France’s gayest homophobes strike again

I’ve written before about France’s deliciously gay-acting anti-gay activists.

I noted, with lots of examples, how a new high profile group on the scene, called Hommen, is virulently opposed to legalizing gay marriage, which already happened in France.

I also walked you through, with lots and lots of delicious photos, how  Hommen’s main weapon in its arsenal of heterocracy is the half-naked male form.

I showed you pictures like this:

Yeah, baby, you take off those shirts and spread those legs for heterosexuality.

Yeah, baby, you take off those shirts and spread those legs for heterosexuality.

And seriously yummy photos like this:

Who wouldn't lick those abs of abstinence and that happy trail of heterosexuality?

Who wouldn’t lick those abs of abstinence and that happy trail of heterosexuality?

Well, they’re at it again.

This time, it’s the boys over at Manif Pour Tous – France’s lead anti-gay group – and they’re getting semi-naked again, in the most homoerotic way possible.  (Rubbing their semi-nude bodies against one another is not only NOT against the Manif Pour Tous rules, it’s apparently encouraged).

Here are some of the recent photos on Manif Pour Tous’ Facebook page.


And remember, kids – nothing says “I hate gays” like ripping off your shirt, then wrapping your crotch around another guy’s neck.


It’s hard to know where to even begin with that last photo.  Though I’m getting vibes of a gay porn version of the Sound of Music.  (What would it be called, and what would some of the songs be? How do you solve a problem like gonorrhea? You are 16, going down on 17″?)

I hope this started your day off well. It certainly did mine :)

PS I had to add this comment from a reader, one of the funniest I’ve read to date:


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285 Responses to “France’s gayest homophobes strike again”

  1. Science says:

    Studies show that a high percentage of homophobes in western society (up to 80% according to one) are fighting their own same-sex attractions.

  2. Logic says:

    BZZZZT Sorry but you are incorrect, they are homophobic bigots with irrational beliefs.

  3. Ravioli2 says:

    It’s really pore like mind. The news speak about the Manif pour tous, not the KKK.
    But explain please, why the french mouvement is homophobe, simply, go :)

  4. laurent says:

    the reason why those guys, Hommens, Manifs pour Tous, are not afraid to look gay is obvious : they are not anti-gay or homophobic.
    They are simply opposed to homoparentality. Which far to be the same thing.

  5. Merle says:

    Oh no, I’m Franch, I like men, and even I isn’t as gay looking as them. Can’t stop laughing when I look at them…

  6. cambridgemac says:

    The early Christian church was not truly pro-marriage. They considered celibacy the ideal. Marriage was a fallback position to limit the damage of lust. It was in no way a positive ideal.

  7. cambridgemac says:

    Jerry Lewis comes to mind….

  8. Michael Abracham says:

    Here’s my theory: They are actually a group of militant French gays who, in an effort to make the anti-marriage crowd look foolish, are POSING as these young men against gay marriage. And that’s what’s up with the shirtlessness and the other gay & homoerotic touches.

  9. madcapfeline says:

    I took “traditional family” to mean a daddy knocks up a mommy, and then there’s a baby. Homosexual couples tend to lack either the mommy part or the daddy part, so having children in this manner can be potentially problematic. Any trailer dwelling meth-head couple in Alabama can shit out a baby, that they may or may not be equipped physically, emotionally or financially to care for. As with any adoption, gay or straight, couples undergo intense scrutiny, including psychological testing. The point he was trying to make (I think) is that gay people are more than capable of providing happy, healthy, stable, loving homes for children, more so than a lot of people who are capable of naturally conceiving children in their current relationships. Pulling this “think of the children” bullshit (OP), is in fact homophobia.

  10. Lloyd Russell-Moyle says:

    1) Actually the only way to be non-homophobic and against gay marriage is to be against all forms of marriage (a position which I would rationality debate), whilst being against two people having something that others can have is bigoted.
    2) Marriage or lack of it does not imply bringing up children or not. Marriage is a name for a particular kind of Union between two people – it doesn’t even automatically confer legal status (but the status is conferred to the partnership – not the other way around). Statuses of marriage and the rights it confers is different in different countries.
    3) Visiting rights, inheritance, adoption, child raising all those things are actually nothing to do with marriage (eg, in the UK before the passing of the Gay marriage law, gay and lesbians had the same rights as married people in the law except that they couldn’t have their partnership ceremony in a religious building – but could have a blessing of their partnership in a religious buildling) either, but for the sake of making it easy to campaign we bundle the things together as for most people these things do go together.

  11. lk says:

    Correct me if I read your comment wrong, however I concluded you saying same sex couples does not mean letting them have babies randomly? Firstly: “traditional families” why is that in quotation marks? Who are we to judge what a “traditional family” even is? Every family is unique, and fucked up with their own issues. Just because people are homosexual doesn’t mean they should take “severe psychological tests”. If that’s the case for adoption then they should do that to everybody regardless their sexuality. And the fact that homosexuals cannot reproduce should give them more of a reason to be able to adopt, and help the children who don’t have a family. Because regardless if its two males or females; if they are looking to adopt it’s because they want to give a child a real home and start a family. That alone should be enough to just let same sex couples adopt, and the rights that they deserve.

  12. Common Sense says:

    Gonna keep this real simple. Actually, if you think there is something wrong with a child being raised by 2 ppl of the same sex, you are homophobic (at least a little bit). And pointing that out does not make it impossible to discuss the topic in a sane, intelligent debate. Neither does pointing out the fact that marriage does not equal parenthood.

  13. mattouu says:

    doesn’t make sense to the french either. source: i’m french

  14. I know you are not homophobic (because there are a few homosexuals on your side too),…

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that this isn’t an inherently homophobic stance to take. I can find you Black people in favour of eugenics, that doesn’t mean that the root of eugenics isn’t inherently racist.

  15. Oh, I’ve nothing against the French people –quite lovely and attractive people, in my opinion– but no, being against Same Sex Marriage (SSM) is nothing but homophobic. One can try and rationalise it all one likes, but the fact of the matter is, it’s rooted in the hatred and fear that necessitates a social -phobia –hatred and fear of change, no matter how much potential good, at the very least.

    * No child has ever been physically or psychologically damaged by same sex parents (no more so than any “traditional” parents), and there are literally dozens of formal psychological studies, based on millions of case studies, most of which are easily found on the Internet.
    * There is absolutely no evidence to support the notion that allowing for SSM causes hetero- marriages to deteriorate.
    * I’m pretty sure any other “concerns” would also be easily debunked.

  16. DrumminD21311 says:

    That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.

  17. No, it’s not necessarily “acting gay”, but honestly, a bunch of guys going topless with other guys, painting slogans on each-other’s bare torsos…. It sure as hell creates a homoerotic imagery, especially in the public consciousness of Western society. That said, given that widespread public consciousness, it takes a bunch of men who’re very secure in their own sexuality to get topless with a bunch of other topless men and draw slogans on each-other’s naked torsos.

  18. One might need to consider that fact that opposing same-sex marriage in no way means being homophobic.

    Eh.. Not really. Considering that Same-Sex Marriage (SSM) rights guarantee that same-sex couples will have the same rights to things like hospital visitation, inheritance, income tax, and so on, that heterosexual couples have, no, it’s not “a very stupid amalgam” to conclude that SSM opposition comes from a homophobic place. To oppose SSM means that one does not believe that same-sex couples deserve many of the same basic rights and privileges that every other married couple is granted by law. It is impossible to write a “separate but equal” law that would guarantee same-sex couples under a “civil union” would have all or even most of the same rights that a married couple would have.

    And still, i’m anti same-sex marriage, not because i opposed a right gay people “should” have, but because i wonder about the children before wondering about the potential future parents. I try to make this as rational as possible even so i know in the end it will always end up being an opposition of considerations over core-values… Basically it’s impossible to agree with someone in the opposite side :) Still… doesn’t make of me an homophobic in any way.

    So… You don’t “hate and or fear gays” (the definition of “homophobic”), you’re just AFRAID of the effect it couple have on children to be raised by same-sex parents? That sounds pretty homophobic. You can try and sugar that up any way you like, but that’s homophobia.

  19. Benjamin Keller says:

    They’re not gay, they’re just French. People make that mistake a lot.

  20. PommeChocolatKebab says:

    I’m a french, lost in the internet, and i’ve laughted so hard. I totaly agree with this article. I’m not gay, and i don’t have any reason to be against the mariage. Unfortunate my english is not good as i want to explain why this mouvement is ridiculous for us, but i thinks you are smart enought to understand.

  21. PG says:

    Some things only make sense to the French, I guess.

  22. J5K says:

    Actually, no, things are not all that complex. Go ahead, lay out your argument against equal marital rights. Show us just how (il)literate you are.

  23. Pseudocide says:

    Wearing pink and climbing pole to FIGHT homosexuality… oh France.

  24. Morowyn says:

    This article made my day

  25. Gelliant Gutfright says:

    “Le Twinks R Us”…..

  26. Jimmy says:

    Oh some new masturbation material, yay

  27. TSM says:

    JuanBernardo, je ne répondais pas à toi mais à KPM… On est d’ailleurs complètement d’accord toi et moi…

  28. GreatMoel says:

    These After-eight bites are playing hard to get.
    Well, game on!

  29. marycigarettes says:

    serious hitler youth vibe from that’sound of music’/bonntrap family photo by the mountains


    Gotta luv those pink short shorts.

  31. Rina Peaks says:

    They look stupid in these photos. I believe that there are more sensible ways for them to express their opinion on gay marriage issue.
    How To Be Feminine

  32. Varoon says:

    Why on earth did you assume I was American?

    I’m neither American nor French, and why do I judge France? Well for the same reasons you Frenchmen judge others

    When you settle abroad, don’t you give your opinions on the host country?
    Just switch on to any French channel and you’ll fall on TV shows where uncultured French know-all will give their uneducated opinion on any culture and country that might exist on the planet, why do you think you are above scrutiny?

    We’re no more in the nineteenth century when French explorers went overseas to study the savages, today you too, can become subject of study

    Your liberty? Actually you’re not worthy of your Universal Declaration of Human Rights, when you are on the side of the reactionary homophobes

    “If you’re not happy, just go back to your fucking country. Nobody asked you to come to France and judge us.”??

    Well why not set the example and ask all the French living in the US or elsewhere and criticising their host country to fuck off

    No one is indispensable, including you

  33. Palto says:

    You’re the pervert Joseph.

  34. Palto says:

    They are half naked and hugging / straddling each other. Do you do this with your ‘straight’ friends?

  35. Palto says:

    Your shirtless babes up there aren’t taken seriously. They look completely ridiculous.

  36. Palto says:

    And hugging / straddling / climbing each other. If that doesn’t look gay to you I wonder what does.

  37. Palto says:

    They take photos of themselves blowing each other. That’ll really show us!

  38. Palto says:

    This group is laugh out loud hysterical. The Onion couldn’t have done a better job with this farce. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction indeed. These closet cases are gayer than Liberace’s ghost.

  39. Pierre says:

    > And remember, kids – nothing says “I hate gays” like ripping off your
    shirt, then wrapping your > crotch around another guy’s neck.

    Well, of course, France is far away, so, difficult for you to really know what happens…

    But never has Manif pour tous (and Hommens) said they hate gays. It’s the contrary : they say they want to fight homophobia (are they really fighting it ? Maybe not…), but do not want same sex marriage.
    Read that and their first statement ; I quote : “They also concern the opposition to all forms of homophobia.”

  40. HeywoodJa says:

    How can you compare INCEST to two people who love each other spending their life together in a lawful marriage? The fact that you even make that connection suggests that you’re just not evolved on this issue.

  41. HeywoodJa says:

    Sorry–John is right. Those pics SCREAM “gay.”

    Not that there’s anything WRONG with that….

    The only thing WRONG with the photos is the attitudes of the bitter and frightened homophobes posing like they’re on a Big Gay Alpine Camping Trip.

  42. HeywoodJa says:

    For the religious people reading this, it is important for them to remember that “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Gay wouldn’t be part and parcel of the human condition if God didn’t want it here.

  43. HeywoodJa says:

    The HILLS are alive….with the whines of LOSERS…..!!!!

  44. rhetorics_killer says:

    You are right: better a child among a father and mother, no matter they are abusive, or careless. We all know, of course, that being gay is an irrefragable assumption of being twisted, perverse, demonic and so on. At least this is what your opinion is comfortable with.

  45. Songbird says:

    So be semi nude is actually acting gay?

  46. JuanBernardo says:

    Anéfé, ton anglais n’est pas parfait :D

    Je disais justement que la Manif pour Tous est un groupe homophobe, même s’ils prétendent le contraire pour se donner bonne conscience et avoir une bonne réputation.
    Après tout, les mensonges, c’est un peu leur marque de fabrique : “LE PRINTEMPS FRANCAIS EST SPONTANE C’EST LES GENS QUI L’ONT DECIDE”. 1 mois avant que le terme apparaît, les bergers ont déposés la marque…


    The birth of the group is a bunch of lies too : they’re screaming they’re like the Egyptians with their revolution, or the political prisoner (the only dude who goes to trial insult the judge, saying shit like “Yeah, set me free, and maybe i’ll forgive french justice.” Just, wtf man ? If you don’t like Justice, go live in a jungle.), that the movement is spontaneous.
    They stole the name of the Arabic Revolutions (“Arabic Spring”), trademarking it ONE MONTH before they even began all this rain of wet shit.

    Well, you can laugh at them, because they’re becoming really dangerous. And they’re starting to brainwash kids. It’s really frightening what’s happening right now.

  47. Räel says:

    this guys are all so gay!!

  48. Carles V. says:

    Yes, of couse KKK is not racist they just don’t like the africanAmerican people….
    Justifier l’injustifiable.

  49. FrenchRandomer says:

    Your first point is right as it is, indeed two different things and the title of this article is badly chosen.

    However, I’m French but I’m sure it is the same all around the world, I do care about the children too and allowing adoption by same sex couples does not mean just letting them having babies randomly. In this case they will have to pass several psychologic tests and prove that they can provide the necessary equilibrium, well being and support to a child…. Things that are absolutely not always present in “traditional families”. Think about it and about the number of “bad” parents treating their children so badly, no education, no respect, violence, etc… (I will not list them all)… If I had to care about a children I would prefer a sane family…

    The thing people might be scared of is that by letting same sex couple having children then the children will look at homosexuality as a natural thing… Then.. Yes just going some step further there is “often” (I don’t say always) homophobia…

    Quotation: “Strange with gay people… They can not reproduce themselves and there are more and more” No one can stop the Nature

  50. Carles V. says:

    You mean like a Gay Pride in Russia or in Uganda? this kind of stupid?
    Never stop figthing for your rigths NEVER

  51. joseph66 says:

    I didn’t know gays were the only people allowed to be shirtless.

  52. joseph66 says:

    That’s the way perverted people think. They believe everyone is like them.

  53. joseph66 says:

    There are people against all kinds of marriage, and they are not homophobic or heterophobic.

    I don’t believe that brothers must be able to marry, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have brothers and sister.

    They are not hating gays, but just defending their definition and concet of marriage.

    Why can people disagree without being labeled? That’s pathetic.

  54. joseph66 says:

    This is not more or less stupid that the guys at the Gay Pride.

  55. joseph66 says:

    Middle Ages were not so bad as people thnk. In fact, many Universities and democratic ideas were developed and implemented during the Middle Ages.

  56. Kakiharae Underwood says:

    Yup you are just a homophobic moron rationalizing your very shaky assumptions you set forth in what i assume is your argument against gay marriage? Gay marriage is just for the right to marry legally on paper. People get married all the time and do not need god or a church just a piece of paper that validates it in their said states for your know tax brakes and such..basic rights all else have if they marry but just not if you are gay..bullshit. Your comment about oh you have no issue with gay people but you worry about the kids? dumb fuck i grew up with one parent. I had at least two friends with gay parants that tired to hide it since we lived around a bunch of knuckle draggers like you that thought your bullshit.. We are all grown up, very successful and all straight not that it would matter if we were gay whatever it is just who you love so none of anyone else’s business.. People like you just excuse your bullshit homophobic fear to care for the children when all you care about is yourself and your own fear. Die off moron you are the moronity i hope forever in your ideologies and just plain ignorance and total lake of basic history and real statistics cause yeah us straight one do such a better job with kids right? no you fucking moron white people and straight ones pretty much do the worse and hell if you are religious then you might as well be Hitler to me.. moron knuckle draggers rationalizing their fears cause change is scary.. I wonder if children like you even have the mind to surmise what it wil be like in 50 years? cause if people like you do not grow the fuck up and stop acting liek little babies whining about everything we fucked cause you people sure do not read or understand science…

  57. LxZv says:

    Nobody adopts children with a mom and a dad and a happy family, people adopt homeless children… And if you believe that gay people are bad parents JUST because they’re gay… that’s called homophobia. and if you REALLY believe that is better to grow up alone than to have two dads they you’re not only homophobic, but also stupid.

  58. Alexis says:

    One might need to consider that fact that opposing same-sex marriage in no way means being homophobic.
    Actually people that don’t hesitate to make that shortcut are making a very stupid amalgam.

    I for one, have no problem whatsoever with homosexuality. I consider one should just be as he wants to be and shouldn’t be pressured in any way to alter his preferences. And i also consider anyone who’d consider just and moral and justify hatred against gays should be sued and condemned for that reason.
    And still, i’m anti same-sex marriage, not because i opposed a right gay people “should” have, but because i wonder about the children before wondering about the potential future parents.
    I try to make this as rational as possible even so i know in the end it will always end up being an opposition of considerations over core-values… Basically it’s impossible to agree with someone in the opposite side :) Still… doesn’t make of me an homophobic in any way.

    What i want to say is that by reducing this to a “homophobic vs. gay-friendly” fight, you are all making it impossible to have a sane, intelligent debate about the matter. And we SO VERY MUCH need one!!!

  59. Ninong says:


    It’s not hard to find credible research if you will just stop reading only the agenda-biased faux-studies like the “New Family Structures Study” and other flawed reports. Instead of reading nonsense published by NOM, the Mormons and some ultra-right Catholic groups, like Opus Dei, you could start with the conclusions of the American Psychological Association:

    “On the basis of a remarkably consistent body of research on lesbian and gay parents and their children, the American Psychological Association (APA) and other health professional and scientific organizations have concluded that there is no scientific evidence that parenting effectiveness is related to parental sexual orientation. That is, lesbian and gay parents are as likely as heterosexual parents to provide supportive and healthy environments for their children. This body of research has shown that the adjustment, development and psychological well-being of children are unrelated to parental sexual orientation and that the children of lesbian and gay parents are as likely as those of heterosexual parents to flourish.”

    One noticeable difference that was found, however, is that children raised by same-gender parents are more tolerant of diversity on average than children raised by different-gender parents.

  60. Ninong says:

    In other words, you’re accusing me of being intolerant of your intolerance. Nice try.

  61. Ninong says:

    There’s a very good reason a brother and a sister can’t get married. It’s the same reason the law won’t allow you to marry your mother, just in case that’s your next question. Sorry. I guess you’ll have to look outside your family for a suitable spouse.

  62. Gayometer says:

    The gayometer will say if they are gays:

  63. Ravioli2 says:

    Maybe the problem with the Hollande is that there is nothing to say, it does nothing, it brews the wind that’s all.

  64. Alec says:

    People need to learn that “gay” isn’t an action. That is getting really annoying to listen to. Being gay is a sexual orientation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  65. Jerome says:

    I’m French, if that’s enough credentials to judge French society, and they ARE a bunch of homophobic bigots for the most part. BTW I am a scientist so I read all day and I spent the last 5 years between the USA and England.

    As for this “complex” movement, I’m sorry to say they are just ‘against’, whatever François Hollande has to say on anything. The good news is they ridiculed themselves so much that nobody take them seriously anymore.

  66. Evan says:

    A man taking off his shirt or even (gasp!) touching another man is not “acting gay.” That is the kind of shit homophobes say.
    I’ll give you the pole-climbing pic, though. That is hilarious.

  67. Name says:

    …in matching pink shorts no less…

  68. Eve says:

    Who do you think you are to tell people how they should run their country? If you’re not happy, just go back to your fucking country. Nobody asked you to come to France and judge us. You have no right to tell us what we are supposed to do. Why are so many Americans considering themselves as the moral authority and the pollice of the whole world. How arrogant! Our values are not your values. Our thoughts are not your thoughts. This is our democraty. This is our country. This is our liberty.

  69. Eve says:

    Simple, simple, simple… Have you ever tried to think out of your comfortable little boxes? Your definitions are clearly showing that you don’t really like spending time thinking. If you are against the idea of debating and making your opnion, it’s called stupidity.

  70. Romain says:

    “you don’t know anything about”, ‘consider reading a book”… Why are anti-gay marriage people like you so condescending ? Did you know that you can support gay marriage without being a total ignorant ? I have listened to all my friends’ arguments and debates about why this law may be bad for France, I am happy to let them say what they want and to listen to them. I know you are not homophobic (because there are a few homosexuals on your side too), but “Things are just a little bit more complex” will not save you.
    And speaking of travelling, I have been to Iceland lately. They have legalized same-sex marriage 3 years ago, and at the time of the vote no politician have voted against the law.

  71. Eve says:

    You’re just talking about a problem that doesn’t exist. Finding families for orphans is not the problem. Actually, there are way too many demands from couples to adopt compared to the number of orphans. By opening adoption to gay couples, you increase the “demand”, but also reduce the “offer” as some countries will stop sending their orphans to France beause they don’t want them to be raised by gay couples.

  72. Eve says:

    Just understand that the situation can be different than in the great United States! In France, we had a civil partnership that could have been improved if needed. Mariage was not necessary to get the same rights.

  73. Eve says:

    I’m curious about where you found your “credible studies”. Probably on the LGBT website…: )

  74. Eve says:

    Simplistic thinking… The whole project includes adoption and is opening the way to medically assisted procreation and surrogate mothers. Try to analyse a bit more. These consequences are serious! And yes, there are some homophobic people in this movement. What else would you expect? And some Catholics too, indeed. But there are also certainly people with other religions. Like Islam for example. And if you go to muslim countries you will probably not find many people who are pro gay marriage. So do you consider that muslims are evil homophobes? You are pretending being tolerant but it sounds like you do not accept people with different values and opinions than yours… Who is intolerant now?

  75. Ivory says:

    Frigide Barjot IS, notwithstanding what you heard in the street or at the terrace of a café, the founder and spokesperson of the Manif Pour Tous.

    Also, supporting gay marriage IS modern. How else would you explain that other countries in Europe (the liberal ones) have legalized gay marriage at least ten years ago, and that even the UK, under a conservative government, has passed it last year without much debate? We Frenchmen are lagging behind on almost every society issue. (also see: drug laws, euthanasy laws, safe haven zones for shooters, carrying mothers…)

  76. Ivory says:

    A lot less rights than actual marriage, very little tax benefits and no recognition of the spouse’s legal statute when it comes to the children. Also no adoptions are possible.

  77. Gabriel says:

    There are always exceptions, but the vast majority of the current Manif pour Tous movement is homohobic.
    It wasn’t when the movement was created, but now it is. Most members who were not homophobic have left the movement since the law was enacted.

  78. Eve says:

    Such a poor understanding of the French society and of this movement: people against gay mariage are not necessarely homophobic or far right. Things are just a little bit more complex than this… But I know it is so tempting to simplify things and insult people. But before judging a movement or a society you don’t know anything about, maybe you should consider travelling or reading a book for once in your life. I promess it won’t hurt you :)

  79. Risqué Webster says:

    Hmmmmmm, I’d like to know why Christian’s think they own marriage in the first place?! Pagan’s (Who pre-date Christianity), were practising marriage long before Christianity adopted it as their special word of ‘union’. Personally I have no problem with gay marriage, I mean look at all these heterosexual married couples were there is no religion or faith involved (Atheist marriage), that’s still marriage. Oh then we move on to the subject of post ‘marriage’ – when quite a few are divorced on the grounds of adultery, surely that’s far worse than 2 people in love? Then we look at other faiths around the world that allow gay marriage like The Quakers, The United reformed Church, Buddhists, though you forget these organisations have moved into the 21st century & left 12th century views behind!

  80. Ravioli2 says:

    I would like to ask the author of the article, as he accused the young French Photo homophobia, he must prove it.

  81. Ravioli2 says:

    PACS is a civil union recognized the French homo and hetero use it every day without a problem, it brings much right, it is also a good solution for you in america.

  82. DocKahlan says:

    Haha yeah, they are fighting fire with fire !
    Which is hilarious IMO haha

  83. blahblahblah says:

    And therefore so is this article that doesn’t help the gay community to be taken seriously.

  84. blahblahblah says:

    If anything this article is another argument that these guys are not homophobic or in disconfort with their sexuality or at least – unlike the person who wrote this article – they’re not obsessed with it. The fact that they probably never realised it could be seen as gay pictures is a lesson for people here who put/see sex in everything.

  85. blahblahblah says:

    Gays aren’t the only society group that don’t have the same rights.
    For example, a brother and a sister can’t get married and adopt a child either. (and no I’m not mistaking homosexuality with intermariage befor you jump on that). So according to you if I agree with this law, I should be called “anti-brothers and sisters” ?
    Does that really make sense to you?

  86. AnotherFrench says:

    Stupid. The union between gays had nothing to do with marriage. And making the PACS (name of the union…) equals to marriage, only with a different name, would have been worse. It would have been equivalent to say : “Oh your gay ? See : your equal, but separate”.
    Besides YES, this is homophobic. Claiming that a couple can’t have the SAME RIGHTS as another only because it’s a homosexual couple IS a discrimination, hence homophobia.

  87. AFrench says:

    Being against a law which was proposed for pure political manipulation (the union between gay was possible in France since 99) doesn’t mean you are homophobic.
    Many French gay people even think this law was homophobic because gays don’t have to “play normal people” meaning being married to be accepted.
    Assuming being gay is also assuming that you are not heterosexual

  88. Ravioli2 says:

    In France, if you have a different opinion, you are treated homophobia by the government and the media to boot this one, just like this article.

    While half of French would be homophobic, however, the right to civil marriage for gays is with us since 1999.

  89. kali says:

    so like beeing homosexual is all about beeing shirtless and wearing pink. Your cliché is a massive disgrace.

  90. Ninong says:

    Why is it France’s anti-gay marriage protesters look gayer than America’s pro-gay marriage protesters? We need to more young gay guys to parade around shirtless wearing pink shorts so that we can attract more attention.

    Check out this John Oliver TV segment where he features the very gay looking French anti-gay marriage protesters:—international-edition

  91. Moderator4 says:

    The Crackhouse/Guest, please sign into Disqus with one name henceforth. Thank you.

  92. onvacasserdupd says:

    they aren’t heterosexual at all your picture show guy who a for the gay wedding (but french become all gay or metro sexual im happy to leave this fucking country soon

  93. Ninong says:

    Don’t be ridiculous! This is a gay website! We love people who look gay. The gayer the better.

    Gay is normal. There’s nothing wrong with looking gay.

  94. 安东 says:

    “She’s just pointing out that those boys climbing all over each other shirtless and wearing pink shorts look gay! Hilariously gay!”

    By saying this Ninong, you just said “oh look at him, he is straight and he is acting gay, the way he behaves is not NORMAL but gay”. You think gay behave following stereotypes and whoever follows them strictly should be mocked. You are being homophobic !

  95. Ninong says:

    No, she isn’t, she being sarcastic!

    She’s just pointing out that those boys climbing all over each other shirtless and wearing pink shorts look gay! Hilariously gay!

  96. Ninong says:

    Très gay!

  97. Ninong says:

    Maybe it’s because they’re against equality for gays? Maybe that’s why he considers them anti-gay? Just because they don’t want gays to have equal marriage rights or adoption rights, things like that. If you’re against something it’s called being anti-. They’re anti-gay.

  98. Ninong says:

    That’s part of their charm. It’s not their intention to look gay, but they do. Très gay!

  99. WTF says:

    You do realize that by saying someone is “acting gay” you’re being outrageously stereotypical and downright offensive right?

  100. hey says:

    I am not sure why you describe them as “anti-gay”.

  101. Tha Crackhouse says:

    @ Joachim : They’ll present candidats at the city elections and the european elections so they must have a program… no wait, they don’t advocate nothing besides taking holly water bath and make sure people are not equal. No wonder why they did not issued any handouts, they have nothing other to say.
    For the rest of their opinions, I’ll leave you to their leader’s declarations, I think we’ve heard enough of them throughout the last 4 month.

  102. Tha Crackhouse says:

    @ Zen : Once upon a time, christian political parties were considered as center-right parties, that’s true but not set in stone. It seems that they’ve moved aside and are now far right for several reasons :
    – All of the other center-right parties are now purely secular so La Manif Pour Tous is actually the only party that is advocating catholic ideas ( because that’s what they do, wether they admit it or not). They’re literally demonstrating every time a religious-based matter arises (gay marriage, DNA researches, etc…).
    – A simple glance at the people that were demonstrating against marriage equality proves that there ere A LOT of ultra nationalist far right movement members (who, by the way, assaulted the FEMENS and a lot of other people in front of the cameras) supporting them. Now you’ll say that those people don’t have anything to do with LA Manif Pour Tous but no one will believe you and even if it was true, those people came on their own because they had the same opinions on social matters as La Manif Pour Tous which makes La Manif Pour Tous a far right movement. Having the same point of view on social matters than far right activist makes you a far right cheerleader.

  103. Guest says:

    @ Zen : Once upon a time, christian political parties were considered as center-right parties, that’s true but not set in stone. It seems that they’ve moved aside and are now far right for several reasons :
    – All of the other center-right parties are now purely secular so La Manif Pour Tous is actually the only party that is advocating catholic ideas ( because that’s what they do, wether they admit it or not). They’re literally demonstrating every time a religious-based matter arises (gay marriage, DNA researches, etc…).
    – A simple glance at the people that were demonstrating against marriage equality proves that there ere A LOT of ultra nationalist far right movement members (who, by the way, assaulted the FEMENS and a lot of other people in front of the cameras) supporting them. Now you’ll say that those people don’t have anything to do with LA Manif Pour Tous but no one will believe you and even if it was true, those people came on their own because they had the same opinions on social matters as La Manif Pour Tous which makes La Manif Pour Tous a far right movement. Having the same point of view on social matters than far right activist makes you a far right cheerleader.

    @ Joachim : They’ll present candidats at the city elections and the european elections so they must have a program… no wait, they don’t advocate nothing besides taking holly water bath and make sure people are not equal. No wonder why they did not issued any handouts, they have nothing other to say.
    For the rest of their opinions, I’ll leave you to their leader’s declarations, I think we’ve heard enough of them throughout the last 4 month.

  104. Ninong says:

    C’est bien.

  105. Ninong says:

    That’s like the Vatican saying they don’t hate gays, they just hate them doing anything gay because that’s “intrinsically disordered.”

  106. Ninong says:

    That’s like Benedict XVI saying he doesn’t hate gays, he just hates them doing anything gay, because that’s “intrinsically disordered.”

  107. Ninong says:

    Homophobia may not be funny but we Americans find the Hommen and Manif pour tous boys hilarious, if misguided. I mean, how campy can you get? Shirtless wearing bright pink shorts and climbing on top of each other to form a human totem pole.

  108. Ninong says:

    Femen is anti-religion because they believe religion discriminates against women. In their case it’s about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. They’re fighting patriarchy, which is responsible for the exploitation of women. Dictatorships and religion are part of that patriarchical structure that they want to destroy.

  109. Ninong says:

    “Especially when a society is as degenerate, oversexualized, utterly materialistic and capitalistic and ultimately violent as yours.”

    Hahaha! Except when we’re saving your asses from the Germans, right?

  110. Ninong says:


    You have a couple of mistakes that totally change the meaning of what you’re trying to say. “Which meant that despise the fact…” should be changed to “…despite the fact.” Totally different meaning.

    Apparently when you say “concubine,” you mean the biological parent’s same-sex partner, or spouse. Concubine is a word that is not used at all in current English except for biblical references to King Solomon with his 700 wives and 300 concubines or when speaking of ancient Chinese emperors and their female sex partners who were not the empress.

    That’s a problem in some US states, too. Some of them do not allow the same-sex partner of the biological parent to adopt the child. That leaves the child with just the one parent, which is unfair, especially if something happens to the biological parent before the child has reached adulthood.

    The new law in France fixed a lot of problems that needed fixing. Marriage by any other name is not marriage. Domestic partnerships and civil unions are not marriage no matter what the Manif pour tous and Hommen say.

  111. Ravioli2 says:

    We had to slightly increase the rights of PACS, it was made ​​for it.

  112. Ravioli2 says:

    They refer to Femens. the Femens are a group that comes from Russia and who came to France for “political reasons” with the approval of our President. The Femens are also topless, and they are against the Catholic Church and pro government.
    For Homens usually they have masks, they remove their shirt, put on a mask and sings the “Marseillaise” for 60 minutes with smoke. It really is innocent is demonstrative, it has nothing gay.

  113. Dominique Storni says:

    Not just topless men. It’s how they are posed. They are posed precisely in the stereotypical posture they allegedly disdain.

  114. Dominique Storni says:

    Do they have NO idea how gay they are looking?

  115. Ravioli2 says:

    Off course, and for the same legal protection, In 1999 we made the PACS, for that.

  116. ZOuk says:

    So having pictures of topless men is gay ? Sad and terrible analysis.

  117. Ninong says:

    The Catholic Church can keep the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony for opposite-sex couples only. No one is trying to tell them that they have to marry same-sex couples.

    In the U.S. it’s even more difficult to achieve marriage equality for all because here we have to do it state-by-state unless the United States Supreme Court decides to rule differently, and so far they have avoided addressing this question directly.

    In the US marriage confers more than 1,100 rights that unmarried couples do not enjoy.

  118. Ninong says:

    “France is a Catholic country” culturally but not in practice. Less than 10% of French Catholics attend Mass weekly.

  119. Finn says:

    MARRIAGE has absolutely nothing to do with religion. I don’t know where people got this idea from, but marriage has always been about recognition from the government.
    HOLY MATRIMONY is the religious side of it, and is what religions traditionally performed. Nobody is asking for gay people to be joined in holy matrimony. They’re asking to be joined in marriage and have the same legal protection that every else has.

  120. Ravioli2 says:

    About marriage for the french socialist government lied. He says he does not want the GPA and the LDCs, but this is wrong Because the wedding it will be automatically approved by Europe soon.
    Here’s what think Pierre Bergé (Socialist multi-millionaire pro-gay-marriage), he said : pay a worker for his arm or a mother for her belly is the same thing.

  121. anna says:

    In addition to what Ninong said, the PACS doesn’t give any legal guaranty for children of one of the two person to the other one in case of death. Moreover, gay parents couldn’t adopt their companion’s children which was one of the biggest problem for women couples.
    Mariage pour tous now give them a legal existence and allow gay couple to raise their children together.
    And I definitively know for a fact that most of the people in the movement are homophobic : why would you fight that much against giving them the same right as any other couple if you are not ?

  122. Ravioli2 says:

    The PACS is for everyone, marriage is for heterosexuals, more chétienne that respects tradition, indeed France is a Catholic country.
    It was a Good arrangement.
    It’s just that no one is homophobic, say otherwise is a gratuitous insult.
    The reason why the anti-gay marriage protest was also important in France is that the government refused to debate, refused dialogue, declined to référundum, and he treated everyone who was against homophobic, hoping to silence people.

  123. Ninong says:

    Christine Boutin is a homophobic nutcase. She accused Angelina Jolie of getting a sex change operation because she had a double mastectomy to prevent breat cancer.

    She accepts the official line of the Vatican that contraception, including condoms, are forbidden — except that she’s willing to make an exception in Africa to prevent AIDS. I’m not sure she makes this distinction but the Vatican’s exception for Africa applies only to married couples, it does not condone unmarried men using condoms under any circumstances because it does not condone premarital sex.

    She was against PACS in 1998 and very much against Mariage pour tous this year. She’s in the minority. Most people in France supported Mariage pour tous. Besides, the Catholic Church is going down the drain France. Almost no one attends Mass on a regular basis anymore. The Church counts everyone who was ever baptized as a Catholic even if they only go to church for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

  124. Ninong says:

    PACS was not marriage. It was a domestic partnership law. Civil unions are not marriage. If it was marriage then why are Manif pour tous and Hommen so angry that gays wanted actual marriage now? They need to get a clue and realize that it’s over and they lost. Mariage pour tous is the law of the land in France now and there is nothing they can do about it.

    There are a lot of homophobic people “in the movement,” starting with the Catholic Church!

  125. Accent in my head says:

    I am reading everything you write with a french accent.

  126. Ravioli2 says:

    The article is not correct, this is a serious deal acusation querlqu’un homophobia.
    In France, you must know that gays since 1999 have the right to marry, it is called the PACS. And marriage name was for the straight.
    What happened is that the government wanted gays too can also have access to straight marriage, but is not a question of law, it is purely political.
    Nobody in the movement is homophobic.

  127. Savanah says:

    If you can read in English, then why don’t you reply in English? Why do you hide? Whenever people foreign to America use the words “Yank” or “Yankees”. What is that even supposed to mean? Is that supposed to be an insult? I don’t know, but it’s not considered an offensive word here. Yankees is the name of a baseball team in the U.S. and a candle-making company haha. If you ARE trying to offend someone, I think you are better off calling them an “ass wipe” or “dick head” or “moron” or something like that. The French have translations for that, right? :)

  128. Savanah says:

    Well that’s a stupid thing to be protesting against. The reason children end up being taken from their parents or end up in foster homes is because the biological parents are not fit to be raising a child (they are drug addicts, criminals, child abusers, etc) OR they are not financially able to raise a child. If a parent is able to raise the child, then they would already be raising it! If not, it’s better for that child to end up in a home where it would be loved and cared for. Why would you push to have children put back into unstable homes just so they can be with the biological parent? That makes this movement sound even dumber than if they were just anti-gay marriage.

  129. 安东 says:

    Actually, you are being homophobic in your article.

  130. Lydie says:

    The important part of your sentence Michael is “why would a logical person say..” : Logical persons are rare these days…

  131. diGo says:

    They sexualize themselves their activities just comparing themselves to Femen groups. They should have chosen another name,

  132. Lydie says:

    As surprising as it may seem to you, homosexual persons can be homophobic. For instance, some might not really assume who they are, still be higly influenced by their families or their environment. I personnaly encountered a lesbian who was against gay marriage and against adoption (she changed her mind later) because she thought that some homosexuals were not able to raise kids normally. She always critised butch-like lesbian and feminin gay men : the definition of this is nothing more than homophobia.

  133. Michael says:

    No I haven’t.

    I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in the USA, married people have certain rights that you can’t get any other way. So why would a logical person say they don’t want the same rights as another person?
    Maybe a specific individual doesn’t want to get married, but that’s different than saying I don’t want anyone else to be married either

  134. diGo says:

    the reasons why people are against gay marriage make them homophobe. Sorry if you discover yourself such as.

  135. diGo says:

    Lots anti-gay talk about ex minister chatholic politic woman Christine Boutin who did married her own german cousin ; she explained that she was right because it was permitted by the law.

  136. AV says:

    You might want to tell that to gay people who are against gay marriage, because they do exist. A lot of people who are anti-marriage equality do it out of homophobia, but not all.

  137. NS says:

    You have never talk to a homosexual person not in favor of gay marriage ?

  138. Michael says:

    Yes it does.

    “ho·mo·pho·bi·a (hm-fb-)
    1. Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men.
    2. Behavior based on such a feeling.

    Every credible study done on the subject has shown that gay marriage and gay families are no more dysfunctional than hetero families. So yes, being against gay marriage means you are against it based on a personal feeling. That feeling is homophobia.

  139. diGo says:

    You sure are one of them. You are ridiculous, stop arguing please, it’s a full-time joke. You think about children, so let them grow in every good families… The point here is not about their homophobic ideas, it’s about the way they show themselves gay without even thinking about it. Femen are courageous and commit themselves in countries that don’t hesitate to put them in jail where they can be rapped, harmed… So don’t even compare yourself to them, please.

  140. Maggie says:

    You should try to get better information for yourself, cuz both Hommen and La Manif Pour Tous claim themselves strictly against gay marriage, which is the very point of all this mess. Not to mention that the children given for adoption are actually not in capacity to “know and be cared” by their biological parents, which seems quite obvious.

  141. Bastoun says:

    Please stop telling bulshit:
    – if you are against the equality between races, it is called racism
    – il you are against the equality between sexes, it is called sexism
    – when you are ready to stuggle against the rights to equality of homosexuals, it is called homophoby.
    I think I have more respect for people who clearly assum that. At least they are not coward.

  142. NS says:

    being against gay marriage = being homophobe…. Great reasoning guys!

  143. Gavroche says:

    Something important is not written in this article: the Hommen chose their name and their semi-nude body in order to compete with the Femen movement. In France the Femen are very mediatised and never repressed by the police. At the contrary, people from the Manif pour tous have been unfairly repressed for months and the press was mute about the message their carried. The Hommen wanted to be heard, and it actually works even abroad! It’s time to stop calling them homophobs or inhibited gays and try to understand why their still occupy the street and protest after 9 months of “debate”. Their are not against gay marriage, they only want every chidren to be risen by his/her biological father and mother when it’s possible (The child has “as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents”, Unicef art.7). Please try to inform yourself better!

  144. 92 says:

    Il serait temps de faire ton coming out… Ca te fera beaucoup de bien… (et je suis hétéro ;-)

  145. Pédale says:

    Non désolé je laisse ça aux pédales dans ton genre. ;)

  146. 92 says:

    Va sucer une bonne bite ça te fera beaucoup de bien… :)

  147. Pédé says:

    Ouais, l’image, le truc que voient en premier les pédés et les femmes, au lieu de chercher le sens profond derrière tout ça. Ce n’est pas avec des gens comme vous que le monde va évoluer, quoique vous en pensiez, vos sarcasmes ne reflètent que la mesquinerie de votre personnalité. Les seules couilles que vous avez, vous vous en servez pour décharger dans des trous du cul poilus.
    D’ailleurs l’auteur de cet article pourri m’a banni et je dois passer par un proxy, vive la liberté d’expression made in grosse pédale !

  148. TSM says:

    I’m French, gay and living in one of the most homophobic western countries… I’ve been bullied so many times…

  149. TSM says:

    So accept the fact that now we can marry and adopt in France :-)

  150. TSM says:

    That’s because he cannot read in English LOL

  151. Zen Wfw says:

    Would be curious to know about your religious and political education :)
    I’m sure all Christian Democratic parties across the world will be happy to learn they have moved from Center to Extreme Right in a click LOL

  152. Zen Wfw says:

    First : I’m not part of the movement so don’t include me in the “You”… and you see ? You’re taxing people of being homophobic just because there are not on your side.

    This is as dangerous and stupid as homophobic people.

    And if you talk to some people of went to the gatherings they don’t give a shit about this crazy Frigide Barjot. They were there because they were against Homoparentality more than anything + the lake of consideration they felt in this so call debate.

    There was no debate. It was “You defend the MPT and you’r cool and modern OR You’re against and your a fascist homophobic”. As I wrote before, life isn’t black or white…

  153. Varoon says:

    Oh please, I live in Paris and witnessed all the gatherings by the Manif Pour Tous and their attention seeking leader the rightly named Frigide Barjot

    You may fool others, but we who have been listening to everything they’ve said over the last months know that they have a problem with homosexuality and homosexuals in general and it’s not your gay members Bongibault and co that gonna make you look less homophobic

  154. Madcuzbad says:

    English please.

  155. Ofthedoor says:

    Pour les gens normaux, qu’ils soient americains ou pas, de jeunes gens torse nus, imberbes en tres bonnes forme avec des shorts roses…ce sont des gays. Alors quand on apprend qu’en fait ils manifestent contre l’homosexualite alors qu’ils font plus gays que les gays eux-meme, ca fait marrer.

    Ils sont cons ces gaulois. Vraiment un peuple de blaireaux qui ne comprennent rien.

  156. Joachim says:

    Tha Crackhouse, please try to find a political program of La Manif Pour Tous. More, please try to find something based on religious beliefs in it*. Good luck :) *except you consider that thinking Humanity (and every human) is something important, is a religious belief.
    Catholicism is from right? Good luck (again) if you try to prove that..!

  157. Xav says:

    I have travelled the world and I consider my country as a very good place to live (probably one of the best)! But god damn…what’s wrong with us?? We are Franch, we like to debat..ok! But from overseas it seems so stupid!! Very funny article, thx!!!

  158. Tha Crackhouse says:

    In a certain (twisted) way their actions do have a point. I mean, as a gay men, I have to admit that a lot of those men are pretty cute so I tend to be less combative. I just watch them talk on TV without paying any attention to the horrible shit they’re saying and try to imagine what they did together on the down low during this camping trip ! Maybe they also took pictures of it…
    Then I see Christine Boutin’s ugly face pop up on my TV screen and it makes me come back to my senses and realize that they’re just bigots who have been brain washed and breast fed with holly water all their life…

  159. HOMOSAPIENS2 says:

    Merci! C’est ce que je pense depuis le début. Mais trop de gens jouent les redresseurs de tort, et c’est beaucoup plus facile de stigmatiser ou caricaturer l’opposant que de se remettre en question. Merci pour cette analyse que je partage profondément. Et je ne suis pas membre de la manif pour tous.

  160. David says:

    “(The height of French intellectualism)”


    Sorry mate, I’m not sure to understand everything (I’m a fucking frog), but I think it’s not necessary to make generalities about French people…
    It’s like saying that all americans are fat…

    Anyway, this article is very funny and I’m happy for gay people that they finally can get married ! (there are so much more important problems to solve in France…)

  161. Tha Crackhouse says:

    True ! I also make fun of them but at the same time it maked me sad, not because I’m gay and I fear they would take the power (common folks, that will NEVER happen, they’re less than 40 !) but because I’m gay and I think that some of them are actually pretty cute… too bad they’re all on the down low !

  162. Tha Crackhouse says:

    Right, Christine Boutin represents less than 1% of the voters but 99,9% of La Manif Pour Tous members who endorse pretty much everything she says !
    La Manif Pour Tous is no becoming a (small) political party that intends to present a few candidates at the european election and their program is based on catholic religion (those people would do everything the pope’s telling them to do) which makes them a far right political movement.

  163. A 2nd French opinion says:

    A second French opinion!I hate when they try to make it a US vs France debate. Both countries have their pro and anti gay movements. In both countries you can find bigots. I am heterosexual but I respect homosexuals and like most French people I don’t have any problem with homosexual people and support their equal rights. The French “hommen” is a bisarre minority within the anti-gay movement minority. I believe that these boys are a kind of repress gays and that within a few years most of them will do their coming out. They probably found within the hommen movement a way to please their attraction for other young men without admitting it. Of course you can do a lot of things half or fully naked with other boys without been gay but why would you do it, if you are not gay?

  164. Moderator3 says:

    You may want to check on the definition of concubine.

  165. menoch says:

    Actually, I beg to differ slightly.

    That’s true that everybody mays adopt in France,regardless their marital status and sexual orientation, however this applied only for “orphans”.

    This law will authorize the more or less 100.000 gay parents to adopt their concubine’s children, which they were not allowed to until now. Which meant that despise the fact that they had been raised by their biological parent’s concubine, they were no guarantee they could stay with him/her in case the biological parent dies…

    Plus, it gives them the possibility to inherit from both members of the couple, instead of only the biological parents.

    Plus, it gives the concubine some protection regarding the claim of his concubine’s children concerning the inheritance, making him/her husband or wife.

    This law DOES change a lot, it’s a huge deal, and I’m really glad it passed.

  166. Zen Wfw says:

    Yeah Yeah, she was…. like hundreds of others since decades, from right or left, that has been minister for a while and that history has forgotten since then…

  167. Jérémy Delabarre says:

    She’s a poitic women. She was a Minister under Nicolas Sarkozy. Remember.

  168. Zen Wfw says:

    I’m french, I live in France and pleaseeeeeee… you take Christine Boutin as an example of politic people ? Let’s be serious !!! This woman doesn’t even represent 1% of voters ! Just be serious for a sec.

  169. Jérémy Delabarre says:

    Well done ;)

  170. Jérémy Delabarre says:

    If you do not like American People, what the f**c are you doing on an American Website? This is stupid. You are stupid. You are nothing!

  171. Jérémy Delabarre says:

    Completly agree with you :) Gaulois doen’t understand what he’s reading / writing … :)

  172. Jérémy Delabarre says:

    It is not stupid. It is true. Apparently, we are not living on the same country. You just have to listen or watch what some politic people are saying (Christine Boutin, Nadine Morano, and so many other).
    Come live in France with real French people for a while before writing stupid things.

  173. Bob Loblah says:

    “Don’t worry, when Americans are in France I don’t care telling them what I think about them if they piss me off.
    If you are French, go back and suck your Yankee friends”
    – Manolo (The height of French intellectualism)

  174. Zen Wfw says:

    Really love to see those fu—ng stereotypes… I’m sure you Dobbey have spent sufficient times in France, living our culture, living with us to make this opinion.
    You see ? you could turn back your argument to the opposite side. Telling somebody who is against the adoption or marriage is homophobic is just as stupid and is as discriminatory than homphobic. You just close the debate, refuse to hear arguments. Just like the W Bush philosophy : wherever you’re with us or against us.
    Sorry dude, life is not as simple as Black and white… there are hundred of different gray

  175. Gaulois says:

    T’inquiètes pas que les américains en vacances en France je me gène pas pour leur dire ce que je penses d’eux s’ils m’emmerdent.
    Si t’es un français, retourne sucer tes potes amerloques.

  176. Thomas B. says:

    En même temps quand on comprend pas comment on associe l’image à l’idée, on peut pas comprendre un article. Ici, l’auteur veut simplement soulever le ridicule de ce qu’ils véhiculent. En gros, être dans un mouvement anti gay (et oui, vouloir refuser un droit à une minorité c’est être contre la minorité, p’tet pas complètement homophobe mais bel et bien anti gay) et poser torse nu, short rose et proche d’autres mecs, ça fait très gay. C’est l’image qu’ils véhiculent qui va à l’encontre de ce pourquoi ils se “battent”. Mais bon, je ne sais pas pourquoi je réponds à quelqu’un qui stigmatise autant le peuple américain, ça prouve le high level…

  177. Zen Wfw says:

    Love to see stuff wrote from a different countries… You just don’t have a clue on what’s happening in France at the moment. “Manif Pour Tous” is neither anti gay, nor Far right. They regroup people from Left, Center, Right… and even the part of the gay communauty who is against the “Wedding for everyone”. I’m absolutely not part of Manif Pour Tous, but I just hate wrong information that would make believe there are a million of homophobic persons in France. This is wrong. People don’t give a shit about gay, lesbians, bi sexual or whatever you want. The Mayor of Paris is gay and have been elected two times in a row. Everyone is for equality betwen gay and heterosexual. It’s just the way this mediocre governement handled things that pissed off a lot of people here.
    So… come live in France with French people for a while before writing stupid stuffs

  178. manolo says:

    Disagreeing with you necessarly means being a homophobe? And you want to celebrate diference? accept the fact that someone has a diferent opinion on how the law should be set doent necessarly have a hidden hatres for gays.

  179. Florian Veltman says:

    For the purpose of clarity, I decided to translate the above comment so other people may be able to react or comment on Gaulois’ post. I think excluding oneself by writing in another language on an anglophone website is as childish as can be.
    Here goes:

    “Those americans are stupid, this is like saying that Femen are also lesbians then (oops… wrong example), really, a stupid folk who doesn’t understand anything about anything.
    According to them, you just have to be bare-chested to become a fag.
    I’m half naked at home right now and am 100% straight.

    Anyway, this is coming from the american civilisation, which sexualises everything and anything, nudity in its most natural form icluded…
    Ah and, apparently, pitching against gay marriage is enough to be homophobic.
    Anyway, no need to say more about the american mentality, which is worthy of that of a 6yo child still preoccupied with poop.” — Gaulois

  180. Bob Loblah says:

    “These Americans are really assholes. In this case, Femen are lesbians as well (uh, bad example) really a people of idiots who don’t understand anything.
    According to them, a man with his shirt off means he’s a fag.
    I don’t have a shirt on at home and I’m 100% hetero.
    So yeah, from a people who sexualize anything and everything, even nudity which is, in this case, the most natural of things.
    Ah and then apparently, manifesting against gay marriage means being a homophobe.
    So yeah, no need to add anything more on the mentality of Americans who are like 6 year old children stuck in the anal stage.”
    – Gaulois (translated into English – who likes to insult Americans without having the balls to tell them to their face)

  181. Manolo says:

    Love has never meant law. Impose your subjectivist liberal culturless globalized bullshit to whoever you want. But contrary to you dumb americans, in france we have a millenary culture and certainly dont need you to come lecture us about how you feel societal norms should be set. Especially when a society is as degenerate, oversexualized, utterly materialistic and capitalistic and ultimately violent as yours.

  182. Gaulois says:

    Ils sont cons ces américains, dans ce cas les Femen sont des lesbiennes aussi (euh… mauvais exemple), vraiment un peuple de cons qui ne comprennent rien à rien
    Les mecs d’après eux suffit de se mettre torse nu pour devenir pd
    Je suis torse nu chez moi et je suis 100 % hétéro
    Enfin bref, de la part d’un peuple qui sexualise tout et n’importe quoi, y compris la nudité dans ce qu’elle a de plus naturel…
    Ah et puis, apparemment manifester contre le mariage gay suffit pour être homophobe.
    Bref, pas besoin d’en rajouter plus sur la mentalité américaine digne d’un enfant de 6 ans encore au stade anal.

  183. Thomaharadja says:

    The people against gay marriage who don’t consider themselves homophobic think that gays already have the same rights. They can marry the opposite gender just like heterosexuals. But that’s a shit logic…

  184. CX says:

    Exactly. And even if the union between marriage and love is a quite recent thing (until the end of 19th century most marriages were still decided by the spouses’ parents regardless of the two persons’ feelings), people persist to believe that heterosexual marriage is the only cradle of love and caring for children while a gay marriage is a den of perversion, maliciousness and evil. Though a quick look at the number of divorces should be enough for every rational individual to understand that heterosexual couples are not generally more loving than homosexual ones.

  185. dobbey says:

    “The actual problem is that civil wedding automatically gives the right to adoption to gay wedded couples.”

    This is wrong, everyone has the right to adoption in France, with or without marriage.

    France has been convicted of sexual discrimination in January 2008 for hypocrisy, authorizing the filing of record of homosexual couples but still refusing approval.

    At the same time, single people obtained this approval.

    The real problem is ignorance homophobic French, seeking false argument to justify their refusal, this is not a new law, it is a clarification of the terms of the existing law that no longer allows homophobic interpretation.

    It allows to marry people who love each other, regardless of gender, nothing else.

    the French homophobic became mired in an ideological refusal and do not know how to get out without losing face, so they dig and dig again.

  186. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    A friend, who is no longer a youngster, has always told me that he didn’t think gay men really could fall in love. He refused to watch a movie that might indicate two men were in love (he finally agreed to accompany my husband and me to see “Brokeback Mountain”). He couldn’t be convinced otherwise and thus felt that gay men should not be allowed to marry. Last summer he fell in love. He did get his heart broke. Well, now he knows. I got him through it.

  187. Charles says:

    The problem about that law is not the new tendency that gay people have to be willing to live as a couple and have equal financial rights from the marriage. That practicly noone opposes, excluding the religious folks who think marriage is a sacred bond while they religion tells them homosexual intercourse is a heresy.
    The actual problem is that civil wedding automatically gives the right to adoption to gay wedded couples. Now who has studied psychology knows the special bond that ties the child and his parent of opposed gender. The reassuring voice of a mother is important to a child, i’m sure noone will deny that.
    Personnally i cant see why gay couples would not be able to raise children, and i dont oppose adoption. Some of the children could end up thinking they have a void in their life but who doesnt?
    But the next society questions that will be raised in France is about MPA and surrogacy, and this brings out so many questions on the trade of human body and medical ethics. That i am firmly opposed to.
    Your rationale on how only homophobics oppose some articles in that law is wrong, and it makes me smile how everyone here point out ignorance as a reason for that.
    Finally, let me tell you that your nazi way of thinking on how everyone who does not think exactly the way you do on every matters is a digusting intolerant individual and should be treated as an ennemy to mankind is not much different from the way of thinking of your biggest opponents.

  188. julien T says:

    c’est dingue de tout mélanger comme ceci !!

  189. CX says:

    Most gays who are opposed to same-sex marriage are in fact opposed to marriage in general. They’re often liberals who don’t want marriage for themselves and leave that institution to heterosexuals so that they won’t be disturbed.
    These gays actually share with many Christians a common belief that “perverted” sexual behaviour is just a game or leisure which is fully legitimate, but only outside the “seriousness” of marriage. This also explains why libertinism often spread alongside Christianity and even more Catholicism.

  190. lucie says:

    and gays opposed to gay marriage (they exist, yes) are either catholics (trying not to upset the ‘social rules’, kind of screams ‘internalized homophobia’), or against marriage in general, because marriage is heteronormative and they want to keep their distances and differences from the ‘common way’ (a heteronormative way of life).
    the problem is, for gays being against all kinds of marriage is couterproductive; as minorities have to be assimilated to the majority first, before they can claim their difference.

    You can’t criticize heteronormativity if you don’t have the same rights they have.

  191. CX says:

    These are not Hommen since Hommen are usually masked (while Femen always show their own face – this saying A LOT about who of the two groups has “the balls”). One may also remark that women unlike men are not allowed in France to show their bare chest in public, and that’s what makes Femen subversive while Hommen are just lame.

    And finally, for American readers who might not know, Manif Pour Tous don’t hesitate about spreading their gay anti-gay frenzy among their own children (which they are supposed to protect from manipulation by LGBT lobby groups) :

  192. Claire says:

    They strip to mock the feminist movement FEMEN (that’s why they called themselves Hommen, “homme” in french meaning “man” and “femme” meaning “woman”. Femen actually means “thigh” in ukrainian but hey, those guys are retarded ;) )

    Femen members went to one of their protests disguised in naked nuns, screaming “in gay we trust”, that’s why they’re trying to make fun of them. In the end they’re juste ridiculous.

  193. Jc says:


  194. Søren says:

    There are not “a lot” of gay against that law, but “a few” (who are principaly attached to the catholic religion).

    When you opposing to black people’s rights, you are racist. When you are against the rights of muslims, you are islamophobic. And when you are against the rights of gay people… SURPRISE ! You are homophobic. Don’t try to say you’re not homophobic just because you don’t know it.

  195. TSM says:

    Indeed you’re right…

  196. french AND american says:

    lol sorry it was meant to them

    I mean it is not an article about french anti-gay being gay are not, it is about them looking ridiculous.

    Who cares if it because they used to be scouts or supposedly “traditional colors”. They just look plain stupid.

    And it’s funny

  197. Patrick-1er says:

    Don’t worry fellow americans, in France everybody make fun of them. They are just clowns.

  198. TSM says:

    Sorry homophobia is not funny and hilarious…

  199. JuanBernardo says:

    Saying people can’t have the same right as us because they’re homosexual, it’s homophobia, wether you like it or not.
    And there is like 4 or 5 gays against that law.

    And, well, a lot of them are clearly homophobic, showing it, but the head of the group tells them to be quiet about that, to keep a “good” (LAUGH) reputation.

    And you want the funniest part ?
    They’re crying for 6 months against the law.
    And they’re crying that France is a socialist dictature.

    Ignorance is not powerful enough to describe them.

  200. lili says:

    politiquement correct le “gay friendly” ? tu connais personne qui subit de discriminations, de violences physiques ou verbales au quotidien parce qu’il/elle est homo toi !!!
    et puis, ils aiment être à contre-courant, c’est une blague ? ils sont réac’, ils ne se battent pas contre une prétendue mode, ils se battent contre l’acquisition pour d’autres d’un droit dont eux, par contre, peuvent bénéficier depuis toujours.

  201. manif pour my ass says:

    oh gosh. they can go fkkk them self now…. they know shi*t about gay.

  202. Theo says:

    “millions of French people are not supporting a law that was initiated by activists that are noisy & powerful but not numerous”
    ==> I call that a denial of reality: maybe this bill is not supported by a few millions of french people, but let me remind you that we are over SIXTY millions in France and most of those (at least 60%, according to ALL recent polls) support gay marriage.
    So the “noisy […] but not numerous” lobbyists in this case are not the LGBT, but the anti-gay activists which are annoying everyone else with their fight against equality…

  203. Klunst says:

    Well, I’m French and let me tell you that you are completely wrong. Sorry dude, it’s just gay.

  204. TSM says:

    I’m French I can tell you that you are TOTALLY wrong… I’ve never seen such homophobia in my country than with “La Manif pour tous” group… As for the French gays, what do you believe?… That the majority is against this law? LOL! It happened I was walking in Paris with my boyfriend and people telling us “Hi Mr. and Madam!” or even spit on us… This law is a slap on their face as an answer!… (sorry my English is not perfect)

  205. french AND american says:

    Oh come on. This is just supposed to be funny, and it is hilarious !

    Message to the all the boring people who take things too seriously : please leave, no comments needed.

  206. lili says:

    a lot of gays ??? not at all, they’re few to oppose the law, but they’re put forward to serve as alibi, so that we can’t say that they’re homophobes.
    So let’s not draw hasty conclusions out of ignorance.

  207. Geo says:

    As say @frenchy, It’s not gay, it’s scouting !! Oh wait, it’s the same !

  208. SimMeister says:

    So “anti-black wedding” is not racism ? “Anti-women vote” is not sexism ? :)

  209. Puce says:

    Refusing equal rights for a category of population because of their sexual orientation IS being homophobic… This is rejecting them. There is no other definition to that.

  210. gizaid says:

    I wouldn’t say that pakistan is a gay country but to have spend some time their a lot of men discover sexuality between mens….

  211. Ivory says:

    I can only assume you are sarcastic.
    Just the fact that you actually believe these reactionary morons are part of the “elite” tells us a lot about your vision of French society.
    “Bon chic bon genre” and traditional are not similar in any way, despite what the christian establishment would have you think.

  212. Youhou says:

    Edit: Agains the socialist government*

  213. Geo says:

    va te faire enculer serait plus approprié. ;)

  214. lili says:

    Most of them try to persuade us that they’re not homophobes, but if you let them speak a little more, their speech shows that they are, no doubt about it

  215. Gays are sick says:

    C’est pas gay dans que les couilles se touchent pas, bande d’obèses.

  216. Youhou says:

    Haha Yoplet stop the drama. La manif pour tous is simply a handful of people, mainly led by housewives from the old nobility who are bored at home and are really exited about fighting for the socialist government. Sad, but true.

  217. julien T says:

    c’est FAUX il n’y a pas beaucoup de gays opposés à cette loi !!

  218. Americons says:

    Yeah man, you should come to France, old fashion frenchies don’t wear a baguette and a beret, with a blue/white stripes t-shirt. It is really common for traditional elites (“the nobility”) to wear flashy color pants, such as pink, orange, red, pale blue, especially during summer.

  219. Brethmas says:

    Of course, homophoby results of an unassumed homosexuality.

  220. # says:

    Aren’t they wearing their Eyes Wide Shut masks no more? Did they find it too perv-looking?

  221. JM says:

    Quand “the tide” avance à la direction vers une égalité humaine, on peut défendre ceux qui l’opposent avec une raison de tradition, mais certainement pas avec une raison de logique…Et ça, ce n’est pas une question de culture.

  222. anti-brainwasher says:

    +1, being against gay marriage isn’t being anti-gay not to mention homophobic. This is the same corrupt reasoning as calling anyone against uncontrolled immigration a nazi, but I suppose, from the author’s political affiliation, that maybe he does that to. Probably that’s the kind of shit he learned in his degree in rhetoric? Oh, and Sorbonne isn’t “the University of Paris”, so he lies on his CV, too (

  223. Ninong says:

    How about Brian Brown in a speedo and Maggie Gallagher in a bikini?

  224. Ninong says:

    More like rejects from a Bel Ami video tryout.

  225. Ninong says:

    Arthur, I hope you’re not thinking of joining them? LOL

  226. Ninong says:

    Except that the Femen protesters are women fighting against “dictatorships, sexual exploitation of women and religion.” Their nudity from the waist up is part of their rebellion against religion, which they consider oppressive of women.

    Strange that the Hommen guys would adopt a tactic used by women fighting against religion, n’est-ce pas?

  227. KPM says:

    Mind you, there are a lot of gays that are opposed to that law. And the specific Manif pour tous group you’re pointing at — they’re opposing homophobia as well as gay marriage. So let’s not draw hasty conclusions out of ignorance.

  228. kladinvt says:

    OY…more clueless CONservatives.

  229. Concerned says:

    Lamateur – But somehow, the totally bigoted, demeaning, and insulting word “MORONS” sneaks into your language … I believe you need more thought going on before you spill your prejudices in public.

  230. Veluma Toupko says:

    Nobody is going to force them to be married!

  231. Veluma Toupko says:

    It’s not lobbies! a lot of french gay wanted to be married!

    It a question of eguality! yes the same right: filiation, etc.. all the rights here

  232. SanLorenzo says:

    “Anti gay wedding” is not the same as “anti gay”…sorry !
    plus even if a part of them are assholes and homophobes, a large part just show their opinion on a national question.

  233. Thomas Scott Estes says:

    Maybe they are opposed to same-sex marriage because they love being single.

  234. watermelon man says:

    vous êtes seulement gai si vous repoussez

  235. watermelon man says:

    lol, “swimming against the tide.” Never heard that one before.

  236. lamateur says:

    lilith wants me to think the same as her OR leave the country .. scottrose insults me & veluma toupko slanders me .. wow .. what a bunch of progressists and democrats !!! Sorry, morons, all those silly denials won’t make my first comment less relevant .. not supporting LGBT activists is still an option in our democracy .. and is not illegal (yet) in France !!

  237. Dayllestel says:

    Come on ! “French old fashion” and “traditionale” with a pink short ? Haha you’re hilarious ! :)

  238. Clem says:

    And what about that suggestive picture???

  239. Orneon says:

    Sadly, it’s not the only thing about our country we can be ashamed of.

  240. Orneon says:

    Judging by their lack of intelligence, they are pretty capable to do so. Of course, it would be a 100% fully heterosexual gay porn movie! What a bunch of jerks…

  241. gonzo says:


  242. frenchy says:

    from where is coming the propaganda? Lobbies are not good, any kind: arms, agriculture (monsento), gay, anti-gay, etc. The french government is not respecting theirs partners (like the ecologist) and everyday they are doing the opposite of what they said during the campaign. The gay marriage was just one point, but not THE point. Good for them (the government), this will not changed anything in the society but it will be the ONLY thing remaining from the lefty 5y period, and for more than 10 years gays were able to get the same right (fiscal) then hetero. The name of the “union” wasn’t “marriage” or weeding that was the only difference. 99% of the arguments from both side are bullshit!

  243. Ash says:

    So…. Why can’t heterosexual men be close with other men without being gay? Why the need to describe things as soooo gay? I completely agree that these guys are assholes, but I feel like you are putting them down by trying to sexualize their activities. I don’t think gay guys have cornered the market on being shirtless.

  244. frenchy says:

    well well well… apparently you should know a bit more about cultural difference! French culture is complex and is not like most of american think. Those guys are most of them from boy scout group. Not the US boy scout type, but the french “old fashion” movement. They are used to be “top less” during theirs activities, even if it’s winter, snowing, etc. This is not a “gay attitude” this is to push the limit of themselves, their body, to see who is the strongest. And I can told you there is no “gay thinking” beyond that… Are they anti-gay? Maybe, but they are “traditional” in term of value or thinking. They also like to “swim against the tide”. Now because “gay friendly” is normal or is “politically correct” they like to on the opposite direction!

    as an example of cultural difference, would you say that Pakistan is a Gay country because men are used to use eyes-liner? You would totally miss the target telling that! :-D

  245. scottrose says:

    C’est bien vrai, ce que tu dis la’.

  246. scottrose says:

    Va te faire voir!

  247. Veluma Toupko says:

    Millions of French people!!! IT’s false, you made propaganda!
    You’re homophobe.

  248. Lilyth says:

    Sorry lamateur but millions of french are actually supporting this law. As millions of french just can’t stand your stupid movement.
    And come on, at least, try to be honest. La manif pour tous hates the gay community and starts asking for “a right to be homophobic”. It’s time for these “french’ to move on or to leave the country : I’m pretty sure they will be more than welcome in Uganda. Oust du balai!

  249. lamateur says:

    your comment “France’s gay-hating far-right yet again bares all for the cause” is not fair and not true .. millions of French people are not supporting a law that was initiated by activists that are noisy & powerful but not numerous (even in the gay community) .. are those millions all far-right ?? are those people hating the gay community ?? OF COURSE NOT !!! Plus making fun of young catholics that think differently from “self-declared progressist people” is not journalism, sorry

  250. Eolas says:

    Your country, which is also mine, voted the same-sex marriage and full adoption rights to gay couples. This is our country, not these wackos.

  251. Miss_twitt_ says:

    Well I am french and I can assure you they are totally serious about it. There idea was to make fun/to critize the femmen way of protesting. Not sure if it was a good idea though when I read your comments ;)

  252. Yoplet says:

    I’m french and heterosexual. People from “Manif pour tous” are, for the majority, just asshole. They are organising an holiday meeting on several days in order to be “trained” for politican action. It’s sad to see such a mobilisation for their purpose. If this movement doesn’t implose, we will deal with a kind or fucking french Tea Party, finding his energy into the hate and an irrationnal desire to make our society like it was in Middle Age.
    Poor France.

  253. FelNahKriid-dolfiBLL says:

    I’m french and I’m ashamed of my country when I see these activists…

  254. French girl says:

    We use to have those ones too, yelling “one mother one father we don’t lie to the children” it is another group of activist . Lycra is soooo gay

  255. Thom Allen says:

    “When you know the notes to sing
    You can sing most anything


  256. Well, of course their version of homophobia only covers gay men, I’m sure they find lesbians hot.

  257. Evie says:

    I don’t know. These pictures make me feel pretty heterosexual. Maybe they’re just anti-lesbian?

  258. Butch1 says:

    They look so nice in pink, too! ;-)

  259. UncleBucky says:

    EDIT, yes, French culture CAN have the same virus. I got caught by my double negatives again, haha.

  260. tomtallis says:

    Who are they?

  261. tomtallis says:

    I’m waiting for them to produce their first anti equal marriage gay porn film.

  262. Ninong says:

    Haha! I googled for “la Manif pour tous en vacances” and “Hommen en vacances” and came up with this nice ski resort offering a few stay to the first gay-married couple. I don’t know if you’re supposed to get gay-married at their resort or just be the first gay-married couple in France to qualify for their offer but from the looks of things, I think they would be a much more inviting group to have fun with than la Manif pour tous:

  263. karmanot says:

    The hills are alive with the sound of ballsac.

  264. doctor flexmatrix says:

    This must be a stealth campaign by Badpuppy or William Higgins or something….

  265. ArthurH says:

    You’re right! They look like they’re singing the disco tune “Macho Man.”

  266. David Phillips says:

    Holy sweet Jeebus! I do NOt want to see Brain Brown or Peter LaBarbera shirtless!!

  267. Austin D. Williams says:

    How clever to bring attention to something you claim to be protesting, but you really aren’t…. Clever indeed!

  268. Thom Watson says:

    If someone told me they had just watched four half-naked men enjoying one big pole all at the same time, the last thing I’d think they were describing is an anti-marriage equality protest.

  269. BeccaM says:

    First, it was no shirts, showing off ripped male specimens as they engage in a bit of gladiatorial wrestling.

    Now they’re down to shorts as they engage in male-only outings (no pun intended), including pole-climbing.

    What’s next? Speedos, as they rub olive oil and sunscreen all over each other in still more curiously and conspicuously female-free photos?

  270. MichaelS says:

    love the pink shorts, too. Really beginning to join the others who are questioning if this might just be a gay group’s satire…

  271. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I imagine that’s what happens when the cameras are turned off.

  272. quax says:


  273. Emerson says:

    Outtakes from a Bel Ami video?

  274. Can someone think of a reason we can also get these men to dislike pants? Because they’d look great without pants.

  275. Franklin7777 says:

    This has to be a giant troll. It has to be.

  276. JW Vandenberg says:

    I seriously am starting to think that.

  277. Benz981 says:

    Dude in the first picture has the two “peace” symbols on both sides of his chest…. he must be a “top” for the cause.

  278. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You guys are right. It’s just too weird. However, John is correct about the one picture being yummy.

  279. RoughRugger says:

    Holds true for fratboys too.

  280. UncleBucky says:

    Folks, this seriously reminds me of the topic covered in “Bring Me Men”, by Aaron Belkin, or military masculinity and the benign façade of American empire, 1898-2001.

    The premise (that so-called straight military men are often “gayer” acting than the majority of us who have come out as LGBTIQ.

    Just because Belkin’s book is about the US military, and how its culture has infected the general population of the USA, it doesn’t mean that French culture can have the same “virus”.

    For more info, check out the video at the Pritzker Military Institute:

  281. dcinsider says:

    I am really beginning to see that this could be some form of satire. It is just too over the top to be valid.

  282. Sam_Handwich says:

    how can we be sure that this isn’t satirical performance art?

  283. Indigo says:

    What lovely mountains.

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