Minnesota to become 12th state to legalize gay marriage

Minnesota is set to become the 12th state to legalize gay marriage, a slew of them happening just in the past few weeks.

With the Minnesota Senate’s passage of marriage equality legislation yesterday, prior Minnesota House passage, and the governor’s promise to sign the bill today, gay marriages will start in Minnesota this coming August.

Man what a year it’s been.  Today, Minnesota.

Just a week ago it was Delaware legalizing gay marriage.

Then two weeks before that, Rhode Island.

And right before that the countries of France, Uruguay and New Zealand.

The latest rash of freedom started with the November 2012 elections, when Maine, Maryland and Washington state all legalized gay marriage.

And in many ways, the recent advances on gay marriage go all the way back to earlier in 2012 when President Obama finally came out (again) for gay marriage.  Whether caused by it, or incidental, the recent avalanche on gay rights started around then.  And boy it hasn’t let up.

2013 has become the year of the gay.

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