Transgender homecoming queen in tears after brutal YouTube bullying

A terribly sad video, and a terribly sad ending to a really neat story from a few days ago.  This past Friday, 16 year old Cassidy Lynn Campbell, a transgender girl at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, California, found out she had been chosen Homecoming Queen.

Cassidy was stunned by her victory, and the support of her fellow students, and broke down in tears of joy on the podium.

But within a day, Cassidy was in tears again, following the hateful response she got to her winning the homecoming crown.

She taped a tear-laden response on YouTube that’s pretty heart-wrenching.

Keep in mind, Cassidy is only 16.  And the amount of hate she’s facing, especially in YouTube’s comments (it’s unclear if any online community is as viciously ugly as YouTube’s), destroyed what should be her happiest day in high school.

Cassidy Lynn Campbell

Cassidy Lynn Campbell

One YouTube commenter even told Cassidy to go kill herself:


Some of the additional comments Cassidy received on YouTube are below. Which I have to say, seem to rather clearly violate YouTube’s terms of service against non-discrimination and hate speech.  You’d think YouTube would have a better handle on people attacking 16 year old kids online.  I couldn’t even find a button to report people violating YouTube’s TOS in this manner. Again, keep in mind, these people are attacking a 16 year old girl.


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How many 16  year old girls do you need to beat up on YouTube in order to get someone’s attention over at YouTube headquarters?  Apparently, a lot.

It’s interesting reading all these hateful anti-trans comments on YouTube, since YouTube refused to publish a video I tried to post recently of a trans woman being brutally beaten up in Russia.  YouTube banned it, no recourse, no one to complain to (I tried, and was ignored).

Apparently my mistake was posting the video in an effort to help trans people – if you want to beat up a trans 16 year old girl for real on YouTube, it’s a free for all.

From Cassidy’s video:

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it, and if I should go back to being miserable. And just be a boy. And hate myself, and hate my life. Just so everyone could just shut up and leave me alone.”


CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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97 Responses to “Transgender homecoming queen in tears after brutal YouTube bullying”

  1. Chris Flegg says:

    You know, you have summed up Youtube pretty darn well there! initially i went over to support her as i am gay, but then i did get thinking why she had the tiara and sash on? She did explain a bit later on, it was the friends in high School that upset her by talking behind her back and being fake, She sure has got a lot to learn in life, and toughen up a bit, it could get much worse :/

  2. Kyrelimit says:

    Oh and I wish people would shut up and leave me alone ?

    Then why is she standing on the internet soapbox asking for everyone to look and listen whilst she says leave me alone.

    What do people do in real life if they want people to leave them alone ?
    You walk away.

  3. Kyrelimit says:

    Life is very similar to YouTube and High-School. And there will ALWAYS be dickheads and as hard as it is – if you cant handle YouTube then hell – everything else is going to be a problem.

    Everyone said that once highschool is over – then people will be fairer but hell no. Same shizzle – different day.

    I think the lesson is that you cant change people ( and lets all be frank, we know that YouTube is a Jerry-Springeresque hate machine , so why bother even ? ) and if the internet gets you so down, then how will you cope with life ?

    P.S. Why would you wear your full crown and regalia when you are in tears so many days later ?

  4. UncleBucky says:

    I am better than you.

    You’re so inferior that your legs don’t even touch the ground.

  5. Butch1 says:

    You shouldn’t let these small minded, hate filled, bigoted nothings that are never going to amount to anything in this world affect who you are or how you should feel about yourself. Why bother about their opinions? What do they know about the transgendered? Absolutely nothing and they of course, act like authorities with big mouths and will say the most to try and hurt you. That is why they speak out. These are the ones you ignore the most. They are only out to hurt you and are up to no good. What do you owe them? Why change your life to make these cretins happy? You owe them nothing. You owe yourself respect.

    It is obvious the school respects you; why don’t you pay attention to them and what honor they have bestowed upon you and savor that instead of hurtful lowlifes on the internet who are only out to hurt you? Why believe them? Why change for them? It IS worth it to be yourself. It isn’t going to be easy putting up with idiots, but, you’re smarter than they are and you can ignore these little gnats who have nothing better to do than to try and destroy others. They must lead miserable lives to try and destroy yours. Remember YOU won that award and I can bet that none of them ever won anything in their miserable lives and they are full of jealousy and resentment whether they realize it or not. Continue holding your head up high and don’t let them get you down.

    Congratulations, by the way!

  6. skwcw2001 . says:

    I want to thank all of you today for showing me several things, one of the most is that I so dont belong in the gay community as it is exclusive and two that your no different than those your misstating as bullies, I find it odd that you all just keep pushing folks like me out of the community, then wondering why why isnt anyone in the southern states mentoring, or doing this or that for us? Maybe because you beat the hell of of them emotionally, or you discard them or destroy them, that is why many gays kill themselves we like to blame the straight world we love to blame the straight bullies but its us that does most of the damage the saddest thing is we freaking know it is us. It gets better my ass. I hope someday some of you are disregarded like you do to others. peace to some of ya.

  7. skwcw2001 . says:

    not that anyone would care, but very guy at the top rico… well if you actually go and look up the comments you will see this was taken out of context as he was replyiing to someone who was bashing her, thus leading you to realize that some of the research and reporting on this was done to slant it more to get more sympathy. He is a gay kid who was responding to another person who was as you all say trolling but hey if it fits the story better then go for it. Your all right and everyone else is all wrong your awesome.. He liked and even subscribed to her damn channel way to missled on the poor guy.

  8. skwcw2001 . says:

    good comment and I mean that, but your far from the only adult that has as you say slings and arrows thrown over the years. So Im tired of sexuality issues being thrown into gender issues all the time, do I not have that right, do I have to measure up to your concept of a standard of facing enough adversity to be able to have a position and be able to have it without being bashed around by folks? Im have been trying but failing to show that we are the same as those we are bashing around today, no of course she didnt deserve what was said, but we do the same exact thing, the same thing. We are ok with it when we deem our points or views the RIGHT ones, and we do it and tear a human to pieces all day for the fact we think we are superior or he must like all folks think that we are right and they being the world is always wrong. I know a bit about bullies I grew up with it but nothing ever prepared me for how vicious the gay world is towards a gay person they dont agree with, nothing compares to the level they will go to destroy, dehumanize or demean another person if they dont sing joy to the world and are not open minded till it hurts. The straight world uses their fist the gay world uses their superior selves, you know what you and all the other folks win I change my mind she has no responsibility for anything happening to her, the town should have been 100 percent behind her and screw anyone that isnt completely happy with her and supportive, Ive seen the light you guys are all right, So am I one of you now, can I be accepted and people be kind. lol I doubt it, most of all to your comment It was actually awesome and I mean it, and very well thought out and correct on many points I just think the point I was trying to make about how we are completely the same as those we are condeming as evil, mean stupid or trolls. Thanks for the thought and time you put into your comment I will pay it more attention than any others as it is an actual comment and not a bash thanks and good post.

  9. skwcw2001 . says:

    Personal responsibility for my comments, this coming from someone named anonymous……

  10. skwcw2001 . says:

    where did i say they should stay closeted so not to upset people by existing, is it ok for you to make up things to insight? Just because someone isnt creaming over all things trans doesnt mean they are anti anything, and just because she put herself out there doesnt mean she deserved abuse, Im just simply saying what the hell did she expect?

  11. skwcw2001 . says:

    The best way is like you said go for the videos not the actual comments, the problem is then we censor the person posting the video. I have tried to contact them about the fact they allow certain violent acts on their sight and then go after a simple gay commercial as adult but they state they rely solely on the people to police themselves and bring it to their attention. Self monitoring isnt working for their sight.

  12. skwcw2001 . says:

    So again instead of talking about the issue you decide to show that your superior and Im inferior to yourself and you see nothing hypocritical in that at all? You know what you have changed my mind your right Im wrong your for equality, well sorta and you know so much more than I I bow to your awesomeness and hope that when you talke to someone in person, and they dont agree with your thoughts they treat you with the same kindness you have towards me.

  13. skwcw2001 . says:

    I giver three days a week to a food pantry, and volunteer for a dog rescue I dont know what you consider a “better person”, a person even yourself has a right to think differently from others, without being attacked your doing the same exact thing your saying was done to this person in the story, your assuming that I need to learn to be a better person as if im a bad one, then the no excuses for my attitude when fact is you have zero idea of my story, my lifes experiences, so for all you know I might have a few excuses, but if it make you feel better to put yourself above another go for it, Im trying to also show how we commenting on this thread do the same thing to folks who dont see things the way we want or the we demand they do, to be seen by us as a good, or better person.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Whatever happened to personal responsibility for your comments? Oh yeah, you all continue to blame an “aggressor” that isn’t there. Unbelievable.

  15. The_Fixer says:

    Well, I don’t know just how much we agree. In one of your posts above, you mention that 16 year-olds should be considered adults because they can be charged as adults for some offenses.

    Yes, that may be true, but it also ignores a few things. First, a person’s brain, when it comes to the finer points of judgment and impulse control, is not mostly fully developed until they are about 25 years old. This is when the frontal lobe of the brain “grows into” maturity when it comes to things like that.

    Second, there are accommodations made for a person’s youth in the legal system, even when charged as an adult. And it takes a particularly egregious crime to be charged as an adult (aggravated assault, attempted and actual murder, to name a few). Even when convicted of such crimes, family history, age and other factors are taken into account during sentencing.

    I remember well what it was like to be a teenager. Yes, you’re not exactly a child, but you’re far from being an adult (even if you think you are). You’re not emotionally equipped to deal with a lot of what the less kind people in this world will throw at you.

    To throw the kinds of things that these people on YouTube threw at her is just unconscionable, and anyone who condones that is cold. Regardless of any problems that one may have with adult transgender people, one does not do that to a teenager. Period.

    And your comment about the tone of some of the comments appearing here is understandable – if not totally correct. We’re adults here, and quite tired of the slings and arrows thrown at us over the years. When someone comes up with a point of view regarded as ridiculous, we tend to fight back and sometimes it is not pretty. I apologized for my comment that appears below, and mean it. It did not address the substance of your comment. But I also still took you to task in a later comment for what I regard as an opinion based on prejudice against trans people that is poorly debated (i.e. no fact).

    And I think you’re trying to smooth over an indefensible position regarding age by saying that we disagree. Yes, of course we disagree. But I still don’t think you’ve properly justified your prejudice (and don’t think you can, to tell you the truth, because it’s unjustifiable).

  16. skwcw2001 says:

    so your way of dealing with someone that thinks differently than yourself is ………. to put them down and making it a person labeling attack? Is this not the same thing that in this story your stating is wrong, but for some reason is is correct for you to do it?

  17. skwcw2001 says:

    I actually agree with what your saying on this part I just see it differently than yourself.

  18. skwcw2001 says:

    you call folks trolls and labels and you dont see that your doing the same you are saying is being done to this person in the story, you have an equal sign as your icon, so does that mean your for only gays that think as you do being about to marry or can the as you label them in a demeaning way “trolls” can also.

  19. skwcw2001 says:

    a 16 year old can be charge as an adult in violations of those same laws.

  20. skwcw2001 says:

    glad you love it I will do my best to continue thanks for your kind response person named anonymous.

  21. skwcw2001 says:

    I hear it all the time in the gay community. If your not happy being gay go kill yourself of if your so bitter go kill yourself. 16 the age means nothing to me as any person of any age shouldnt have it, but when it does happen do you fold like a chair are you that weak or do you pull yourself up look at what responsibility you have if any into bring the negative stuff into your life, I admit many times I have been wrong and said the wrong things I can make excuses I guess but in the end I was stupid and wrong or wanted attention and thus brought this stuff into my reality, this person choose to go against a communities ways, good, bad, strong, amazing, or how ever you said it the community did what they do they went batshit illogical, I have seen each and every community out there do the same exact thing, I have seen the gay community do some of the most horrid bullying of other gays and zero is talked about that. I have seen every oppressed group do the same thing they accuse others of being non tolerant. Does the person deserve the negative stuff NO NO NO and NO, simple. Did the person bare any responsibility for bringing it into their existance? Yes of course. We dont live in a cooky cutter we are all the same world, we wont. So when we or “they” challenge us or them we can expect backlash. Look at some of the comments I got for stating a thought, at no time did i attack anyone at first I just said a thought then others made it personal, so it shows exactly my point we all do the same thing we are saying is so evil that this person received, and sorry for the spelling and bad grammar. I think one thing that is causing some issue is the fact that I dont see anyone 16 years old as a kid. And nothing I wrote assumes that their is merit to a person being told to kill themselves. What is making her read it and then put it online? Attention. Im guilty of that myself unlike most I admit my faults easily. But I cannot at any time or in any post point to anything that says a person deserved to be told to kill themselves and on that only on that do I call bs, now if folks think Im wrong on my other points that is awesome I actually respect that others think different and have different views and I learn from it when I am given a different view logically and honestly, and some times I change my position completely and admit my error. Now if others cant do that then your just amazing and awesome and pat yourselves on the back cause your the same as those bashing the person in the story and you actually cant see that, now that is the funny part to me, and sad. If we all demand folks have complete group think and have to agree with everything gay or the new alphabet that we have become, then we will lose so many folks, and we loose so many resources and amazingly talented and passionate folks, and why? Because they are not fun, or always out there, that they dont think exactly like me or you, and when they dont agree we think we are in a screening of mean girls, we say things we would never say to a persons face. Sorry for the rant, and john love ya but I didnt say anything merits it. I may say alot of wrong things to ya and others but that, that I didnt say.

  22. bob dog says:

    We’re all humans, no reason to be mean. does this girls life affect any of those haters lifes, no it doesn’t so why be mean? “DON’T BE MEAN”

  23. weltal says:

    The problem with transgender people is they go through a second puberty, and people react to it. Ask yourself: what were YOU like while YOU were going through puberty. What are young pubescant kids like now? Imagine having to be around them, but they have all the rights of grown up. Yeah… and trans people wonder why they get treated like they do.

  24. quax says:

    Poor thing. Hope she’ll cope and learn to ignore these haters.

  25. emjayay says:

    Yeah I checked it out and you are right. Some other site I look at has the Report Abuse button. You Tube should have something to alert for unacceptable abuse also.

  26. KC Jenner says:

    I left her a comment on YouTube wishing her the happiness that she deserved!

  27. BeccaM says:

    Im not anti trans…

    Y’know, the rest of your post suggests otherwise.

    If you think gender identity is a choice, I think you need to re-examine that notion. And don’t you think it’s more than a little hypocritical to suggest that transgendered folks should have to stay closeted so as not to upset people simply by existing?

  28. BeccaM says:

    Or anyone, for that matter.

    Some lines are damned bright, clear, and 100% unambiguous.

  29. BeccaM says:

    They certainly don’t make it simple or easy to report hate-speech comments.

    It’s way easier to report videos themselves.

  30. Swami_Binkinanda says:

    Take this as an opportunity to learn to be a better person instead of defending online abuse of a teenage kid. No excuses for your attitude.

  31. karmanot says:

    Especially with sites like U-Hate.

  32. Anonymous says:

    So you deny a difference between minor and adults? Why, then, are there laws protecting minors?

  33. UncleBucky says:

    I’d tell you to do it over, but…. Naw. Withdraw from the class before I try to throw you out.

  34. UncleBucky says:

    I don’t know which I have less patience for: Libertarian trolls or Neo-Confederate trolls.

  35. BeccaM says:

    One thing is for damned sure: Their “community standards” rules are haphazardly applied and inconsistently enforced. Remember the stories about people setting up personal YouTube channels — then using them to advocate blatant hate-speech?

    For example:

    Or this mess:

    To much less notice on Tuesday, Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist culture critic who was relentlessly harassed and threatened for the simple act of Kickstarting a project to examine the representation of women in video gaming, posted the latest video in that series, Tropes vs. Women. What followed was predictable. “Looks like my harassers abused YouTube’s flag function to get my new Tropes vs Women video removed. Not the first time it’s happened,” Sarkeesian wrote on Twitter. “An hour after our video went live I got an email saying ‘The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate.’

    In other words, it’s the bigots who often manage to get material pulled, simply by flagging in a large enough mob — with absolutely zero back-end analysis on the part of the obviously underqualified and badly-trained moderators working for Google/YouTube.

    In closing, because I need to run off to a meeting in a minute here, there’s this fascinating article by Online Hate Prevention Institute. Their report shows how one account can upload over 1700 obvious hate videos — and take over a month before the account itself is suspended.

  36. I’m not sure any of what you wrote merits the kind of hatred that that girl received. You don’t tell 16 y.o. girls to go kill themselves.

  37. Not really. You can report it as spam or report their profile image, that’s it

  38. Anonymous says:

    Youtube has enough “sponsors” to show their priorities – money.

  39. One thing YouTube wasted no time doing was pulling this video, which actually helps our community by exposing the level of hatred we face in Russia, and beyond. Interesting priorities.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think comments like “kill yourself” are appropriate. If you can show me evidence that this little girl said the same, I might agree with you. But that’s the right for ya – their motto is “eliminate by any means necessary.” PS I love how you all like to rattle on about completely unrelated topics; it’s not a substitute for an argument.

  41. cole3244 says:

    that’s the problem with the left they treat others as they want to be treated, it don’t work with fascist scum.

  42. karmanot says:

    Exactly so! :-)

  43. The_Fixer says:

    Well, I did treat him with the same contempt that I generally reserve for horrible politicians. My bad on that. Apparently I woke up a little cranky and let it get the best of me. I should have just not entered that first comment and went with the second one.

    But the larger point is that skwcw2001 is wrong. This kid is brave, and did not deserve one ounce of that crap, nor does she deserve the victim blaming that he and a few others seem to advocate.

  44. karmanot says:

    It’s not only OK to be trans, but perfectly natural—it always was. Brava!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ahh Youtube, the site of the lowest common denominator in today’s society. The intelligent would at least try to organize at a higher level. I’ve learned to have some sympathy for these idiots, because they were raised by abusive/mentally ill parents, and they’re just crying out for help. At least my parents never taught me to hate!

    Btw, comments like this are on just about any video about a gay person sharing their struggle. It doesn’t make a difference that she’s 16, because these bigots see children as punching bags.

  46. karmanot says:

    two points: 1: You roundly deserve to be insulted because you are a whine troll stealing the attention from the story of a courageous 16 year old trans girl. What a man you are. 2: We are in fact much smarter than you. Go back under that rock of yours.

  47. karmanot says:

    Don’t be taken in by the sympathy whine Fixer. Trolls are the first to claim victimization and in this case steal the thunder from a truly brave 16 year old transgendered kid.

  48. karmanot says:

    College Professor here. I’d give you a FAIL and your service has nothing to do with the topic.

  49. karmanot says:

    Answer Yes and secondly, we aren’t obliged make allowances for a withered point of view that is just plain cold hearted libertarian frothing as usual.

  50. karmanot says:


  51. karmanot says:

    Shove where the sun don’t shine concern bigot troll.

  52. karmanot says:

    Yep, the points on their heads are dull because they keep falling out of trees.

  53. karmanot says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Fight back and kick ass or learn to run like hell.

  54. The_Fixer says:

    Becca has a post on how to report YouTube abuse above. No, apparently it is not as simple as that.

  55. pitafon says:


  56. emjayay says:

    Not only are 16 year olds going to be emotional, but the judgement part of the brain is not fully developed. Also of course they have relatively little experience with life. I’m just wondering where her parents are. Why is she posting videos of herself crying for all the world to see, including of course the ignorant commenters she has so taken to heart? She is deliberately putting herself out for all the world to see in ways that were not available in all of human history until a few years ago. Why?

    She should be discussing things with parents or counselors or actual friends, not everyone on earth. The Facebook/YouTube thing has changed people, especially inexperienced immature people dependent on the valuing or not of others for their identity, from relying on a family/peer group to relying on everyone on earth for validation. Instead of developing self-esteem, it’s thousands of people dependent esteem. Your laptop is not a confessional or a shrink’s couch.

    Again, where are her parents?

  57. emjayay says:

    I tried but it was just too hard to make sense of it.

  58. emjayay says:

    Isn’t there a little Report Abuse button above each comment on YouTube, or am I remembering it wrong?

  59. wmforr says:

    College Professor here.

    I’d give you a B, so just ignore The_Fixer. please.

  60. Badgerite says:

    She should just stop and look in the mirror. She is a beautiful girl. And no stupid comments by God only knows what on the internets can or will take that away from her. The people who know her seem to like her pretty well or they would not have made her homecoming queen. Her parents and friends should just tell her, get off the internet and go out and have some fun. Those people are idiots anyway. And the best thing to do with idiots and mean,spiteful and cowardly idiots at that is to ignore them and go live your life as you chose. It will pay off in the end.

  61. The_Fixer says:

    Short answer: Yes, due to the age of the person, we may have to make allowances. Didn’t somebody do the same for you when you were growing up?

  62. The_Fixer says:

    OK, fair enough, I was needlessly cruel in that assessment. It frustrated me trying to read your comment because it is so difficult to read. I gave up in exasperation. I apologize for not actually debating you, and taking the easy way out by criticizing the form of your message. So now you get the substantive critique.

    Let’s start at the beginning:
    to all those saying she is being picked on or hated on and its wrong, take your own advice, every time a person says one thing that isnt lock step with the trans people we are destroyed called haters and so on and on.

    I don’t know how in hell you can justify the kinds of comments that were made toward this young lady. Your defense of the indefensible here is appalling – how does a simple disagreement with the trans community warrant the brutal kind of comments that these people made?

    You continue with:
    This isnt a case of someone who is making a choice to live their lives as a gender they felt they where born to and that being a private and personal decision and so on, this is one in which a person for attention knowingly goes out for and disrespects a huge group of people and their traditions to satisfy their own sense of worth. In effect the right is right on stories like this they are pushing themselves on the folks and spiting on what they have for so long had as their identity and traditons, so of course your going to get feedback what did you expect?

    From my reading, you seem to be saying that being trans is OK as long as one is quiet about it? That’s the same kind of thing I hear about being gay – it’s all right as long as you’re closeted and don’t get “in my face”. I can’t abide by that. Trans people who live their lives as their “inner gender” dictates are not doing so to get a rise out of anybody. They are not going public to offend those with particular traditions, they are doing so to draw attention to the fact that they are teated unequally and are often physically abused. No, the right wing is not right on this. Human sexuality and gender identification is not all simple and cut-and-dried. What has been “tradition” is not the way it is in real life.

    Then you say:
    For those that say well your this or that, hey go to any gay event tonight just tonight that has a drag contest go up and as a woman, enter it, they wont allow it, go to a black event a miss black uco which we have here in one of our colleges and try to enter you cant, the thing is we bitch and moan about inclusivness when we are some of the biggest offenders as we do it upfront and loud as can be, you hear all the time oh we dont go to that bar its for the trolls, the lesbian bar, the young only bar, the blacks bar, we are all like these people so to jump on them is odd to me.

    I don’t think you get the concept of ‘drag’. It’s a theatrical thing, men dressing as women. That’s just silly for you to bring that up. And yes, you will find various sub-groups that hang out together. So what? Kindred souls like to be with each other. What’s the problem? Your argument here is poor, if I understand it correctly.

    You end with:
    Im not anti trans that is stupid to say before you say it, what I am is pissed that they grabbed the gay rights movements identity and took it and every sense they did this, what do they do? At ever single chance for a camera or keyboard they talk about how bad we gays are, and how we are transpohbic and how we are this and that, mean while never talking about gay rights, but when a gay person is on any show or in public oh dear god if they dont mention trans at least fifty times they are biggots. So this kid did something that they knew would piss people off and in disrespectful to their traditions, suprise. The thing is we do the exact same thing in all areas.

    Funny, you sure sound anti-trans. And you don’t know or understand history if you somehow think that Transgender people hijacked the gay rights movement. Read up on the Stonewall Riots of 1969. You’ll find that some of the loudest voices and strongest protesters were trans people. They were right in there with gays, Lesbians and bi people. They didn’t hijack the movement, they were (and still are) part of the movement. You’re flat wrong there.

    I don’t find your declarations of trans-vs-gay animosity to be widely representative of either community. I am sure it exists, but you are greatly exaggerating it, in my experience.

    And your assertion that “So this kid did something that they knew would piss people off and in disrespectful to their traditions, suprise. The thing is we do the exact same thing in all areas.” is little more than blaming the victim. I’ve quite frankly heard enough about “traditions”. “Traditions” have been an excuse to deny people their rights, attack and abuse various sub-groups since seemingly the beginning of time. Screw tradition if it screws me or mine.

    So there. I gave you a content-based critique. You’re still wrong, well-constructed comment or not.

  63. BeccaM says:

    How to report YouTube users for bad conduct:

    Unfortunately, it’s not easy or straightforward, because you need to track down the person’s YouTube handle to make it happen.

    I wish Cassidy the very best… It’s got to be hard enough for any transperson to come out at all, but to do it as a teen, and then to have to suffer the abuse of the ignorant and the hateful… no one should have to endure something like that. I’m hoping she focuses on those who support and love her, rather than these mouth-breathing jerks.

  64. met00 says:

    Yesterday at noon when I forwarded John this link This was a positive story about not only a transgendered young adult, but about her parents coming to terms with their child being transgendered even though the mother was a born again Christian.

    24 hours later, after every bigot and asshole has come out of the woodwork to attack this child it is a story about the hate, not the love. How very very sad.

  65. dula says:

    YouTube is a support group for bigots. The death throes of douchebags are grotesque.

  66. BeccaM says:

    Oh, I think America’s homegrown bigots are just as illiterate, if not even more so.

  67. ArthurH says:

    This is like the CB Radio craze from 30 years ago. People hiding behind an alias feel free to say things they are too timid to say in public, let alone to people’s faces. Take the comments for what they are, blathering by cowardly insecure little jerks. At the height of the CB craze, on one channel after another you’d hear hate spewed back and forth. In that it was instant communication the haters would even arrange to meet to fight but never showed up. On the Internet and Twitter the haters and bullies aren’t even that brave.

  68. ckg1 says:

    Would it HURT to actually take the time to compose your thoughts better?

  69. wmforr says:

    It’s awful hard at 16, but I think her best response would have been no response. Now she’s opening herself up for more abuse. Any discussion involving L or G or B or T on the internet is going to attract its share of sadistic troglodytes, some more than others. “Don’t feed the animals” is a tough lesson she’s going to have to learn, because being transgender is a tough enough challenge to deal with without being distracted by the rantings of idiots.

  70. skwcw2001 . says:

    you didnt have to read it though, you made that choice noone held you down and said read something you dont agree with and then insult the person that wrote it, because your so much smarter…

  71. cole3244 says:

    i have always been an outsider and not a joiner.
    although not a lgbt person i have always been opposed to the establishment way and when my agenda whether atheist, vegan, extreme left wing etc is attacked i attack back in kind and with similar ferocity.
    i consider myself a liberal but i am an angry liberal and don’t fuck with me and my agenda or you will pay the verbal price, you can’t go to a gun fight with a knife and survive.

    this is the only response the cons bigots of the world understand and react to, the rw don’t respect others and they don’t deserve respect of any kind and they certainly haven’t earned any.
    ps – sorry for the strident attitude but i have had enough and am pissed off and fed up.

  72. skwcw2001 . says:

    your right see I was injured in the army so I dont spell or us proper grammar your awesome for picking that out so maybe you should have your own show since you so awesome and smart. It is amazing you jump on me for my comments that you apparently dont agree with, and how do you do it, by putting me down or finding a flaw in a personal way and going at it, BAM the same as folks where doing to this person your defending, and you dont see the irony at all? Your amazing.

  73. skwcw2001 . says:

    so due to the age of this person and solely due to that, we must make allowances? A person not agreeing with the subject does not denote a lack of empathy, it is just they have a different point of view.

  74. kmcdevitt says:

    Whatever else one might say about your comment (and there is an awful LOT to
    say about it) you’re talking about a kid. An adolescent whose brain
    chemistry is not yet fully developed and whose hormones make EVERYthing feel
    so much more intense. Maybe you could filter your utter lack of empathy
    through the lens of that reality. Probably not, but it’s worth a shot.

  75. Bill_Perdue says:

    Antigay violence is on the rise again in the US and it is entirely and solely due to the efforts of cult leaders of the roman, mormon, pentecostal and other cults and to the Democrats and Republicans who ceaselessly pander to them.

    Democrats and Republicans can’t – won’t – stop the violence or the violence inducing hate speech. Socialists will.

  76. The_Fixer says:

    Oh, I reply. Do I reply.

    However, as John pointed out, there’s apparently no way to report trolls and idiots on YouTube.

    I think that might be by design. They let it get away from them, and now they can’t control it, so they don’t even try.

    Which is inexcusable on the part of Google. What is it that they say – “Don’t Be Evil”? Time to put their money where their mouth is.

  77. The_Fixer says:

    Blame the victim?

    Yeah, I would not want to read the comments, either. But what’s the threshold? One comment? Two? A dozen? And what about the supportive comments? Surely there must have been at least a few.

    No, bad behavior should not be encouraged by blaming the victim.

  78. The_Fixer says:


    Your screed is incomprehensible due to poor phrasing, run-on sentences and poor grammar (not to mention spelling errors).

    I want you to go to the library, pick out some books on English composition, and come back in about a year with a corrected, comprehensible comment.

    This comment deserves a D-.

  79. The_Fixer says:

    Not to mention the anonymity involved. Anybody who wants to can make up one or more user names and spout off however hatefully they like.

  80. The_Fixer says:

    I clicked on the link in your post. It looks to me to be a young person acting as a young person – trying to balance being true to themselves with external societal pressure.

    And yes, teenagers sometimes misbehave (like misrepresenting themselves as being older than they are).

    Yes, I am sure that Cassidy needs a lot of help. It’s one big problem in our society – not enough mentors for LGBTQ kids because they’ve been scared away, or simply wouldn’t make good mentors because of their own issues.

    Thankfully, we’re starting to have national conversations about this.

  81. ckg1 says:

    Who the FUCK appointed you judge and jury on this matter?


  82. ckg1 says:

    Thanks for vomiting all of that crap.

    Now we have to clean it up.

  83. ckg1 says:

    This world has ALWAYS been so damned mean; it’s just that it’s more out in the open and relatively instantly.

  84. ckg1 says:

    Fixer: Maybe, but there’s two courses of action:

    1. Respond to the A-holes. If necessary, jack up the volume.

    2. Report the A-holes for hate speech. If we’re lucky, they’ll be banished.

  85. Ron Robertson says:

    The bad writing sounds like some of those bigots from Nigeria. Hopefully they’re proud to be on the same level as that Nigerian “scientist” with the magnets.

  86. The_Fixer says:

    At least two places need to have their commenting systems permanently disabled on the web – YouTube and Yahoo!. Both are inhabited by the most evil of bigots, trolls and just plain A-Holes.

    I wish the best for Cassidy and hope she gets beyond this. Trans people have a particularly rough road, and deserve both compassion and understanding. But not our pity.

  87. Cathy Brennan says:

    John, have you not noticed that this 16-year-old is acting out sexually in ways that are damaging? Also, the gay personal ad? There’s more to this story. This kids needs an intervention.

  88. lilyannerose says:

    This world has just gotten so damned mean.

  89. skwcw2001 says:

    to all those saying she is being picked on or hated on and its wrong, take your own advice, every time a person says one thing that isnt lock step with the trans people we are destroyed called haters and so on and on. The fact that we are just as bad on others who dont see things 100 percent our way is hillarious. This isnt a case of someone who is making a choice to live their lives as a gender they felt they where born to and that being a private and personal decision and so on, this is one in which a person for attention knowingly goes out for and disrespects a huge group of people and their traditions to satisfy their own sense of worth. In effect the right is right on stories like this they are pushing themselves on the folks and spiting on what they have for so long had as their identity and traditons, so of course your going to get feedback what did you expect? For those that say well your this or that, hey go to any gay event tonight just tonight that has a drag contest go up and as a woman, enter it, they wont allow it, go to a black event a miss black uco which we have here in one of our colleges and try to enter you cant, the thing is we bitch and moan about inclusivness when we are some of the biggest offenders as we do it upfront and loud as can be, you hear all the time oh we dont go to that bar its for the trolls, the lesbian bar, the young only bar, the blacks bar, we are all like these people so to jump on them is odd to me. Im not anti trans that is stupid to say before you say it, what I am is pissed that they grabbed the gay rights movements identity and took it and every sense they did this, what do they do? At ever single chance for a camera or keyboard they talk about how bad we gays are, and how we are transpohbic and how we are this and that, mean while never talking about gay rights, but when a gay person is on any show or in public oh dear god if they dont mention trans at least fifty times they are biggots. So this kid did something that they knew would piss people off and in disrespectful to their traditions, suprise. The thing is we do the exact same thing in all areas.

  90. UncleBucky says:

    There’s your comment here (it’s OK!) and another that says “stop reading….” Consider the person who is suffering the abuse, not an adult or a person made of steel…

    We are talking about a 16 year old person (girl, young woman…). The emotional system of many 16 year olds still hasn’t stabilized after puberty. Then consider the emotional roller coaster of suppressing the hormones usually present at puberty and she has to adjust to that. Yikes.

    So yes, the internet IS full of creeps and not only Cassidy but ALL OF US have transcend all that. We have to, I think, extend a loving hand, even a buddy hand (you know?) to people experiencing this. I think that kids today can do that, unless they have been poisoned by the haters (including parents who hate).

    And then finally, from my perspective. I attended the Be-All Conference twice as a rep of a human rights group. I learned so much, but you know internally there are almost automatic reactions that had to be “managed” so to speak. Mostly at those two events I listened to stories that people told me. Listened and learned.

    The sooner that someone who transitions can do so, the better. And the more everyone of us around can not just support but celebrate (eh?), the better!

  91. Xanadu_me says:

    There is no way anyone can really explain the amazing highs and lows of transitioning gender. I spent most of my teens through 20s trying to kill myself and only the small moments when I got to be myself..mostly in secret or with the help of very good friends was I really happy. Now at 41, I’ve lived a long time in my correct body and I am always so happy to see the public awareness and sometimes acceptance that I could only dream about for trans people when I was first sneaking around the house stealing my sisters make up at 12. But people it’s hard… It’s a vision quest, mental Olympics, and Dante’s inferno all rolled up into one. I love being transgendered and I’m very proud of my journey… But I couldn’t do it again. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The courage this girl is showing is huge…. I wish I could give her a hug and tell her it’s gonna be ok. But everyday it’s tough..I still deal with crap sometimes. Growing up sucks. I can’t imagine being in high school and transitioning gender. Cassidy your my hero, don’t give into their bs and the hate and intolerance. It’s your generation that is finally making it ok to be trans.

  92. tballou says:

    This is all very sad but at some point she has to take a little responsibility and STOP READING THE COMMENTS!

  93. Mau says:

    Cassidy, you are beautiful and your classmates recognized that. The Internet is full of creeps and weirdos who will get off spewing hate wherever they can. Rise above it. You are surrounded by love and you have a full and exciting life ahead of you. Remember how much you have inspired so many,
    Love to you.

  94. StraightGrandmother says:

    Honey, don’t listen to the HATERS!
    Pick yourself back up and hold your head up high.
    You have my sympathies honey, big hugs.

  95. Sally says:

    Unfortunately, people have gotten much less civil since the web. I wonder how these kids will feel when a potential employer looks them up online and reads this hate. My 50 year old sister lost a job after posting myriad accusations against our President and swearing like a sailor over BENGHAZI!!! and the IRS!!! I also wonder how many of these young people call tehmselves Christian, because I have seen a lot of hate coming from that supposedly loving community since 2008.

  96. William Brinkman says:

    I couldn’t watch the whole video. Very sad. YouTube commenters are among the worst.

    I hope she realizes that the people who know her best, her classmates voted her in as Homecoming Queen. That is what she should remember, not the middle-aged men who never came close to being Homecoming King.

  97. TheAngryFag says:

    That’s Google for you. They’re “Don’t Be Evil” slogan is just a worthless platitude like “Support Our Troops” ala Noam Chomsky.

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