Anti-gay Idaho sheriff doesn’t know sodomy laws were struck down in 2003

It takes a special kind of stupid to be Idaho.  To wit: the Kootenai County Sheriff who thinks that sodomy is still illegal in Idaho (it’s not), and therefore he’s dropping his department’s sponsorship of the Boy Scouts.

You see, Sheriff Ben Wolfinger explained to the local paper (the local paper also had no clue that the Supreme Court struck down all state sodomy laws in 2003), that sodomy is illegal in Idaho (it’s not), so he’s compelled to stop supporting the Scouts (he’s not).

“It would be inappropriate for the sheriff’s office to sponsor an organization that is promoting a lifestyle that is in violation of state law,” Sheriff Ben Wolfinger said.

Sodomy is against the law in Idaho, he added.

10 year old Scouts in Idaho apparently do a lot of sodomy.

Just to give you a sense of what we’re dealing with, sodomy is (was) punishable by life imprisonment in Idaho.

And that’s another thing.  It’s a sodomy law.  It’s not a sexual orientation law.  Sodomy.  An act.  No one is breaking the law by simply being gay.

So not only is Sheriff Wolfinger wrong about the law’s enforceability, he’s also wrong about what the law actually said.  It didn’t make the gay “lifestyle,” as Wolfinger so lovingly puts it, illegal.  It made sodomy illegal (straight and gay).

But this is Idaho.

Imagine a sheriff who doesn’t even know the law is in his own jurisdiction.  That’s a rather scary thought.  Then again, we are dealing with a state that bans the word “vagina” in classes about human reproduction.

And as for the hypocrisy of trying to enforce a law that hasn’t really existed in ten years, Idaho is famous for its hypocritical conservative values.  It is, after all, the state where conservative lawmakers made it legal for private citizens to bring guns to the state capitol building.  Only to freak out once one of those private citizens finally brought a gun.  Second Amendment NIMBY is alive and well in GOP Idaho.

Of course, the GOP freak out over oral s-e-x isn’t just limited to Idaho.  The GOP’s gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, wants to ban all oral sex too.  (And his running mate isn’t any better.)

And the Republicans wonder why they can’t win national elections any more.

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