Just say NYET: Gays dump vodka outside Russian NYC consulate

Gay and trans rights supporters showed up at the Russian consulate in New York City today for a vodka-dump to highlight growing concern over Russia’s brutal crackdown on the human rights of gay and trans people in that country only months before the 2014 Winter Olympics are held in Sochi, Russia.

More from the protest organizers:

The protest is being organized by RUSA LGBT (Russian-Speaking American LGBTQ Association) and Queer Nation, a New York-based organization committed to direct action to end homophobia and anti-LGBT violence. The protest has the support of a wide range of LGBT activists and organizations in Russia, the United States and around the globe.

Protesters will dump Russian vodka into the gutter and will picket the Russian Consulate. Business owners who are participating in the “Dump Russian Vodka” campaign will be on hand to explain their commitment to the boycott of Russian products.

Bellow are some photos from the event, which just took place, via Scott Wooledge.

Say what you will about the notion of any boycott, or this particular boycott, but a week ago barely anyone was talking about Russia’s brutal treatment of its gay and trans citizens.  Today, the story is being covered worldwide, and everyone is talking about it.  I call that success.

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