Jon Stewart: Moderate GOP is “bipartisan curious” about shutdown

Jon Stewart delved into the mystery that is “moderate Republicans,” and why GOP moderates refuse to stand up and put a halt to their party’s recent madness in shutting down the government and now threatening to default on the national debt.

Jon Stewart: This seems crazy. Why are these moderate Republicans hiding behind closed doors?

Al Madrigal: Maybe they’re afraid, of being judged by their families, colleagues. Afraid of not being accepted for who they are.

Jon Stewart: Judged for what, for being moderate?

Al Madrigal: Oh, they prefer the term “bipartisan curious.” And there’s way more of them than you realize, John.

Jon Stewart: Well, if they aren’t open about their political orientation, then how do they even find each other?

Al Madrigal: Oh it’s easy John. They use an app called “Votr.”

The castrati complex is nothing new to moderate Republicans.  I remember back to my time working in the Senate, in the early 1990s, and how moderate Republicans were usually too afraid to stand up to the conservative Republicans who ran the party even back then.  Olympia Snowe was never a match for Don Nickles.  And she rarely attempted to be.  Which only increased her irrelevance.

And everyone knows that it’s common fare nowadays for GOP presidential candidates to get into a screaming match over who’s the bigger “Reagan Republican.”  Heck, even Mitt Romney, who once spoke derisively of Ronald Reagan, felt he had to put the conservative Reagan mantle on in order to win the GOP primaries.

Say what you will about Democrats, but you never see Democratic presidential candidates tripping over each other to proclaim who’s the most liberal (other than the candidates who stand no chance of winning).  As much as Republicans, and some in the media, like to talk about how “both parties have been taken over by their extremes,” on the left taking over the party is a dream, on the right it’s reality.

Here’s Jon Stewart, below, doing his best to offend bisexuals. Who must never be spoken lightly of.  Because they’re very serious people. And it is always wrong to make light of anyone’s sexual orientation.


And let’s face it, we’d never dare joke about someone being gay.



Barbara Boxer calls out Lindsey Graham’s theatrics

Lindsay Graham chick-fil-a

Lindsey Graham celebrating the anti-gay Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

Visualization courtesy of reader Naja Pallida.

Visualization courtesy of reader Naja Pallida.

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10 Responses to “Jon Stewart: Moderate GOP is “bipartisan curious” about shutdown”

  1. Russell Dee says:

    The so-called moderate republicans are really tea-party republicans just like the rest. The thing is that most moderates are politically vulnerable because they’re from districts where the voters are independent enough that they could throw these tea-party pigs out and replace them with democrats. So the faux moderates in the republican have to talk like moderates even as they are voting with the teaparty republicans. They are trying to trick the voters in their districts by talking loudly about disapproving with the tea-party agenda while at the same time they are voting for the tea-party agenda. The democrats need to expose these faux moderate republican hypocrites for what they really are – tea party republicans just like all the rest.

    And the democrats are in the process of doing exactly that. LOL!

  2. nicho says:

    Refer to the ratchet effect. It’s what has happened to the American political system in the last 40+ years. It can only move to the right. It happens to the system as a whole, but more noticeably to the GOP — the party of fools and traitors.

  3. Naja pallida says:

    Maybe that’s why they’re so adamant about keeping the Congressional gym open. The communal showers are the highlight of their day.

  4. Monoceros Forth says:

    At this point, being a “moderate” Republican means that you take the time to wipe the froth from your lips before talking. I’m not sure it means much more than that any more.

  5. pappyvet says:

    I’ve always felt that most republicans were bi-curious

  6. ArthurH says:

    But you can help more moderates come out of their shell. Most don’t speak out when they disagree with the TP faction for fear they will be targeted for ridicule. If a Republican does something to disagree with the TP, such as saying the shutdown is crazy and that a clean Continuing Resolution be enacted, one should send a message to the fellow saying you agree with him even if you disagree with many of his other positions. It will give him the courage to push for his position against the TPs and maybe disagree with other TP positions. Sort of the divide and conquer strategy the billionaire-funded TPs have been trying to use against the rest of us.

  7. NCMan says:

    you’re right. Just because the wackos keep moving the far-right further right, doesn’t mean they get to drag the center line with them.

  8. heimaey says:

    That moderate line keeps moving to the right…

  9. NCMan says:

    Stewart got it wrong. There are no moderates in the Republican party. Just because you aren’t a radical tea partier, doesn’t mean you are a moderate. Nope, the no tea partiers are still right wingers.

  10. karmanot says:

    Moderates are now the fringe group in the Republican Party.

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