigt d’honneur d’un homme à Valls à 1,8 millions manifestants.

    24 mars, un festival de violences policières
    Ici, des salopards aspergent de gaz des gens venus simplement ramasser et secourir quelqu’un.


  161. encorelui says:

    zzzz From the helicopter of Police –> 1.8 million of people !! IT’S OFFICIAL !!
    Manif Pour Tous : la photo qui dérange

  162. Moineau says:

    Je ne fais que écrire ce que j’ai entendu…

  163. Moineau says:

    C’est pas moi qui le dit…

  164. Moineau says:

    ah! j’ai parlé de fascisme là?? I Don’t think so! Well do it!

  165. AntiFasciste says:

    From the helicopter of Police –> 1.8 million of people !! IT’S OFFICIAL !!
    Manif Pour Tous : la photo qui dérange

  166. jeannot says:

    “50 Million Muslims In Europe,80% Are Beggars Living on Western Welfare”

  167. Jérome says:

    The Bloc Identitaire is fighting the real fascists : the PS, the fascist leftist political party !
    The Bloc Identitaire has complained against Yann Galut ! They go to see the judge !

    Le Bloc Identitaire porte plainte contre Yann Galut, député socialiste du Cher
    À la suite de la Manif pour Tous du 24 mars, Yann Galut, député socialiste du Cher, a accusé par un tweet, le 26 mars, les militants du Bloc Identitaire d’être des “casseurs”.

  168. AntiFascist says:

    Tu as été reportée ! C’est toi la fasciste !

  169. Charles Martel est de retour ! says:

    Fake news full of bullshit ! YOU are the fascists ! YOU are the fascists ! YOU are the fascists ! YOU are the fascists !

  170. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    Fake news full of bullshit ! YOU are the fascists !

  171. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    Fake news full of bullshit ! YOU are the fascists !

  172. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    Tu as été reporté ! Le fasciste c’est toi ;)

  173. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    AmericaBlog is a fascist merdia !

  174. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    Diffamation et désinformation ! The Identitaires has already complained to the Justice against a politician telling what you wrote ! I’m going to report you ^_^

  175. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    There was no nazist/fascist salute there, BECAUSE THIS PEOPLE IS FIGHTING THE FASCISTS SOCIALISTS ! French people is fighting this : God bless hitler ->
    So, AmericaBlog, stop to treat anti-fascists like fascists or your readers will see that YOU ARE THE REAL FASCIST BY SPREADING FALS AND FAKE NEWS !

  176. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    More news here : This fake webpage on americablog was already reported ^_^

  177. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    socialists and other leftists are real fascists and we’ll NEVER let them destroy our country.

  178. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    A group of lawyers ( and also witnesses ) is working in order to gather information to make condemn the governement responsible of free violence ( on peaceful chidren and other old people ) and disinformation.

  179. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    Savez-vous qui est l’auteur de ce beau discours socialiste ?

  180. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    You’re right ! Americablog is spreading fake false news !

  181. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    An official organism told there were around TWO MILLIONS PEOPLE in the streets but they told the fucking fascists medias ( like americablog ) to spread there was only hundreds of thousands…

  182. Charles Martel MoiEtMoi says:

    It’s a fake ! Shame on you fascist americablog !!!

  183. Moineau says:

    OH! come on! stop lying!! I’m a french lesbian and you know as well as me that french journalists did not make articles like this one expect some news paper like “le monde”. YOU ARE AGAINST GAY, because not recognizing love between people of same sexe and private them of rights it’s being against gay. The images talk by themselves.

  184. Amélie says:

    it’s a real shame …… I didn’t know that there was so many hateful and stupidity in my own country.

  185. Moineau says:

    The GUD and the bloc identitaire call themselves the “modern nazis” so, they were at the demonstration, and they are proud of what they did! They wanted to do more but they couldn’t because of the police. And the catholics pariticipated at the action with them. By the way, I’m French and I’m writting in english cause we can not desinform the foreign lectors. The world has to know what’s happening in France (homophobia, racism, discrimination…) You’re completly dishonest about what happened on sunday in France!

  186. En même temps, à presque tous les sujets l’on peut dire que l’on en parle peu… La manif pour le mariage avait même été boycotté par les TV l’autre fois pour la voile. On n’a pas parlé de l’enfant qui a été soigné du Sida à cause de l’élection du Pape (et pourtant on est dans un pays laïc, non ?)… Pour ma part, je ne me prend pas la tête, il suffit de ne pas se fier qu’à la TV et suivre d’autres sites d’actus sur le net.

    Mais ce que je trouve scandaleux, c’est les affiches que j’ai vu “Kevin, gazé le 24 mars. On ne rigole plus, non au mariage Gay”. Ils mettent les enfants au premier rang et manifestent parce que les gay seraient de mauvais parents, il y a quand même un souci !

  187. Ninong says:

    Who are you talking to? You just asked yourself why you deleted your post??? :)
    If you’re talking to me, I didn’t delete any posts.

  188. Rio Kévin says:

    Si c’est pour aller sur un site facho non merci. Mais j’ai répondu juste au-dessus sur le salut nazi.

  189. Lokio says:

    Heisenberg at 2:56

  190. Ninong says:

    The demonstrators claim they are standing up for the rights of the children to have a mother and a father but I notice they said nothing about a married mother and father. They claim they are defending the sanctity of marriage and their traditional Catholic culture yet they don’t practice their religion. Less than 5% of Catholics in France attend Mass on a regular basis. Half of French Catholics don’t believe in God.

    More than half of marriages in France end in divorce (which is common in many countries). More than half — 55% in 2010 — of children born in France are born to unmarried mothers.,_1960-2011_(%25_share_of_total_live_births).png&filetimestamp=20130130111239

    So how can they pretend to be standing up for traditional marriage and the rights of the children when they themselves don’t practice what they preach?

  191. Célia says:

    Je suis, à chaque fois que j’ai l’occasion
    de débattre avec un homophobe, étonnée de son orthographe… Mais
    pourquoi pas, réformons donc la grammaire! Ensuite, on a voté le 6 mai, cette
    proposition de loi était dans le programme du président élu à la majorité
    absolue et au suffrage universel direct, donc acceptez que les autres citoyens
    ne pensent pas comme vous. Arrêtez aussi de crier au scandale, de vous autoproclamer
    “martyr” et de vous plaindre que vous êtes muselés, en traînant vos mômes dans ces manifestations de merde
    (et en faisant chier tout le monde en descendant les Champs-Elysées par
    exemple, ce qui vous était interdit), mais bon, au moins vous vous faites gazer
    (et pouvez vous victimiser encore plus) et passer en boucle dans les chaines
    d’infos (parce que non monsieur, comme vous le dites dans d’autres
    commentaires, tous les journalistes ne sont pas de gauche, et ils savent garder
    leur neutralité sinon nous n’entendrions pas du tout parler de vous). Et
    assumez que vous êtes homophobes, parce que vous n’en êtes que plus ridicule,
    avec cette folle de Frigide Barjot qui dit que tout ça est “bon
    enfant”. Un p’tit lien en toute fraternité bien sûr pour que vous preniez conscience de l’ampleur de vos dégâts! (j’suis chrétienne j’crois à la bonté de l’âme humaine) : Des bisous.

  192. Ninong says:

    Mariage pour tous est de venir en France.

    France will join Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and some parts of the United States that already have equal marriage rights for all. The UK is another country that will soon have l’égalité pour tous.

    Bienvenue dans le 21e siècle.

  193. Arthur says:

    No not really, i’m not racist. I’m just saying that, for you we were all racists and nazis… but not ! There were only a few (less than 50..)
    edit : why did you delete your post ?

  194. Arthur says:

    LOL, LOL & again LOL !!! Vivez-vous en ermite, ou votre tv est-elle en panne ? La TV, si ce n’est BFM, très objective, n’a fait qu’encenser la gloire du gouvernement :
    Valls, les organisateurs se sont laissés dépasser
    Montebourg, on ne cèdera pas à une petite poignée
    Hollande, no comment
    Claire Chazal, le 24 : “300.000 selon la PP, un peu plus d’1 million selon les organisateurs”
    Et la liste est longue…

  195. Arthur says:

    Moi c’est au lycée… Seulement pour la raison que je défends mes idées… Oo

  196. Arthur says:

    Again : these guys weren’t belonging to the official event. As everywhere, due to the human condition, there are stupids guys. But you can’t assmiliate a hundred guys with 1,4 millions people with their family !

  197. Arthur says:

    Bonjour Célia, les gogols sont heureux de l’apprendre ! C’est donc vous qui, dans les manfestations demandent la liberté et l’égalité pour tous ? Donc nous, on n’a le droit que de se la fermer ? cool, génial !
    PS : Ah oui, j’allais oublier, les gogols vous emmerdent… cela va de soi !

  198. Ninong says:

    The only people I saw attacked by the police in your video were the ones who pulled down police barricades or otherwise provoked the police. The children who suffered exposure to tear gas happened to be close to the ‘front lines’ because their irresponsible parents put them in harm’s way. They were not “attacked by the police” as you say. Apparently some people thought that by mixing in children with the troublemakers they would be able to breach the police barricades and move into areas where it was forbidden to demonstrate. And, of course, it made for good TV coverage — the poor little innocent victims of police violence! Why do parents who claim to be concerned about the “rights” of the children abuse their own children in such a way?

    You say one million people in the demonstration but the PP de Paris says 300 000. Some other organizers claim 1 400 000. Perhaps the number is somewhere in between those extremes?

  199. Célia says:

    Et ouais, vive la France hein! (j’ai honte de ces gogols)

  200. Ninong says:

    No, most of the protesters were well behaved, if misguided. In a crowd that large, it is impossible not to have a certain number of people who show up for no other reason than to cause trouble. Some of the groups who participated in that event did so for the sole purpose of disturbing the peace.

  201. Sevaparis says:

    Shame on you ! Dix you see what i ve seen ! Children attacked by the police and 1million person in the street ! It was not fascist or racist it was for the children rights to have a mother and a father and it was pacific exept 20 persons you show

    Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

  202. Voici quelques images des “pacifistes” qui soutiennent le mariage pour tous en France. Première image : une manif pro-mariage avec le slogan “un hétéro = une balle, une famille = une rafale
    2e image : capture d’écran du compte tweeter de de Pierre Bergé (leader du lobby LGBT) qui retweet un message espérant qu’une bombe explose lors de notre manif le 24 mars.
    3e image les femens faisant irruption dans une manif anti-mariage pour tous organisée par les catholiques intégristes. Je ne soutiens pas du tout du tout ces intégristes mais l’enfant dans la poussette méritait-il de se prendre du gaz dans la figure ?

  203. Figurez-vous que je me suis prise une remarque avant-hier au travail… Vous commentez mon choix de non-anonymat mais que pensez-vous du cortège principal de la manif ? Y voyez-vous de dangereux extrémistes ?

  204. Figurez-vous que je me suis prise une remarque au travail avant-hier…

  205. Smith says:

    Les journalistes se sont appesantis surtout sur le chiffre exagéré de 1million 400 participants. Quant aux violences, elles étaient évoquées de façon vague; il n’y a que sur internet qu’on a pu voir précisément lesquelles comme sur ce blog de façon détaillée. Merci encore à John Aravosis.

  206. thierry says:

    la vidéo est sur fdesouche…tu pourras t’éclairer tout seul en la visionnant

  207. Arthur says:

    Et toi la ? :p On respecte ceux qui en ont pour nous… c’est différent. Et puis, je suis sûr que la plupart des commentaires sont issus de Français

  208. Rio Kévin says:

    Après revisionnage de la vidéo, je vois bien des gens qui lèvent le bas bien pour un salut nazi, alors je t’accorde qu’ils sont moins nombreux que ce que je pensais avec l’image. Mais soit l’image montre quand même une provocation d’un mec avec un foulard (GUD ? Civitas ?) qui veut taper du flic.

  209. Toby says:

    Hello im from France your article is total bullshit propagand this is not nazi salute they have the two hands up closed fist etc second all the picture of so called violence against police are only people who try to help people on the ground on picture 5and 6 you can see a woman on the ground and police gaz her and dont want to let her go also if they have hidden face its only for protect against gaz abuse of policemen about bloc identitaire first they are not supremacist they never say something against jews they only protest against islamisation and second they were only 10 or 20 in a manifestation of 1 400 000 peoples maifestation is free for everybody and there is every politic part represented from left to right extrem left and extrem right because there was all french people for your information there was even gay people on this manifestation .

  210. Ninong says:

    In the longer version of that clip from Cabaret, I think I see Joseph Ratzinger running across that bridge at 0:30 sec in? Check it out:
    Or maybe not, but he was in the Hitler Youth before he was conscripted into the German Army. Wow! Even whiter than a Republican Party convention.

  211. Ninong says:

    Blending? Arthur, don’t tell me you’re a racist?

  212. Ninong says:

    You probably have no reason to use a nickname because you wouldn’t lose your job if your boss found out that you were gay. Gay people don’t have that luxury. Gay people are often fired from their jobs for no reason other than the fact of their sexual orientation.

  213. Ninong says:


    All of those statistics are based on the number of people who are willing to self-identify as homosexual. Many people refuse to answer that question honestly in a society that does not fully guarantee their rights. In many of the surveys that report only 1-2% gay people, there will also be another 3-4% who refused to answer that question.

    Most reliable estimates are that between 4-6% of the population is gay. Surely you don’t expect anyone to self-identify as gay in Iran?

    In the US, 15.4% of adults in San Francisco are gay. In Seattle it’s 12.9%, in Atlanta 12.8%, in Minneapolis 12.5%, in Boston 12.3%, etc.

    How many people are willing to say they are gay depends on the acceptance of gays in the country in which they live.


    In 2009, in a survey conducted by University of São Paulo in 10 capitals of Brazil, of the men 7.8% were gay and 2.6% were bisexual, for a total of 10.4%, and of the women 4.9% were lesbian and 1.4% were bisexual, for a total of 6.3%.

    Of the men of the city of Rio de Janeiro, 14.3% were gay or bisexual. Of the women of the city of Manaus, 10.2% were lesbian and bisexual.

    You may be surprised to know this but I would be willing to guarantee you that at least 4% or 5% of the population in France is gay. That doesn’t mean that all of them live together in marital bliss. Of course not. France is not as accepting of gays as some other countries. That would be around 3 million gays in France. In Britain, it is estimated that there are 3.6 million gays.

  214. Paul says:

    “des millions de jeunes homos en France”:

    Alors que le gouvernement s’apprête à ouvrir le mariage et l’adoption aux couples homosexuels, voici les principales estimations concernant le nombre de personnes homosexuelles et de familles homoparentales en France.

    Combien y a-t-il de personnes homosexuelles en France ?
    Selon une étude de l’Inserm (recherche médicale) et de l’Ined (démographie) sur la sexualité des Français publiée en 2008, 4% des femmes et 4,1% des hommes de 18 à 69 ans déclarent avoir déjà eu des pratiques sexuelles avec un partenaire du même sexe. Mais seulement 1% des femmes et 1,6% des hommes déclarent avoir eu des rapports sexuels avec une personne du même sexe au cours des douze derniers mois.

    Combien y-a-t-il de couples de même sexe ?
    Pour l’Insee, un couple se définit par deux personnes vivant sous le même toit. D’après le recensement de 1999, “0,3% des couples sont constitués de deux personnes de même sexe déclarant une vie en couple, à quoi s’ajoutent 0,6% d”amis’ de même sexe qui ne se disent pas explicitement en couple mais en constituent vraisemblablement un”, selon Wilfried Rault, de l’Ined (“La difficile mesure de l’homoparentalité”, juin 2009), qui n’a pas exploité de données plus récentes. Donc, “les couples corésidents de même sexe avoisineraient 1% du nombre total des couples, chiffre analogue à celui des pays voisins”, poursuit l’Institut national des études démographiques. Selon l’Insee, la France compte environ 15 millions de couples. Le nombre de couples de même sexe avoisinerait donc les 150.000.

    Combien y a-t-il d’enfants élevés par des couples homosexuels ?
    “En posant qu’un couple de même sexe sur dix vit avec des enfants et que ces couples ont en moyenne deux enfants (à l’instar des couples de sexe différent), (on) aboutit en 2005 à une estimation situant le nombre d’enfants résidant avec un couple de même sexe dans une fourchette de 24.000 à 40.000, la grande majorité vivant avec un couple de femmes”, dit encore l’Ined.

  215. Ninong says:

    J’utilise Google Translate pour m’aider si je ne comprends pas quelque chose d’écrit en français. C’est bien d’écrire en français si vous le souhaitez.

    According to the Paris Prefecture of Police, most of the violence was caused by the Civitas guys, although a few others did participate.

    Do you think that your police would lie for Hollande?

    Yes, I like LeMonde. I’m even registered to post to their blog, which I did during the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal. He eventually paid off that maid.

  216. Figurez-vous que je me suis prise une remarque hier au travail…

  217. Ninong says:

    Arthur, I am French on my mother’s side and half French on my father’s side, so I’m only 3/4 French and unfortunately my parents didn’t speak French at home. All of my cousins are fluent but I’m not. So I will have to stick to English.

    I’m not taking any position whatsoever on your country’s national politics. It must be difficult dealing with a political system with so many different political parties. Of course the same is true of Italy, Israel, the UK and probably most of the other European countries. We don’t have that problem in America because we basically have a two-party political system. Only occasionally do with have a third party presidential candidate and they always lose.

    France may be culturally Catholic but it hasn’t been practicing Catholic for many years now. You can’t consider yourself a practicing Catholic if you don’t attend Mass every Sunday and weekly attendance at church on Sunday in France is just about the lowest of any country in Europe! It’s less than 10%. I’m not criticizing it one way or the other, just pointing out a fact.

    What comes after liberté? I believe it’s supposed to be égalité. Homosexuality is a natural variation of human sexuality. It’s an innate orientation that is 100% genetic. It is not a choice. Gay people have a right to marry the person they love and enjoy the full rights, privileges and responsibilities of marriage.

    This is the 21st century. Fifteen countries now have “mariage pour tous” and France and the UK will soon join them. In America only nine states have equal marriage rights for all but that number will be ten in another few months. When it becomes equal for all in America is anybody’s guess. We’re not as open-minded as the French on some things. Over here only about 51% of Americans currently support “mariage pour tous,” compared to 66% in France.

    Yes, I know what happened in your last election. I know that the Socialists gained a lot of seats, which is why the vote was 329-229 in the assembly. I know Hollande didn’t get a majority of the votes but he got a plurality and that’s all that’s necessary. The Socialists also control Spain, which is why they have had “mariage pour tous” for several years now, much to the horror of the Vatican. And in both Spain and France, the Socialists won because the population was not satisfied with the previous conservative administration. That’s just the way the pendulum swings in politics.

  218. John says:

    “Calling them “supremacists” or “fascists” though is a matter of interpretation”. Seriously?

  219. Il vous vient pas à l’esprit que avoir un pseudo c’est aussi pour des raisons professionnelles ? Je travaille dans le web j’ai pas envie que mon employeur soit au fait de toutes mes opinions politiques, qui plus est, dans le climat actuel, j’aime autant être anonyme, j’ai pas envie qu’on vienne frapper chez moi pour m’en mettre plein la tronche… c’est un droit et ça ne fait pas de notre lutte une lutte moins juste que la vôtre… Qui ne l’est pas par ailleurs, une lutte n’est juste que si elle respecte l’adversaire, ce qui n’est fait à aucun moment ! (des deux côtés d’ailleurs)

  220. Ninong says:

    You are ignoring the point. I’m not talking about the people who raised both arms, I’m talking about the few men who raised only their right arm with a clenched fist! That is not customary in Paris during the signing of La Marseillaise! It’s an insult.

    Don’t forget, we have TV now over here in America and we occasionally see video of the playing of the French national anthem, such as at the Olympics! (Which should have been in Paris instead of London but the British paid more under the table to the corrupt Olympic site-selection committee!) Never do they raise a right arm, clenched fist salute! Never! And why did some of them kick and punch the CRS? And try to pull down their shields? Oh, right, it was to show your discontent.

    P.S. — Only the Italians are allowed to wave their hands around indiscriminately for no good reason.

  221. Oui enfin vous alelz pas pleurer pour UNE manif où vous êtes victimes d’agression… Nous ça fait des années et des années qu’on subit des insultes et des discriminations… Et là vous aurez beau dire que vous n’êtes pas homophobes, quand on nous sort que le mariage homo va détruire la société, provoquer la décadence de la civilisation, bah ça fait mal, encore…
    On ne veut pas être juste autorisés, on veut pouvoir vivre notre amour comme tout le monde… Peut-être y a-t-il des homos dans vos rangs qui ne veulent pas et préfèrent revendiquer une différence, c’est particulièrement égoïste, car rien ne les empêche de vivre comme ils veulent dans cette loi, RIEN, et le pire c’est d’aller s’acoquiner avec des gens comme Christine Boutin, qui dissimule à peine son homophobie (suffit de voir son obsession maladive sur le sujet), ou encore le fait que vous défiliez avec le GUD, le FN , les Jeunesses Nationalistes et le Bloc Identitaire…
    Vous ne trompez plus personne, vous aurez beau revendiquer le pacifisme, ça ne sert à rien, on a bien compris le petit jeu et toute la haine et la violence qu’il y a derrière. c’est facile de dire qu’on ne fait pas de mal quand on ne veut pas voir les victimes. Mais croyez-moi il y en a. Et quand toutes les associations de protection des jeunes homos sont inquiètes parce qu’elles sont débordées avec le climat actuel, il y a un problème !

  222. Merci Arthur ! Vous remarquerez que contrairement à beaucoup de nos détracteurs je ne me cache pas derrière un pseudo, parce que notre lutte est juste !

  223. en attendant tu parles français sur un blog américain, la moindre des corrections serait de traduire pour que les lecteurs puissent te lire, ce serait un minimum de respect. Mais le respect dans tout votre mouvement, vous n’en avez aucun, vous n’imaginez même pas le mal que vous faites à des millions de jeunes homos en France, peut-être même parmi vos propres enfants ! Ce n’est pas pour rien que Le Refuge est en difficulté avec une recrudescence des enfants mis à la porte de chez eux parce qu’ils sont homos, la recrudescence des suicides, des appels à SOS homophobie… Vous détruisez des vies, quand nous voulons les rendre meilleures, et ce sans faire de mal à personne (et les enfants d’homos sont avec nous !)

  224. We will defend our happiness until the end of time!

  225. Arthur says:

    BIenvenue dans la bataille de notre légitimité, Aurélie !

  226. Provence says:

    First time, it’s not a fascist salute, second hand, our fight is loyal, we will defend the familly roots until the end of time!

  227. Arthur says:

    Il n’est pas question ici d’une remise en cause de l’autorisation de l’homosexualité en France, mais plutôt de son mariage. Nous aussi avons été victimes de violences, certains pro durant la manif du 24 se sont amusés à jeter sur nous des oeufs, et à venir faire le bazar pour nous décrédibiliser. Malheureusement, outre les clivages idéologiques, subsiste la nature humaine qui ne peut s’empecher d’aller faire chier les gens du camp adverse.

  228. C’est agréable de se rendre compte qu’il n’y a pas qu’en France que les journalistes sont au ordre du pouvoir… J’étais dans la manif et c’était “monsieur tout le monde” dans le cortège. Je sais qu’il vous est très agréable d’imaginer qu’il n’y a que de méchants extrémistes dans le cortège, rassurez-vous comme vous pouvez sur votre bon droit à faire de l’enfant un objet. Quant aux commentaires, je crois qu’il faut vous offrir un manuel de la manif en France : votre interprétation des images est à mourir de rire. Brandir le bras poing fermé (ou pas d’ailleurs) c’est COURANT quand on chante la Marseillaise (dans le poing on peut avoir le drapeau tricolore aussi) ou le chant des partisans. Tout le monde ne met pas la main sur le coeur en chantant l’hymne national, renseignez-vous. Ensuite pourriez-vous s’il vous plait me montrer où sont les armes utilisées par ces dangereux manifestants pour tenter ce coup de force qui pour vous semble digne du 6 février 1934 ? Avez-vous eu le courage de vous faire traduire les propos échangés ? C’est évidemment une interrogation rhétorique : la réponse est NON (d’où d’ailleurs ma réponse en français… Je vais pas me fouler plus que vous). Avez-vous saisi les sous-entendus comme le fait que le rythme d’un slogan inventé après la victoire de la France à la coupe du monde de football et scandé sur les Champs Elysées le 14 juillet 1998 ? Non ! Avez-vous compris la référence dans le “1ere, 2eme, 3eme génération” ? Non ! Etc. Etc. Etc. Bref une analyse stupide et orientée.

    Enfin où sont les photos du cortège principal de la manif qui comptait environ 1 million de personnes (soit la plus grosse manifestation en France depuis 1983) ??? Vous ne les avez pas eues ? Dans ma grande générosité je vous les fournis !

    J’oubliais une vraie question : quand y a-t-il eu pour la dernière fois une manifestation ayant réuni 5 millions de manifestants aux Etats-Unis ? (ce qui représenterait un pourcentage de la population américaine égal à celui de la manifestation du 24 mars concernant la population française

  229. J’habite à Bordeaux aussi et je suis pas trop d’accord… Il y a eu des agressions de personnes qui étaient pro-mariage dans le tram après les manifs du 13 janvier. Il y a eu l’agression des militants au Girofard après qu’ils aient été offrir un bouquet de rose à Christiane Taubira, il y avait plus de monde à la manif pour tous de Bordeaux en décembre que dans la manif pro-mariage. j’étais dans la manif pro-mariage, les deux fois, et il y a eu des huées par endroits, notamment la deuxième où le service de sécurité a empêché de justesse une agression à l’Hôtel de ville.

    Bordeaux n’est pas une ville sécurisante, elle paraît gay friendly mais je suis sûr qu’à la moindre occasion les antis n’hésiteraient pas à venir faire leur comédie ici.

    Après peut-être est-ce du défaitisme dû au climat actuel, et malgré mon apparent humour et ma provocation sur les réseaux sociaux, oui j’ai peur, peur des violences et d’un éventuel recul des sénateurs ou des députés au dernier moment, et il ne me viendrait pas du tout à l’esprit de tenir la main d’un garçon dans la rue ces dernières semaines…

    ———- (je traduis / I translate) ———

    I live in Bordeaux, and I don’t really agree… There was an agression in the tramway on people who were pro-gay marriage after the strikes of january. There as an agression of gay activists in Le Girofard (the LGBT welcome center of Bordeaux) after they went to see Christiane Taubira to offer her roses to thank her for the law. And there were more people at the Manif Pour Tous in Bordeaux than the pro-gay marriage… I was in the pro side twice, and there were people yelling at some places, and the second time the security service prevented an agression near the City Hall.

    Bordeaux doesn’t feel like a secure city, it looks gay-friendly but I’m sure that the Manif Pour Tous might seize any moment to strike here.

    But maybe I’m feeling defeatist due to the overall mood. And even If I use a lot of humor and provocation on social networks, I’m really afraid, afraid of violence or an possible backing-off from the government at the last moment. And I certainly wouldn’t hold a guy’s hand in the street with that climate…

  230. Arthur says:

    o/ How could the 3 avenues be full with only 300,000 ? You don’t reply for the fascists… may be because you’re seeing that you’re false ?

  231. Arthur says:

    Non, j’habite pas à Paris. Mais les arc-en-ciel ne sont pas l’exclusivité des gays. Le Bienheureux Jean-Paul II, qui était le représentant des Catholiques sur terre,

  232. runam says:

    This was at the very least a “conservatives meeting”. The huge majority of these people were catholic traditionalists from the upper class neighborhoods of the west of Paris, those extrem-right thugs from the Bloc Identitaire perhaps being the exception (they usually are a mixed bag of ideological middle-class semi-theorists and worker-class guys looking for a channel to their anger, at least since the Dreyfus Affair). Everyone knows that in France, and you’re the propagandist denying it. The links of the organisers with the religious far right have been demonstrated time and again by the serious press.

    Calling them “supremacists” or “fascists” though is a matter of interpretation. It’s the choice of the author, one can agree or not when looking at the pictures and the video (and the neurosis expressed by their mottos and texts and flyers and websites), but it seems clear to me that it’s an opinion to weigh in by the reader.

  233. Arthur says:

    Are you French ? the discussion would be easier for me… As I said, police department gave us not enough place, so evreybody was suffocating and just wanted to go in a free area. Just next to us, there were the whamps elysees. Furthermore, that were only a few which went there ! Civitas and GUD are not the same, you have to disassociate them ! A lot ? o/ you weren’t at this pacific event, you just can repeat what the journalists say : And that’s what I am fighting against… In addition, the forces are illegal, because they had to prevent twice (sommation) before using gases. That has been a vicious circle : people were so close, that someones went see the forces, the forces just wanted to show us as criminal, so they started gases, and etc…

    I repeat it again, that wasn’t a salute, but a move !!!

    The Marseillaise, at the origin, I remind you, is a song that our grand parents sang before wars. Today, that’s just to show our determination and our cohesion…!

    No, I can’t believe to number that is made by my government. They just want to minimize us. Yes, we’d like that to be easily verifiable, but, they didn’t give us the videos made with the helicopter… they keep them secret… In your opinion, why ?

    The only documents that you’re quoting are coming from the first socialist media in France… They wouldn’t say the contrary of the people that give them money.

  234. Le Canard says:

    No : all the photos are under the vidéo ;-)

  235. Arthur says:

    Apparament, vous devez etre Français, donc je vais vous parler avec notre langue adorée. Très bien. Donc, vous changeriez les principes fondamentaux de la famille sur un sondage fait par un institut, le même qui donnait Hollande largement en tête devant M. Sarkozy, alors que l’écart des voix se résumait à quelques pourcents ?
    Croyez vous que cela est la priorité du gouvernement Français, alors que depuis 10 mois, les 50 membres du gouvernement n’ont pas réussi à pondre une seule loi viable et qui profite à tous ? Ses seules actions furent de détruire tout ce qu’avait essayé tant bien que mal de construire l’ancien président de la République, ex Ministre de l’intérieur. Tant bien que mal, car sous la pression de la rue (comme disait alors Hollande), Celui-ci a dû abandonner le projet du CPE…
    Les Français, en 2012, ont voté dans contexte de crise, et, comme avec Chruchill en 45 pour l’Angleterre, ont été ingrats et n’ont pas voulu faire confiance à la droite. Le quinquennat n’est pas suffisant pour redresser un pays. Comment faire confiance à Hollande qui dit que la GPA ne sera pas autorisée, alors qui dit que la courbe de chômage s’inversera d’ici à fin 2013 ! O_o
    On ne peut pas associer les pays entre eux. LEs moeurs de chaque pays sont différentes, de part l’histoire différente qu’ils possèdent. La France a de profondes racines Catholiques, comparée à l’Angleterre qui a déclaré sa propre Eglise par Henri VIII. Certes, la laïcité a été soutenue par les Francs-Maçons en 1905, mais les moeurs sont restées de majorité Catholique, soutenue par les Eglises Juives, Orthodoxes, et Musulmanes.

  236. Arthur says:

    Je trouve que les journalistes (presque tous de gauche) ont parlé beaucoup des violences, en comparaison au monde pacifique qui était présent.

  237. Arthur says:

    Pfff… You’re all blending…

  238. Arthur says:

    Nope, may be because a good journalist show what occured for a majority ? And because these ones weren’t belonging to the official event…

  239. Arthur says:

    Well Well Well… DO we have to remind you that this event has occured in France, with french customs ? I don’t know how americans protest against something, but here, and that’s often, to show our discontent, we move up our hands !
    That’s not salute !

  240. Ninong says:

    Some of the men in the pictures John posted are giving a right-armed clenched fist salute. In America that sort of salute is considered to be a racist, fascist, neo-Nazi salute, exactly like what Anders Breivik gave:

    And, as far as I know, it is not customary to give a right-armed, clenched fist salute when singing La Marseillaise. And when singing L’Internationale you raise your left arm in a clenched fist salute.

  241. Ninong says:

    Isn’t it strange that in that French translation they chose to leave out all of the photos depicting violence and only included the peaceful ones?

  242. Ninong says:

    Take heart. No one on this blog believes the people who took part in the Manif’ pour tous represent the views of the average Parisian or most Frenchmen for that matter. The guy who wrote this article lived in France for a time and he spends several weeks in France every summer. I have never lived in France but I did visit Paris for a couple of weeks in 1977. It’s a very beautiful city and it was much more gay-friendly then than most of the United States. The gay clubs in Paris were way ahead of those in the US at the time. I had a great time!

  243. Ninong says:

    Haha! Yeah, right. I’m waiting for the GUD to break out singing ‘Der morgige Tag ist mein’.

  244. Ninong says:

    Some in the French media did report what was taking place in the various incidents of violence at different locations. According to media reports, much of the violence was provoked by GUD thugs.

  245. Ninong says:

    Sixty-six percent of the French believe homosexuals should have the right to marry:,0

    That same percentage has been given in other more recent polls. The question that is below 50% is the right to adopt. I have seen that as 47% and 49% in favor.

  246. Eltern says:

    Lorsque l’on regarde la vidéo on vois bien que sa n’as rien d’un salut nazi . Cet article est juste une grosse blague ou on prend des images et on invente les faits pour faire passer les manifestant pour les méchants . Si un bras levé est signe de nazisme alors y’a un sacret paquet de personne nazi en france .

  247. Ninong says:

    What were the protesters doing on the Champs Elysées? I thought that was supposed to be off limits? Maybe they’re trying to scare the tourists away? A lot of the violent incidents were caused by all those GUD thugs (Civitas du GUD du Bloc Identitaire) that show up in most of the video clips waving their douchebag flags. In some instances other protesters joined them in kicking and punching the CRS.

    I think the confusion about the “fascist” salute is because in America if someone raises a right-armed, clenched first salute it is taken as a racist, fascist salute. Just check out the pictures of Anders Breivik for a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

    There were some men in the crowd who raised that sort of salute. Over here that is exclusively a racist gesture that is often used by neo-Nazi thugs. Fortunately we don’t have as many of those as you guys do in Europe.

  248. Apparently they still believe the future belongs to them and their fellow latter-day Nazi collaborators.

  249. Ninong says:

    La préfecture de police de Paris a confirmé, mercredi 27 mars, son comptage de 300 000 personnes ayant défilé dimanche contre le projet de loi sur le mariage homosexuel.

    Les organisateurs avaient quant à eux évoqué 1,4 million d’opposants, avant de critiquer vertement les premières estimations de la préfecture de police, qui a depuis recompté à partir notamment d’images vidéo au sol et aériennes.

  250. Arthur says:

    wow, what references !!! You have to care about all kind of point of view to write a good paper.

  251. Arthur says:

    Look at my links… It’s impossible ! our government is just ignoring us, but… how the avenues may have been full with only 300,000 ? No reply for facism ? May be because you see that you’re false ?

  252. Arthur says:

    SOrry for you if you doesn’t support your Country. Me, I find really beautiful singing La Marseillaise together, it gives us a cohesion. Just look at a football match with RIbéry : he doesn’t sing, that’s a pitty, but the rest of his team sing with, sometimes, the hand on the heart. That’s just awesome having a country’s culture.
    You’re having doubts on the number of people… How can be full the avenue between Arc de Triomphe and La Grande Arche, Avenue Foche, Avenue Carnot, with only 300.000 people ? lies, lies, lies…

  253. Arthur says:

    Excuse me, but, where does come your percentage ? they are totally false ! A survey made the day of demonstration, the 03/24, says that 68% french are against the president, François Hollande. He should rather preoccupate him for the employment !!!

  254. Arthur says:

    La photo comme tout le monde le sait, ne permet de prendre qu’une image fixe. OR, j’y étais et je peux vous dire que leur poing était bien en mouvement ! N’as tu jamais vu des CGTistes agiter du poing en l’air pour montrer leur mécontentement ? Ce sont des accusations grave et totalement infondées que vous portez là.

  255. Arthur says:

    I’m a young french man, and I was belonging to a security team during this event. I can confirm that we were 1,4 millions french exhausted by our government which doesn’t care of the totality of his countrymen : we ask for big debates, where everybody will be able to speak and say what does he have on his heart !

    The pictures that you show aren’t reprensenting the reality : indeed, these men are not numerous, and doesn’t belong to the “manif’ pour tous” : they were just here to provock and attack the forces and ridiculize our pacific demonstration. The majority of people who were there was families with often little childrens, so totally different as facists that you’re denucing. Furthermore, these men weren’t facists, but just had their moving arm to show their discontent <– I hope that you understand that we can't accuse somebody facist just with a photograph !!! Oo

    They were people who wanted to go behind the forces, just because they weren't enough place, due to the incapacity of french security department to give us what we need : an area where everybody can come in, whitout being suffocating !

    I think by hiding this reality, you're just censuring yourself and so, privating you from the primordial right which is the speaking liberty. In addition, you're giving a bad opinion of us and french to your reader, far far away from the reality !

    Just to show you the real wave that we were, cf 2 links : one of a video, the other of some photographs. (look at the map)

    Thank's for your reading, hoping that my english was understandable.


  256. Smith says:

    Les journalistes évoquent des ’extrémistes et Barjot parle d’excités, ce qui est bien vague. On n’a vu les néo-nazis que sur internet et heureusement que ce média existe.

  257. claudia says:

    As a French female student in the now infamous Sciences Po Bordeaux (the one with the issues about sexist jokes on FB), I just can’t help but facepalm at the whole situation. I spend most of my time in several universities, and no one, not one single person I ever talked to was against gay marriage. These people are rural rednecks idiots for the most part, and yes, they brought children. Sure the government sucked at predicting how many people would show up at the march (truth is “in between” both numbers given, si I’d say there were 750 000 people or so). But everyone knows that just with a hundred people, things can turn sour very very quickly.

    By default, France will always be “reactionnary”, aka against change. We’re far late on about anything, especially as far as rights are concerned. For the love of Cthulhu, Spain went from Franco far right ultra catholic, all the way to legalizing prostitution and gat marriage everywhere. Belgium is far ahead as well, even if the old Flemish are sometimes out of their minds xenophobic. But we do try. We do get shocked when assholes like Le Pen say the Holocaust was “just a detail” of WWII.

    But come on in to Bordeaux, and nobody will even care that you’re holding hands with same sex partner, or that you drink alcohol at noon in a café. Most people, especially urban people, just could care less who and why you marry, and who and why you sleep with, and most people think adoption for homosexual couples should happen. Better have two parents than just one or none. (I’d recommend the Penn and Teller Bullshit episode on Family Values which I’ve uploaded on youtube if anyone wants to check it out)

  258. manucadec says:

    Faux / False

    She explain that she didn’t saw any problem during the journey in a first time.
    And in a second time she say: if there was extremist, they are not from our demonstration.

    We are not against gay! We are not exteremist! I m not catholic!
    Extremist were very few people.

    We just have different thought for several things, and in france you can think something different than the other people.

  259. french bastard says:


  260. french bastard says:

    Je pense que Justsayin’ faisait de l’ironie, Roc.

  261. french bastard says:

    Now you’re starting to be really funny!

    More, please! :’D

  262. french bastard says:

    “National Anthem singer’s right posture for dummies” by Krysalia.

  263. french bastard says:

    That’s so good that YOU aren’t manipulated, Aurélie.

  264. Rio Kévin says:

    Alors ce serait TRES long à expliquer en détails.
    Mais pour faire une version un peu plus courte, le nazi donc national-socialiste désigne la pensée selon laquelle la favorisation sociale devrait être tournée vers une préférence nationale. Et donc je n’aime pas car je n’aime pas le nationalisme, je déteste la penssée de Renan et ce qui en a découlé, je suis personnellement patriote ce qui est totalement différent car je n’implique pas ma logique sur le rejet de certaines personnes selon des critères totalement construits socialement, mais au contraire je me sers de ce type de critères pour donner la chance à tous d’avoir une place dans la société. Je suis un chantre de ce que Dubet appelle l’égalité des places, en opposition à l’égalité des chances (et donc à la discrimination positive).
    Etant moi-même communiste et humaniste, je fais de ces gens là mes premiers ennemis de classe. Car ils ont parfois des idées proches des nôtres en ce qui concerne de donner la possibilité à quelqu’un de trouver sa place. Sauf que ce qui change tout, c’est qu’eux sélectionne les ayant-droits sur des critères moralistes et autoritaires que je trouve inacceptable.
    Voilà pour la version courte, pour la rallonger je devrais tomber dans le cours d’Histoire.

  265. french bastard says:

    “Please do not only take into account your social microcosm”

    “When the economic conditions are being worst and worst, when our country
    is in war in Africa, when Europe is in danger, when 10% of the
    population is workless… some stupid dumbass would rather…..”

    …………….. protest in the streets for gay mariage? :)

  266. french bastard says:

    Oui et donc quoi? Tu veux prouver “quoi”? Qu’est-ce que c’est un nazi? Qu’est-ce qui le caractérise? Qu’est-ce que tu n’aimes pas chez les nazis? Pourquoi un nazi c’est mal? Parce qu’il t’impose ses vues? Parce qu’il t’empêche de t’exprimer?

    Attention! C’est une VRAIE question. Je sais que le sarcasme et le cynisme représentent à la louche 95% des commentaires de “””débats””” mais là ce n’est pas le cas. Je voudrais comprendre ce qui te déplait à TOI dans le nazi moyen.

  267. Claire Piot says:

    Has anyone heard of any burned car or broken shop window? and this is what you call ariot? I wish every riot was so pacific! Is that what you call journalism?

  268. Rio Kévin says:

    Ah oui tu fais exprès de ne regarder que devant lol
    Regarde derrière de nombreuses personnes font le salut nazi !

  269. It’s important to see the Video below, the pictures selected reflects nothing big except what the columnist wanted to express. When we see here a situation where Troopers are clearly the offenders. It’s also fun to see how Photographers just stick like flies on the shit do, slacking just nearby the wall of cops, and potential conflict to grab the faintest fight.
    By the way, people can accept this law. Nevermind, It will collapse by itself in the Vaults of humanity as soon as The World gets beyond its actual rulers.

  270. Smith says:

    Merci pour avoir posté cet article. Les journalistes français n’ont fait aucun article sur ce sujet et n’ont même pas essayé de demander aux organisateurs de la journée s’ils désavouaient ou non les agissements de ces individus. La honte de la presse française.

  271. Smith says:

    Merci à Aravosis pour avoir posté cet article. Aucun journaliste en France n’a demandé de compte aux organisateurs de la journée qui ne cessent de parler de manifestation familiale s’ils désavouaient ou non les manifestants du GUD. C’est la honte de la presse française.

  272. Sabre says:

    1) When you go to an organized demonstration, it should remain in the planned route and authorized. The goal is to manifest its displeasure quietly but effectively.

    2) If you are going to change your mind by occupying another avenue because it is more “mythical” (Champs Elysee for example), you should not be surprised to have a backlash.

    3) If you go to a demonstration to break the rules, you should leave the kids at home.

    And I do not congratulate Ms. Broutin, who as a politician is to show an example of what we must do in a democracy, and not doing what we should not do. I do not think that when her party was in power, she ever tried to force a dam …

    Finally, it is still good that the police have ways to prevent overflows. Certainly, water cannons would had been better, but with the temperatures given at this time, it was not recommended. Let us remember that there are countries where the police fired live ammunition!

    The only case that would justify forcing a dam, is that we have no right to protest at all! , That would be very bad for democracy!

    Advertisement for your future demonstration (humour inside):

    “According to many participants in this event, the perfect shield is human, it is between 5 and 9 years old, it collects the tear gas as no one else can and fully protects the respiratory and eyeballs of its wearer.

    And in addition, in the event of damage of the human shield it allows a recovery policy for the carrier Christine Boutin Bible to demand the head prefect and minister.

    The human shield 5 to 9 years: an essential tool for any irresponsible idiots that runs for a cause that does not even concern them.”

  273. french bastard says:

    C’était une traduction du commentaire précédent. Pour ma part, je ne t’inviterai pas à retourner apprendre à lire, parce que je trouve que les réflexions de ce genre dans une discussion sont indélicates et inutiles.

  274. french bastard says:

    Are you kidding? All the medias here covered the topic, widely insisting on the fascists trying to enforce the fences to get to the Champs-Elysées.

    Are you living in a cave? …or just trying to sound oppressed maybe?

  275. julien5977 says:

    je suis gay, je suis français, mais depuis dimanche, je suis rejeter par le peuple de mon pays sous seul pretexte d’être different et de demander un droit commun a tout les héterosexuels sur terre. A quoi ça sert pour moi de rester dans un pays qui se dit être celui des droits de l’homme, et dont la devise est liberté, égalité, fraternité ? Pouruoi devrait-je continuer a payer mes impôts dans ce pays pour des gens qui me rejettent ?

  276. coucou says:

    Regarde bien! le point fermé! n’est-ce pas un signe de résistance tant salué par nos amis de l’internationale? Ah non ici il s’agit d’un salut nazi! Belle interprétation. Par ailleurs je ne savais pas que le salut se faisait aussi des deux bras en même temps. Merci de nous faire découvrir de nouvelles technique de salut.

  277. frenchman says:

    Are you kidding me??? Watch carefuly the first picture, most of them have both arms raised, is this a fascist salute?
    Please, M. Aravosis, buy you better eyes then come back and tell us what you see!

  278. A French colleague says:

    Thank you, how very true. reductio ad hitlerum: Godwin’ law. Aravosis loses

  279. Sebil says:
    inter-religion, inter-génération, inter politic clivage, inter social community, it was a national community riot Vive la France

  280. Ninong says:

    La préfecture de police de Paris a confirmé, mercredi 27 mars, son comptage de 300 000 personnes ayant défilé dimanche contre le projet de loi sur le mariage homosexuel.

    Les organisateurs avaient quant à eux évoqué 1,4 million d’opposants, avant de critiquer vertement les premières estimations de la préfecture de police, qui a depuis recompté à partir notamment d’images vidéo au sol et aériennes.

  281. Ninong says:

    Dude, you keep posting the same video clip that John posted above. Why? Did you not bother to read the full article and get to the video clip at the bottom?

  282. Ninong says:

    I saw several men in the video (still photos of which appear above) who were giving a clenched fist right-armed salute just like this guy:

    In America, if you raise your right arm and clench your fist, that’s a highly insulting, racist salute. The sort of salute the European neo-Nazis employ today. See the above picture of Anders Breivik for an example.

    In the video, I saw quite a few militant racist GUD thugs waving their flags. According to the police, the GUD thugs showed up hoping to start a fight and they were responsible for many of the violent incidents.

  283. Ninong says:

    The ones “raising one arm while showing their clenched fist” look a lot like this guy:

  284. Ninong says:

    Some of the men in the pictures John posted are giving a right-armed clenched fist salute. In America that sort of salute is considered to be a racist, fascist salute, exactly like what Anders Breivik gave:

  285. Ninong says:

    You have three posts, two of which include the video that you posted 2 hours ago and then again 25 minutes ago. It was there all along. Now it’s there twice.

  286. Ninong says:

    Maybe John was talking about all those GUD thugs (Civitas du GUD du Bloc Identitaire) that show up in your video clip, too? You do realize, I assume, that the Paris Prefecture of Police reported a number of incidences of violence at several locations? The police said many of those violent incidents were caused by the GUD. You can see them waving their idiotic flags in the video clip you posted.

    Hey, what were the “Protest for All” people doing on the Champs Elysées? I thought that was supposed to be off limits? Maybe they’re trying to scare the tourists away?

  287. Pierre 1er says:

    Where is my message ? I gave the proof that this story was a lie, with a video of the event…

  288. Ninong says:

    This is in reply to the person whose comment is now invisible. He/she requested that I “shut up” because he/she said I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to French population numbers. I’ll admit that it’s been a long time since I was last in Paris, so I’m sure it has grown since then. That’s why I looked up the current numbers.

    According to the INSEE ( Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques ):

    2006 popularion of Paris Metropolitan Area (12 089 098).

  289. Théo Priez says:

    ah ok t’es une française , jme disais bien qu’une remarque aussi candide sur son propre pays était abhérant ….

  290. Pierre 1er says:

    Lies from the beginning to the end : here is the video from where come the images of the “fascist salutes” : and

  291. Théo Priez says:

    Large mistake …


    a lot of german people was catholique in this time ;)

    do you know the concordat ? where are you from ? “America” ?

    listen…. my country dont have 400 years xD !

    The man who i talk “Maurice papon” is a classified as a ” center-left ”

    and dont be a radical catholique but he is in the regions of bordeaux
    a bastion of a specifique integrisme of catholique
    ( latin speacking , back to the flock, hard racisme)
    Where today agains they have school
    where they learn another history of the second world war ,

    The alsace a complex french territory is the only regions in france who have a christ crusified in the school class
    THIS IS A LARGE treason of the republic duty to stay away from the religius

    And this manifestation bring this people to car of all this regions to paris

    And this regions have know a large population of neo-nazie mouvement,
    sometimes they use explosif agains muslim’s home or equipement

    On french territory we have a lot of people who belive in the catholique but think the religius need to be more open of avortement and other subject of this registry,

    the littles sister of the church ” like France was surnamed sometimes in the past !

    do you think what ?

    nobodys discut of the contraception inside the catholique mouvement when they appeir ??

    Nobodys have feminist thinking inside catholique or islamique mouvement ???

    I mean Human is clumsy and weak, one people stay one xD!

    NOW the german territory ,

    the Royal british familis is german -_-” AND OBVIUSLY Catholique

    they change their name during the war for the national feeling….
    German have a lot of catholique instution,-_-” terrorise and execute by hitler one years after the concordats signed in 1933 with the pope…

    i mean if you was speacking about Netherlands maybee i will say something else xD that’s a protestant country….

    AND protestant cant not be a mind definition

    in a country (we can say that xD ? ok ok this unions of country)like america xD….

    i mean if this is the union where you live =P and how do you see it xD!!!

    Be seruisly attach ahahahah x3 Miu!

    You dont have the culture necessary for say to me i am silly xD !
    Next time just fucking shut up !

  292. croa says:

    Tiens donc, ce n’est pas un salut nazi. Peut-être pourrais-tu nous éclairer sur la signification de leur geste alors ?

  293. Bagatelle says:

    ” Many of their organizations are just shells that didn’t exist until recently”… because the same-sex marriage bill itself is something that is quite recent. By the way, the UMP (main right-wing party, moderate) is trying to use the movement… but can hardly be said to actually pull the strings.

    Believe it or not, the anti-gay marriage movement can be described as a genuine grassroots movement. Housewives, right-wing students and old people who usually never demonstrate can now be seen holding signs in the streets.

    Le Monde article is flawed in many aspects. When they are describing the “Emmanuel community”, they are trying to imply that it has a hidden agenda (“evangelization mission”, as if it was threatening the nation safety) but it looks quite ludicrous when you actually take a look at the real thing.

    They are also making sketchy relations between anti-gay marriage associations and some radical movements.

  294. Vogrinch says:

    Anyone see this from Paris?
    A horizon rainbow.

  295. Bagatelle says:

    As a Frenchman, I feel the duty to inform you that this article is grossly misrepresenting what happened at this demonstration. There were 300,000 people gathered here. Showing some photos of a few people going astray is not in any way representative of this demonstration.

    In the video displayed above, you can see at 2:00 that people singing the French national anthem, very few are actually giving the fascist salute (some are just raising both arms, some are raising one arm… while showing their clenched fist).

    What you are characterizing as a riot… has been described by the French (socialist) Minister of the Interior as “a few excesses”.

    But I would not deprive you of the so-convenient technique where you label all your opponents as a bunch of fascists/racist/hateful/fundamentalist bigots.

  296. Séb says:

    Don’t speak about something you don’t know. There is not 12 millions people in the Paris Metro Area. Just shut up plz.

  297. Séb says:

    Hi, I just came to tell you that you are very misinformed. I live in Paris, I was at the event, which overflowed on Avenue Foch, Carnot, Victor Hugo, Arc de Triomphe, and the Champs Elysees. There were a million people at least and do not believe the police headquarters which provided 100,000 demonstrators on saturday. The picture that is shown to you is not Nazi salutes, how can be so easily manipulated? You believe to be disappointed by France, but this evening, I am really appalled by your stupidity.

  298. French&American says:

    Irony in this context would be an attempt to express something other, and especially
    opposite of the literal meaning of the words used in this article. So
    were you trying to say that these protesters were not fascist and not anti-gay?
    Or that there was in fact not a riot? I doubt it. If you did
    it was extremely inept, and your actual point was completely lost somewhere in
    the ether.

    There is also a drastic lack of anything other than visual
    “evidence” of fascist and racist actions. A few pictures of a
    small percentage of the 300,000 people in the protest hitting or advancing on
    police officers does not consist of a riot in my book. If you don’t
    believe me, look at pictures and newspaper articles or even textbooks about the
    Los Angeles 1971 race riot or, in fact, the 1938 (that actually happened in
    1934) riots Aravosis so kindly compares to this event in the next to last line
    of this article (that, by the way, is irony). Also, no one who was actually
    there was interviewed (police, protesters, and/or bystanders). So in sum
    this is a piece of biased fiction with a few facts tossed in and some pretty
    pictures and video.

    And in case you are also going to accuse me of being a French religious right anti-gay “type” I
    should tell you I am French AND American and neither religious, nor anti-gay.
    As for my political leanings, last time I checked being on the right does
    not immediately make you a thug. And I voted for Obama and Hollande.
    So either check your self-righteous and biased attitude at the door, or
    accept that some people who make an attempt at doing so are not going to accept
    your word as gospel. And by the way, attempting to defame people who
    speak out against you is bad form (and bad politics).

  299. nameless says:

    you’re right, “liberte liberte et égalité” is not our motto, “liberté, égalité, fraternité” is, no matter what you say… you’re the one who should go back to school

  300. louise says:

    Sébastien, on ne traite pas l’hymne national de stupide! tu veux pas un briquet pour brûler un drapeau pendant qu’on y est? non mais ho!

  301. louise says:

    Bah vas y stand stand, en attendant la manif pour etait un peu clairsemee quand on compare a celle contre…et puis surtout liberte liberte et égalité ce n’est pas la devise de notre pays retourne plutot sur les bancs de primaire réapprendre les fondement de notre République! On t’y apprendra peut être à respecter l’opinion d’autrui

  302. Sébastien says:

    Hum you should change the title of the article; of course the majority of the protesters are right wing extremist and some are fascist it’s true. But there is not a single fascist salute in the video ! They are just raising theirs fists while singing this stupid Anthem, The title of the article and the so-called fascist salute pictures are completely misleading. Focus ! As a journalist you shouldn’t give false informations like that !

    Sébastien, a french guy

  303. louise says:

    It is too easy to say lot of French are manipulated…. the hate comes from the manipulation of facts and numbers, and ignorance of the government…instead of trying to listen and understand! If you are so sure the majority of Frenchies are in favor of the law, let’s vote! and you know what, I love democracy and if a majority accepts the law, I will be fine with it! I trully understand that gays may feel rejected by those manifestations, but it’s not the goal of most of us.

  304. louise says:

    Actually it depend on the polls, but in all the opinion polls, you can notice more than 50% in favor of the adoption…Adoption being included in the law…

  305. louise says:

    Dear Mr Aravosis, I know that in your country, History or Geography classes are not efficient (lot of american people wouldn’t know where to place France on a map) but to make a proper nazi salute you need to extend only the right arm to at least eye level, straighten the hand so that it is parallel to the arm, thumb attached to other fingers…would you be nice enough to show me one person doing that? I understand you could be shoked, but please do not use such abject comparisons…. In a democracy, everyone is allowed to have an opinion, and using such false accusations to object theirs would just show the poverty of your arguments.

  306. louise says:

    a large majority of the french people were catholics at this time but that’s not why they were fascists dummy! like the germans were mainly protestants. Btw, most americans are protestants too…does it means they are nazis? of course not! Silly you

  307. Kelley Dane says:

    Translator: Amour de 1 13:4 de Corinthiens le « est patient, amour est aimable. Il n’envie
    pas, il ne se vante pas, il n’est pas fier. »nLa liberté d’expression
    respectée, la « défense la foule de mariage » a rendu évident au tout ce que
    c’est elles défendent vraiment. Privilèges privés que le globe est obligé de
    subventionner pour elles. Ils ont abandonné la responsabilité de leurs propres
    mariages pour un peu de pièce de monnaie et de validation émotive de la société.

  308. louise says:

    Should I invite you to a foot game dear justsayin? Or to syndicats meetings? I think if nazis would have tried such a bad salute, they would have been trashed!

  309. Kelley Dane says:

    1 Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”
    Freedom of speech respected, the “defense of marriage” crowd has made obvious to all what it is they are truly defending. Private privileges that the globe is obliged to subsidize for them. They have abandoned responsibility for their own marriages for a bit of coin and emotional validation from society.

  310. Ninong says:

    And if it weren’t for all that unfortunate publicity on the Internet, if JPII had lived long enough he might have canonized Marcial Maciel.

  311. Kelley Dane says:

    Bullshit. Supremacist mindset robbing the worth of all others to prop themselves up= the religion of vampires. It doesn’t matter that Hitler isn’t present. Their values/ basis arguments are present, and they are as repugnant as any other Nazi’s. These Frenchmen could easily be confederate terrorists in America. It’s all the same hive mind rationalizing the abuse of their fellow countrymen. A social disease passed down for generations. France is better than this. SHAME on you for rationalizing the abuse.

  312. Kelley Dane says:

    That’s ridiculous. I do not judge the whole of France based on vocal minority haters. I do not judge the whole of Christianity for what evil people have done in it’s name. Why is it you defend those hiding behind the cloak of respectability??? You are part of the problem, Pierre-Yves Tesniere. You embolden people who already have severely disturbed boundary issues going on. They are not the victims. They are the victimizers feigning persecution.

  313. Kelley Dane says:

    People need to stop calling them Christians. They conduct themselves opposite and the media narrative needs to change. I am the flock. I am the Church. Not authoritarians hijacking the teachings to service irrelevant agendas. I do not acknowledge that any of these people are practicing the faith. They ape the shoes of tyrants at every conceivable level.

  314. Kelley Dane says:

    Repugnant, is it not? What has all this chicanery they’ve engaged in got to do with the teachings of Jesus? Not one thing but the beam in their own eyes and their own denial of the Bible. The more these fundamentalists carry on as they do, the more apparent the anti Christ living in the pews & the pulpit becomes.

  315. Kelley Dane says:

    I rebuke the Vatican for permitting this in the name of Christianity. It is unacceptable. This is NOT my faith, and in defense of MY faith, I must protest them.

  316. Kelley Dane says:

    I am an American Catholic. Whether these violent extremists were in the minority or not, the pervasive theme is entitlement to inflict themselves upon all others as a ‘religious right’. This is FALSE doctrine they’ve made up to rationalize playing God with the lives of all others. These people are the most faithless, least capable of comprehending the very Bible in their hands, and are goaded on by malevolent clergy men. I ask you to tell me the difference between Christian Taliban, Jewish Taliban, and Muslim Taliban. Each of them would take their turn nailing Jesus to a cross all over again at the slightest pretext of provocation.

  317. louise says:

    Krisalia, tu devrais intenter un procès à dame nature, c’est elle qui discrémine pas nous…si certains de ceux présents dimanche pensent que les homos feraient de mauvais parents, ce n’est pas le cas de tous, mais est-ce à l’état de vous fournir les enfants que vous ne pouvez pas avoir, ou les moyens scientifiques pour en avoir? et qui va payer pour cela? La loi permettra simplement aux homos d’adopter les enfants de leur conjoint (allez soyons généreux, au mieux a dix couples d’adopter par an) , et une loi le permettant existe deja en allemagne sans pour autant qu’il y ait de mariage. Et puis d’abord pourquoi insister, le mariage c’est si petit-bourgeois-chrétien que même notre président n’en veut pas?

  318. french girl says:

    I really don’t understand how an educated person like you could write such lies… Compare this manifestants to nazis… that’s a shame. The right to prostest that’s democracy! Fists up, it’s usual for the marseillaise (just watch a sport game…). What if people think there are other ways to give homesexuals rights? What if some people consider our country is not a giant belly full of babies to offer to gays and lesbians? Even if Gays and Lesbians can adopt there are no children to adopt here. And trust me we aren’t ready to legalise surrogate mothers (it raises bioethical questions that you may not be able to understand). To finish, so fascist to consider this christians (and so simple considering how many atheists and muslims were there too) like extremists. In our country no prayers for politicians, no born again…. What will you do? stop eating french fries, like after our government refuse to get involded in Irak? I’m sorry, they are from Belgium…

  319. Ninong says:

    Except for the fact that no one said Nazi. Read it again. It says fascist, as in the new white-power fascist salute given by Anders Breivik:

  320. Jean says:

    Non, l’essentiel des manifestants étaient religieux. Pas seulement chrétiens, mais majoritairement.
    Dans le seul titre de “Manif pour tous” on voit que le fer de lance de l’opposition est d’invoquer la diversité des participants, mais il faut savoir que celle-ci est illusoire. La plupart des associations se réclamant laïques sont menées par des chrétiens ou ont été créées pour l’occasion et sans la parution obligatoire au journal officiel :

  321. Rosa Elle says:

    I’m French and very ashamed about that : since many years a sort of far right movement is growing in my country, contaminated all , and is very hard in his revendications.

    Nothing ca justify these facts, and never person sing national hymn against our police. There were provocations. The worst is there give a very dirty image of our country.
    Thank you for your photos: I will relay these in my blog.
    I’m very sad, this evening

  322. Indigo says:

    Oh, right. It couldn’t happen . . . again. They didn’t canonize Franco, they canonized Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei and a leading supporter of Franco instead.

  323. Polux603 says:

    Only Christians are you sure ???

    Why don’t you talk about MUSLIMS amongst the demonstrators ?

    Have a look a this :

  324. Ninong says:

    “With two fingers?” How long have you had this problem with (1) your vision, or (2) your ability to count? He’s using his entire hand. Look at the second photo. Do you see the guy with the handkerchief over his face to conceal his identity? The guys with the black-gloved hand pulling the officer’s shield down?

    Many of the people in the crowd — especially obvious in the second picture — were giving the new white-power fascist salute, not the raising of both hands common at soccer games. That’s very obvious if you look at the men on either side of the short guy raising both hands in the second photo. They’re definitely giving a white-supremacist fascist salute.

    For an example, see Anders Breivik:

  325. Polux603 says:


    Look a this video : at 1’58”

    The guys, on the left of the first pic, who are supposed to give nazi salute, are in reality… ONE guy raising his BOTH arms (V sign)


    Others guys raise FISTS… wich is NOT a nazi salut !

  326. Jean says:

    I beg to differ, it was more than a month before, the 22/02 as krysalia said. Source :

  327. Polux603 says:

    A partir de 1’58” les soit-disant Nazis qui lèvent LE bras, à gauche de l’image… c’est en fait UN seul type qui lève ses DEUX bras, en signe de V (victoire)

    Quant aux autres, ils lèvent… le poing (ce qui est plus d’extrême gauche comme signe)

    Mon Dieu, que c’est consternant de voir que des gens prennent poiur argent comptant la soupe qu’on leur sert, sans jamais prendre 5 mn de leur “précieux temps” pour vérifier par eux-mêmes

    Il y a quelques décennies, c’était mission impossible de se REinformer… mais là avec Internet, où tout peu se vérifier vous n’avez AUCUNE excuse

  328. Jean says:

    This is first hand informations :
    The number of 1.4 million given by the organisers have be shown to be fake, considering the fact that it was led by a single guy from the UMP with poor ways of counting.
    The number of 300 000/340 000 has been based on multiples counts, amongst them some have been based on static and mobile cameras vids that the governement made public in order to show their objectivity (Plus the pics taken by helicopter):

    Considering the diversity of the protesters, it has also been proven to be an appearence the organisers tried to show, considering their (almost) generalised religiosity and heterosexuality.
    Despite that, we must recognise that there was a large amount of young ones :

  329. Ninong says:

    Don’t worry, mariage pour tous will be passed. Also, 63% of the French support it. Those 300,000 people in that protest represent only 2.5% of the over 12 million people in the Paris metro area. And the ones who were trying to cause violence were only a small percentage of the 300,000 protesters. Le GUD was out in force just because they are a bunch of racist goons who like to stir up trouble. And the UMP and the FN called on their members to attend just because they hate the Hollande government.

    No one believes that the protesters were representative of the French people! No one!

    Vive la France!

  330. Ninong says:

    You certainly weren’t condemning anyone other than the goons in the protest, and they were actually a small percentage of a small percentage. The official crowd estimate by the Paris police department is 300,000 — not over one million as claimed by the organizers of the protest. That would represent only 2.5% of the over 12 million people in the Paris metro area.

  331. Ninong says:

    It couldn’t possibly compare to the Catholic Church’s abject love for Generalissimo Franco in the 1930’s and ’40’s. It’s a wonder they didn’t canonize him.

  332. Jean says:

    *Leading FOR equal rights

  333. Jean says:

    I’m deeply thankful to you for this article,
    The fight our governement is leading against equal rights has been an occasion for all homophobiacs and facists to rise and increase random acts of violence, and it’s going critical…
    Besides the fact that this law is on its way and their heinous protest isn’t leading them anywhere, they are now frenetically attempting to get attention.
    It’s becoming a war on information, with a try to victimise themselves and spread the idea that the police have been overreacting, negating the riot they have started.
    You can see here for a stunning article of a family complaining about being tear-gased after passing a police barrier (For the french speaking ones) :

    In such cases it’s deeply conforting to know that you americans and the internationnal comunity receives first hand informations, and to be shown support.
    Thank you very much.

  334. Ninong says:

    300,000 people participated in that protest. That’s a very small percentage of the French people. In fact, it’s only 2.5% of the Paris metro area of more than 12 million.

    And of those 300,000 protesters, only a relatively small percentage of them acted like out-of-control goons.

  335. Alexis Rodrigues says:

    Delano you are wrong. Many numbers have already shown many times for the last 6 months that more than 60% of French people are FOR the gay marriage. Please do not only take into account your social microcosm which wants to persuade you that French people disagree, because it is wrong.
    Personnally, I do not really care because that will not change my life, neither anyone of my friend’s else. But I find really really stupid to create such a debate, like it would change sharply the French society When the economic conditions are being worst and worst, when our country is in war in Africa, when Europe is in danger, when 10% of the population is workless… some stupid dumbass would rather riot in the streets of Paris about a gay-marriage issue.

  336. Ninong says:

    “Mariage pour tous” will pass and become law in France long before it becomes law in the US. When you sit in class and listen to the official position of the Catholic Church on gay marriage, take heart in knowing that 63% of the French support mariage pour tous!

    If the Church wants to worry about something, perhaps they should worry about why only 8% of Catholics in France attend Mass on Sundays? Or maybe they could worry about whether the government will reduce their financial support? Or worry about whether the Vatican will be subjected to new scandal?

    Don’t worry, you will get through this period in your life. I survived a Catholic school education. Cheer up!

    P.S. — The official crowd estimate by the Paris Prefecture of Police was 300,000 people, not over one million as claimed by the organizers of the protest.

  337. Ninong says:

    Over one million? Really? The official estimate of the Paris Prefecture of Police places the number at 300,000:

    According to Wiki, the census estimate for the Paris Metro Area, as of 2009, was over 12 million people! That works out to only 2.5% of the metro area.

  338. microdot says:

    I would have to say that you are playing word games with a clinical definition of “fascism”. I truly am a student of European history in the 20th century and the definition and exact etymological analysis of the term fascist. I’m not sure what your point is regarding trying to parse the word fascist, but if you are trying to deny the emotional manipulation of the neo nationalists in Europe, then you are surely missing mine. Of course I do not dispute the situation of France in WW2 during the Occupation. But as far as collaboration goes, it takes two to tango and the dance hasn’t ended for quite a few. I live in a fairly rural place where the main road was the dividing line between occupied and “free” France. The divisions, though never really spoken of, live on to this day. It’s quite an educational experience which I am grateful for. I have a lot of older friends who as time goes by, feel free to talk about their experiences during the war. I am sure I could tell you some pretty interesting and enlightening tales.

  339. Arpan says:

    No Delano YOU are wrong

  340. A French colleague says:

    I did not participate to this demonstration. I am not Catholic. I am neither pro nor anti gay marriage in France. I am French and still proude of it.

    This might very well be the least documented and objective article I have read in a long time. How could someone pretend to be a lawyer/journalist and relay such oriented information at the same time?

    I won’t list the pros and cons regarding gay marriage in France. I won’t give my point of view on this matter. I won’t pretend to describe the demonstration as it really happened. I won’t try to persuade the reader that France isn’t what it appears to be in this article because reality can not be summarized in a couple of propagandist lines.

    I would just like to drag the reader’s attention on the lack of professionalism of Mr. Aravosis, to denounce his pictures and lexical choices. This is no riot sir, this is no facist or racist demonstration in any way. This is neither a parad of supremacists nor a conservatives meeting.

    Agreeing or not with their demand, this is only the voice of at least 300 000 French citizens (according to the Police /1M or more according to the demonstrators). Therefore, falling into stereotypes, you are just trying to discredit a part of our population from your online pedestal of vanity.

    You, Mr. Aravosis, are using the exact same words than the gutter press. Gay activism does not include lying, commitment to any cause calls for integrity and passion where your columns are just the poor reflection of your thirst for recognition. This is elementary proselytism, you have done and could do way better.

    This article isn’t worth the 5 minutes it took to regurgitate it. You are a shame for worldwide gay activism.

  341. A French colleague says:

    By copy, I meant copy, not every traces of my post.

  342. A French colleague says:

    Thanks, feel free to delete any other copy, I seem to have a posting issue here.

  343. Moderator3 says:

    You posted the exact post twice in the same thread. I deleted one.

  344. Delano says:

    D’où que tu représentes les Français, trou du cul?

  345. bjko says:

    I’m french and today I’m not proud of my country :(

  346. A colleague from France says:

    I did not participate to this demonstration. I am not Catholic. I am neither pro nor anti gay marriage in France. I am French and still proude of it.

    This might very well be the least documented and objective article I have read in a long time. How could someone pretend to be a lawyer/journalist and relay such oriented information at the same time?

    I won’t list the pros and cons regarding gay marriage in France. I won’t give my point of view on this matter. I won’t pretend to describe the demonstration as it really happened. I won’t try to persuade the reader that France isn’t what it appears to be in this article because reality can not be summarized in a couple of propagandist lines.

    I would just like to drag the reader’s attention on the lack of professionalism of Mr. Aravosis, to denounce his pictures and lexical choices. This is no riot sir, this is no facist or racist demonstration in any way. This is neither a parad of supremacists nor a conservatives meeting.

    Agreeing or not with their demand, this is only the voice of at least 300 000 French citizens (according to the Police /1M or more according to the demonstrators). Therefore, falling into stereotypes, you are just trying to discredit a part of our population from your online pedestal of vanity.

    You, Mr. Aravosis, are using the exact same words than the gutter press. Gay activism does not include lying, commitment to any cause calls for integrity and passion where your columns are just the poor reflection of your thirst for recognition. This is elementary proselytism, you have done and could do better.

    This article isn’t worth the 5 minutes you took to regurgitate it. You are a shame for worldwide gay activism. You are fake.

  347. A French colleague says:

    I did not participate to this demonstration. I am not Catholic. I am neither pro nor anti gay marriage in France. I am French and still proude of it.

    This might very well be the least documented and objective article I have read in a long time. How could someone pretend to be a lawyer/journalist and relay such oriented information at the same time?

    I won’t list the pros and cons regarding gay marriage in France. I won’t give my point of view on this matter. I won’t pretend to describe the demonstration as it really happened. I won’t try to persuade the reader that France isn’t what it appears to be in this article because reality can not be summarized in a couple of propagandist lines.

    I would just like to drag the reader’s attention on the lack of professionalism of Mr. Aravosis, to denounce his pictures and lexical choices. This is no riot sir, this is no facist or racist demonstration in any way. This is neither a parad of supremacists nor a conservatives meeting.

    Agreeing or not with their demand, this is only the voice of at least 300 000 French citizens (according to the Police /1M or more according to the demonstrators). Therefore, falling into stereotypes, you are just trying to discredit a part of our population from your online pedestal of vanity.

    You, Mr. Aravosis, are using the exact same words than the gutter press. Gay activism does not include lying, commitment to any cause calls for integrity and passion where your columns are just the poor reflection of your thirst for recognition. This is elementary proselytism, you have done and could do better.

    This article isn’t worth the 5 minutes you took to regurgitate it. You are a shame for worldwide gay activism. You are fake.

  348. Juliette says:

    I’m french, and pro-gay marriage, and this kind of manifestation ashames all the country, this is a stubborn and useless minority, all the people I know think gay marriage is a natural thing. I hate the vision of France these people give to other countries…

  349. Delano says:

    False. 58% against teh so called gay “marriage” en France.

  350. french bastard says:

    Si tu connais tout de mes points de vue, plus besoin de discuter alors.
    Ceci dit, il ne s’agit pas de discriminer qui que ce soit mais je pense que ce n’est pas la peine que je me fatigue à t’expliquer mon opinion puisque d’après ce que tu écris, il y a déjà une case toute faite dans laquelle je rentre -merci pour ton sens du dialogue en passant.. Mais réjouis-toi, car tu as l’air de faire partie de l’élite qui a toujours raison et dont les contradicteurs ne peuvent qu’être taxés de crétinerie, ô toi qui n’es pas manipulé par qui que ce soit.
    Tu as raison, l’homosexualité c’est le Bien absolu, et quiconque se met en travers de cette loi devrait être déporté et exécuté.

  351. roc says:

    ahah, donc quand les supporters de l’OM, parmi lesquels il y a bon nombre d’immigrés arabes ou noirs, font ce geste, c’est pour signaler leur fierté nazie ?? Arretes de raconter n’importe quoi.

  352. Delano says:

    OMG! Who’s wrote this piece of shit? How can one be so ignorant.

    “pulling down a police officer’s shield” – funny, with two fingers. A real violence :)

    “Fascist salute” – with two hands. Infact, it’s a gesture taken from the soccer fans.

  353. GG says:

    Just have to say that fascism is only the Mussolini Government from 1922 to 1945 ! Sometimes people say that it’s alson the Franco government too, quite a debate, but it’s really not Pétain ! Vichy’s governemnt is collaboration one, with the nazis, after France lost the WW2, and they didn’t really had the choice ! Not the same at all ! And here in France, we’re quite ashamed of this part of our history … Otherwise, I quite agree …

  354. GG says:

    I’m french and I have to say that I couldn’t see those pictures and video here, journalists didn’t even talk really of those riots ! They even didn’t use this word ! In my catholic high school, almost everyone is anti gay marriage, and even seem to think that been gay is a disease ! We had a talk from the head organizer of this meeting (if we can call it like this!) at school ! How is it possible ???? I just don’t get it !
    Sometimes I am really ashamed of education system …
    And why should I have to go to american websites to know what’s really going on ? What are the journalists doing ???

  355. krysalia says:

    l’homophobie, c’est pas juste “casser du pd avec une batte”. c’est discriminer sur le critère de l’identité sexuelle. dire que des homos sont de moins bons parents que des hétéros, c’est homophobe. pas besoin de violence pour ça. si tu es assez con pour aimer te faire téléguider par des religieux extrémistes qui tiennent les deux tiers des associations formant la manif pour tous, libre à toi. merci de ne pas chercher à désinformer les autres Ö.

  356. krysalia says:

    hahahaha trop fort. du coup les caméramen et journalistes ont reconstitué tout paris, tu penses. juste pour nous faire croire que dans d’autres parties du cortège ça a gravement dégénéré et pouvoir filmer dans ces décors refaits ? et puis la folledingo qui s’évanouit là, elle nous promet une guerre trop pacifique c’est ça, tout en ayant participé à cette reconstitution mensongère de débordements ?

    ou alors, je t’aide : tu étais bien au chaud dans ton petit coin de cortège, tu as pu appréhender à peu près 5mètres autour de toi avec de la chance. Et dans ce rayon de ta très courte vue, il ne s’est rien passé :D.

    hahahaha you’re the best. So, tell me, the cameramen and journalist did rebuild a whole fake Paris, just to make us believe that in other parts of the march there has been some violences and to be able to film in those decors :D ? and what about the goofy lunatic that faints, your leader, she’s swearing it’s gonna be a *pacific* war, while having participated to this reenactment of violences in a fake decor ?

    or, I help you : you were at ease in your pretty little corner of the march. you were able to apprehend maybe 5 meters around you if you were lucky. and in that small surface around you and your short, short sight, nothing happened :D.

  357. michel says:

    I am confused. You americans are not such silly persons ? How would you really think that raising fists (symbols for protestations over centuries btw) look like a straight right arm with an outstretched hand…. Terrible misunderstanding….. Watch a couple of videos on youtube about fascist regimes before spitting such lies.

    Plus, in every tremendous demonstration (over 1M people in Paris this week end) extremists get into the crowd for no reasons but fight and provocation. There is no point in considering Catholists as racists…

    Your media is self centered and provides you with biased information. You should know it. What about France on CNN except Festival de Cannes, hairy people, and the Eiffel Tower ???

    Maybe could you blame the american extremist protestantism (together with all your prophetes on TV shows…) before you have a speech on European religions.

  358. bah oui tu penses, avec des drapeaux du GUD et des bras levés, tout va bien… Et les enfants utilisés comme boucliers humains contre les CRS aussi. tout va bien… le tout téléguidé par des extrémistes religieux opposés aux droits des femmes et des homos, tout va bien…
    et la folledingue qui vous mène promet de tout faire péter avec un point godwin par minute. Ouais, trop pacifiques les fachos tu m’étonnes !

    of course, indeed. with GUD flags and raised arms. it’s OK… and children used as human shields against the Police forces, too. it’s OK… the whole mess lead by religious extremists opposed to women and gay rights, it’s OK…
    and the goofy lunatic that leads you swears that it will be a war, using one godwin point per minute.

    yes, very much peaceful indeed Ö.

  359. justsayin' says:

    Oui, et c’est fait pour. Que tout le monde voit la symbolique nazie dans deux bras tendus en l’air, la main dépliée, ben ça indique que le message est passé. Et même bien passé, mission accomplie pour ces gens.

  360. justsayin' says:

    Don’t play the idiot. The guy only lift is fist in the air. There’s no symbolic here. Or you considerate sport matches and music concert as big third-reich assembly.

  361. Hopefully, this is a small part of the protest…

    Many marchers are good people and won’t do such things. But few of them (extremists and fascists) are just here to claim how people should live with strengh and violences. I’m french, I live in Paris right now and those fascites makes me mad. Many of those man are just here to kick some cops asses. Trying to get some trophees (as helmets or shileds, or anything else) to prouve themself they’re badasses.

    That’s disapointing to see people like this free, and claim highly and proudly “I’m french, I fight for France !”

    Anyway, I won’t let those guys (or anyone else) telling us how should we live =)

  362. justsayin' says:

    You know what I find really funny ?

    It’s the number of people comming here with “it was not fascist salute, only people who rises their two arms while singing “La Marseillaise”.

    First, as a french, i can confirm that there’s no cultural thing relative to that. I never lift an arm while singing our hymn. Nobody do that.

    These people are from GUD and other extreme-right wing groups. They totally control what they do. Playing with symbols are their intention. It’s a smart cover since the message passed and that they have not offended the law.

    For the childrens in the manifestation, there’s two groups of people involved :

    – Normal family who comes peacefully indeed.

    – Some people bringing their childs as a cover.

    On this point, nothing is entirely black or white.

    The second funny thing is that, in France, media dramatically hit the BS button with “it was a peacefull manifestation, the cops have make everything worse, thanks M. Walls”.

    As we can see in the video, some people don’t have hesitate to defy the CRS (anti-riot cops). Then organisator tried to direct people to places they weren’t agreed to go.

    And after, they complain about being mistreated. There were no major injury contrary to previous event of this type under previous government, with people being intoxicated by gas, heavyly injured by CRS, losing an eyes because of anti-riot guns (“flasballs”) and so on. It’s really like “le catholique candide découvre la rue”. It’s somewhat touching.

  363. says:

    French & ashamed.

  364. Stephen says:

    Palm Sunday. Great show for all the ‘believers’. When the Righteous Lord came pronouncing his divinity and knew he was to be killed. Make a show, for we know we are doomed.

    Dimanche des Rameaux. Grand spectacle pour tous les «croyants». Lorsque le Juste Seigneur est venu prononcer sa divinité et il savait qu’il devait être tué. Faisons un spectacle, car nous savons que nous sommes condamnés.

  365. french says:

    I’m french, this post is a big fake!! Are you serious for make this bullshit??! The peoples sang “la Marseillaise” and they come with them family. Pacific walk!

  366. tessa says:

    seriously, I was there and these pictures have nothing to do with what I saw. we lie to you ! you are manipulated. There were only nice families, not fascits families as you say. you make me SICK !

  367. manucadec says:


    I was there sunday

    We are not against gay

    we don’t want any money or more days of holydays

    we just want to be heard by the governement

    and we want to protect the futur of French children

    These extremists are very few people

    The problem comes because media always cover our thought

    people are exasperated

    and now we are a lot of people and the two major political party attempt to take there benefits

    I have two video links, you can’t see this video on tv:

    I have some friends who are gay, and we can speak to each other without problem,

    with different way of thinking

    best regards

  368. Estoc Ad says:

    Utter rubbish, outrageous misinformation.There was over a million of people, not fighting against gay-rights, but fighting for children to have the right to have a father and a mother and against the merchandisation of the human body – and over all,calling for a referendum. How fascist indeed.

    Not a bloody car has been burnt, not a shop window broken, not a policeman injured, nothing. Lying in such outspoken fashion, by pretending the acts of hardly visible minority were those of the peaceful majority, alienates moderate truth-seekers. If your cause justifies lies and violence, then it’s just plain wrong.

    Think for yourself.

  369. french bastard says:

    Good. That’s why I was talking about “a handful of fascist assholes”.
    Got me?

  370. Aurélie says:

    well said :)

  371. Aurélie says:

    You summarized the situation perfectly :) Unfortunatelly a lot of French people are manipulated and become more and more hateful. I’m afraid for my country.

  372. Roc says:

    According my knowledge and wikipedia,the fascite salute required to extend the right arm and straighten the hand. In the picture, we can see guys with two arms extend, fist close or open hand… there is not one fasciste salute here. You should take off this point of your title.

  373. El Fredo says:

    I know Mélenchon thank you very much, I am French and live in France. (notice the accent? I have an AZERTY keyboard).

    Raising his hand flat != raising his fist. In your video one can see a bunch of people raising their fist, but most don’t (fist rising is more common when singing the Internationale, although some do it with the Marseillaise as well). However flat hand raising is unambiguously a fascist salute and nobody does that in France except fascists, whatever hypocrites like yourself may say otherwise.

    FYI : the people on the photos above are most likely GUD activists, a far-right movement. They came en masse to the march last sunday, there is a ton of photo & video evidence supporting that.

  374. Roc says:

    Sauf que si tu regardes la photo, aucun des participants n’a le bras tendu. Il y en a qui ont les deux bras tendus, le poing, ou la main ouverte.

  375. Roc says:

    According my knowledge and wikipedia,the fascite salute required to extend the right arm and straighten the hand ( In the picture, we can see guys with two arms extend, fist close or open hand… there is not one fasciste salute here. You should take off this point of your title.

  376. Marc Detroy says:

    Que les gens se mêlent de leur cul et laissent les autres tranquilles !

  377. Sow Ay says:

    That’s incredible to see all those people saying that France is an horrible country because of some assholes.. And stupid people, fascist are not only in France. Most of the country is really ashamed about that. So I am.

  378. Théo Priez says:

    the biggers difference beetwin french and german people during the second world war is french fascist are a majoriti of catholic people,the second is the after war, we dont be purificat in the after war !!! ( a good épuration is the key of a good end war,ok ok we have do one but not a good one, the best exemple is maurice Papon, and he cost us a lot in 1961…. )

  379. I don’t really agree with you about the fascists salutes, they’re just singing with their arms up in the air. One of them has a closed fist (a communist ?). Nonetheless, the violence of it all is shameful. France is not the country of “Les lumières”, it still thinks it is, but it’s not, and it stopped a long time ago. It’s a country of arrogant, self-centered and violent individuals.

  380. Sow Ay says:

    I am French too and I am quiet ashamed about that.. This is just a minority of stupid people that
    gave that picture of a whole country. The proff is that more than 60% of the people
    are FOR the gay mariage. So am I. And not far from half of the country don’t
    believe in God. It’s just the assholes that are here on the front of the stage that give this picture. That’s really sad..

  381. John Deuf says:

    Mais vous manifestez contre quoi en fait ? L’adoption qui est déjà légale hors mariage (et encore que, deux papas c’est surement mieux que pas de papa du tout) ou la PMA / GPA qui sont refusées par la très grande majorité de l’assemblée et du peuple français, y compris la majorité de la communauté gay, et qui n’est même pas un projet de loi ?

  382. Sow Ay says:

    I am French too and I agree.. This is just a minority of people that gave that picture to you. The proff is that more than 60% of the people are FOR the gay mariage. And not far from the half of the country don’t believe in God. It’s just the assholes that are here on the front of the stage that give this picture. And I’m also ashamed about that.

  383. John Deuf says:

    Le salut fasciste, ou le salut romain, c’est la même chose, et on ne peut ignorer sa signification, ce n’est pas un signe “léger” surtout dans une manifestation gangrenée par l’extrême droite et lorsqu’on chante l’hymne national. Personne, vraiment personne, a part les extrémistes de droite ne voudrait chanter la marseillaise le bras tendu car c’est une insulte a la France tout entière.

  384. John Deuf says:

    less than, not many.

  385. John Deuf says:

    Well, there is many 1% of the married gay couple that will eventually want to adopt. You still protest against that. So, it’s a fair point.

  386. The cops are showing remarkable restraint and holding their line. This is nothing like conscientious objection these folks are doing. It is fascism. Please tell me we are not going back there. I do not want to fight my Nonno’s fight all over again.

  387. Lisa says:

    I’m french and I’m ashamed! I can’t believe that’s happened!

  388. French hoaxbusting says:

    I wonder why you begin with “more evidence of widespread violence in Paris “, how can american journalists have a so narrow vision of the rest of the world. In united states 18% of hate crimes are based on sexual orientation, when only 27 cases are reported in France in 2011,27 is also the number or persons who dies from gunshots everyday in USA (war not included) when in France it is only 1 person. And now you talk about widespread violence in Paris? It’s better and more secure living in Paris than any single town in america. Think about it before writing so dumb papers. You show a group of 20 guys in a 1.4 million people march (giving your interpretation of what happened), and make a general comment, what kind of a journalist are you?

  389. AlertaAlerta says:

    Thanks for sharing this… no frenchtv shared it. Yet french peoples has to see the truth that fascists are among us.
    Proud that we kicked their ass in my city when they tried to settle down.

  390. If you see the video of the pictures up, you know that the article is bullshit! People were singing “La Marseillaise” with their fist or two hand up (to avoid that people like you said it was fascist salute!
    (Video 2:10=

    During the strike and riots, it was not only chistian… there was muslims, jewish, atheist

    You post a video and you want to make believe your readers that what you say is right??
    You are loosing all your credibility Mr Aravosis

  391. Nicolas from France says:

    In the name of the normal people in France, i do apologize…
    My dear gay or not gay friends from the USA, i am sorry that you have seen those so disgusting images of a nation. But all those bad thinking people are not left alone doing their stupid fascist salute. WE the French people, that believe in Freedom, Liberty and Equality will always stand against those monsters.

  392. nicolas says:

    the last pope said that that homosexuality was a devil’s fruit…so what?

  393. Nicolas says:

    sorry but it never left!!

  394. JMParis says:

    Think’s, merci …

  395. Lmz says:

    Salut. Je dis juste qu’il n’y a pas de règles strictes en France. C’est tout. Tu dis un truc faux pour la main sur le coeur, ça ne fait pas de moi un facho. Le reste est hystérie et fierté, à l’école la fierté est moins démonstrative, quand tu es un officiel, tu te tiens, quand tu es face au CRS, tu fais le frondeur que tu sois un facho ou un communiste ou n’importe quoi, tu joues la provoc les bras levés parce que c’est comme ça, c’est humain de vouloir être un tantinet démonstratif : La preuve avec tes commentaires. Je ne dis pas que les gars là ne sont pas fachos, je dis juste : il n’y a pas de règles pour chanter l’hymne, fais ce que tu veux. En inventer, c’est ça le fascisme.

    Hi, i’m just saying there are no rules in France around the “how to sing La Marseillaise”. That’s all.

  396. Good morning america, im in france.
    its very interresting to look in your newspaper, because … we have NEVER see that type of videos and images from the french tv.

    If you have more links, we are very interrested by having the videos.
    thank you very much.

  397. nicolas says:

    Not 3 weeks before, only 1 week before. That was the main problem of the organisation.
    And how do you explain the raised arm when it’s during Melanchon’s meeting ? Fascist ? For the french anthem, there is no rules… Stop your shit.

  398. nicolas says:

    BFM is more and more pro-government as most of our media… It’s shocking to see how they obey to them.

  399. french bastard says:

    Haaa merci..!

  400. nicolas says:

    Si si, beaucoup étaient athées. Je sais que vous adorez ressortir le coup du catho homophobe ou de l’extrémiste, vu que c’est le seul argument que vous puissiez trouver, mais ne vous en déplaise, beaucoup étaient présent uniquement pour protester non contre l’union homosexuelle mais contre l’adoption, la pma et la gpa qui en découleront (ne soyons pas hypocrite en le niant). Plus ceux qui en ont ras le bol de ce gouvernement, tant de gauche que de droite. Donc vos clichés, amalgames & co,.. Évoluez

    In fact, yes, many were atheistics. I know that you adore to say it was only the homophobic Catholic or the extremist who came to manifest, that is the only argument which you can find, but displeases you, many were present only to protest not against the homosexual union but against the adoption, the pma and the gpa which will ensue from it (don’t be hypocrit by denying it). More those who pissed off by this government, From left or right politic’s movements.

  401. french bastard says:

    Votre pouvoir à vous, c’est de savoir précisemment ce que pensent les autres.

    Oui, il y en a qui ont manifesté et qui sont athées, beaucoup plus que tu ne crois. Et qui ne “cassent pas du pédé” à la batte en alu lors de soirées arrosées à la bière et au rouge entre potes aux crânes rasés. Il y a même des gens civilisés et tolérants (j’imagine que là, tu dois faire “huhuhu..” derrière ton écran..) mais ça tu ne peux pas le savoir puisqu’à priori tu n’y étais pas, et si tu y étais je doute que tu aies pris la peine de discuter avec eux pour avoir leur point de vue ( je ne te parle pas des abrutis dont sont friands les médias, qui vont répéter en boucle que “lézomocélemal” pour la plus grande joie des gens comme toi) puisque de toute évidence tu as déjà décidé dans ton petit coin que ceux-là “se sont fait utiliser au mieux, ou sont très cons”.

    C’est un point de vue qui au passage, pourrait tout-à-fait être réciproque. Mais pour ça il faudrait avoir des oeillères.

  402. french bastard says:

    “In France nobody, I say nobody, raises his hand while singing the Marseillaise”
    Yes, yes.. nobody, you say nobody…

    This one is interesting since it takes place at a meeting of JL Melenchon, who -if you may not know- is a left-wing leader, unless you pretend fascists have hidden themselves among the crowd.

    For your knowledge, THIS is a fascist salute:

    Anyway, I know trying to convince you is useless since you’ll see what you want to see.
    So keep on being the nazis fighting-gay-rights-protecting-good-guy, and as for me I’m returning to read Mein Kampf and the Holy Book into my dark cave where I’ll curse on homosexuals and eat kitten forever.

  403. Calo says:

    I’m french and I’m so shame about that.
    And I’m shame about the picture of France they gave to you.
    But we fight too, and against them, and we’ll always do

  404. Nicolas says:

    Are you really a journalist ? Cause there were more than 1 millions ppl who were calm and only 50 or 60 asholes who tried to pull the policemen. Oh, and in this manifestation, you could find muslim and jew, hetero and gay, young and old ppl. So stop your shit. Thx

  405. krysalia says:

    personne n’est venu manifester pour des raisons non religieuses, ou presque. on rappelle que sur 37 associations composant l’organisation de cette homophobiepride, un tiers n’existe pas, et les deux tiers de ce qui reste appartiennent aux fondamentalistes religieux. Celui qui est venu manifester “non religieusement”, s’il y en a, s’est fait utiliser au mieux, est très con sinon.

    nobody came to manifest for non religious reasons, or almost. please remember that on 37 associations managing that homophobia-pride, one third has no real existence, and the two thirds of what’s left is owned by the religious fundamentalists. the one who came to manifest “non religiously” if there’s any, has been utilized at best, is very dumb otherwise.

  406. krysalia says:

    en général on se tient droit, et pour la main on la met sur le coeur ou le long du corps. JAMAIS de la vie on ne lève le bras. trouve moi une seule vidéo ou des membres officiels, des politiques, les enfants dans les écoles ou qui que ce soit d’autre que des fachos lèvent les bras quand on la joue ? C’est de la désinformation de facho ce que tu fais là, et c’est honteux Ö.

    we usually stand straight, and the hand is put on the heart or alongside the body. NEVER EVER we raise arm. Find me one only video where some official members of a ceremony, politic personalities, children in a school or whoever else than fascists who raise arms when the marseillaise is played ? this is plain fascist disinformation you’re doing, and that’s shameful Ö

  407. Renaud says:

    Tu te fous de la gueule du monde ?

  408. Lmz says:

    Non, tu te trompes complètement, ce n’est qu’aux États Unis qu’il y a un code où l’hymne doit être chanté la main sur le coeur. En France il n’y a pas de règles strictes, on fait ce qu’on veut. Note bonus: dans les vidéo ils ont les deux bras levés, sauf pour le quart de second du screenshot.

  409. FrancisXV says:

    thanks for doing what the french media don’t do …

  410. Sebastien says:

    I call BS on you. Backing up my story with the fact that I’ve been french all my life ( for 23 years now ), we do not sing the Marseillaise with our right hands up to the sky. It’s right hand on the heart.
    You make me ashamed to live in the same country as you, I’m ashamed that you and your lot are spitting on our republican values of “Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood”. Where is that in your protest ? Nowhere.
    So go back to the Middle Ages, thanks.

  411. krysalia says:

    yes, you’re right. it was known since 02/22 !

  412. krysalia says:

    tu te fous de qui franchement ? pour l’hymne national on ne lève pas les bras, on se tient droit la main sur le coeur. les fachos eux, lèvent les bras. alors si ça te paraît naturel pose toi des questions Ö. Les types comme toi sont la honte de la france. la france de l’égalité des droits te méprise bien !

    who are you kidding ? for the national anthem we do not raise arm or arms in france. we stand straight with one hand on the heart. fascists do raise arms. So if it seems natural to you to raise the arm, ask yourself some questions Ö. guys like you are the shame of France. the France of the equalty of rights despises you well !

  413. Aiua says:

    Sarkozy has big problems with justice right now, nobody gives a damn about his mistresses.

  414. El Fredo says:

    “Can not spot the difference between raising fist while singing a national anthem and giving a fascist salute? ”

    Hmmm, OK. I’m french too, dude, so I can tell the difference. In France nobody, I say nobody, raises his hand while singing the Marseillaise. Especially in such a non-ambiguous way. These are clearly fascist salutes, event though some of them are just raising their fist (which is another thing french people seldom do in these circumstances).

    About the media, they are doing their job: debunking the anti-gay marriage bullshit about the police throwing tear gases at poor family people with kids in strollers. You can tell from these photos & videos that the people attacking the police clearly don’t belong to this category.

  415. Orikan says:

    The Marseillaise is usually sung with the right hand on the heart. The Internationale is sung with the fist raised. THIS is a fascist salute. Stop saying BS please.

  416. Runespoor says:

    The Catholic church was the one organizing the protest and sending e-mails to its participants to plan how to make such incidents happen.

  417. IrishinFrance says:

    Great answer and I confirm. It’s taken a political angle that is dangerous and will have ramifications over the next few years.

  418. BeccaM says:

    Thank you for the background information

  419. IrishinFrance says:

    The media like the majority of French were shocked. They did not forget to focus on other demonstrators, who were there because they are conservatives and wanted to express their frustration with the government. All media has pointed out that the demonstration no longer concerns gay marriage, but has muted into an anti government protest. Even your comment on “one sided point of view” shows that you would like Fox TV – but you have BFM already…

  420. IrishinFrance says:

    Over here, it’s the catholic church that is pulling the strings financially and on grass roots level. NOM is now entirely financed by organisations close to Opus Dei, who are also very powerful in France. Frigide Barjot is the equivilant of Brian Brown, and was in the States at evangalist meetings in Febuary 2012.
    we got caught out as nobody ever expected a US style lobby to be set up and to run it’s hatred propaganda by us. NOM and LMPT are identical in retoric, logistics, logos and slogans even (every child has a right to a dad and a mom), videos, the fake impression that they are just good ordinary people! Last week Robert Oscar Lopez from NOM was here giving conferences (LMPT use false witnesses as well).
    The right wing have been using the gay marriage rights debate to rebuild it’s credibililty over the past few weeks. and the more moderate have joined up with the extreme right, as it’s a strategy to gain support against the governement and the President. The economy is not really good and persepectives are not great at all.
    So on sunday, there was a combination of the LMPT needing to find a way to hustle attention (because the gay marriage has already been voted), the right wing looking to credibility and the catholic church happily footing of a bill of 1.3 miillion USD to pay for it.
    It’s gone radical, political radical now. its the right wing’s way of expressing frustration at having lost the elections.
    Blame NOM and the Church, without them, things would be smoother

  421. Homerehoupette says:

    It’s absolutely normal to give fascist salute while singing the Marseillaise :-))) Are you serious ?

  422. french bastard says:

    Can not spot the difference between raising fist while singing a national anthem and giving a fascist salute?
    The medias are so busy filming the handful of fascist assholes who were there, they forgot to focus on those protesting for other-than-religious reasons. Good for them, it wouldn’t have as much appeal to their audience.
    Ho! ..and how is called a system whose medias only give one side’s point of view already?

    ( …sorry for my english.)

  423. mike31c says:

    Basically what is being said is that RWNJ’s and nazis have a lot in common…

  424. BULLSHITS ! Wake up everybody. We had hands up because we sang our national anthem La Marseillaise, this is NOT fascist salue !

  425. Swami_Binkinanda says:

    And America. Still are.

  426. BeccaM says:

    Thanks much. No, I don’t speak French. Some German (4 years worth from high school) and I’m working my way now through Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons, but I love the fact there are online tools that can do translations.

    Anyway, that’s kind of what I was thinking, that there must be hidden agendas, possibly political or religious or both, much like the Koch brothers and their allies being behind much the the Tea Bagger movement.

  427. Stev84 says:

    I actually like that in most European countries the private lives of politicians aren’t much of an issue unless it gets really out of hand. The way personal dirt is used in politics in the US is very counterproductive. It should only be brought up if they are clearly hypocritical.

  428. Stev84 says:

    There were fascist groups in most European countries then.

  429. Stev84 says:

    Here is a very good article by LeMonde showing that they are heavily astroturfed and controlled by only a few religious people. Just like in the US. Many of their organizations are just shells that didn’t exist until recently:

    Run it through Google translator if you don’t speak French. It comes up with a passable translation.

  430. microdot says:

    Try to keep a realistic perspective when thinking about the history of nationalism and fascism in Europe. Your hyperbolic generalizations lend nothing to this discussion, you only make yourself and the Americans you would, I hopefully assume, you are mocking or trying to characterize look ignorant and ridiculous. The same issues are what is destroying American democracy, try to make the connection. If you can’t then you are guilty of the same xenophobia that you accuse others of.

  431. microdot says:

    I’m trying to write about this and I appreciate the focus you have given it with a non french viewpoint. I hold dual nationality, American and French, but I have to admit, though I’ve been immersed in this culture for 35 years, my viewpoint is as an outsider. My take on what has been happening is much deeper than the marriage equality issue. Yes, the conservative Christian outrage was there, but face it, there is a historic sick link between Conservative Catholicism, Fascism (Petain) and the Royalists. Yes, there is still a royalist faction here who fantasize about reclaiming the deposit on their useless and imaginary titles. The FN, is still, in spite of their attempt to relabel themselves, still the bastion of French Neo Nationalism, which you have to admit is the scariest backbeat in Europe…as in America. The FN has a cadre of thugs which openly embrace Fascism and have been very active since the 1950’s. The mobilized opposition to marriage equality is actually in the context of French recent history, pretty bizarre. France legalized abortion and decriminalized homosexuality and got rid of the death penalty over the protests of these very same groups. The difference here is the UMP…think about the defeats and disorganized factions the UMP experienced in the last election. They see the economic problems of France as a tactic to be exploited the same way the Republicans have in America. Never mind that their policies are directly responsible for the economic troubles of the country…just like in the USA…so the UMP and I would say demagogues like Cope are linking with the Christian Democrat Party of Christine Boutin, the Front National to create a Tea Party like movement here and are exploiting the Marriage Equality Issue for their political gain. France seems to be a few beats behind what happens politically in America….the results of this unholy alliance is as in America with the alliance with the Republicans and the Tea Party are a bizarre chemistry that they in the long run will have no control over. We will have the Marriage Equality law passed. The immediate brouhaha will die down. Most of France will support and accept it. They already have. It’s the long term results of this debacle in the making by Cope that is going to cause huge problems for the next 10 years. I only hope that Manuel Valis, the present Minister of the Interior, can keep presenting himself as the one clear and articulate Socialist Minister…because inspiite of all of this, he is the most popular politician in France. Do you know who Christine Taubira is? She is the champion of the Marriage Equality Law! She is the mInister of Justice and truly incredible woman who has become the object of hate by the conservatives and neo fascists…she is the focus of the undercurrent of Racially manipulate hate that still haunts theis great country.

  432. interesting aint it – that the French have NO PROBLEM With htier formwer president being a Wife cheater /divorces and marrys his model mistress…….where was thuier Outrage on thats???? Oh yea…thats ONLY pertains to gay people wanting equal rights. whom you gonna protest next French people – the Jews?

  433. Indigo says:

    Fascist Catholicism is back.

  434. Most Americans don’t know that there was an active fascist group in France (L’Action Française) right before World War II in Europe (WWII really started in 1931 in Manchuria). They preferred Hilter to Léon Blum, the premier of the Popular Front and the first Jewish leader of France.

  435. RyansTake says:

    Absolutely disgusting.

  436. Max_1 says:

    When they share the same vision…
    … It’s difficult, but they’ll try to deny it.

  437. Max_1 says:

    Fascists and Christians…
    … Sharing the same meal.

    Who did Jesus condemn?

  438. cc423 says:

    Plenty of Nazis were cute…

  439. Long live France!

  440. Drew2u says:

    Just like rich = good? I have plenty of family members that believe that.

  441. BeccaM says:

    Here’s what I’d like to know: Who are the major players in the anti-gay rights movement in France?

    Over here, we know about the involvement of NOM, FRC, AFA, as well as the fundamentalist Christians (Evangelicals, Catholics, Baptists, etc.) Who in France has the clout to muster so many borderline violent homophobes to march against marriage and adoption rights for gay people? From the AmericaBlog post a few weeks ago, the one featuring the weird androgynous guy in the silver bodysuit, it looked like the opponents were few, had no sense of PR, and mostly rather old.

    Was this really about gay rights — or is it an anti-socialist fascist opposition that took the protest as an opportunity to stir up general unrest and gin up a riot? The reason I ask this was seeing the presence of the racist contingent and those flags. As well as some of the attendees clearly ready and raring for a conflict with the police. I don’t know if you noticed above, in that first photo showing a crowd primarily of young men giving a Nazi salute, the one nearest the camera is wearing a latex glove. The fellow on the far left, clearly someone else because he’s wearing a different colored coat, also appears to be wearing surgical gloves, although I could be mistaken — hard to tell for sure.

    Those choices say to me there were people in that crowd (1) looking to avoid fingerprints and/or (2) fully intending to provoke police into pepper-spraying.

    So again — who are these major players in the anti-government / anti-gay movement?

  442. Ive heard from a number of French religious right anti-gay types on Twitter who are very upset that we’re condemning their entire community for the dastardly acts of a few miscreants. They seem to have missed the irony.

  443. I know, had the same thought. It’s funny how we associate good looking with “good,” as in a good person.

  444. cole3244 says:

    everyday i am thankful i became an atheist at a very young age.

  445. mike31c says:

    Not very christian of these pigs. Of course, these RWNJ’s have many things in common with their so-called god and Hitler… I wonder when decent people will finally wake up from their stupidity?

  446. Glenn I says:

    … ugh … so many cute kids in the streets protesting love and family.

  447. Oh yeah

  448. chip321 says:

    I am waiting for NOM’s spin

  449. Stev84 says:

    So many Christians, so few lions

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