Sochi Olympics to IOC: Make the mean gays stop!

The head of the Sochi Olympics has asked the International Olympic Committee for help in making you annoying gays, and friends of gays, stop being so mean to them.

Apparently, Olympics sponsors, like Coke and McDonald’s, are getting a little uncomfortable having their name attached to games that are being increasingly compared to Hitler 1936 Nazi Olympics.

You see, all that international concern for the safety and well-being of Olympic athletes, guests and media, including gay and trans athletes, has apparently been a real downer for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Make it stop!

Make it stop!

And now there are concerns that not enough people may attend, and that the corporate sponsors might not want their names associated with, oh I don’t know, an athlete with “Coke!” on his blazer being carted away by the Russian secret police because he hugged by husband.

So, Sochi is now begging the IOC -that has mishandled this disaster from the beginning – for help.  From AP:

The head of the Sochi Olympics asked the IOC on Sunday to help “stop this campaign and this speculation” related to the anti-gay law that has been overshadowing preparations for next year’s Winter Games in Russia.

A senior IOC member, meanwhile, said sponsors are “afraid” of the fallout of possible demonstrations in Sochi.

“I think this could ruin a lot for all of us,” marketing commission chairman Gerhard Heiberg said. “We have to be prepared.”

Daddy, make it stop!

You know what else could ruin a lot for all of us? Having our children taken away simply because we’re gay. Being kidnapped and tortured by vigilantes, with a wink and a nod from the Russian government, simple because we’re gay or trans.

And you what REALLY ruins your day?  Being brutally beaten, stabbed, raped with a bottle and then set on fire, simply because your drinking buddies find our you’re gay.

Now THAT ruins your day.

Then again, we’re not the ones who told you to hold your little corporate PR-fest in an authoritarian country that doesn’t respect the basic human rights of its citizens, while you and Coke and McDonald’s give Vladimir Putin your stamp of approval.

So don’t talk to us about ruined days.  We’ve had far more than you.

Reuters reports that the IOC is also afraid that not enough people may show up to watch the Olympics in person, what with the threat of being kidnapped and forced to drink urine. From Reuters:

IOC officials also questioned Chernyshenko about what they perceived as a lack of media exposure of the Sochi Olympics as well as concerns over empty seats following Moscow’s world athletics championships last month that drew only small crowds.

“To my big surprise on the [Moscow] opening day with the president of the country present, the stadium was a third full despite promises of the organising committee,” said IOC member Alex Gilady, also a member of the athletics federation [IAAF] television commission.

“Moscow is of course 12-13 million people, Sochi is [much smaller]. Would it be in ice competitions or will they [spectators] get to the mountains in numbers to make TV happy?”

Gilady, a former NBC official, said empty seats would be a turnoff for viewers around the world.

“Why should I be the only idiot watching this?”, viewers would ask themselves, Gilady said.

I will thank the IOC and Sochi Olympics chief for one thing: Telegraphing to the world that this campaign is working, that we got their attention, that we got the attention of the advertisers, and thus, we get the attention of Vladimir Putin, who had hoped these games would be his crowning achievement.

Yeah, not so much.

Follow me on Twitter: @aravosis | @americablog | @americabloggay | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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167 Responses to “Sochi Olympics to IOC: Make the mean gays stop!”

  1. Rob Dowdy says:

    Well, if I can’t have a simple aside with someone to share a personal anecdote about my grandma nearly dying and how I felt about seeing all those people in the hospital and in the “rehab” facility without someone following me around to down vote me (he admitted it) and “educate” me, then I am in the wrong place.

    And I never said he doesn’t speak the truth, I said his method is grating and absolutist and offensive and insulting. It is never, “Well, I tend to disagree, for the following reasons,” it is, “You are what is wrong with this world and you might as well be murdering people with your own hands if you support Obama to any degree.”

    I can file my taxes at the end of this year on the same form as the man I love and have spent the last 12 years with. I am deeply grateful, in large part, to Barack Obama for that. I am told because of that that I am an “Obama worshiper” (over and over and over I am told that). I am told that I have nothing further to contribute until I understand how perfectly evil he is, then I am shown pictures of mangled corpses to “prove” it.

    When I try to argue that I don’t love the man, that I find various degrees of fault with him on many issues, but that just like our host John I am deeply grateful to him in one regard … I am an Obama worshiping murderer and right-wing “idolater” again. How is that in any way useful or socially acceptable / rewardable behavior? Behavior, not speech?

    That is what you defend. That is the “truth” your favorite uncle follows me around to “educate” into me. Go read the other thread. He admitted it, proudly.

    I feel like an idiot having to type and defend these words: I do not love Obama. I do not hate him. I do not trust him. I do not blindly mistrust him. I am deeply grateful to him. I am deeply disappointed in him. I fear the motives behind some of the “help” he has offered us, but I was so desperate for that help (filing my taxes with the man I love, remember) that I accept it greedily and selfishly and to hell with motivation. In the real world, where the ticket was Romney on one side and Obama on the other, Obama was the only choice. Romney was a sneering monster. Obama, in comparison to that, is merely misguided. Those were our two choices, in the real world. You can’t choose Imaginary Candidate #3 and then go around screaming at everyone who didn’t for being murderers. That’s crazy and stupid and just … pointless.

    That doesn’t sound like an unreasoned or unreasonable view on Obama to me. It doesn’t sound like “worship,” does it? And yet every single time I’ve said anything critical of Russia or even mildly supportive of Obama I’ve been “educated” in what a mass murdering monster I “worship” … that is the “truth” you defend and those are the methods you defend.

    I asked to be left alone, to agree to disagree and to avoid further contact. I was told no. I am too in need of “education” to be left alone. Go read it. My “education” will continue if I stay here, for my own good. No matter than it makes my time here miserable.

    I guess I am left to follow your own example yet again. As you said to me yesterday, if you truly support that behavior — not the words, but the monomaniacal relentlessness of the method — I question your character.

    You see, I actually agree with much of what he says. But unless I agree with every single word every time I am vile and ignorant and in need of “education.” Really? That’s just literally sick.

    You cannot possibly think it adds anything of substance to a conversation on Russian gays for someone to run screaming into the room every time telling us to shut up and talk about EVIL OBAMA instead of whatever it is we’re talking about.

    Every time. Go look. Every … single … time.

    Or maybe you do find it acceptable.

    I’ve said my piece. I’m in the wrong place, obviously.

    Typing all this out has helped me understand that. So, I’m sorry. I won’t be making anymore trouble. My “education” here is complete.

  2. karmanot says:

    The Mods are super! Thanks mods and John. That troll was particularly creepy.

  3. karmanot says:


  4. karmanot says:

    Yep, I know that ‘troll’. But, hey, everyone has a favorite uncle they protect now and then, because he says the truth more often than not. There are a hoard of down bots that visit here. I think AB is a frequent target. It often mystifies me how the most sincere and innocuous comments find a downer. I wouldn’t give it any bother.

  5. BeccaM says:

    You’re welcome, dear. In any case, judging from the deleted comments in the thread, it looks like our band of Moderators have been busy and Mr. Grayzip apparently overstayed his welcome.

  6. karmanot says:

    This works! :-)

  7. karmanot says:

    Now, that works!

  8. karmanot says:

    Corgis are so sweet. I love them too. Bodhi Dog had unfortunately fallen into the hands of a wicked witch so I had to bring him home. He had a great time here on AB.

  9. karmanot says:

    Damn! You ARE good sister…..much thanks xxxooo m

  10. karmanot says:

    Good one!

  11. BeccaM says:

    I’ll admit, you do irritate me. Or perhaps it’s your way of expressing yourself online here. I find it condescending, patronizing, and annoying. If such wasn’t your intent, that’s unfortunate. Doubly so, because it undercuts the sympathy or persuasiveness you might otherwise wish to encourage.

    The problem is the tone of your writing comes across as “I know better than you” arrogance, of telling people who have their own opinions and a desire to express them that they are all wrong, that they should talk about what YOU deem to be appropriate, and that even this blog should shift its reporting — indeed, its entire ideological orientation — to suit your desires.

    That’s not going to happen. You’ve already said several times that you object to the comparisons of Russia today being similar to Germany in the early 1930s. You’ve objected to the concept of the consumer boycotts. You’ve picked fights with AmericaBlog regulars. And now it’s “hypocritical Hollywood liberals” you would have us go after?

    Do you have any idea how trollish that sounds? Tell us, do you watch Fox News a lot, because this is what what you’re proposing sounds like, the very same kind of story they’d promote.

    We don’t work for you, neither the commenters nor the bloggers. We write about what interests us. We express our own opinions. This is a progressive-liberal blog, and one thing most of us tend not to do is to attack sincere people on the progressive-liberal left, especially when what’s suggested is to concoct a “Hollywood liberal” conspiracy when the facts do not bear it up. Hell, it also sounds like something Alexeyev would come up with, only he’d add in some anti-Semitic slurs.

    If you want to put together your own version or interpretation of current events and news, nobody is stopping you. The Internet is huge and WordPress blog hosting is free for non-commercial users. Go right ahead. But don’t expect folks like myself to adopt your positions and opinions and write from those perspectives. I know I won’t because I simply do not agree with your basic premises. So don’t go telling us what we “*should*” write about.

    If, on the other hand, you decide to express your opinions on AmericaBlog in the comments, given the general makeup of most of the people who hang out here, you shouldn’t be all shocked and surprised when you are met in response with vehement disagreement.

    Good day.

    (I write this as a commenter, and not as an AmericaBlog contributor. My opinions are my own and not John’s. I do not in any way speak for him.)

  12. greyzip says:

    Not at all. But you made a request of me, and that does require a reason. Why was my move dickishier than his (many) to the point where you feel I (yet not he) should apologize?

  13. greyzip says:

    Or possibly you just don’t like the author, internet smiley face.

    Movie stars are always interesting, and get lots of ink And they are showily humanitarian, witness Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon and on and on for cause after cause, but not Russia. Hmm.

  14. Dix says:

    Gotta wonder now that Putin has bailed Obomba’s ass out on Syria, just how much Fierce Advocate will be willing to spoil Vladie’s big party. In that sense, we may end up as collateral damage.

  15. BeccaM says:

    It’s not my job to explain to you why what you did was a dickish move.

  16. BeccaM says:

    Doubtful. It is too far removed to be interesting, and the causality connection tenuous at best.

  17. greyzip says:

    I would like to add that in the past it always struck me as odd that a site that revels in taking controversial and often frankly intellectually shaky positions did not have a correspondingly passionate debate going on in its comments section, or for that matter much dissent at all.

    I no longer wonder why this is so.

  18. BloggerDave says:

    But she does and she stands corrected…

  19. greyzip says:

    I would, thank you very much for asking.

    When engaging karmanot, who never lets a post of mine go by without some bullying, you do what one must with bullies–stand up to them. Give them a taste of their own medicine. All bullies are cowards, as we remember from kindergarten. Witness how karmanot ran wailing to daddy when I hurt him back. It’s not pretty to look at, but if you are saying I should just shut up and take his nonstop abuse then I am afraid I must disagree.

    John runs a blog that engages in political discourse. He has staked out a position on the far left. The further in any direction you go on the spectrum, the more people, by the very nature of spectrums, will disagree with you. That seems logical to me and yesterday it did to you too, but you have since joined the herd as is your perogative.

    BUT this “his own money” canard is dangerous. There are bakeries paid for with their own money that will not make wedding cakes for gay weddings. This is discriminatory and against the law. Yesterday John banned me on trumped up charges because I wounded his ego. This is human. He was jetlagged. I was being childish. The bully was being a crybaby. History has taught us that humanity doesn’t scale.

    Tolerance is not having the leftmost positions. Tolerance is, you know, tolerating people you don’t like and have nothing in common with.

  20. Skeptical Cicada says:

    I believe I stopped caring what Her Not-So-Post-Communist Majesty says.

  21. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Olbermamn should have mentioned John by name, but still fantastic call out!

  22. Rob Dowdy says:

    Yes, because you get to decide what other people’s hobbies should be and how much time they are allowed to give to said hobbies, right?

    Just like you get to decide how John should run his own blog, which he pays for with his own money, right?

    It’s like, you’re totally in charge and have all the ideas to make everything perfect forever, and yet no one is doing what you want them to.

    That must be terribly frustrating. Would you like to talk about it?

  23. Rob Dowdy says:

    Your new one is killing me, I miss my Corgis so bad!

  24. Bill_Perdue says:


  25. Bill_Perdue says:

    They’ve known all along what’s going to happen. “Human Rights Watch (HRW)
    notes that before Sochi was chosen for the 2014 games, the International
    Olympic Committee (IOC) and other stakeholders, including
    American multinational sponsors of the Winter Olympics, as well as NBC Universal,
    which has the broadcast contract, carefully tracked the path of the
    legislation… .”

  26. Bill_Perdue says:

    The current Russian regime is lead by former Stalinists, known for their bigoted and rough treatment of the Russian GLBT communities and by gangster capitalists, whose policies are creating and maintaining poverty for Russian workers. ( ) Both need a scapegoat to distract people from the economic chaos they’re producing.

    They may, if they get desperate enough, move even further to the right. The key factor is how quickly the Russian left organizes against them.

    There is a real danger that in the aftermath of the Olympics there will be a greater crackdown on our Russian communities. What can prevent it is, as I keep repeating, what our Russian brothers and sisters to do to defend themselves and how effective they are at making alliances with the left and unions. And of course, people in other countries can do a lot by putting financial pressure on homophobic IOC sponsors like NBC-Comcast-MSNBC.

  27. greyzip says:

    My thinking was that someone who has left what, four billion internet comments, takes this shit VERY seriously. Hell, when a person does the math it doesn’t leave much time for much else in your life. It’s sad to think about really, but that’s not my point. My point was that when that person is abusive to me, he has a very soft underbelly. You have made my night. Peace be with you brother.

  28. greyzip says:

    I’m sorry these are like caramels but I need to stop eating them or I’ll never get to sleep.

  29. greyzip says:

    That REALLY bugged you. I was hoping it would after you said that inexcusable thing about me beating MY two dogs, but even I did not in my wildest dreams imagine this level of success. I am so smart sometimes.

  30. Rob Dowdy says:

    Also I respect you and enjoy reading your comments and think you communicate quite well. If I didn’t I wouldn’t try to explain myself to you or give a damn what you think. So if I seem to be an ass or get on your nerves, I’m really sincerely sorry. Sometimes I obviously don’t know when to shut up, so be a pal and tell me. :)

  31. greyzip says:

    Regarding the substance of my post I intentionally didn’t overexplain but perhaps was mistaken about what is obvious.

    No Hollywood liberals have come out in vocal support of a Sochi ban or even to criticize Russia’s anti-gay laws. Russia is the new cash cow for the movie industry. These facts, I am saying, are not unrelated.

    It can be made newsworthy if one were so inclined.

  32. greyzip says:

    Click on his name and see the abuse he has heaped upon me these past weeks. I can take it, I’m not complaining. I’m actually rather proud of myself for succeeding with him at the very thing he has failed with me. But please contrast stealing someone’s avatar with saying someone beats their dog? Why the first is wrong but the second gets a pass. If you can to my satisfaction I will apologize to him.

  33. Rob Dowdy says:

    I wasn’t accusing John of that, I was accusing you of it on his behalf (but not seriously).

    But I’ll tell ya what, look through my comments here and notice how many of them, which are totally innocuous, have been downvoted precisely one time. You defended that troll. Should I question your character?

  34. Steven says:

    I will indeed have to check that out, because I just haven’t heard that much about it, or from the corporations, either. Mostly it’s been the mixed signals from the Russian government. But if attention moves from the IOC/USOC/Russian, then that’s great. Corporations are usually more responsive to bad press than dictators are.

  35. BeccaM says:

    It might help if, instead of just dropping cut-and-paste quotes without context to provide the context and what it is you are suggesting. As this stands, I have no idea what the hell you’re trying to say.

    And my friend Karmanot has a valid point: It is seriously not cool to steal his avatar icon without asking permission. I think you owe him an apology.

  36. karmanot says:

    “And if John wants us to kowtow and fawn and parrot back whatever it is he tells us to believe” If you are a long time reader here, I find it just incredible you would accuse John of wanting us to kowtow and fawn. As for my part, it’s clear that we can’t communicate and I think that is unfortunate. Projecting your scolding nonsense on me is futile human.—-thought you might like the Furenge allusion. PS. defending a troll that has stolen my gravatar might give you pause. If not I question your character.

  37. karmanot says:

    stolen gravatar

  38. karmanot says:

    Stolen gravatar flaged

  39. karmanot says:

    stolen gravatar flaged

  40. karmanot says:

    Stolen gravatar flaged

  41. karmanot says:

    Grayzip…… stealing someone’s avatar is not cool. Mod. take notice

  42. BloggerDave says:

    I believe Katrina Vanden Heuvel stands corrected…

  43. grayzip says:

    Au contraire mon almost-ami, “backwater” is tres relevant. Firstly it comes off of the “buy a puppy advice” that was itself pointless and rude, so like begets like, turnabout is fair play, etc. But I do like puppies, so there was that. Anyway let’s put that to one side.

    But: I began reading this blog when it was one of several one could speak of in the same breath and be making some kind of sense. Talking Points Memo, Daily Kos, Americablog, Pam’s House Blend. These days, we are talking about two very different stratas and maybe even animals (three if you add in the recent demise of PHB.) Check these sites’ relative numbers on Alexa, and there the sad truth is expressed in hard numbers: AmericaBlog has fallen off the map.

    Why? I submit to you it is because of a certain lack of rigor when it comes to making and framing arguments. The site often has useful information and sometimes incisive commentary, but a dispiriting amount of the time it overreaches, and often in pursuit of overwrought points. So, over the years, generally speaking, the masses have tuned the place out. Which is more or less what I have been warning people here about, admittedly far too late to right the ship. But a troll I am not, I speak a certain truth

  44. grayzip says:


  45. Rob Dowdy says:

    All I see is you clobbering someone you don’t like and have a history with, something you dressed me down for doing last week. And, I humbly submit, the someone I was doing it to is far more overtly and persistently annoying and disingenuous and impossible to reason with than this guy.

    And if John wants us to kowtow and fawn and parrot back whatever it is he tells us to believe, oh wow, am I ever in the wrong place.

    The man writes opinion pieces, posts them on the web, and then encourages open discussion of those opinion pieces in a largely unmoderated comments section.

    And now you say no one is allowed to tell him he’s wrong / foolish / etc.? I’ve been reading here for years and haven’t felt the urge to cuss him out, but one day I might.

    Why have a comments section at all if people aren’t allowed to … comment? Does he want a community or does he want an audience?

    Trolls are not people with whom we disagree in good faith, they are people who only want to stir up trouble for its own sake.

    EDIT: To clarify, I do think calling AB a “backwater”, etc., is pointless and rude, and I did scan the comment history. You have a very good case.

  46. grayzip says:

    And now, for an encore, may I point you in the direction of an angle you *should* cover concerning Sochi. This will involve a couple long quotes from other sources; please bear with me.

    The first is one meant to point up a disconnect you will perhaps pick up on between the headline and the content of one of the few stories on its topic at all.

    The headline:

    Entertainment industry up in arms over anti-gay laws ahead of Sochi Olympics

    The content:

    LONDON — From Hollywood to Broadway, the entertainment industry is using its star power and financial muscle to raise a storm of protest over the anti-gay legislation in Russia that is battering the image of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

    Actor-playwright Harvey Fierstein, British writer-actor Stephen Fry and ’Star Trek’ actor George Takei are among those who have publicly condemned the new law, fueling an uproar that is overshadowing preparations for the Feb. 7-23 Olympics.

    * * *

    In fairness gay screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is later also name-checked.

    I hope I am not bashing George Takei on this the 46th anniversary of Star Trek by noting that when his dashing 76 year old visage is being offered up as the entire face of Hollywood’s vector of “the entertainment industry,”something very interesting is likely in play.

    For what that might be let’s turn to a somewhat longer quote from the new book “Sleepless in Hollywood,” by journalist-turned-producer-turned-back-to-journalist Lynda Obst. Her book chronicles the implosion of Hollywood that took place upon the cratering of the DVD market, and the new revenue streams and business models the industry had to undertake and seek out as a result.

    I will spare you a wrap up at the end, it will be just her quote and then out; how it all pieces together is fairly obvious.

    Lynda, the floor is yours:

    “Here, people go to the movies roughly four to five times a year. In Europ the average is about two times per year. In places like Japan, it’s once a year. So you can imagine if you took the eighty to ninety million people of Japan and projected them to the level of U.S. moviegoing, you would have five times the market. That’s what’s happening in various parts of the world. That’s what happened in Russia, that’s what happened in India, that’s what happened in China. All of this massive growth continues. What’s really changed, particularly in the last decade, is that whether you call it globalization or the gradual interaction of cultures all over the world, markets have developed to the point that people are enjoying more frequent moviegoing in places where the infrastructure has been built and is being built. China used to be completely closed off. There was nothing. It grew 30 percent last year, and 400 percent over the past five years.”

    This is what our kings are doing tonight. Thinking chopsticks. And caviar.

    • • •

    Brad Grey, the chairman of Paramount, went to Moscow for the first Russian premiere of an American movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third and most successful in the action/sci-fi franchise. It is a complicated saga, which I struggled to understand, involving a JFK cover-up of a crash landing on the moon in ’61, why we really went to the moon in ’69, a plot to build a space bridge from Earth to the moon’s dark side (finally destroyed by something called the Control Pillar) and robots called Decepticons planning to dominate Earth. Russians adored it to the tune of $45.1 million. In his speech there in 2011, Grey declared, “Ten years ago, Russia only had a few dozen screens. Now it is enjoying such enormous growth that we think it’s fitting to have the opening of one of our biggest franchises here. Russia is just one of several new markets opening up that are driving most of the demand for our movies.”

    China is another. It is now the second-largest market in the world, and it is predicted to surpass the United States to be number one by the year 2020. It had 11,000 theaters in 2012, and is expected to have 16,000 by 2015. Take this number in. Most of these new theaters are 3D and IMAX theaters, built to play our blockbusters. This has both transformed and cemented trends in the movie business. But the important thing to note is that these emerging markets are now driving the profit engine of the industry where DVD revenue once did. So have your popcorn with some chopsticks, and let’s figure out what we’re likely to see—and not see.

  47. Dakotahgeo says:

    How does one politely tell the IOC, Sochi, and the Soviet Union to go pleasure themselves with a big stick of lit dynamite????

  48. karmanot says:

    Specifically grayzip.

  49. CA_2013 says:

    Another group of people to lobby directly are the American members of the IOC. There are three and two are on Twitter:

    Anita DeFrantz: @ADeFrantz

    James Easton: ?

    Angela Ruggiero: @AngelaRuggiero

  50. karmanot says:


  51. karmanot says:

    If you have room to kiss in that condition, I am truly impressed.

  52. kurtsteinbach says:

    Competition for the 2020 games is not going well either. The short list is Madrid with its current 405 unemployment. Turkey, which is stones throw from Syria, and Tokyo, which is still having major problems with the Fukishima Reactor, and its getting worse…. They never learn….

  53. karmanot says:

    Seems to me that you make excellent arguments combining both reason and compassion. And yes, I do want these compromising, intractable brats off my lawn! I won’t argue with you. You’re a good guy. And, as for bitter, I do feel that way about American politics. Believe me people here do dare to read my beads on a regular basis. You might want to consider that there are times when condescension is an act of mercy.

  54. kurtsteinbach says:

    I say, all LGBTQ people going to the Olympics, take a large entourage with you. Make it point to hug your same sex spouse. Guys, sit next to guys, even if your not gay or bisexual. Ladies, sit next to other ladies. When someone wins, turn to someone of the same sex and hug them. Make them arrest everybody or nobody! When they do arrest you, be sure to thank the IOC, McDonald’s, NBC, and Coca-Cola for your Olympic moment (your arrest). Make sure you interview with someone big name and thank the IOC, NBC, Coke, Mickey D’s, et al. If they won’t cancel the Olympics in Sochi, then make sure they get all the attention they don’t want! Give ’em hell! I wish I had the money to go with y’al….

  55. karmanot says:

    Thank you.

  56. karmanot says:

    Play cop, Nazis…. project much?

  57. Palto says:

    Is there a petition against coke out there yet?

  58. grayzip says:

    No, that was called understatement, try it sometime

  59. grayzip says:

    I do! Reasoned debate is all very well and good, but you just don’t understand these grayzips. They are not people like you and me. Frankly something needs to be done about the lot of them, and the sooner the better

  60. discus_sucks_ass says:

    way too polite

  61. grayzip says:

    What I especially respect about your comment is that when I was reading it, after having read many of the others, I was thinking of exactly what you then went on to elucidate about my treatment here, which I will expand upon below.

    First a response to your first half:

    There is, to me, a maddening black-and-white all-or-nothing quality to the thinking of many who partake of a Nazi metaphor or two each day: If anything is bad it’s Nazi. Anyone with the temerity to mind the allusion must think the bad thing is 100% okay! Nothing could be further from the truth. If Russia is shaming its gay people, let’s do the best we can to stop them. If they were of a mind to kill 600 or 60 people let’s do all we can to stop them. From doing that real thing that they are actually doing. Whether or not it ever compares to another Holocaust is irrelevant. If we are all doing are job at every step of the process we would in theory head off other holocausts without necessarily ever having to have called them that. And calling them that isn’t in my view out of line all the time. But again people who do it once, like Mr. John A, tend to do it *every time he mentions Sochi.* Why? So that if it did become another Holocaust he could post a Nikki Fink “TOLDJA!” ? Meanwhile most human rights crises *don’t* become another-Holocausts.


    Pat yourself on the back for noticing that, by all means. But once, please, and then get serious about the actual facts on the real-world ground. Otherwise, again, the risk is that people won’t take you seriously and you will be negating your own voice, which would not be my advice to anyone, let alone when real lives are at stake. To some this means I must think we should do nothing at all about Sochi or anything bad ever, because Nazi.

    Now about my treatment here, it is hilariously hypocritical *particularly* given the matter at hand.

    I can be a wiseguy, and I can be serious, and I can be snarky. None of this remotely sets me apart from the general vibe of this room. What does set me apart is this: I don’t agree with John A. or his legion of commenters about the wisdom of nonstop Nazi allusions when discussing Sochi. So I bring it up when he does. People like karmanot want me to go away because of it. Others pile on. No bash is off limits when it comes to grayzip. He must even beat his dog! Let’s all as best we can take turns and then as groups publicly shame him until he slinks away because he is different.

    What does that remind anyone here of?


    Take all the time you need.

  62. Rob Dowdy says:

    I wasn’t encouraging him, I was encouraging him and others reading to never hesitate to tell me I’m stupid and wrong so that I’ll stop what I’m doing and consider for a bit whether I might actually be stupid and wrong. It only takes a moment of my time, it’s only words on a screen. No harm can be done, but some good (me learning something) might come of it, so … why not?

    How would I know I’m wrong, otherwise? Especially if I am surrounded only by those who agree with me and reinforce the stupidity and wrongness, all in the name of community or whatever?

    What I see is a pattern of certain people being more free to disagree and be contrarian than others, depending on what (or who) it is they are disagreeing with. When some people get shouted down they take great offense and others swoop to their defense. Then they go and do the exact same thing to others without a shred of irony.

    When I spot that pattern, I plan to call attention to it.

    And, finally, I haven’t been around for 189 comments, I’ve been around for just shy of 40 years and I’ve been on the Web since it became a thing that existed and was using BBS’s before that.

    Your “I’m old and I’ve seen some shit, dude” refrain is, with all due respect (sincerely), a bit condescending and overused in dismissing those who dare to disagree with you.

    Maybe your 15K comments have left you inflexible and mean and bitter and set in your ways and you just want all these damn kids to get off your lawn? I don’t believe that, which is why I’ve never said it, but it’s essentially what you just said to me, in reverse.

  63. karmanot says:

    I know. Mr. Zipper has a penchant for certain histrionics.

  64. karmanot says:

    “seem to be calling me something of a dullard and simpleton” You are not a dullard, nor a simpleton by any standards. But, encouraging Zipper is a form of Stockholm Syndrome. You have been around about 189 comments. Take more time to see the pattern of obstructionists, contrarians and yes, even dedicated attention trolls. Some of us are kind and generous bestowing mercy on wayward thinking. Others of us, like me, are old and have absolutely no patience nor extend polite mercy toward these types. When you been in the trenches as long as I have, you might feel the same.

  65. Rob Dowdy says:

    You’d do the same for me. Have done. More than once. You’re welcome.

  66. karmanot says:

    Thank you Mr. scold….my bad. Shit happens.

  67. Rob Dowdy says:

    Give it a rest. Someone gave me that advice a while back and I figured I’d pass it along.

    Why not take this opportunity to teach and to refute the mistaken notions being expressed, not just attack the (presumably, until proven otherwise) well-meaning person?

    Remember the other day when someone was accusing you of being a troll because you say “Obozo” instead of “Obama”? And how we all defended you immediately, even those of us who find the “Obozo” construction a bit juvenile, whatever our opinions of his very hit and miss tenure as President?

    That’s exactly what you are doing here, in reverse. And just as I defended you then, I defend him now, not because I agree with him at all but because I believe he is earnest in what he says and deserves just a tiny bit of respect.

    But no. Let’s instead call him a troll, then ask what the Kremlin is paying him, then claim he is unfit to care for his own dogs (children, essentially) or, indeed, anything more emotionally advanced than plankton.

    So the sum total of your response to Grayzip was: “You suck, I don’t like you, and you should go away.”

    For some reason I thought this was a forum for discussion, not an echo chamber for whatever makes karmanot smile.

  68. clarknt67 says:

    “Re-education” camps, with State sponsored and financed gay reparative therapy. They already have a bill to sponsor such therapy. Can facilities be far behind? And the transition from “voluntary” to mandatory?

  69. clarknt67 says:

    Hitler hadn’t killed 6 million Jews in 1936, a point I’m sure you would have made to anyone criticizing him in 1936.

  70. clarknt67 says:

    What more will they do to punish gays, take their children from them? Imprison them? Beat them? Oh, they’re already doing all that.

  71. Rob Dowdy says:

    My logic, such as it was, wasn’t that anyone might one day kill six million people, it was that one time someone did, which means only that bad things happen, you know? And no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, if you know what I mean.

    So why don’t we encourage people to remain vigilant rather than become complacent because maybe the next guy will just kill 600, right? Or even 60. But that’s still too many if it’s at all preventable. Maybe it won’t even be killing, maybe it’ll just be shunning and shaming and stripping children from their homes. That’s bad enough to take away the honor of hosting the Olympics, right? It need not be wholesale genocide, surely?

    As an aside, I am saddened to see the way you’ve been treated for voicing a perfectly understandable and reasonable opinion, even if it’s one I disagree with and even if you did, in this comment, seem to be calling me something of a dullard and simpleton. On the contrary, I not only see your point but understand how and why you and many others would feel that way. The comments here would make you seem like some unhinged Kremlin mouthpiece, however, which is too bad.

    And, finally, as someone who hasn’t seen my dogs in way too long and misses them terribly, I’m sorry also that so many people thought that claiming you don’t love your own dogs or even that you abuse them was a good way of refuting your argument. There’s no excuse for it.

    Really, people, if no one challenges our ideas and we never have to defend them then how will we ever know their weaknesses and flaws?

    And saying he is unfit to raise his dogs? Really? What is this, middle school?

  72. clarknt67 says:

    “No one has really gone after the corporate sponsors yet.” That is not at all true. There have been a lot of efforts to put sponsors on the spot. If people have missed it, they need to get proactive and start Googling.

  73. clarknt67 says:

    I wouldn’t worry. The athletes will get their medals and moment in the sun, whether the Russian Government and sponsors see a return on their substantial investment. It does suck for them to be competing at a notorious Olympics, but that’s the breaks.

  74. samizdat says:

    Fanta, the Nazi Coca-Cola.

  75. samizdat says:

    Or, better yet, Empire’s Real Cola, if you can get it in your area. Real sugar. Of course, so does Mexican Coke, but, yeah, Coke.

  76. Thom Allen says:

    That’s not what you originally said. So you now feel the need to backtrack?

  77. grayzip says:

    Yes that is completely reasoned and fair, you are just a wonderful person, never change

  78. grayzip says:

    It’s not resolve either

  79. grayzip says:

    I know you like to play cop around here, “move along” being a favorite to anyone who expresses contrary opinions. Say, the Nazis wanted everyone to agree with *them* too…

    Never again!

    (not you playing thought cop, that’s inevitable)

  80. grayzip says:


  81. karmanot says:


  82. ArthurH says:

    What do you expect from a company that in the 1930s had as a large shareholder Ty Cobb, one of the most racist baseball players of all time?

  83. ArthurH says:

    When you Twitter (or better post on their Facebook page), tell them you’re planning to switch to Pepsi or RC Cola (aka Royal Crown Cola). That’ll get their attention.

  84. Badgerite says:

    Make it so!

  85. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I agree with you whole heartedly. If by some miracle, the U.S.A. government were to give them asylum, they will need housing, food, and jobs. The LGBT folk will need to pony up. If we all did our share, it would only hurt a bit.

  86. Thom Allen says:

    Complaining to the IOC is NOT caving to pressure.

  87. lynchie says:

    Well if you dislike it so much……Bye bye.

  88. 2patricius2 says:

    I hadn’t heard about Mischa. I love it.

  89. mirror says:

    Since no one here is arguing that Russian athletes should be barred from participating in the Olympic games, the conflation of that strawman with the current activism against the Olympics being held in Russia due to their dangerous laws and policies is, it seems to me, either dishonestly manipulative or moronic.

  90. karmanot says:

    Maybe a bowl of Plankton.

  91. karmanot says:

    Now that you have dropped a load in the swimming pool—move along. We know you are special and everyone has noticed you. Next!

  92. karmanot says:


  93. karmanot says:

    Dear god, you have pets….poor things. I bet they do tricks and are regularly disciplined. FYI….. no——body likes you.

  94. karmanot says:

    rotfl Maybe not!

  95. karmanot says:

    “Where the hell have you been?” Head up dupa, I would imagine.

  96. Naja pallida says:

    You are correct, but the IOC has always held the opinion that anyone who chooses not to participate is only punishing themselves, because they will find a way to make the Games happen, regardless of who they have to accept bribes from to make it happen. And anyone who does participate needs to just shut up and accept whatever rules they set forth. This has been their standard response to every political controversy the Olympics have ever faced. This is why going at the IOC itself is the wrong strategy. They will never move on their own. Our only choice is to go at the financial sponsors.

  97. Jim Olson says:

    John, I had no idea you were a brony.

  98. judybrowni says:

    Of course, Coca Cola makes it difficult to contact anyone high up on their food chain, but I left a question both by phone and email to their Media Relations, “I have a gay brother and sister, why would Coca Cola want to be part of the public relations nightmare of an Olympics that no one in my family could safely attend?”

    Too bad I haven’t figured out Twitter yet.

  99. karmanot says:

    Well done Lynchie—-great idea.

  100. karmanot says:

    Internet ad: Fascism goes better with COKE. Just ask Hitler. Here:

  101. karmanot says:

    Some of us that are mean will take the front row! :-)

  102. karmanot says:

    And Mischa the Bear is GAY.

  103. karmanot says:

    To that set of aristocrats corruption doesn’t exist. All is entitlement and amusement. The Olympics is like owning a performing horse.

  104. karmanot says:

    COKE, the proud sponsor of Nazi’s—–it’s tradition.

  105. Badgerite says:

    See reply to Houndentenor. The IOC has to rely on a lot of people accepting their invitations to make their little show a success. Those people should have some say in what conditions they are willing to put up with in a host country.

  106. Naja pallida says:

    Putin doesn’t need to be dishonest with the IOC, because the IOC is so corrupt that it doesn’t matter what he does or says. As long as the facilities are built, and the money flows.

  107. Naja pallida says:

    It is long past time for the IOC to stop pretending reality doesn’t apply to them.

  108. ArthurH says:

    And things will get worse. Administrators of the Sochi Winter Olympics are quaking in their boots on hearing that Mischa the Bear, mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics, is joining the protest. And to show he means business, he’ll be drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

  109. Ninong says:

    “Why should I be the only idiot watching this?”, viewers would ask themselves, Gilady said.
    Excellent point!

  110. FLL says:

    One of the best outcomes would be a large percentage of empty seats at the Sochi Games. Gilady, the former NBC official you quoted, states the biggest danger for Russia succinctly:

    Gilady, a former NBC official, said empty seats would be a turnoff for viewers around the world. “Why should I be the only idiot watching this?”, viewers would ask themselves, Gilady said.

    Hitler’s 1936 were a financial success. Germany definitely turned a profit from the 1936 Olympics. Let’s see if the Sochi Games can produce a different financial outcome for Russia: The Sochi Games lose money and Russia’s balance sheet is in the red. That would make the Sochi Games a cautionary tale for any future IOC choosing a location for the Olympics.

  111. FLL says:

    Perfectly true. You could use that number for just the “Holomodor,” which is Ukrainian for “extermination by hunger,” in which millions of rural Ukrainians were deliberately murdered by Stalin’s regime through planned starvation. Then, of course, there are all the political dissenters who have been summarily executed or died in gulags—all of which was started, first and foremost, by Vladimir Lenin. I find it striking when commenters on the Internet declare that all these people who were killed were “enemies of the socialist state” and that they “deserved it.”

  112. grayzip says:

    And I said this up top too but it is worth reiterating:

    This very article we area all commenting about reports on how Russia is *already* caving to the pressure brought to bear on them over these new laws. They cannot even take this level of heat over this level of anti-gay policy. That is a measure of their resolve or lack thereof. It does not strike me as the degree of antipathy and North Korea-like disregard for global opinion that would be required for them to next round up and kill all its gays.

    What they are doing is reprehensible *on its own terms.* Let’s therefore fight what is actually going down, and not some phantom that…

    …okay, I’m not going to say *will not* happen. The future is unwritten. But our every understanding about how even repressive regimes *that want and have a role on the first-world stage* (so China, and Russia, rather than North Korea or Syria) indicate that no horrific Nazi-like genocide will unfold there. And the cost of using this imagery is real: Serious-minded people — I am not one but they are out there — will roll their eyes tune you out. That helps no one. So curb your ego and perverse romanticism and do some actual good in the world as it is.

  113. Badgerite says:

    Generally speaking, the people who are going to be asked to go there to compete or to spectate would have probably wanted them to consider such things. The term ‘host’ does not mean we will imprison you or beat you up if you say anything in support of the people we are beating up and may at some point decide to imprison.

  114. lynchie says:

    I fear they are already shipping them off to prison camps etc. They have a less than transparent legal system, much like our NSA, spying programs.

  115. Butch1 says:

    Hit them where it hurts. Money dollars in advertising and fans not showing up to the events. Lack of attendance means that Putin will have to fill them with bodies so that the cameras have people to look at. I wonder if he’ll have to empty his Siberian detention camps and clean them up a little to put them in front of the cameras for a vacation from “work” to full those watching the games? It will be embarrassing to have empty seats and he will not let that happen.

  116. lynchie says:

    I contacted all the sponsors i could determine were sponsoring. I heard silence. I then wrote back and told them all that without even a boilerplate response I was taking that as a total agreement with the Russian government and their discrimination. I told them a copy of my letter was going to my senator and congressman as well as to the local papers along with the new york times and washington post. Not a word, nothing. They care about cash and since 75% of their revenue comes from outside the U.S. and are probably not receiving grief from outside groups they have decided to ignore the issue and hope it dies away.

    It will be interesting to see the reaction from the IOC.

  117. Butch1 says:

    That’s a great line.

  118. Butch1 says:

    Good, glad you’re worried. If you were on the right side of history you would have moved the Olympics to a friendlier country where everyone would be able to relax and enjoy it and not have to hide their spouse or leave them at home for fear of being arrested.

    It’s your own damned fault so don’t blame the victims in this.

  119. grayzip says:

    Got two. And if I need more you often post videos of yours. This site is becoming sort of a glorified your-Facebook page, which is a shame only insofar as the world can use a serious-minded gay news site and I think you have one in you. But you need to calm down a little to be taken seriously

  120. grayzip says:

    The question here is not if any nation has ever killed anyone at any point in its history. I understand quite a lot of that has gone on over the years and call me a cockeyed liberal because I’m against it, and also have an eye for cock. The question is whether Russia will round up and kill its gays in 2014 or later. I’m guessing no. Again, maybe I’m naïve to believe that a country that wants a role on the world stage — that is indeed beginning to buckle under the world pressure even over these relative-to-mass-extermination modestly anti-gay laws — will never find the intolerance and hard-heartedness to next round up and kill all its gays.

  121. grayzip says:

    For whatever record this backwater is, I get this “point.” Its logic, such as it is, is that anyone who hasn’t killed six million people yet might one day kill six million people, so let’s all assume they will and run with that. No thank you, and you should be smarter too.

  122. judybrowni says:

    Boo Fucking Hoo.
    Fuck you Olympics.

  123. jomicur says:

    Done! Though I’m not sure I expect much in the way of a response. I’ve emailed several of their sponsors (most prominently Coke, which I’ve been drinking for ages–until now), and have yet to receive even a token, boilerplate response from any of them. Several of my friends have had the same experience. Companies are usually very sensitive to PR problems. I take this as a sign that they are in a dither about how to meet this. Dear, dear, whatever shall we do about the homos?

  124. jomicur says:

    I don’t think I’d want to know how he treats his pets.

  125. Vegas Dave says:

    Waaaah,waaaah, waaaah. Hear that, sounds like the Waaaahmbulance. Russia and Putin made this bed, so now they get to lie in it. I;m looking forward to the first athlete getting arrested in front of the cameras at Sochi. Only then will the corrupt old men at the head of the Olympic Committee get exposed for the clueless arrogance of their actions.

  126. nicho says:

    Dave Zirin has a good column explaining why he thinks banning Russia from the Olympics is a bad idea. He makes some good points. For those who don’t know Dave, he is a writer adamantly opposed to the corporatization of sports and is no friend of the IOC. I’m pretty sure not everyone will agree with him, but it’s very well argued.

  127. nicho says:

    Russia has already killed six million — and more. They started in 1918 and have been doing it with alarming regularity. Where the hell have you been?

  128. The religious right has the same argument. We get in the way of their bigotry. V inconvenient!

  129. 2patricius2 says:

    We’re getting under their skin. Good!

  130. silas1898 says:

    Years ago, I turned on some loser football game just in time to hear one announcer say to the other:

    “Well Stan, looks like a lot of the fans came dressed up as empty seats.”

    I hope the same thing happens in Sochi.

  131. Lthomas320 says:


  132. Monoceros Forth says:

    Not sure I’d trust him with a dog. Perhaps a nice philodendron.

  133. Rob Dowdy says:

    Here’s mine:

    How can you claim to celebrate the human spirit while asking the athletes to compete in a country that seeks to crush it? Gay athletes trained as hard to earn their right to compete as have their straight peers, yet you ask these proud men and women to hang their heads in shame and stand mute in the face of gross discrimination and contempt. By doing nothing or, worse, urging capitulation, you rob these athletes of their dignity, diminish their accomplishment, and taint the Games themselves with the stain of your complicity.

    Remember the lesson of 1936: Appeasement never sates or calms, it only emboldens and empowers. How will history remember the Sochi Games 75 years on?

    It’s late here in Oz so I was in a hurry before bed. If anyone wants to spruce it up, have at it.

  134. Houndentenor says:

    They already are. It’s time to help get the gay activists and any gay people raising children out of there.

  135. Houndentenor says:

    You seem to think that the IOC would have asked or cared about free speech issues surrounding the Olympics. I know of no evidence of that. The IOC is a secretive, corrupt organization. They have far more in common with the Russians than most other potential host countries.

  136. Houndentenor says:

    And just how exactly does he think that the IOC can stop people in the west from exercising their free speech rights? This just shows you what kind of society Russians endure, that silencing the opposition seems like a viable strategy.

  137. Bj Lincoln says:

    This is the ask a question site for the IOC.

    Be nice. Blunt and to the point works well.
    I hope we are getting their attention. I don’t drink Coke or do fast food but I will gladly make a huge sign for my lawn. Anything to get other people to see what is going on and add their voice to the growing choir.

  138. Bj Lincoln says:

    Me too! Thanks

  139. olandp says:

    Don’t nobody mess with grandma!

  140. olandp says:

    Great video thanks!

  141. sonoitabear says:

    Better yet, go ADOPT a dog from your local shelter…

  142. StraightGrandmother says:

    Becca Truth Wins out has a TERRIFIC editorial on this as well. You would really enjoy it.

  143. StraightGrandmother says:

    I started tweeting them today.
    I am going to keep at it
    @cocacola @Olympics @generalelectric @McDonalds
    I’ll pick up NBC in my next tweets

  144. Badgerite says:

    I think Putin has been dishonest with the IOC. I’m quite sure, when vying for the games against all the competition, that one of their selling points was not that athletes and spectators from around the world would be put in a position of having to check their freedom of speech and association at the door. That even supporting a fellow athlete or a family member might risk imprisonment. For advertisers to have their names forever associated with the vile conduct that Russian vigilantes are themselves spewing over the internet. To be complicit in people having their families threatened. That sure says the Olympic Spirit to me.

  145. StraightGrandmother says:

    OH What a GREAT IDEA!!
    I never knew that so keep posting that.
    I will for sure make a comment

  146. StraightGrandmother says:

    We’re just getting warmed up I think.
    But we have already come a long way.

  147. StraightGrandmother says:

    c’mon #BigGay
    Vladimir Putin Make My Day

  148. caphillprof says:

    There are no innocent athletes.

  149. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    We’re not really mean people, but we’re political and tenacious.

  150. Touché

  151. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Will do.

  152. Go buy a puppy.

  153. Strepsi says:

    Memo to the Russian Olympic Committee and the IOC: we won’t stop.

  154. Strepsi says:

    grayzip, instead why don;t you Google “Nuremberg Laws” of the Nazis and get back to us. Or read how the US Olympic Team acquiesced and benched 2 Jewish sprinters to appease Germany’s laws. Or how the IOC changed the rules so Hitler did not have o touch black athletes. The analogy is apt.

  155. gaylib says:

    They’ve done it before. Just ask one of the millions if Stalins victims. It is it much of a stretch to see it happening again.

  156. Indigo says:

    We’re not mean enough, the IOC has not yet moved the Olympics away from a dangerous location.

  157. Indigo says:

    Does the Kremlin pay you by the word or by the sentence?

  158. HeartlandLiberal says:

    Again, that ‘Ask Question’ comment link at IOC is:

    It is buried in fine print at the bottom of the FAQ page. Text is limited to 1,000 words. I selected the central 999 from John’s post and submitted them.

    I think it would be nice if anyone reading this had a chat via their contact form.

  159. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Gee Becca, tell us how you really feel. I agree.

  160. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Yes, the sponsors have definitely started to hear from us.

  161. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Great news. It’s time to get even tougher on Coke, McDonald’s, and NBC. Write them, email them, and definitely don’t use their products. The Fall TV season is quickly approaching, so it’s a good time to make NBC hurt.

  162. Anonymous says:

    I think Sochi Pride is a great opportunity to put national media pressure on Russia. A part of me is worried that Russia will punish gays more if they make the country look bad. But this is their last opportunity to do something before media pressure is off. If Russians hurt protesters, it will be more alarming than making the games look successful. Remember Germany 1936 where no “problems” were visible.
    Though there may be consequences to action, doing nothing is never the answer.

  163. BeccaM says:

    You still don’t get that the analogy is 1933-36 Germany and not 1941, huh? No matter how many times it’s explained and elucidated and spelled out, because it’s not equal RIGHT NOW to Jews (and Romani and gays) being shipped off to concentration camps, which didn’t start until the late 30s and early 40s, there’s no need to pay attention to anything that strongly resembles the events in the years leading to that particular genocide.

    So I guess we wait until the Russians start shipping gays and lesbians off to prisons, camps, and gulags, and maybe then you’ll admit there’s a problem, yes?

    Sorry, but ‘never again’ requires a tad more vigilance.

  164. Rob Dowdy says:

    In 1936 Hitler hadn’t killed six million of anyone either. Yet.

  165. Steven says:

    I hate wishing failure on anyone, especially since this will involve many innocent athletes who have trained most of their lives for this one moment. But I really do hope these Games are a spectacular, colossal failure of historic proportions. The manner in which all the official committees have tried to sweep this under the rug only enhances my dream of schadenfreude.

    But I think John touches on an important point here. No one has really gone after the corporate sponsors yet. The USOC, the IOC, the Russian government, yes. But has anyone started confronting the likes of Coke, UPS, et al, to ask them why they want to be associated with the Hate Games of 2014? Like they always say, follow the money…

  166. grayzip says:

    “Being increasingly compared to Hitler’s 1936 Nazi Olympics” says the link to a story from this site about the New York Times coverage of those Nazi Olympics, which makes no sense even on its own terms. Because you do have plenty of links on this site that would have fit the bill. Just close your eyes and click your mouse anywhere around here and you’re bound to hit one. But it’s worth noting here alone. Elsewhere people are more circumspect, and will look less foolish when the Russians do not kill six million of anyone, g’night