Boy Scouts lift ban on gay scouts, still consider us pedophiles when we hit 18

Whatever.  I’m glad the Boy Scouts took a step towards non-discrimination, but telling a young boy that he’s no longer a pervert because he hasn’t hit the ripe pedophile age of 18, is still a huge problem, in my humble opinion.

It’s like accepting black children in your swimming pool, but claiming that letting the adults in is just a step too far.

Not to mention, what message does that send to children, gay and straight?  That, yes, be nice to your fellow soon-t0-be-pedophile gay scouts because they haven’t become a threat to children yet, but they will in a few years.  Gee, thanks.

According to ThinkProgress, the Boy Scouts’ National Council voted 61%-38% in favor of lifting the ban on gay scouts.  But as I mentioned, the Boy Scouts still ban gay people from leadership and volunteer positions, including serving as scoutmasters.

Also interesting, McKay Coppins at Buzzfeed notes that the Mormons, who have a huge role in the Boy Scouts, did not break with the Boy Scouts over this.  There was speculation that they might:



That is a good sign.  It’s one of the first genuinely not-unhelpful things the Mormons have done on gay issues to date.  So perhaps there’s hope for them yet.  Having said that, the proof is going to be in a pudding far bigger than simply abstaining on this issue, after all the damage they’ve caused.  But it’s still good news, and a positive sign, that they managed to restrain themselves.

The NYT understood the contradiction in the Boy Scout’s new policy:

But the decision is unlikely to bring peace to the Boy Scouts as they struggle to keep a foothold in a swirling cultural landscape, ensuring continued lobbying and debate in the months and year to come. The group put off the even more divisive question of whether to allow openly gay adults and leaders, and those on both sides of the debate predicted that, with the resolution’s passage, the Boy Scouts would soon be forced to start allowing gay adults, whether by lawsuits or embarrassment at the twisted logic of forcing an Eagle Scout who turns 18 to quit.


And there’s another problem.  The Times mentions that UPS, Merck, and Intel, among others, stopped funding the Boy Scouts because they have non-discrimination policies that forbid it.  Well, here’s the rub: The Boy Scouts still discriminate by age and by position in the organization.  That’s still discrimination, and those companies will still be violating their policies if they fund an organization that won’t hire gay adults in leadership or volunteer positions because it thinks they’re pedophiles.

If any of these companies start funding the Boy Scouts, they’d better have a darn good explanation for how you can be half-pregnant, or half-a-bigot.

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