A beautiful love song from 95 y.o. actress Marsha Hunt (video)

Marsha Hunt, who was blacklisted back in the day for her liberal views, talks in this video, at the age of 95, how she came up with a little song in her head many years ago.

She’d never written the notes down, and had never come up with any lyrics, until now.

The song is now called “Here’s to all who love,” and is about gay marriage, but really, as she says, about love generally, and its importance for everyone.


More from ShermanOaksPatch:

marsha-huntThe melody is old — Marsha Hunt hummed it decades ago while driving home from a United Nations meeting, in an attempt to stay awake at the wheel.

Here’s to all the lovers,

Here’s to all who love,
Never mind their genders,
Love will rise above.

“I have been to two gay weddings and I have been so enriched in their friendships,” added Hunt, who also wrote the song “Here Come the Grooms” for one of the ceremonies. “I’m not militant about the issue, but if it takes marriage to bring acceptance to gay and lesbian relationships then it needs to be total acceptance.”

Much to my pleasure, I also found out that one of Marsha Hunt’s jobs later in life was a guest appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  She played the wife of an admiral wanted to be young again (I recognize her character in the photo below).

Marsha Hunt in Star Trek The Next Generation.

Marsha Hunt in Star Trek The Next Generation.

Such a beautiful woman (in the video). And when I hear her speak, she reminds me a bit of Lauren Bacall, it terms of the beauty, the poise, and the strength. Different, but there’s something.

Here’s the video of hunt talking about the song, and then the song being sung by Bill A. Jones.  Enjoy.

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4 Responses to “A beautiful love song from 95 y.o. actress Marsha Hunt (video)”

  1. karmanot says:

    What an exquisite woman.

  2. Cletus says:

    I don’t know, I kind of get more of a Peggy Noonan vibe. Loved the ambiance of the room. I miss it.

  3. cole3244 says:

    what a country, i live in and fought for a nation that blacklisted people for their liberal views and the term liberal is still a scarlet letter if one is sincere enough to use it as a label.
    what kind of a nation treats its citizens that believe in the liberal agenda with such disrespect, a fascist one it seems.

  4. Harry Underwood says:

    Beautiful song, so rooted in the mid-20th just as it is in the early 21st. Reminds me of listening to Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz while driving on the highway. RIP, btw, to McPartland.

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