Fox News “forgets” to report on historic Supreme Court DOMA decision

Fox News today “forgot” to cover the Supreme Court’s historic announcement of its decision in the gay marriage case US v. Windsor, in which the court struck down a key portion of the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional.

For a good two minutes, while all the other networks were reporting live from the Supreme Court, Fox was busying reporting it’s “ALERT” that some football player, Aaron Hernandez, had been arrested for allegedly murdering someone.

Note MSNBC moments after the decision was announced, and then Fox News:


Jed Lewison from Daily Kos has a nice write up, and video of the two broadcasts, side by side, as MSNBC reports the historic news, and Fox ignores it for several minutes:

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96 Responses to “Fox News “forgets” to report on historic Supreme Court DOMA decision”

  1. Lamar Dice says:

    People actually get paid for writing things of this nature…sluggish…

  2. Tdub says:

    In her defense (ugh. It hurts defending them sometimes). I think that the reporter was reading the official ruling before she spoke about it. That is what journalism is supposed to be. If it was as fast as you demanded, then it would be Facebook.

  3. Prefabfan says:

    2:10 seconds later Fox gets it btw, the announcers knew but were ordered not to acknowledge

  4. Prefabfan says:

    WOW, truly awful manipulation of news by Fox. What a surprise.

  5. JG-CA says:

    If you would ban Fox News for waiting two minutes than I suppose you would make NPR illegal well, as they did not “report” it until several minutes after this… Of course, this is standard practice for NPR as they would rather be right than first. After the Obamacare ruling debacle, most news agencies are keen to keep from jumping the gun. I really think over exuberance on this issue as well as general disdain for Fox News has tainted some on this board’s objectivity. Lets extend the same love and fairness we wish for each other toward all Americans.

  6. TMW says:

    Are you kidding JG-CA? This was like sticking the news story from a front page article of the paper to page 3! New ticker? Idiots! They consistently mis-quote the truth from their “sources” and continue to report news that is misleading and not news worthy. They need to be banned like they have been in Canada for not being a real news network.

  7. Betty says:

    this wasnt really much of a “story” imo either, but I really enjoyed the dual videos playing both news channels. I dont have cable so it was extremely exciting for me.

  8. ArthurH says:

    It’s official! Fox News has changed its ad slogan to “We Don’t Report So You Don’t Have to Decide” and “We Don’t Care and Unblanced.”

  9. Mac says:

    The second most interesting story of the day (after DOMA), the fall of the Australian government due to Game of Thrones-esque machinations, being completely absent from most US media sources.

  10. Jack says:

    (karma as in @karmanot, not karma as a concept)

  11. Jack says:

    Yeah, karma is a dick. I’m gay (not that it matters) and I find the tiny delay pretty forgivable. What’s more interesting is how quickly the words “traditional marriage” were uttered.

  12. BeccaM says:

    I guess you didn’t watch the video posted above and over on DailyKOS either, huh?

  13. gdavisloop says:

    CNN wasn’t ignoring it, but it took them more than 5 minutes longer than NBC (perhaps 10 minutes longer) to report the results of each ruling. Perhaps they were embarrased after their mistake in reporting on the SupCrt’s decision on the Affordable (Health)care Act (which CNN incorrectly reported had been overturned).

  14. tu25243 says:

    People need to remember that there are Fox Channels, but they are not Fox News… there’s a difference.

  15. Butch1 says:

    I forgot about that. I bet he’s so proud of him. ;-)

  16. Butch1 says:

    I was skimming which is a bad habit when I get bored reading something that isn’t quite making enough sense and sounding negative to me. I should have slowed down and reread it and listened to what she was trying to say instead of summarizing what I thought she was saying.

    It has been such a busy day and I have been taking in too much material so, I was skimming and reading too fast again. It happens every time I do this and I’m not careful to catch the content. I think you were right about the writing skills not being the best, that and me not paying attention was a bad combination.

  17. GreenFreak says:

    In what way was I trolling? I was not being rude or offensive, and I stated a valid point. Just because you don’t agree with me, doesn’t make me a troll. That you think this just means that you’e close minded.

    Also, I don’t recall ever at any point begging for your approval. If I was a bigot, I’d even point out that it’s the LGBT community that’s begging for the majorities approval, if they want to have equal rights.

    People are people, and everyone deserves the same rights as the next person. This should be common sense to everyone, but it isn’t. I was simply stating that although I support gay rights, it’s ridiculous to criticize Fox for being TWO MINUTES LATE. Gay rights is important, but it’s not the death of Hitler. Stop over reacting, unless YOU’VE never been 2 minutes late for ANYTHING.

  18. SC Reader says:

    June 26th of course!

  19. SC Reader says:

    August 26, 2013, the top 4 stories of the day by various web sources at around 8:30pm. Kind of interesting variety…

    Fox News: Zimmerman Trial, Snowden Stuck in Moscow, Hernandez Charged, Son Given WWII Soldier’s Letters 69 Years Later

    CBS News: DOMA, Mandela’s health, Texas abortion, Texas’ 500th execution
    BBC News: DOMA, Hernandez, Egypt warns of risks from unrest, Texas abortion bill
    NYT: DOMA, Jihadists in Africa, Hernandez, Texas abortion
    CNN: DOMA, Hernandez, Texas execution, Texas abortion bill
    Huffington Post: DOMA, Texas abortion, Hernandez, Texas execution

    ABC News: Zimmerman, DOMA, Hernandez, Mandela
    NBC News: Hernandez, DOMA, Texas Abortion, Zimmerman

  20. karmanot says:

    AtticCrazy is right.

  21. karmanot says:

    Dr. House is an Oxy addict—-your point.

  22. karmanot says:

    That’s cool. I’m a meat and potatoes man myself.

  23. karmanot says:

    Dewey Wins?

  24. AtticCrazy says:

    Sorry, I despise Fox News, but this article is incorrect. I was sitting in a training facility in one of the largest military installations in the country and Fox News was on the screen while we waited for the training to start. The crawl on Fox had the decision immediately and reporters actually began talking about it soon after.

    I expect better of America Blog.

  25. karmanot says:

    snark alert!

  26. karmanot says:

    Thank you scold troll. And we are sooooo grateful that, while being not gay yourself, you support the rights of we gays.

  27. karmanot says:


  28. JG-CA says:

    This is a ridiculously Biased piece… From the very start of the very video used in this example, FOX News has a crawler saying that the Supreme Court is about to make a decision. While they continue to cover other news (there are other news stories, believe it or not), MSNBC’s talking heads continue the same typical ploy of stalling and wasting time until the actual ruling is understood. About the same time MSNBC really know what was going on, Fox News started their coverage. Sorry… Fox News makes a lot of mistakes, but not this time.

  29. Kelsea says:

    Well said!

  30. Donald Wade Posey says:

    That is a ridiculous thing to call those that woke at NPR.

  31. pappyvet says:

    Cassie,slow down . It will make more of an impact.

  32. pappyvet says:

    In what way is NPR communist? Prove what you say.

  33. GreenFreak says:

    I support gay rights without actually being gay myself. I find this article kind of ridiculous though. 2 minutes? C’mon. Its not like they falsely reported on it, and this IS FOX news we’re talking about here. Were you expecting fast, accurate quality performance? You came to the wrong channel for that! XD

  34. Jarin Udom says:

    I agree, this is kind of a non-story.

  35. Monteil Randall says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.

  36. J.W. Swift says:

    No soup for you!!!

  37. karmanot says:

    Or criticize Megyn Kelly’s hair!

  38. karmanot says:

    You may be a gay idiot, but you can learn.

  39. karmanot says:

    There must be a new D-game out or some of these enfants are reading Sun Tzu.

  40. GAftly8524 says:

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    I’m just saying I was watching
    both FOX and CNN and FOX clearly had on their banner Court decisions
    strikes down DOMA while CNN’s said coming soon and shortly after said
    the same thing. FOX did report the decision. This blog is just incorrect
    and I’m correcting it. Unless they are talking about a local FOX News

  41. karmanot says:

    And I am sooooo thirsty!

  42. karmanot says:

    U LIIIIIIIIE! and has a mad.

  43. emjayay says:

    I suppose what is more important and telling is how much they repeat neutral coverage and who they talk to and run over and over about it.

  44. karmanot says:

    Clearly your heart is in the right place

  45. karmanot says:

    No breakfast—no hugs!

  46. karmanot says:

    He does have a gay son, who is ‘married’ to the church.

  47. karmanot says:


  48. emjayay says:

    It’s hard to tell given the grammar and spelling and typos.

  49. emjayay says:

    I think Scalia more than balanced that vote with the screed in his dissent on the other case.

  50. emjayay says:

    The Communists over at NPR were all over it.

  51. BeccaM says:

    Her um, writing skills aren’t the best by a long shot. Yet another indictment of our education system.

    I wasn’t totally clear on what she meant, either. But the gist I gathered is that (1) she’s very young and (2) has no idea what we went through over the decades to get here. I mean, just imagine: A 15 year old never lived in an America where DOMA wasn’t the law. Yet probably most of the kids her age are perfectly fine with same-sex marriage and with gay people. (Not all, but clearly it’s most these days.) The idea we once could be arrested and imprisoned for being gay is probably inconceivable to her.

  52. Marjorie says:

    If FOX didn’t say it, it didn’t happen. Sarcasm exceedingly implied.

  53. Butch1 says:

    It surprised me seeing his name with all the “lefties” on that. I wanted to wipe my glasses. ;-)

  54. Marie says:

    Cassie when I read your comment it sounds to me like you are in favor of today’s rulings, am I correct? I only ask because either I myself am misreading it or the other replies to your comment are misreading it. Obviously I am in favor of equality for all, your post is a little confusing but sounds like you are as well. As far as the news filters, keep believing that. You cannot take anything that any news show broadcasts at 100% honest and factual. Knowing that at a young age is good, it will serve you well. Do your own research, just like subjects in school. :)

  55. Butch1 says:

    For goodness sake, I guess I did misread what she had said. I owe her an apology.

  56. Houndentenor says:

    Imagine the stupid shit they’d have said if they HAD reported the story. Nothing is better than that.

  57. B-Rad says:

    Two minutes? You’re crying foul over being two minutes late to the party? Seriously?

  58. Donnie says:

    I think you misinterpreted her. She is arguing for, not against.

  59. BeccaM says:

    How much you want to bet they “accidentally” misidentify Roberts (PropH8 dismissal) or Kennedy (DOMA overturn) as being Dems or having been nominated by Dem presidents?

    And of course, Scalia’s vote also to dismiss PropH8 will be ignored… (Yes, I know his intentions weren’t good ones at all, but he’s probably choking on his own black bile now to know his vote will go down in history as instrumental in granting all those LGBT Californians the right to marry.)

  60. goulo says:

    > I’m gay idiot.

    You left out a character, but I’m not sure if “a” or “,” is missing.

  61. Butch1 says:

    Well Missy, my husband and I have been together for over 32 years. and legally married since this past December. That is many more years than you were ever born so we know a thing or two about love and commitment and it doesn’t just happen only between men and women. Perhaps some day you will grow up and be able to understand that when you become an adult. You are still under the instruction of your parents and I would guess they believe in the man and woman theory only and you have picked that up from them. Once you get out into the real world and meet more people and see that we are real people and normal too and not scary like you have been led to believe, you will understand that we too, are citizens of this country and deserve the same equal rights as your parents do.

    We work, we pay the same taxes, we fight for our country and die for it as well. The problem is that our spouses up to this point have not had the same rights and benefits as other spouses of straight soldier’s spouses. If their husband or wife died in war they got survivor’s benefits. If a gay soldier’s wife or husband dies in battle they aren’t even notified that they died. They aren’t even recognized as the soldier’s spouse until now because of DOMA. That was discrimination against gays. Now, the government cannot do that to the married spouses of gays anymore because DOMA was struck down by this court. WE are EQUAL in the eyes of the law. This is a good thing. Why would you not think every citizen in this country should be equal and have the right to marry? Gays marrying one another does not affect you in any way what so ever. Your marriages have never affected us in fact they have always made us happy. In that spirit you should be happy for us. Hopefully, some day you will grow up and see this.

  62. nicho says:

    Are you offering? Will there be sex afterwards?

  63. nicho says:

    Yeah, it’s the “I’m a liberal, but liberals suck” schtick. They think it’s not transparent.

  64. Uhduh says:

    Think about this for a second. Fox. News. Fox. FOX. What do you expect?

  65. Butch1 says:

    Forgets? You’re being too kind to these fools. They are so upset at the results that they cannot find the right words yet to report it.

  66. George Chidi says:

    In their defense … does anyone remember the clusterf–k in the immediate moments after the health care ruling emerged, where half the news outlets completely misinterpreted the substance of the ruling? Let’s not make people rush so fast that they report error.

  67. ckg1 says:

    I’ll pass, but thanks for the offer.

  68. Shea V. says:

    Just wanted to point out that Shannon Bream, the Fox News reporter covering the Supreme Court today, was the second reporter to reach her camera, after the reporters/runners sprinted out of the courthouse with the released DOMA opinions. She looked completely engaged and was on camera as soon as she had a chance to digest what she was reading. It was actually her reading aloud of the opinion that informed me and my friends while we stood outside the court waiting for the decision. I’m not a Fox News fan, but Shannon doesn’t deserve to be lumped into the same bucket as the producers who may have delayed cutting to the courthouse.

  69. BeccaM says:

    Many of us care today, Caasie, because for the first time in a decade (since Lawrence v. Texas), we LGBTs have seen real justice come out of the Supreme Court

    You’re allowed to have whatever opinions you like. And one of the ways we defeat the news filtering is through independent blogs such as this place here.

    But many of us have been waiting for this for far longer than you’ve been alive on this planet, if I read the context of your comment correctly. My wife, with whom I’ve been together for over 14 years now — nearly as long as your 15 — is 70 years old, and I’m 50. We remember the horrible, horrible day when DOMA passed with overwhelming bi-partisan majorities in the House and Senate, and was signed by a Democratic president. And we remember when DADT was passed. We watched as one regressive, bigoted state after another passed anti-gay laws so draconian, it literally is not safe for us to visit or travel through them.

    It’s been a terrible two decades for us. We want to celebrate. We’re going to celebrate. And if that celebration comes across as a little rude or unseemly, well, that’s just how it’s going to be.

  70. Patrick says:

    lol awww you guys need hugz

  71. TakAM says:

    Look at the graphic. MSNBC makes the announcement at 10:01 ET Fox News 10:04 ET It’s three minutes, who gives a crap either way; but it’s not a lie.

  72. Andre says:

    You need a hug.

  73. Caasie says:

    Why hate on each other a lot of us want the same thing. To be able to marry the same sex. There is no need to be rude… to anyone on that matter gay,straight,Or bisexual. We all humans on this planet and I think that it is wrong for people to label who we chose who to love. We all want 1 think from this. To be equal. If you thing gay marriage shouldn’t be aloud well I’m sorry but don’t like this comment. Who cares what the news says its all filtered. I may be wrong but its an opinion that a 15 year old is still aloud to have.

  74. ckg1 says:

    “Everybody lies.” -Dr. House

  75. ckg1 says:

    Then take the matter up with John and stop bitching about it.

  76. Andre says:

    I’m just saying I was watching both FOX and CNN and FOX clearly had on their banner Court decisions strikes down DOMA while CNN’s said coming soon and shortly after said the same thing. FOX did report the decision. This blog is just incorrect and I’m correcting it. Unless they are talking about a local FOX News channel.

  77. ckg1 says:

    You cared enough to comment, didn’t you?

    So how stupid do you feel right about now?

  78. BeccaM says:

    Then I withdraw the bigot remark and apologize. Nevertheless the video above is clear evidence this is no lie, just because CNN (Fox Lite these days) was also late.

  79. Monoceros Forth says:

    There seem to be a lot of these “mugwump” trolls lately, claiming to support a liberal cause but horrified by liberal propagandizing or intolerance or whatever. Nothing new, I guess, but there seems to be an upswing.

  80. Derek Pryor says:


    Yeah. Right.

  81. Andre says:

    I’m gay idiot. I just don’t support lying to get my point across.

  82. disqus_45yKr5uegu says:

    Um, who cares? Like….really.

  83. BeccaM says:

    And you are a troll. Bugger off. We’re gorging on your delicious bigot tears.

  84. Andre says:

    You people voting me down are just as bad as the people against gay marriage. Just buying into biased shit on the internet. I was watching both channels side by side and this blog is a lie.

  85. JP_Melle says:

    I’ve been switching over to Fox all day waiting to see their coverage. Still waiting.

  86. BlueIdaho says:

    They are waiting until Tony Perkins and Maggie have time for an interview. It’s a scheduling conflict.

  87. Indigo says:

    Fox News courageously focuses on its priorities. All propoganda all the time.

  88. Guest says:

    Fox is Darwinism at work, self-selecting itself out of existence. Good riddance.

  89. Andre says:

    This is a lie. I was watching both Fox and CNN and FOX reported the decision getting shutdown while CNN’s banner said coming soon. Quit lying.

  90. nicho says:

    They can’t churn out their talking points in two minutes, for heaven’s sake. Give them a break. It takes a lot more time to construct lies than tell the truth.

  91. Sally says:

    Or throw something at the TV. That is, if they even know or care what DOMA is..sometimes I think their viewers do not care what is happening, as long as Fox assures them that Obama did it, will be impeached and that health care for all is too expensive…BENGHAZI!!!

  92. Sally says:

    I’m sure Ricky Perry had it on…he wanted to see if they were also ignoring the debacle in his State House last night.

  93. SkippyFlipjack says:

    or get so worked up they’d keel over

  94. SkippyFlipjack says:

    fwiw, the charges regarding Hernandez have not yet been announced; it may have been for obstruction of justice, not for murder, though people are generally thinking it’s the latter.

  95. Monoceros Forth says:

    One of the comments on DailyKos made a good point: if Fox News covered the DOMA ruling in any depth, half their audience would change the channel.

  96. teeveedub says:

    Was anyone who had a stake in overturning DOMA actually watching Fox? That’s hard to imagine.

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