Jon Stewart on VA GOP wanting to ban all oral sex (video)

Ken Cuccinelli wants all oral sex to be illegal in the state of Virginia.

Cuccinelli also wants to be governor of the state of Virginia (he’s currently the attorney general).

And Cuccinelli a religious right nutjob, in addition to being a Republican.  So he’s against oral sex, and thinks the state should outlaw it.  Except there’s that pesky Supreme Court decision that overturned sodomy laws several years ago.

What is with poor Virginia and those pesky Supreme Court decisions?

jon-stewart-ken-cuccinelliCuccinelli is a huge homophobe.  And he made clear during the campaign for attorney general that he thought “homosexual acts” were against “natural law,” and to many ears it sounded like Cuccinelli wanted to make them illegael under state law too.  That’s part of what’s behind his attempt to outlaw oral sex.  Cuccinelli apparently thinks only gay people partake in it.

Oh, and Cuccinelli is a birther too.

And southerners wonder why they keep getting a bad rap.

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