Oodles of Russian Olympic news today – it’s out of control, here’s a summary

I’m staggered by the amount of “news” there is this morning about the Russian Olympics, and the backlash the Russian government is feeling over its crackdown on its gay and trans citizens, and it’s ongoing threats to arrest Olympic athletes, guests and media during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

I figured it might be useful to simply list, and link, to the more important stories.  There are a ton.


International Olympic Committee may do Russia’s dirty work for it, sanctioning athletes that promote “gay propaganda.”
A second senior International Olympic Committee member
expresses concern with Russia’s anti-gay crackdown.
US Senator Schumer
: Putin is a bully, nations should wave rainbow flags during Olympic opening ceremony.
Two German cabinet ministers
accuse Putin of leading Russia into a “flawless dictatorship.”
Irish concern grows over Russian clampdown.

Canada to favor refugee claims from gay Russian.
France’s Sports Minister is “worried” about Russian anti-gay law.
Limbaugh, right-wing hate groups, defend Russia.
Belgian’s stage kiss-in in front of Russian consulate.
California state senators want freeze on state retirement fund investment in Russia.
NYT: Gays in Russia find no haven
Representative of America’s lead anti-“gay marriage” group praises Russian anti-gay law.

Russian member of parliament calls British actor, and human rights advocate, Stephen Fry “a sick person,” mocks Fry’s admission that he attempted suicide last year. (I had initially embedded the BBC’s interview, but as the BBC apparently thinks the year is still 1998, and videos should auto-play on landing on a page, I’ve removed it. You can still find it via the link.)

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