Three big Parisian gay bars ban Russian vodka

Imagine my surprise.  I’m out for a drink last night with an American friend visiting from DC, I’m sipping on my strawberry mojito (they like to add fruit to them here in Paris), and suddenly I see a sign on the wall of a bar in the very-gay Marais neighborhood, and it says something about “homophobic law.”

I’m thinking, this can’t be.  So I get up close, and what do you know.  The bar, and its two sister bars, are no longer serving Russian vodka because of the anti-gay crackdown in Russia.


It reads:

“In response to the homophobic law in Russia, we will no longer sell vodka from that country.”

It’s signed Cox, freedj, and Who’s – three of the rather popular gay bars in Paris.

The helpful bartender, who I asked about it, even mentioned Dan Savage’s name to me, as the guy who launched the boycott.

Very small-worldly experience :)


Who’s bar in the Marais, with the sign up on the mirror in back.

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