Jamie & Tim: Married in Canada, “buddies” in America, forced to flee to be together

Today at 10:00am Eastern Time, the Supreme Court may, or may not, strike down the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which, among other things, forbids the federal government to give gay couples any of the federal benefits of marriage. Among those benefits are the right for your foreign-national spouse to remain in America with you.

UPDATE: Another deadline passed – the Supreme Court did not issue its DOMA opinion today.  Next possible day is this coming Monday.  It really is a bit øf a joke the way these opinions are handled – having everyone scramble to the Supreme court in a big circus waiting to see if maybe today is the day.  These are the civil rights of millions of Americans being affected.  I really do wish the court would find a more respectful way to release its opinions than these cute scripted “deadlines.”

The gay community had hoped that this would be fixed in the immigration bill because, clearly, having your immigrant spouse kicked out of the United States is an “immigration” issue, but Republicans in Congress said no, and Democrats chickened out after quite a mediocre PR campaign from the official groups who claimed to be on our side, but really weren’t.

Enter Jamie and Tim.


Jamie (r) and Tim (l) on their wedding day.

Jamie is Scottish, Tim is American.  They met virtually playing games on the Internet, and finally met in person a year later and have been inseparable ever since.  But not really.  Under American law they were in fact quite separable.

After seven years together, they decided to get married in Canada.  And now, so that they can be together, since the US won’t let Jamie stay, they’re both fleeing their native countries and moving to Central America.

Ironic isn’t it, Americans moving to Latin America because an immigration bill to let Latin Americans move to America just wasn’t the right place for gay families.


Here’s a video that Jamie and Tim put together, it’s quite touching.  Hopefully in a few hours, they can take it down for good.

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