Translated video shows Russian vigilantes torturing kidnapped gay 15 y.o.

New video has emerged of a 15 year old Russian boy, from a small village, apparently being kidnapped by anti-gay vigilantes, then bullied and basically tortured, on film. They then published the video on Russian social media sites.


Keep in mind as you read this story that this kid is only 15 years old.  Imagine going through this at the age of 15.

The boy’s attackers have been kidnapping gay teens for a while now in Russia, videoing the crime, then posting them online – and have been doing so with impunity up until only a few days ago, when news of this ongoing atrocity hit papers in the West, and the Russians finally realized that the serial kidnapping and torturing of teenage boys might hurt their chances to avoid losing the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

There’s now new video of this boy being bullied, and it’s been translated.  It’s 1,000 times worse when you read the things they’re saying to this kid, and the thing he’s replying back.  The boy talks about how his dad would “beat the sh*t out of me” if he finds out the kid is gay and tried to hook up with someone (that’s how they capture these teens – they pose in online chatrooms, and the boys think they’re meeting someone else gay).


To call this young boy a suicide risk is an understatement.  And it’s all because the Russian government, under President Vladimir Putin, thinks kidnapping 15 year olds and then torturing them is the Russian way of respecting human rights.  And he’s not far from the truth. Russia has instituted a draconian crackdown on gay and trans people over the past few years, culminating in a new law that basically outlaws anything perceived as pro-gay, including all speech ad even wearing rainbow suspenders.

I considered not posting this at all, but as the person who translated the video makes clear, this video has already been all over Russian social media.  The damage is done.

Here are a number of screen shots of the video, that pretty much tell you all you need to know.  And below that is the video itself, with the subtitles, it’s 20 minutes long, and truly horrific.








They threaten to out him to his friends and family:



Then they threaten him with violence:



Note the guy in the ski mask on the right:


Then they attempt to pour urine on his head.  They call it “urine therapy.” They do this to many of their victims:




The boy realizes what they’re doing and tries to move out of the way of the urine.


Welcome to Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Oh, and the Russians have announced that if they finally catch the guys who did this, now that the foreign pressure got to be too great, the maximum penalty they’re going for is 3 months’ jail time.

Just for comparison, if you shoot a cat in Russia, you get 5 years.

There’s a reason people are increasingly invoking Nazi Germany and the 1936 Nazi Olympics.

Here’s the video. H/t to GailyGrind, and to Nikita Udovichenko, who explains more about the video on his YouTube page under the “about” section:

Age of consent in Russia is currently 16 years old. On video one can see allegedly a 15 year old teen lured by an organized Neo Nazi gang of self-proclaimed “pedophile fighters” who posted a fake personal ad from allegedly an older man (named “Uncle Dima”). This teen was forced to give out his full name, address, school name, parents names and etc. They laughed about his sexual preferences, bullied him, poured urine on him and kicked at the end. We would never know what occurred after the camera went out. Naturally, all his personal details were released to the general public and viewed by millions in Russia. Infamous Russian ultranationalist and former skin head, Maxim Martsinkevich, known under the nickname “Cleaver” (or “Tesak” in Russian) spearheaded a country wide campaign against (primarily male) LGBT teens using a popular social network to capture, torture and ultimately out unsuspected male teen victims. Over 500 online groups were created. As one can see, they operate under a broad day light. Bystanders either ignore or condone their actions. Police refuse to arrest them even though they are in violation of the existing criminal laws in Russia. Their excuse? They fight pedophiles … but attacking pedophiles’ victims. Certainly, they are selective and lure mostly gay male teens. Being outed in a small Russian city often equal death, torture, suicide. They track suicides publicly online and brag about those deeds.

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