Russians film brutal video of attack on transgender woman

Russian anti-gay/anti-trans vigilantes have posted a showing five Russian men participating in the brutal beating of a trans woman.

As we’d reported earlier, violent anti-gay and anti-trans vigilante groups have cropped up around Russia, with the goal of luring young gay and trans kids in to a meeting, then kidnapping, beating and torturing them, while filming the entire thing and then posting it on Russian social media.

I tried to upload a copy of the video to YouTube, to keep it safe, but YouTube immediately banned it. So I’m waiting for their terms of service people to review it and understand that it’s not a pro-bashing video. It’s about exposing these horrific people, and the government that inspires them and lets them get away with this kind of hate.

The Russian government refused to investigate these crimes, even with videos clearly showing the hometowns and faces of the perpetrators.  Only a week or two ago, when the international press picked up on this story did the Russian authorities claim they would investigate. No word on anything they’ve done to solve and stop these crimes.

The Russian government has fomented an even worse than normal climate of hate in the country against gay and trans people with the recent passage of a draconian law banning gay “propaganda,” which pretty much bans anything any gay or trans people might do or say in public that might suggest they are gay or trans.

The Russians have said repeatedly that gay, trans and gay-friendly Olympic athletes, guests and media will be subject to the new law during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

That, added to the overall intolerance for racial minorities in Russia as well, have many people understandably concerned about the safety of those attending the Olympics.

You should be able to view the video for now on this Russia social media site, I’ve got screen captures below.

The title of the video refers to the person being beaten as a “homosexual” (they don’t even understand the difference between being gay and being trans), and then, troubling, the title continues “view from 16 years old.” I’m wondering just how old this person is. We’re going to have to wait for some Russians to translate it.

The 3 minute video begins with the men approaching the trans woman in a park.  Their friend is filming the attack. The man to the left pretends to use his left arm to prepare to strike her, and instead strikes with


They proceed to kick her in the head, all over her body, and drag and throw her around the park.  Here she’s cowering in fear as they kick her in the head:


Three of them attack her at once:


Here they drag her around the park by her underwear:


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55 Responses to “Russians film brutal video of attack on transgender woman”

  1. Yuge says:

    I’m not saying its a safe idea to go there, I’m saying they shouldn’t be given that choice. The Olympics should not be hosted in such a backwards country as Russia.

  2. Gadea says:

    Well maybe, Russians on the street, will look the other way, if you are
    an athletes and also a homosexual? Maybe they will leave athletes alone.
    I wouldn’t go, but that is my choice.

  3. Yuge says:

    What about athletes? Its easy enough to say ‘don’t go’ but how is that fair to tell an entire group of people they shouldn’t go to the Olympics because its being hosted in a barbaric country like Russia.

  4. Gadea says:

    Those planning to visit Russia during the Olympics and are homosexuals,
    should stay away and be safe.

  5. Yuge says:

    And we’re going to let these barbaric savages host the Olympics?

  6. Yuge says:

    This may come as a shocking surprise, but people can’t pick where they’re born, and aren’t always able to move to another country.

  7. Hank Kelly says:

    What a sick, primitive society that Russia has become. To ignore the Nazi like actions in Russia has made the Olympics a sham and a joke. I won’t waste a second of my time watching them.

  8. Jenn348 says:

    The US is the only first-world country I know of that elects prosecutors. I have yet to hear of a prosecutor that didn’t have a habit of using controversial cases to further his or her career.

  9. Jenn348 says:

    You’re right…it does happen here. What I meant to say is that it doesn’t happen as much. I’ve talked to many LGBT people with stories of repelling a would-be attacker or attackers with a firearm. In all the cases I’ve personally heard, none of them had to fire a shot, the wimps just ran away.

    I think that’s a good thing. Nobody gets hurt and the LGBT people are safer. Win-win.

  10. Dee Omally says:

    Good point….if this escalates in the states, I will be the first to step up and create a “Guardian Angels” group to protect LGBT brothers and sisters. In fact I am entertaining that thought now.
    I think with years of public safety (sworn & non-sworn) experience since the age of 18 (military & civilian), I exceed qualifications.

  11. Dee Omally says:

    don’t take your word for it…just watch the video.

  12. Dee Omally says:

    and worse….by failing to hold these wild beasts pretending to be men accountable? What is the intent here? To prove manhood?….failed. To prove viciousness?…passed. To prove hatred?…passed. To prove that you care about your citizens?…failed. To prove that you have credibility as a great nation?….failed.

  13. Zorba says:

    I agree, Dee. By failing to act, the IOC is indeed complicit.

  14. Dee Omally says:

    If they invoke these prohibitions against LGBT athletes, I tremble wondering what they are doing to those attending LGBT events… or lesbian parties. The answer of course is found in this video.

  15. Len Kinx says:

    I feel bad for the transgender woman.
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  16. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    That’s interesting, but what does that have to do with my comment? Am I missing something?

  17. Geri Hinn says:

    I totally agree that real men don’t go around beating up on people turning them into victims. Real men respect other people.
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  18. Gadea says:

    Why go to Russia if you are a Homosexual, Lesbian or Transgender individual?
    You will get attacked and no one will come to your aid.
    Why go?

  19. Homophobes=Morons says:


  20. Badgerite says:

    This is a little like watching what went on in Bosnia after the fall of the Soviet Union. All these old bigotries and hatreds came flying out of people.

  21. Dee Omally says:

    good point….more cowards (residents) who allowed 3 cowards to beat up on an innocent person….whose mere existence apparently so threatened their “manhood” that in the process of beating her up….demonstrated that they have NO manhood anywhere in their DNA!

    How could they claim to be men? Real men don’t go around beating up on people turning them into victims. Real men do the contrary…they step up and defend the indefensible. Real men are NOT so insecure about their manhood that they violate someone else’s right to live. These cowards ARE NOT real men…don’t take my word for it…watch the video that shows that they are SO AFRAID that they assault a person showing absolutely NO aggression…

    This video forces me to think…is this the Real Russia….are these Real “men”? As I have said, the video speaks for itself in the language the entire world understands….moving pictures.

    The worst part? If justice hasn’t reigned in these fake men, and they remain free by now, despite video evidence….then I must conclude that Russia is a country void of justice. Not opinion…mind you. If they remain free, then any reasonable person MUST conclude that they are no less than government-sponsored terror squads on the hunt for LGBT citizens. Else, what other conclusion is possible?

  22. lynchie says:

    what do you think all the advertisers do, give them cupcakes. Amateur status went out the window decades ago with pro hockey, pro soccer and the like competing

  23. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    It does happen in the states. It happened about a year ago in Baltimore.

  24. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    The athletes are not paid. They would lose their amateur status if they were.

  25. Jenn348 says:

    There are an increasing number of LGBT people who have obtained licenses and permits to carry their own guns. This doesn’t happen in the states because trans women might just shoot the bigots.

  26. R. S. S. says:

    FInlly someone makes the obious statement. The athletes only want to get paid and a little medal necklace.

  27. lucifer69 says:

    I saw in Russia were they cut off your ears and hands and then kill you. These men are all racist and homophobic too. I was surprise to see young kids doing the dirty work when it came to cutting someone’s hands off. Skinheads have taken over Russia.

  28. Basildon Bond says:

    Very sad indeed. I can’t believe such blatant abuse is going unpunished.

  29. lynchie says:

    Understand your outrage. The Olympics stands for money, that and the parading of the current bought and paid for athletes.

  30. Robdotcom71 says:

    Those that do support it, cower in fear and remain silent sadly.

  31. Badgerite says:

    I don’t see how this kind of behavior in a host country of the Olympics can be left unchallenged. If you are an athlete or a spectator from there or any other country, how can this be ignored? How can you NOT speak up? They are making a spectacle of if. It was done, and one would have to believe intentionally so, just before the Olympics. Do the Russian legislators who voted in this law really think that this would have been a selling point when they were vying to be a host city? I doubt it. This was really underhanded. Really low down and should not be tolerated. For God’s sake, doesn’t the Olympics stand for something more than just winning or losing at a sporting event? Or is that all it really stands for?

  32. LGWolf says:

    I cannot tell you how enraged this makes me.

  33. nana says:

    not all russians support it, fyi.

  34. Dee Omally says:

    ok…am I missing something here? If these 3 hoodlums are really men…I mean are really men, and desire to pick a fight, isn’t the manly thing to do at minimum is to engage fair and square one against one? So they thing we who are transgender are not worthy of living…..and this is how 3 cowards end up proving that they are indeed men? What is the difference between ganging up and beating up a child or an elderly person…I mean where is the fair fight here?
    So they got their wish….they used a human being as a punching bag….a helpless human being who didn’t resist except for fleeing. If we who are transgender are sissies….despicable deviants not worthy of safety or even life itself, how do you “Mr. manly man”, prove your manhood by beating us to a pulp, chasing us down like wild vermin, how can you be proud of ganging up on us 3 against 1? I mean this video proved to me one thing: who the real sissies are…too afraid for a fair fight….and attack someone ONLY because they don’t meet their definition of eye candy.

    Some things self-define themselves….in this case the real sissies…too afraid for a fair fight show themselves to be who they really are….in video no less.

  35. PeteWa says:

    sadly, there will never be enough human rights violations for the IOCashmittee.

  36. cyxuzoqytowi says:

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    homophobes in russia and here in america have something in common, they are gutless cowards.

  37. lynchie says:

    The reaction of anyone watching is don’t get involved or you will disappear. We are progressing that way as well. How many people challenge the police or video or photo them and get arrested, threatened, tased. i agree that standing and letting it happen is wrong but the culture created by a police state and lack of any legal redress makes people think twice. How many stepped forward in New York when the cops beat the hell out of the OWS group in the park. Many were pissed but standing up seldom happens anymore. The 1% know that, no one wants to risk arrest and lose their jobs. It will come to that hopefully before the militarization of the police is complete. O’ness shows little concern for the rights of the 99% he protests the banks, wall street and the 1% at all costs.

  38. By failing to act in any way to protect LGBT athletes or visitors to Russia it is evident that the IOC support the pogroms against homosexuals and likewise the Russian law, which they have publicly demanded the athletes respect. If they don’t, the IOC will withdraw their endorsement.

    By contrast, the IOC have made it clear that they do not hold any participant country accountable to the Olympic Charter and in effect back the terror inflicted on gay people in Russia.

    With zero support from international sporting bodies we are left with no option but to take matters into our own hands.

  39. No they won’t be brought to justice. Putin intends to eliminate homosexuality to appease the Russian Orthodox Church, who want all homosexuals eliminated. They do not understand that our parents are heterosexuals, so we can never be eliminated by genocide unless they kill all heterosexual parents too.

  40. Christopher says:

    want to know what the international gay community and its allies really think of Sochi? visit us on fb:

  41. Zorba says:

    I’m not holding my breath, Gary, believe me. I have been around way too long to expect anything different from those in charge. :-(

  42. Zorba says:

    Yes, unfortunately, I think that you’re right. At the end of the day, it is all about who has the most money. {{Sigh}}

  43. Thom Allen says:

    There are buildings surrounding this scene. I couldn’t tell if they were stores, homes, apartments or what. But there would be people in them. I really doubt that anyone watching from those buildings would have been able to tell if this were a woman or trans-woman. But no one came out to help her. Is that how Russians react to a crime? Wait for it to be over? Morally bankrupt christianist people.

  44. cole3244 says:

    and its always many on one or a few buy the macho ahole cowards.

  45. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    I’m wondering if ANYONE is going to go to jail for any of these crimes.

  46. lynchie says:

    Gutless cowards with clubs, bats and guns.

  47. lynchie says:

    Zorba: they don’t really give a shit what you or the rest of us feel or other governments. It is about money and the corporate accumulation of money and the degradation and control of the peasants. You don’t like it, don’t go, more room for them. The rich will still be accommodated 5 star hotel rooms, etc., etc. I have traveled in Russia and when you argue or disagree about rules and regulations they become intransigent. The police or military routinely stop people search them, take them for questioning. Nothing much as changed as far as human rights since the days of Stalin. New names same shit. They have the power to arrest and jail anyone for any reason and you don’t have access or a lawyer and may disappear for ever. We all suffer from a delusion that what goes on in our country is the same everywhere….that is a big NO. The games will go as planned, money will flow to the top 1% as always and our concerns will be brushed aside like crumbs of a table after dinner. The fix is in that is why the situation gets worse on a daily basis.

    “According to international human rights organizations as well as domestic press, violations of human rights in Russia[10] include widespread and systematic torture of persons in custody by police,[11][12] dedovshchina in Russian Army, neglect and cruelty in Russian orphanages,[13] violations of children’s rights.[14] According to Amnesty International there is discrimination, racism, and murders of members of ethnic minorities”.

  48. Chuck says:

    These Fucking Russians are no good evil Bastards from hell.. May the same happen to you no good pricks!

  49. Eileen Bolender says:

    There are just no words to describe the rage and, at the same time, sadness I am feeling about the situation over there.

  50. GarySFBCN says:

    Well, they didn’t do anything when the president of Mexico killed hundreds, maybe thousands of students 10 days before the Olympics. They didn’t cancel the Olympics when Palestinian extremists kidnapped and killed Israeli athletes. This didn’t cancel the Olympics when Hitler was creating laws that were robbing Jews of their lives.

    So don’t hold your breath.

  51. Zorba says:

    How many more of these human rights violations in Russia need to happen before the IOC either cancels the Winter Olympics in Russia for 2014, or moves it to another country? If they do not do this, then they are approving of and complicit in these human rights violations. Period. They cannot pretend that they knew nothing of this and are not directly responsible. It didn’t work at Nuremberg, and it shouldn’t work for the IOC. Shame on them if they do nothing. Eternal shame on them.

  52. BeccaM says:

    I literally can no longer watch stuff like this.

  53. cole3244 says:

    homophobes in russia and here in america have something in common, they are gutless cowards.

  54. karmanot says:

    Russia has returned to its former inglorious backwards laughingstock as not quite time for civilization on the world stage.

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