The trans Navy SEAL who (almost) helped catch bin Laden

A neat story about a Navy SEAL, Chris Beck, who was part of an elite all-male team that, shortly after Beck retired, went on to kill Osama bin Laden.  And now Chris Beck is Kristin Beck, a transgender woman.

Many people don’t realize that although the Pentagon has lifted the ban on gay service members, transgender service members are still banned, and thus forced to live in the same closet that gay service members lived in.

Here’s Beck’s new book about her coming out, cutely titled “Warrior Princess,” and below that is the photo Beck posted on LinkedIn to finally come out as a woman:



Here’s the description of the book on Amazon (Kindle version, and paperback):

Chris Beck played high school football. He bought a motorcycle, much to his mother’s dismay, at age 17. He grew up to become a U.S. Navy SEAL, serving our country for twenty years on thirteen deployments, including seven combat deployments, and ultimately earned a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. To everyone who saw him, he was a hero. A warrior. A man.

But underneath his burly beard, Chris had a secret, one that had been buried deep inside his heart since he was a little boy—one as hidden as the panty hose in the back of his drawer. He was transgender, and the woman inside needed to get out.

This is the journey of a girl in a man’s body and her road to self-actualization as a woman amidst the PTSD of war, family rejection and our society’s strict gender rules and perceptions. It is about a fight to be free inside one’s own body, a fight that requires the strength of a Warrior Princess.

Kristin’s story of boy to woman explores the tangled emotions of the transgender experience and opens up a new dialogue about being male or female: Is gender merely between your legs or is it something much bigger?

It’s always been amazing how coming out stories like this helped turn the tide on the gays in the military battle, and it’s good to see good trans stories coming out now as well.  After all, you can’t do better than an elite Navy Seal who, but for her early retirement, might have been assigned to the team that got bin Laden.

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