Hilarious Daily Show on France’s, Russia’s, Pope’s anti-gayness

A truly excellent segment on the Daily Show, with John Oliver now hosting as Jon Stewart is away producing a movie. In this one, they go after France’s homoerotic anti-gay protesters, Russia’s anti-gay parliament, and the Vatican’s claims that they are infested with a “gay lobby.”

First France.

I’d reported the other day on the series of anti-gay protests in France preceding and following France’s legalization of marriage for gay couples a few weeks ago. For some reason, the French anti-gay bigots have adopted pink as their color, and tend to have their male protesters – always young, buff men – walk around shirtless.  Calling it “homoerotic” does not do it justice.  It’s more “homo.”  Or as John Oliver put it:

“How is it that France’s anti-gay protests look so much gayer than our pro-gay protests?”

Note the young men at a recent anti-gay protest in Paris sporting their pink sunglasses, pink overalls, and pink neckerchiefs tied around their necks like farm-girl extras in Oklahoma!  Yep, nothing gay about that.


Then there are the French anti-gay-marriage flashmobs, where men dressed in skin-tight unitards, sporting wings, flew around the square between two dueling anti-gay mobs of women yelling “mom!” and men yelling “dad!”  Again, nothing gay about a guy parading his junk in public.


And there is most definitely nothing gay about teenage guys with six-packs putting on tight crotch-hugging pants, ripping their shirts off, then lighting a flare and racing through the finals of the French Open.

Yes, the anti-gay protester was quite literally “flaming”:

Homoerotic anti-gay protesters disrupt French Open finals

Fabulously flaming anti-gay marriage protester disrupts the finals of the French Open.

Oliver then moves on to Russia, where the lower house of parliament recently passed legislation pretty much banning pro-gay speech in the entire country.  Oliver notes that Putin, like his French anti-gay counterparts, also has an odd penchant for going shirtless.


And finally we have the Vatican, which is so gay it can’t even figure out that it keeps putting seeming-flamers on TV to represent its anti-gayness.  The pro-Vatican apologist who went on CNN to defend the Vatican’s recent comments about a “gay lobby” in the Vatican…. well, you really have to see and hear for yourself – go to 4:25 in the video and just watch, listen, and tell me that Father Edward Beck doesn’t do the voice over on the Honey Badger video:


This guy makes Lindsey Graham sound like to Tom Selleck.

Do watch the segment, it’s one of the best I’ve seen on the Daily Show.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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