Gay Russian neo-Nazis

My friend Julie passed along this interview with a gay Russian neo-Nazi, done by Nick Chester at  Julie was trying to point out the fact that Russia still has an ongoing problem with hating Jews, in addition to gays.  But I was more fascinated by the fact that Russia has a gay neo-Nazi organization at all.  So I did some googling, and found a lot more creepy stuff way beyond what’s in the Vice piece.

The group,  Gay Aryan National Socialists (GANS) says it’s been around since 2008.  And if it’s various Web postings are to be believed, they’ve opened a number of chapters in the Russian region, though a chapter could be as few as one pink nazi.

In a way, none of this should be surprising.  I’ve often said that racism, homophobia, sexism – all bigotry – aren’t exclusive to any one race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Gays can be homophobes, blacks can be racist, women can be sexist, and all of them can far too easily hate each other.  Prejudice is an equal-opportunity scourge. (Though you’d be surprised how many people on the (far?) left disagree with that statement. The irony, of course, is that many who disagree give off strong vibes of being bigots themselves, so it’s a convenient form of self-protection.)

According to Vice, this is the actual logo for the organization. (Sadly, vice didn’t link to the neo-Nazi site – but I found other sympathizers online, and have thus confirmed the logo independently.)  Take a close look at the logo.


I couldn’t find the Gay Aryan National Socialist (GANS) page on, the site that supposedly was hosting it, but I did find other white Russian nationalist profiles, including one that did in fact appear to be a gay Russian nationalist skinhead who appears to have a thing for Hitler.  Here’s his home page:


And here are a few of his posts – this one for Hitler’s birthday:gay-russian-nazis-hitler

This was one was for some “right bear arms” protest:

By going through his photos, I was able to find that bizarre logo again on the first official t-shirt that the gay Aryan national socialist group has for sale:


Translation of the caption: “The first T-shirt with the symbol-GANS went on sale! Ask for it in the shops of the city.”

And this is reportedly the headquarters of the Belarus officer of the gay Aryan group:


The caption notes the group’s opposition to “homophobia” and Judeo-hryusam, which I believe I’ve found is Christians, meaning Judeo-Christians. I did a bit of googling, and found this in Wikipedia: “The term ‘Judeo–Christian’ did not gain popularity, however, until after The Holocaust in Europe. Reacting against the anti-Semitism of Nazi Germany, European and American commentators sought to redefine Judaism as integral to the history of The West.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the whole gay Aryan thing is a tad fringe, to say the least, but they do in fact exist.  SPLC says there are even lesbian Aryans.  More from SPLC on the overall genre:

This reality has been acknowledged by some white supremacists. Long-time neo-Nazi Harold Covington, revealing his own homophobia, put it this way: “[T]his movement has a distinct tendency to attract faggots because of the leather-macho image that the System Jew media imparts to the SS uniform.”

Today, life remains tough for the committed gay neo-Nazi. After a heterosexual neo-Nazi chat room called the “Racialist Club of America” expelled “practicing homosexuals” recently, one gay man wrote, “[W]e will never win this war as long as they [straight neo-Nazis] are considered the NORM of white pride groups.”

Another man, in considerably more despair, asked this question: “What does belonging to a group, who would kill you along with everyone else the second they found out what you were really, make you feel like?”

Yes, that awkward moment when you realize that your friendly neighborhood pro-genocide group has a tendency towards intolerance.

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