Horrific video of 1000s of (former Soviet) Georgians rioting against gays

It’s a horrific video.  Thousands – perhaps tens of thousands – of former-Soviet Georgians rioting in the streets of Tbilisi, attacking a small handful of gay rights protesters holding a rally for the International Day Against Homophobia.

The video is just horrific.  Crowds were shouting “Kill them! Tear them to pieces!” and “Where are they? Don’t leave them alive!”


These people are animals.

It really saddens me to see people who lived under a dictatorship then act just as badly as the dictators they were finally freed from. It almost makes you wonder whether dictatorship wasn’t just imposed on them, but rather, whether in part it wasn’t self-imposed as well. The old saying about getting the government you deserve. What government do violent thugs deserve?

And sadly, expectedly, the Georgian Orthodox Church, part of the larger Eastern Orthodox faith that I belong to, was in part behind the violence. And you thought just Catholics, evangelicals and Mormons were hateful bigots. My orthodox brethren – mostly in the east, (in the US they’re surprisingly quiet about the hot-button social issues) – are just as viciously hateful and backwards.

God bless those activists.  I can’t even imagine the threats they live under in countries as backward and hateful as this.

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