Stoli gay boycott explodes: Seattle, LA, SF, NYC, SD, Chgo, Columb., Vanc., Toronto, Australia, UK dump Russian vodka

The gay boycott of Russia, and Russian products – especially vodka – has exploded in the past 24 hours. #dumpstoli

Gay bars in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, San Diego, Chicago, Columbus, Vancouver, Toronto, Great Britain and Australia are removing Russian vodka, particularly Stolichnaya, from their shelves and refusing to serve Russian liquor to their patrons, following Dan Savage’s and Harvey Fierstein’s calls to boycott all things Russian.

The calls for a boycott came after Russia enacted into law, with President Putin’s support, some of the most barbaric anti-gay and ant-trans legislation in history.  They have literally made it illegal for anyone to be pro-gay in the country, including foreigners who are already being arrested.

And now popular UK actor, Russell Tovey, perhaps best known in America as the werewolf in the British production of “Being Human,” has endorsed the boycott:

Have you asked your local gay bar to join the boycott of Russian liquor?  There’s a pretty comprehensive list below of the bars and cities that have joined in. Please ask your local gay (and gay-friendly) bars to join the boycott, and let me (us) know who has pulled, and who refuses.  Here are some nice flyers that Matt, who works with Dan Savage, has created – you can hand these out at bars, etc., and use them when talking to the bar owners.  Flyer 1, flyer 2.

An actual pink triangle worn by a man accused of being gay by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The Nazis required gays to wear the marking, in the same way Jews were required to wear a Star of David.

An actual pink triangle worn by a man accused of being gay by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The Nazis required gays to wear the marking, in the same way Jews were required to wear a Star of David.

LGBT groups in Russia have called on the world to intervene to stop an “impending tragedy.” International news coverage of the gay boycott of Stolichnaya, and Russian liquor generally, is now taking off:

Canadian TV on the boycott by at least four bars in Vancouver.

Los Angeles Times: West Hollywood bars boycott vodka to protest Russian anti-gay laws

The Guardian: Russia faces vodka boycott in backlash against anti-gay law

KTVU in San Francisco.

SF Chronicle.

NBC Chicago.   

Gays in Nazi Germany were considered a threat to German purity. The Nazis arrested 100,000 men, with 10,000 to 15,000 sent to concentration camps to die.

Gays in Nazi Germany were considered a threat to German purity. The Nazis arrested 100,000 men, with 10,000 to 15,000 sent to concentration camps to die.

In other disturbing news worthy of Neville Chamberlain, the International Olympic Committee is now reassuring prospective Olympic tourists, thinking of attending the Sochi Olympics next year in Russia, that gay Olympic0-goers are going to receive an exemption from Russia’s draconian anti-gay laws. And how exactly will the Russian skinheads, who are widely thought to be in cahoots with local authorities, know that the fag walked down the street is an IOC fag rather than a Russian fag, and therefore they shouldn’t bash his face in, like they’ve been doing regularly to gay and trans people nationwide?

Maybe the IOC can issue pink triangles for its athletes to sew on their uniforms, and the Jewish athletes can wear Stars of David too (you never can be too careful), to make sure the Russian government, and the neo-Nazis they’re in cahoots with, know which minorities in Sochi are fair game to beat the crap out of.

Profile in courage, the IOC is not.

Here are the bars we know of, so far, who have dropped Stoli and Russian liquor overall.  Please check with your local gay (and gay-friendly) bars.

Los Angeles

Eleven Bar & Grill
Revolver Video Bar
– Mother Lode

San Francisco

– Moby Dick Bar


– Hi Tops Bar


New York City

– Avenue Saloon (unconfirmed)
– Hell’s Kitchen NYC (unconfirmed)




– Diesel bar


– Sidetrack
– Elixir lounge
– Halsted’s Bar and Grill
– Hydrate Nightclub
– Replay


San Diego


Palm Springs

– Trio
– LuLu (which is a straight (so to speak) establishment).


Columbus, Ohio

Union Cafe
– Axis


Vancouver, Canada

– Fountainhead pub
– Celebrities
– Cobalt
– Oasis

Toronto, Canada

– Wayla Bar


As a reader pointed out, the poster of Putin reads “Tsaritsa Putin,” which is a diminutive way of calling him a female czar.


– G-A-Y



Laird Hotel (Melbourne)
Gay Bar (Sydney)

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200 Responses to “Stoli gay boycott explodes: Seattle, LA, SF, NYC, SD, Chgo, Columb., Vanc., Toronto, Australia, UK dump Russian vodka”

  1. alter ego says:

    not for gays,

  2. BW says:

    our Lgbt night club called “the office” is no longer serving russian vodka products…

  3. James says:

    All the venues run by Impact Leisure in the UK (Palace, Pineapple, Bent & OMG in Bristol and The Kings Arms in Swansea) have dumped Rssian products and gone through their stock to ensure it is not produced or contains Russian goods

  4. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I’m getting too old for The Eagle anyway.

  5. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    IMHO – the 90s ceased being a gay bar years ago. They are purely in it for the profit, and they have pretty much turned it into a tourist attraction. I stopped going years ago when I sat in the dining room and saw groups of straight people walk through to stare at all the gay people. I believe the owners are also the owners of Sex World which is aimed mostly at the straight world. I’m also rather certain that they are the owners of the Brass Rail, so I believe the same policy would probably go for the Brass Rail. It will still not hurt to call these establishments and share our opinions. Also call The Eagle / Bolt, 19, and The Saloon. We can also contact Lavender to see if we can get the editorial staff on our side.

    Think of anyone you may know that can help such as the MCC. I’m also acquainted with the guy who write the leather column for Lavender. I’ll try to get in contact with him to see if he can bring pressure on The Eagle. We can’t just give up.

  6. RyWhen says:

    Most of our gay bars are going to carry Stoli. Our biggest gay bar called “The Gay 90’s” really only cares about profits and less about human rights for all people.

  7. karmanot says:

    Minneapolis: Dump the Eagle/Bolt.

  8. karmanot says:

    Michigan: dump Spiral.

  9. rerutled says:

    I am in Lansing, MI — St. Petersburg’s sister city (which is considering dropping the association due to the anti-LGBT laws and behavior in Russia). They have one (big) gay bar — Spiral. I was there last night for drinks, and was flabberghasted that their rail vodka was Stoli. “You should dump that Stoli”, I told my bartender. His response was even more flabberghasting: “You know, the owner isn’t Russian….” Their phone number? I’m glad you asked. It’s (517) 371-3221. Their manager, Dan, says that he’s of Russian heritage, and isn’t bothered by the association with Stoli, because he doesn’t believe any of the money goes to Russian people.

  10. Drew2u says:

    Well yeS and no; if an app can be developed to make sure one isn’t purchasing Koch Bros or ALEC products, then one can NOT purchase more products from amoral companies.
    If we say that the Gay Community can multitask and hold two viewpoints at one time (marriage plus civil liberties/voting rights or repealing Stand Your Ground), then this is prime opportunity.

  11. RICARDO says:

    we need SPAIN , URUGUAY, argentina, AND AL other countries to join please

  12. jomicur says:

    Excellent news. I can’t wait to see what kind of coverage this gets in the MSM. (And I ain’t bettin’ the farm, pa, that NBC will even mention it. This is the network that has so far never even mentioned that there are gay athletes competing.)

    But it’s hard to imagine one protest at the Olympics will have much more effect than the vodka boycott. I remain convinced that the most effective thing we can do is target the Olympics’ various corporate sponsors.

  13. Bill_Perdue says:

    That was his initial reaction to Savages call to boycott a brand of vodka. After consultation his group and others he made a further statement that lays out a much bolder plan than Savages. “It’s official! The organising committee of Moscow Gay Pride and founders of the banned Pride House Sochi decided today against the boycott of Winter Olympics in Sochi and instead to organise Winter Sochi Pride on the day of the opening of Olympic Games on 7 February 2014. Join us! It will be much more effective to draw attention to official homophobia in Russia all around the world and expose the hypocrisy of the International Olympic Committee which went into discriminatory agreements with Russian regime and of the European Court of Human Rights which still has not considered our complaint concerning the unlawful denial to register Pride House Sochi! Vive Sochi Pride 2014!” From – Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseyev, as quoted (in Russian) on via J.M.G.

  14. Bill_Perdue says:

    “Russian gay activists: There is ‘no point’ boycotting vodka
    – Gay rights campaigners have responded to Dan Savage’s worldwide call to drop
    Russian vodka as a symbol of protest against Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay laws 26
    JULY Gay rights campaigner Nikolai Alekseev has spoken out against the
    worldwide call for boycotting Russian vodka, saying it will not change anti-gay
    laws. Russian LGBT activists have responded to the worldwide call to boycott
    Russian vodka, saying there is ‘no point’ and will not change anti-gay laws. Nikolai
    Alekseev, a regular Gay Star News contributor, has said it will have little
    effect on the ‘gay propaganda’ law. US gay rights campaigner Dan Savage
    pioneered the boycott, telling gay bars to ‘dump Russian vodka/

    Instead Alekseyev has another and much braver plan. ““It’s official! The organising committee of Moscow Gay Pride and founders of the banned Pride House Sochi decided today against the boycott of Winter Olympics in Sochi and instead to organise Winter Sochi Pride on the day of the opening of Olympic Games on 7 February 2014. Join us! It will be much more effective to draw attention to official homophobia in Russia all around the world and expose the hypocrisy of the International Olympic Committee which went into discriminatory agreements with Russian regime and of the European Court of Human Rights which still has not considered our complaint concerning the unlawful denial to register Pride House Sochi! Vive Sochi Pride 2014!” From – Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseyev, as quoted (in Russian) on via J.M.G.

  15. Tom Chicago says:

    I’ve signed the petition above, posted by Thom Allen. It needs to be about more than vodka now.

  16. Tom Chicago says:

    signed, thanks

  17. Bill_Perdue says:

    The truth is that it’s easier for some to protest the enactment of offensive and dangerous laws by Russians than it was to apply the same standards to politicians in the US? There were no boycotts when Clinton signed DOMA, when Bush and Rove campaigned for state DOMAs or when Obama helped pass Prop 8 in 2008.

    The most important thing we can do now, in addition to boycotts, is to organize marches and demonstrations at the Russian embassies to the US and the UN and at Russian consulates in New York Seattle, San Francisco and Houston. In addition there are Aeroflot offices in a number of major cities.

    And in all cases our work should follow the campaigns and suggestions of our Russian sisters and brothers.

  18. Ninong says:

    Los Angeles should cancel its sister city relationship with St. Petersburg, Russia — the city that invented the anti-gay propaganda law that was the model for the Russian federal law.

  19. kevinbgoode says:

    Perhaps at some point there should also be directed demonstrations in front of Russian embassies and consulates. This could potentially be something that could galvanize not only the American gay community, but help build ties with those in other countries.

  20. Tony Di Pietro says:

    I refuse to sell Stoli at my non GLBT owned store.

  21. dula says:

    I once twirled out of a skinhead mash in some couture mesh.

  22. Ninong says:

    Skinny-dipping Vlad is freezing his butt off so the photographer better get a good shot this time.

  23. Ninong says:

    Artic Vlad conquers a Polar bear.

  24. Ninong says:

    The natives told him that if he made a tea with those leaves and a 1/4 tsp of powdered dried tiger penis it would do wonders for his manhood.

  25. karmanot says:

    Try Google dear, do your own homework.

  26. karmanot says:

    Is that a fur cap, or a Texas debutant hair do?

  27. karmanot says:

    Putin looks like a glabrous seal to me. 0 sex appeal.

  28. karmanot says:


  29. karmanot says:

    :-) Liked what you said though.

  30. Andy Poolhall says:

    We removed Stoli from out bar last Monday in support!

  31. Thom Allen says:

    Online petition directed to:





    asking them to pull sponsorship from the Games at Sochi:

    Stand Against Russia’s Brutal Crackdown on Gay Rights: Urge Winter Olympics 2014 Sponsors to Condemn Anti-Gay Laws

    Petition by

    Julianne Howell

    Loveland, OH

    In Russia, it
    is basically illegal to say that you are gay. You cannot kiss your
    partner in public. You can’t have a rainbow flag in public. You can’t
    even acknowledge that you are gay, or else you face possible
    imprisonment and fines.

    Russia is becoming one of the most anti-gay places in the entire
    world. But it’s also going to hold the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, where the
    world is supposed to come together in a spirit of community and
    togetherness. But how could LGBT people and their families be welcome,
    when they run the risk of being thrown in jail or fined just for being
    who they are?

    RUSA LGBT, a Russian-speaking American association for members of the
    gay community, says that LGBT athletes and spectators will not be safe
    during the 2014 Olympic games. And given the Russian government’s recent
    actions toward LGBT people — including violent crackdowns on gay
    rights rallies and arresting members of the LGBT community — how could
    anyone feel safe during these Olympic games?

    That’s why I’m asking the major sponsors and partners of the Sochi
    2014 Olympic games — Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Samsung, Procter &
    Gamble, and Visa — to condemn Russia’s anti-gay laws, which are some of
    the most repressive laws in recent history, and pull their sponsorship
    from Russia’s Olympic games. Do these companies want to be tied to an
    Olympics where LGBT athletes and spectators are likely to face harsh
    violence, prison, and brutality?

    It’s time for these companies to put their support for LGBT
    people first, and send a message to Russia that their anti-gay laws are
    not only contrary to basic human rights, but fly in the face of the
    spirit of the Olympic Games, which celebrate human dignity and community
    above all else.







    Stand for human rights and pull sponsorship from the 2014 Winter
    Olympics! State sponsored homophobia should not be endorsed by your
    company. Tell Putin you do not support imprisoning and endangering the
    freedoms of gay athletes, fans, family, friends, and citizens!


    [Your name]

  32. Moderator4 says:

    Andrew Kieffert, please do not initially capitalize every single word in your comments henceforth. It is extremely annoying. You have an interesting and important point to make, but such initial capitalization tends to turn others off and diminishes the point that you are trying to make.

  33. RICARDO says:

    i apoligize sorry

  34. RICARDO says:

    I apologize

  35. RICARDO says:

    guys i am so sorry i typed with capital letters was not aware of it I apologize!

  36. karmanot says:

    Yep, I’d like to see him twirl out of a skinhead mash. Come to think of it, they might think of him as one of those French boy fascists.

  37. FLL says:

    The last person I heard using “femme” was Bryan Fischer from the American Family Association, and he was pushing Scott Lively’s propaganda book about the gay plot that masterminded the Holocaust. I don’t even think Bryan Fischer used the term “butch.” I think he said “macho” instead.

  38. karmanot says:

    True, I think the ‘patriotic’ angle might work.

  39. Moderator3 says:

    Please do not post with all capital letters.

  40. karmanot says:

    “How many customers will notice if their a bar changes their brand of vodka” Make part of the boycott a ‘patriotic’ push. Signs

  41. karmanot says:

    Ripple in the pond effect: good

  42. karmanot says:

    If they make homosexuality illegal itself, they would wipe out the Russian Orthodox Church in a nano wink.

  43. karmanot says:

    That works

  44. karmanot says:

    Is that a wrist corsage tucked in his mach pants?

  45. dula says:

    I dare him to wander around the streets of Sochi in his skating costumes.

  46. karmanot says:

    I like that: ‘A Russian Free Zone’. I think I’ll write the towns around us in CA and ask them to do the same. For example our town of Sebastopol has a nuclear free zone. Time to write SF City Counsel. That might be a very good ancillary and spread rather quickly.

  47. karmanot says:

    The Nazi’s didn’t phase the IOC. But, ridiculing the brand big time may have more consequences.

  48. karmanot says:

    Time to brush off Rocky and Bullwinkle to make zee jokes and ridicule.

  49. karmanot says:

    This is where an inside ‘elitist’ ( kidding here) strategy master comes in handy. You are absolutely correct!

  50. karmanot says:

    Quite true, without it the denizens of Stonewall, might have made a less an extraordinary impression.

  51. karmanot says:

    Is svobonik an elderly lesbian? I mean who in the last forty years or so ever uses those terms? ( OMG, do you think Ann Coulter is using a pseudonym?)

  52. karmanot says:

    “we fight that country in order to force change” Indeed, Russia has crossed the line and is instigating cultural apartheid, if not a potential genocide, having let loose the thug dogs. I say to hell with Godwin’s Law, this is taken from the Nazi playbook. We need to expand this to an international shun.

  53. karmanot says:

    Friends of Becca kick ass!

  54. karmanot says:

    A form of screaming that is more annoying than usual, while the message itself is quite stunning.

  55. karmanot says:

    The IOC has all the humanistic concern of an amoeba.

  56. karmanot says:

    Weir is a dweep and a miserable little collaborator.

  57. karmanot says:

    OK WE HEARD YOU!!!!!

  58. Ninong says:

    Polar bears are no match for Vlad.

  59. Ninong says:

    Vlad collars Siberian tiger with his bare hands!

  60. Naja pallida says:

    My not-so-obvious secondary point was really that we need to separate the intentions. The boycott, and all the continued animus on the right, against France was and is ridiculous. It was always based on the nonsense Bushian “you’re either with us or you’re against us” premise, and yet it still had an economic impact. We punished wine producers in France because George W. Bush was having a tantrum because France didn’t want to play his sick and twisted little games with the lives of millions of Iraqis. I just think it was a poor example. The Coors and Gallo boycotts are better examples of how things should be done, and the more sensible reasoning behind it. I’ve not looked up on the figures of the financial impact of those boycotts though.

  61. FLL says:

    In his younger days, Vlad was actually the mysterious seventh member of the Village People, although his “Mongol Horseman” costumes were usually skimpier than this.

  62. FLL says:

    These photos are priceless.

  63. Tyler Albertario says:

    NYC Update: G Louge, BoxersNYC, and The Eagle join the boycott.

  64. FLL says:

    Nooooo! Madonna will be so pissed with Vlad for ripping off her fingerless-gloves routine.

  65. Guest says:

    Vlad puts collar on an Amur tiger with his bare hands!!!

  66. Guest says:

    Vlad collars an Amur tiger with his bare hands!

  67. Ninong says:

    Vlad playing dress-up as Genghis Khan:

  68. Guest says:

    Genghis Vlad

  69. RICARDO says:


  70. RICARDO says:


  71. RICARDO says:


  72. Ninong says:

    Okay, something went wrong with my reply and the pictures were repeated and somehow it got posted as “guest” so I couldn’t go back and fix it.

    Here’s Judo grandmaster Vlad mixing it up with the boys:

  73. Guest says:

    Here’s Brokeback Vlad wearing fingerless gloves.

  74. FLL says:

    It was easy to see how effectively the boycott is pressuring the International Olympic Committee because their response was so swift and nervous. The activist in Russia that Robert Martin links to doesn’t seem to think that Putin takes PR into account. I would love to see Putin prove him wrong.

  75. And that’s why it’s vodka. Especially for gay men, it’s a no-brainer in terms of PR.

  76. I’m sure there’s a larger list, but you don’t want to water down the target, as it were, by listing 100 things.

  77. Doesn’t mean they don’t value their “good” name.

  78. Our Kiki says:

    I agree that things do not look great for Stoli and if they want to save their business they should really get proactive, but it is positive to have a Russian company being verbal about their LGBT support. It kinda sucks that so much focus of boycotting is on a company that has said in rainbow letters, “we do not agree with Russia and we support you.” They are one of a million Russian companies that actually said they are on our side. I’m not saying they can’t do more, I’m just saying that they are moving in the right direction and they are one of the very few who are.

  79. Actually, the boycott will pressure Russian lawmakers as Brand Russia is dragged through the mud, Brand Olympics is dragged down with them, and as a result of the increased and increasing PR countries in Europe hopefully start to take moves against Russia (I’d like our country to as well, but I do’t expect it, but who knows).

  80. Good luck with that. If you want to rally Americans around 4 Russian lawmakers they’ve never heard of, and have no influence over, more power to you. But this issue has been around for years, and the only time it exploded was when Buzzfeed assembled the photos, and Dan Savage called for a vodka boycott. It didn’t blow up because we named 4 Russian legislators. That same proposed campaign suggests we lobby the USG to ban these legislators from entering our territory. That kind of campaign might work in Europe, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t work here. Not unless you make this such a huge PR disaster and then redirect the public ire at those legislators – that’s a possibility. But devoting a campaign to four (or so) no-name Russian legislators isn’t going to accomplish squat in America at least.

  81. FLL says:

    It’s just another example of the wingnut desire to blame every calamity on gay people, from earthquakes to the Holocaust to stock market crashes.

  82. I happen to enjoy camp :)

  83. Finding a gay man among the Nazis is like saying a left-handed man was among the Nazis. What the hate groups are alleging is that the Holocaust was really a secret gay plot to kill the Jews. It’s Holocaust revisionism, and bunk.

  84. Yes, it is about more than vodka, but the way you win a battle is by not fighting on 100 different fronts at the same time. Sometimes one country’s excesses rise to the top, and the time is right, and we fight that country in order to force change. That country is Russia, and that time is now.

  85. FLL says:

    These are my suggestions for actual actions, rather than being a “verbal ally,” at least until the current anti-gay campaign ends:

    (1) Use grain from somewhere other than Russia.
    (2) Move the distilling operations out of Russia.
    (3) After they’ve moved all their operations out of Russia, they no longer have to pay corporate taxes to the Russian government.
    (4) After Mr. Scheffler is no longer living in Russia, he no longer has to pay personal income taxes to the Russian government.

    If Stoli really wants to put its money where its mouth is, this would be their to-do list. Until then, Stoli is supporting Putin’s current anti-gay campaign.

  86. Ah, interesting.

  87. Great, when they take a proactive stance to truly influence the Russian government, and help gay and trans people in Russia, I’m happy to revisit this.

  88. FLL says:

    True. My point was that svobonik’s analysis is lacking because he thinks that the Nazis were using a simplistic formula that svobodnik calls “butch” and “femme.” My response is that the Hitler regime eliminated anyone they considered a political threat. For that reason, they gathered lists of people who had been gay rights activists during the years of the Weimar Republic because they were viewed as a political threat, regardless of whether they were “butch” or “femme” or whatever. Hitler had Röhm and many of the SA Brown Shirts murdered on the Night of the Long Knives (June 30, 1934) for the same reason—because he saw them as a competing political force and, therefore, a threat to Hitler’s quest for power. The SA Brown Shirts obviously were not femme; some were straight, some were gay or bi. The elimination of any political threat or competition was the operating principle that motivated those loyal to Hitler, I think.

  89. Boycott Russia says:

    El Rio bar in San Francisco joins the vodka ban!

  90. dula says:

    Well we can’t count on gay athletes Johnny Weir and Blake Skjellerup. Their one moment to shine comes first:

  91. samizdat says:

    This is an excellent idea.^^^

  92. samizdat says:

    Swami and Ninong, I think you two are on to something. Since I missed the second ‘tse’ in Tsaritsa, I wasn’t thinking of the diminutive ‘Little Princess Putin’, much less the implications of interpreting ‘queen’ as you do.

    Heh-heh…that makes it even funnier.

    I love smart people.

  93. samizdat says:

    “…he tries too hard to project a macho image…” Yeah, kinda like ol’ GWB.

  94. Rambie says:

    Awesome for The Trapp

  95. samizdat says:

    Ooops, you’re right, I flaked on the second ‘tse’. For those of you who are wondering, the ‘tse’ is the letter that looks like a ‘u’ with a penis extension.

  96. perljammer says:

    Of course the wine boycott did not affect the French government’s stance on Iraq, any moe than an LGBT boycott of Utah ski resorts would affect Mormon doctrine. Boycott is a statement of principle. But sometimes it can be extremely effective, as anyone who was around for the California grape boycott can attest.

    Whatever the goal of a boycott, it starts with impacting sales. To impact sales, you need widespread parcipation. Measuring the impact on sales is an easy way to determine participation — much more meaningful than a list of bars that pull product from the shelves, as people who want Russian vodka and who don’t give a rat’s about Russian oppression, will find a place to buy it.

  97. Our Kiki says:

    have you read Stoli’s letter to the LGBT community?
    Even their main page online says the “stand strong with the global LGBT community.” Is it fair to condemn them just because they are Russian based? Maybe we should be getting them to make proactive advances instead of simply being a verbal ally? But they support us.

  98. Stev84 says:

    The leader of SA at the time, Ernst Röhm, was gay though. So was his deputy. Doesn’t mean all of them were of course.

  99. Stev84 says:

    Hello, Scott Lively.

  100. Stev84 says:

    It was perfectly possible to have a marking for “gay Jew” in concentration camps. The standard camp symbol for Jews wasn’t the Star of David itself (that was for the general population, not prisoners), but a yellow triangle pointing upwards. That could be combined with the other symbols for political prisoners, gays or asocials which were colored triangles pointing down. So they just super-imposed the two triangles, which then formed a Star of David.

  101. FLL says:

    Excellent link. I didn’t know he hung out mostly with the guys. ABBA? “Dancing Queen”?! That is the clincher, is it not? I’m going to try to find a photo of him wearing his “macho” fingerless gloves. Didn’t Madonna wear fingerless gloves during her heyday in the 80s?

  102. Caligari says:

    Yeah, the point is, it’s hard to read that shit.

  103. Guest says:

    Here is one effort I came across:

  104. Tom Chicago says:

    I agree that this needs to be about more than vodka.

  105. Wow, I don’t think I’ve received this many responses to my posts on here??!? All over a boycott on Stoli?? Seriously though, if it works great! I find it ridiculous to hear that on one end, the AG is saying to Putin we will not torture Snowden but not a peep about these anti LGBT laws passed where people are actually being tortured. We live in a very #ucked up world. And yes, my apologies for linking to a libertarian site.

  106. Tom Chicago says:

    The IOC, apparently in panic mode, tries to assure the world about something they really have zero control over. They cannot guarantee anyone’s safety.

  107. rmthunter says:

    You forgot Rule 1: If you found it on the Internet, it’s probably junk. And this one is pure Reason: Oh, if you boycott Stoli, you’ll hurt a major multinational corporation! How cruel!

  108. rmthunter says:

    That book is a piece of propaganda by Scott Lively, who is now taking credit for the anti-gay laws in Russia, Uganda, Nigeria, and just about every place else. He’s known as a shameless liar and the book itself is fantasy.

  109. rmthunter says:

    You bring up a good point — Putin could sign an agreement with the IOC (which has never been noted for its support of gay rights) in his own blood, and send his thugs out to do the dirty work. And probably will.

  110. BeccaM says:

    lol, you’re such a hoot.

    And you’re so precious, pretending to be a professional therapist on the basis of reading a single comment and deciding you know me.

    Hint: You don’t.

  111. Caligari says:

    Here are some vodkas other than Stolichnaya that are made in Russia and sold internationally, and thus worthy of boycott until the Russian government repeals its repressive anti-gay laws. There are several other Russian vodkas, but they are only for domestic consumption and not listed here.

    Gold Symphony
    Russian Standard
    Youri Dolgoruki


    Love that you were ahead of your time. The world needs more of people exactly like you.


    Name some please.


    Is there a point to you having an obvious control issue? BeccaM? Get some therapy.


    Absolutely Fabulous Protest! Just fabulous!

  116. Jack Anderson says:

    Salt Lake City’s “The Trapp” pulled all; Russian alcohol. Kudo’s to Joe R. the owner!!

  117. BeccaM says:

    Is there a point to your use of initial capitalization on every word?

  118. RyWhen says:

    The gay bar Called Minneapolis Eagle/Bolt Bar in Minneapolis MN said they would not be removing stoli from their shelf. They did say they would carry more vodka options for their patrons.

  119. Matt says:

    John, bars who want to note their participation can post up a sign like this:


  120. madonna816 says:

    You can add Club 313, in Manchester, NH to this list! They posted on their Facebook wall, no more Russian products!

  121. Andrew Kieffert says:

    There Is No Accurate Number Of How Many Gay Men Were Murdered During The Holocaust. As The Pink Triangle Was Worse Than The Star Of David. And Whereas Others Were Freed When Allied Troops Liberated Camps. Those Wearing The Pink Triangle Were Not. They Were Turned Over To The prison System To Serve 20 More Years Before It Was Even Admitted That They Were Detained For Nothing More Than Being Gay. At That Thousands Went In And A Mere Handful Came Out.

  122. Scott Larsen says:

    New Facebook group page, It’s More Than Just Vodka, to highlight different governments, its leaders, policies and citizens who are against GLBT people. Visit

  123. chris10858 says:

    This is a great start BUT we need to expand boycotts to other companies and place further political pressure on other organizations, especially large international corporations who do business in and/or with Russia. We need to shame these businesses into coming out against Russia and their Soviet-style laws against LGBT people and their straight allies.

    I think only those large organizations can truly mount enough pressure on the Russian government to stop the persecution. As the saying goes, “money talks and bullshit walks.”

  124. Ninong says:

    I think the rumors started mainly because he almost never took his wife with him anywhere (they announced their separation just last month) and he tries too hard to project a macho image: tranquilizing and putting a collar on an Amur tiger, tranquilizing and tagging a Polar bear, swimming in the buff in Siberia, prancing through the fields and streams shirtless, riding horseback shirtless (Brokeback Putin), practicing wrestling with young guys, hunting, fishing, cavorting in the forests — he’s obsessed with his image.

    He loves ABBA — his favorite song is “Dancing Queen.” For real. Sing if you’re Vlad to be gay.

  125. btsc says:

    We need to do all of the above.

  126. btsc says:

    That is a total fabrication; you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  127. FLL says:

    Dear Vlad the Impaler,

    The United Nations has just unveiled a global public education campaign called “Free & Equal.” The video below is a message from the United Nations Human Rights Office. That’s right, Vlad, the United Nations is after your ass. My advice to you, Vlad, is “Quake with fear, you tiny fool.” (OK, that’s adapted from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.) The UN video:

  128. FLL says:

    Putin likes to pose half-naked for calendar pictures. Yeah, I know. Wait. What did you say? Underground rumors? What rumors?! This is getting fun.

  129. Ninong says:

    I think the heavy rouge and lip coloring, along with the deliberate царица (tsaritza), are meant to reinforce the underground rumors that have followed him for years.

  130. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    This has to stay in the myth category. This theory is often put forward by people who may have ulterior motives for saying something negative about gay men. One of the authors, Scott Lively, is rabidly anti-gay.

  131. FLL says:

    Your analysis is not completely accurate, which is to say, there are parts of the picture that you’re omitting. Of those 10,000 to 15,000 gay men who were sent to concentration camps, many of those were sent to those camps because they were political activists who were part of efforts during the Weimar Republic to remove the sodomy law that was still on the books. Those political activists were not necessarily “femme.” Rather, they were a political threat to the Nazi Party, as were the SA Brown Shirts (“Sturmabteilung”), many of whom were murdered on the night of June 30, 1934. (Please google “Night of the Long Knives.”) Obviously, the Brown Shirts weren’t “femme” either. What they all have in common is that they posed a political threat to Hitler’s Nazi Party. Your incomplete analysis needs a little tweaking here and there.

  132. emjayay says:

    Everyone already knows Stoly is Russian. No education campaign needed.

  133. emjayay says:

    Well, in the Soviet days the government was the same as business, and only one party was on the ballot so the Duma or whatever they called it always voted unanimously for everything. So what they are doing today is very much like what they were used to for the past 70 years just in a different guise, which also had a lot in common with what was going on before.

  134. Ninong says:

    Maybe they meant Queen Putin instead of Tsarina Putin or Tsaritsa Putin? Maybe it was not about his autocratic nature but about something else entirely?

  135. FLL says:

    Whether “tsaritsa” or “tsar,” both are autocratic rulers, which is bullshit. You can prove that by the fact that the anti-gay law passed in the Russian Duma by a vote of 436-0. Doesn’t sound very much like a democracy, does it? Russia needs a democracy, not a tsaritsa or a tsar. I think that’s the main point of the protest in the Netherlands that you’re referring to.

  136. svobodnik says:

    What’s interesting is the posting of the “pink triangle” worn by a gay man during the Nazi reign. What you don’t know is that much of the German leadership and heirarchy of the Nazi party were gay men. They were “butch” men who despised “femme” gays and didn’t mind seeing them imprisoned. For more information – google “The Pink Swastika”.

  137. Ninong says:

    I don’t drink vodka, so I have promised to boycott Russian cars.

  138. ckg1 says:

    May I recommend Avast as a substitute? It’s a damned good product, whether you get the free edition or pay for it.

  139. ckg1 says:

    Save your breath.

    That organization is as corrupt as Russia’s is. Maybe even worse.

  140. Drew2u says:

    How about all those locations have a sign facing the street like Lulu’s that says they do not serve Russian anything? Certainly the public exposure couldn’t hurt for those venues?

  141. Drew2u says:

    Is vodka the only thing to boycott, or is there a list of Russian commodities?

  142. mmt says:

    boycott is great. the misogynist photo of “tsaritsa Putin” is not.

  143. RepackRider says:

    I am 67 years of age and I have boycotted Stoli all my life.

    I was always ahead of my time.

  144. FLL says:

    Nothing wrong with that strategy either. Nothing at all.

  145. Robert Martin says:

    The LGBT activists IN Russia don’t think that this is the best route to go:

    They suggest we should target their lawmakers and get our government to issue visa bans on them.

  146. FLL says:

    OMG, you’re right. Царица Путин = Tsaritsa Putin. Actually, “tsaritsa” isn’t diminutive. That’s the title of either a female autocratic ruler of Russia (like Catherine the Great) or the Tsar’s wife. OK, Tsaritsa Putin it is, and he is definitely an autocratic ruler.

  147. Indigo says:

    I love it when a boycott comes together. IOC, wise up!

  148. Low hanging fruit, so to speak :) But we want all bars. LuLu’s in Palm Springs joined in, and they’re not gay.

  149. Oh really? Any source for this? I just like to confirm so I don’t list places that may not have agreed

  150. Yes, and IOC is already clearly a bit worried about all of this.

  151. I do love when we dish in foreign languages :)

  152. Yep i saw that, thanks

  153. It’s great that I don’t particularly like vodka. I’d rather Burgundy wine, and I can agree with the French!

  154. Houndentenor says:

    Good. They need to freak out more. And more often. I’m fine with the Olympics being apolitical but there shouldn’t be anything political about human rights.

  155. nicho says:

    Trio in Palm Springs (awesome restaurant BTW) has declared itself RFZ — a Russian Free Zone. Go Trio!

  156. PeteWa says:

    lol very nice

  157. discus_sucks_ass says:

    were those numbers pulled from the Paris Business Review?

  158. jay_max says:

    Lukoil gas stations. They apparently also own the Kwik Farms brand of gas, sold at many 7-11s according to Wikipedia.

  159. scottrose says:

    Don’t forget — when you’re in restaurants and order drinks, insist on non-Russian vodka, and tell the server and the restaurant manager why.

  160. scottrose says:


  161. scottrose says:

    The IOC is complicit in the Holocaust and will never be able to wash the blood stains off of the brand’s hands, but that’s no reason to add to the blood stains on their hands. I am revolted that they are giving assurances that athletes will be OK, but not demanding human rights for LGBT Russians right now. The Russian “laws” are malicious, and all have the effect of communicating the notion that homosexuals are dangerous to children. It’s a variation on the blood libel used against Jews.

  162. BeccaM says:

    And an insult to toilets. At least they serve a useful purpose.

  163. Hue-Man says:

    Vancouver is on the front line having sponsored the first Olympic Pride House (well, two, one at Whistler and one in Vancouver) which has not been carried on by Russia only 4 years later. It’ll be interesting to see what develops at the Pride Parade – one of the largest in the world – and related events next weekend

    The Canadian government travel advisory for Russia was updated today: “Although homosexual activity is not illegal in Russia, a federal law has been passed that prohibits public actions that are described as promoting homosexuality and “non-traditional sexual relations”. This law could render any homosexual and pro-homosexual statements punishable. Public actions (including dissemination of information, statements, displays or conspicuous behaviour) that contravene or appear to contravene this law may lead to arrest, the imposition of a fine and deportation.

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travellers, as well as their friends and families, have been targets of harassment and violence.”

    I would have added something forceful about PDAs, including hand-holding.

  164. jay_max says:

    If you have a computer with Kaspersky Antivirus, uninstall it and buy another product. The company is headquartered in Moscow, and I’m not talking Idaho.

  165. FLL says:

    To the naysayers, company owner, Yuri Scheffler, currently lives in Russia, so it’s a real stretch to think that he is persona non gratis in that country. By its own admission SPI Group operates in Russia and pays taxes to the Russian government, tax money that is currently stained with blood.

  166. FLL says:

    Yes, get straight bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos and cruise lines to hop on board. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised to see how many do.

  167. don’t know, but gay bars are easier to start with, then can be used as wedge to push straight ones – but folks should feel free

  168. rickwla says:

    John: Per the LA Times, Motherlode is no longer serving it and the Abbey never carried it but stated they would have taken it down immediately if they had.,0,4071400.story?page=2

  169. Bingo. The goal isn’t really the goal you state. Or not only. This is about generating larger publicity, freaking out Russian companies, generating international press, scaring the IOC, scaring the Russian authorities over their international brand AND the Olympics, and more. It’s about creating a shitstorm for the Russians so someone very high up goes “why the F did we do this?” And we’re already well on that path.

  170. Stoli, and vodka, is easy. Well known brand, well targeted, gay community has lots of bars, so easy visuals etc. It’s a great place to start.

  171. I’m not sure I care what libertarians think of a boycott. No offense to libertarians, but this boycott isn’t some philosophical issue for us to consider in our ivory towers. And it’s already working.

    Yeah just read it, not a terribly well thought out piece.

  172. Ok, I could read that it said Tsaritza Putin, but wasn’t thinking of Tsaritza and a diminutive way of saying Tsarina or whatever. That’s funny!

  173. ooh thanks!

  174. And the IOC is clearly freaking out. And now it’s getting international press coverage. It’s accomplishing everything a boycott should. I may write a post about this, what boycotts really are, when and how they work. This one is actually working.

  175. PeteWa says:

    calling Reason a toilet is overly kind.

  176. Naja pallida says:

    But impacting sales really isn’t the goal. The real measure is the political pressure generated from that monetary impact, and the awareness campaign generated by it. Things not so easily quantified. But I’m reasonably certain the US boycott of French wine did not do anything to get France on board with our illegal invasion of Iraq.

  177. Houndentenor says:

    The most important thing is the awareness of what’s happening in Russia. Most Americans don’t know. The boycott is getting a reaction from at least one Russian CEO and some news coverage. That’s something all by itself.