Rhode Island legislature passes gay marriage bill, governor will sign

Wow, just when you’re not paying attention, Rhode Island goes ahead and legalizes gay marriage (well, just another pro forma vote left).

I’m told same-sex marriages in Rhode Island should begin August 1.

It’s funny – the religious right, working with their Republican handlers, always used to yell and scream about “activist judges” imposing their will on the American people.

But now that the American people are imposing their will on the American people – in Rhode Island, the legislation passed the legislature – the anti-gay bigots are scrambling for a new message.

Here’s the moment the law passed – you can watch a video of it over on Buzzfeed – I love the little boy and the old man in this photo below:


The moment the gay marriage legislation passed the Rhode Island Senate, assuring its eventual enactment into law.

And here’s a list of where else, in the US, and internationally, that gay marriage is legal.

From Freedom to Marry, the lead group fighting for gay marriage nationwide.

RI Senate Passes Marriage Bill, Assuring Rhode Island Freedom to Marry for Rhode Island
Passage Means Freedom to Marry in All Six New England States

Providence – Today the Rhode Island Senate approved legislation that would end the denial of marriage to same-sex couples in Rhode Island. The House of Representatives approved similar legislation in January by a vote of 51 to 19. The bill will return to the House for minor changes before it is sent to Governor Lincoln Chafee, who has promised to sign it.

Marc Solomon, national campaign director for Freedom to Marry, released the following statement:

“New England is now complete. Through court rulings, legislative action, and wins at the ballot, loving and committed couples from Bangor to Burlington, Providence to Portland, and Cambridge to Concord will soon be able to join in the freedom to marry.

“Freedom to Marry is proud to be a lead partner in Rhode Islanders United for Marriage, the advocacy campaign that led this year’s effort. We’d like to thank the leadership of our partners in the work, especially Marriage Equality Rhode Island and Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, both of which have worked for years to bring about this victory. Thank you to House Speaker Gordon Fox, House bill sponsor Art Handy, Senate bill sponsor Donna Nesselbush, and the Senate GOP Caucus, which voted unanimously in favor of the freedom to marry legislation.”

In addition to its leadership with Rhode Islanders United for Marriage, Freedom to Marry has been the lead funder of the campaign, providing more than $250,000 to the effort in 2013.

When Governor Chafee signs the bill into law, same-sex couples will be able to marry in ten states and the District of Columbia–unless another state completes action prior to then. In the coming weeks, action is expected on freedom to marry legislation in Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota and Nevada.

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