Today’s gay Russian Olympics mega news round-up

Sorry, I was out to dinner with some old friends who happened to be in town.  As always, there’s a ton of new Russia news, much of it worth perusing, including:


Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva, who yesterday gave gay Olympians a piece of her mind, today says she was misunderstood.  The problem is she was still defending Russia’s anti-gay law, and I’m sorry, I’m not going to play the “I respect you as a person but you’re going straight to hell” game any longer.  That law in insidious, it’s pure Nazi circa 1933,

As an aside, I’m seeing some bs floating out there about how even England had laws like this at one point, and how even America was super anti-gay not that long ago.  And yeah, 25 years ago a lot of countries got away with a lot of anti-gay crap because we weren’t powerful enough to stop the bigotry and the hatred that led so many of us to attempt suicide.  That doesn’t give Russia the right to keep abusing us today – as if they somehow missed out their chance to dehumanize us somehow, and now want a shot at it. We finally have the power to stand up to bullies and we will.

And by the way, 25 even further back in time we used to ban inter-racial marriage.  It still doesn’t mean that you get the right to do it today with impunity.

Russia is now hinting that it won’t provide visa to western pop musicians.  Yeah, because Moscow is that first-all-important stop on the way to celebrity fame.  Whatever will Madonna and Lady Gaga do without it?

Two NHL Swedes, who are expected to be on the Swedish Olympic hockey team, speak out against Russia’s anti-gay law.

An absolutely wonderful series of interviews with gay Russians in NYC.

Coke and McDonald’s don’t like Russia’s new anti-gay law, but they also aren’t interested in Russia repealing it.

Putin-backed candidate steals image of Game of Thrones star, pretends she’s a rape victim in new campaign ad.

The Russian parliament’s “Investigative Committee” summons a gay activist before them to face accusations of insulting them on Twitter.  Could they be more pathetic?

A really nice round-up from Mother Jones on the overall issue, how we got to where we are, etc.

Russian gays are looking for asylum in the US.

Cong. Jerry Nadler tweets.

Archie comics cancels fictional character’s fictional trip to Russia in the comic strip to protest Russia’s anti-gay law.  I’m sorry, but that’s really kind of cool.

The city of Sarasota debates whether to cut its Sister City ties with Russia.

NPR on athletes speaking out against Russian anti-gay law.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on how vague the Russian law, and the IOC’s rule, are – and whether the IOC and Russia are now banning Olympic athletes from being openly gay.

Reykjavik Pride rocks:

Photo credit: Dave Field

Photo credit: Dave Field

And here’s how you turn your beer bottles into really cool glass cups.

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9 Responses to “Today’s gay Russian Olympics mega news round-up”

  1. karmanot says:

    That seems to be MSNBC’s tact at the moment. Chris Hayes has been given that task, while Lawrence O’Donnell has done a good coverage. Maddow? Where is Maddow?

  2. Bill_Perdue says:

    If you’re referring to some comments by people obviously in the employ the Russian government I agree.

    But, that said, I think we need to pay attention of hotbeds of anti-GLBT violence like Russia, New York City, Iran, Iraq, where the US caused murders of gays continue, and Uganda, a situation caused in large part by Obama BFF’s McClurkin and Warren as well as other scum like Scott Lively, Malawi, Jamaica, the zionist colony in Palestine and in Palestine itself.

    Attempts to downplay Putin’s campaign are just as wrong as attempts to say it’s only important topic for our communities. Our political movements, like our communities are ultimately international at their very root. The truth is that gay men in Mexico, lesbians in Egypt, bisexuals in New Zealand and transfolk in Ireland, irrespective of national and cultural differences have more in common with each other than they do with their fellow citizens. We need to support each other because for the most part no one else will.

    I don’t think that Russia is the only question we need to take up or be concerned with and I think that in regard to events there we should take our cue from Russian GLBT groups like those associated with who are planning an event at Sochi. Their heroism as well as their understanding of dynamics in their own country are outstanding. They need our support.

    One way we can is to support efforts to boycott and divest from homophobic supporters of the Sochi games like NBC/Comcast/MSNBC, a conglomerate that have known about the progress of Putins anti-gay campaign Russian for the last seven years. Nad we shouldn’t forget others like Coke and McDonalds and the IOC itself.

    In terms of divesting from Russian companies I’d like to hear from others but there doesn’t seem to be much to divest from. Direct US economic investment in Russian enterprises seems to be small for now as opposed to US companies that have franchises and trade agreements there.

    Perhaps one of the reasons for is that “corruption and bribery of government officials is rampant in Russia, making American-based business operations there vulnerable to FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act) investigations and enforcement. The nation has recently taken steps, at least on paper, to shed this daunting image by acceding to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (“OECD”) Anti-Bribery Convention and ratifying new, aggressive domestic anti-corruption legislation.” Mondaq 08 15 2013

  3. JayRandal says:

    Recently I read a press report of a young Gay man in Russia who died after thugs injected expansion
    insulation foam up his butt. That is the most sadistic form of hatred of Gays imaginable. On par with
    thugs who stripped naked Mathew Shepherd in Wyoming and tied him to a fence beating him savagely.
    He died soon afterwards in a hospital. Two guys who did it self-hating closeted creeps. Russians are
    now just like them. Shame on homophobic Russians and on far-right homophobic bigots in US too.

  4. JayRandal says:

    Original Olympics in Greece the athletes performed in events completely naked. This would blow the
    minds of Russians if in protest for Gays being persecuted athletes ALL took off their clothes. Putin is a hypocrite because he pulls off his shirt strutting himself in front of other men. He is homophobic creep
    who lusts for other men while hating himself. Russians who strip naked Gay guys to molest them are
    closeted self-hating homosexuals themselves. Russia is forever off my list of countries to travel to see.

  5. jytaqetizah says:

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    John, your passion and work on
    this topic is wonderful. I think we are seeing a major human rights
    event becoming global. Good work!

  6. BeccaM says:

    A number of commenters have noticed another trend: “How can you complain about X happening in Country Y, when A is happening in Country B and it’s worse?”

    Yet if we were talking about Country B, someone would be sure to say, “Why aren’t you paying attention to the situation in Country C? It’s worse!”

    It’s a form of deliberate rhetorical derailing known as “minimization and denial”.

  7. Hue-Man says:

    A troubling development this week is the accusation of hypocrisy – why are you picking on Russia’s gay-hating laws when there is so much hatred and even murder of gays in countries considered allies? I find these attacks repulsive because they’re intended to derail what has been a surprisingly successul movement and are equivalent to “why are you giving aid to starving children in sub-Saharan Africa instead of starving kids in India?” Here’s a brief sample from one such article (in this case an attack on Obama as Hypocrite-in-Chief):

    “Gay sex is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, recipient of tens of billions of dollars worth of advanced US weaponry. Instead of rebuking the Saudi regime for its blatantly brutal homophobia– gays are regularly whipped and imprisoned in the fundamentalist Islamic kingdom, President Obama has warmly welcomed King Abdullah to the White House and hailed the merciless monarch’s [sic] as “wise and gracious.””

    :I believe that Russia deserves our attention for a number of reasons. The LGBT community in Russia until recently had come to an accommodation with Russian general public to live a semi-open life. This makes them more vulnerable because they are more easily identified for persecution and violence. The second issue is that Russia has a long history of pogroms and mass murder, including the Голодомор (Holodomor, a term I’d not seen before writing this comment) the starvation of nearly 4 million Ukrainians in 1932-3 (and we’re back into that frightening time period). Third, neo-fascist thugs, including members of Russian security forces, have already attacked and murdered Russian gays and are ready to carry on and even intensify the persecution. Finally, this crisis has been manufactured by Putin and his political henchmen as a populist move to avoid attention on other failings in Putin’s leadership.

    This is not to discount the plight of LGBT in other countries – Russia presents an opportunity to make a difference in a very short time period, before the Olympics in Sochi. As usual, those crying hypocrisy don’t provide any guidance on how to tackle a tough situation like, for example, Iran; it’s much easier to criticize people for what they ARE doing!

  8. B00ZED says:

    In response to so many negative comments about a post I made in the Coke thread, I responded a few minutes ago with this:

    “I didn’t mean to make it sound like us American queers live in utopia. I’m concerned that what strides we have made will go into reverse. I am simply appalled by the events in Russia and the attitudes of those who really could step up to the plate and help nullify their actions.”

  9. karmanot says:

    John, your passion and work on this topic is wonderful. I think we are seeing a major human rights event becoming global. Good work!

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