Olympic Torch extinguishes self inside Kremlin (because God has a sense of humor)

In a sign that God truly does have a sense of humor, the Olympic Torch today extinguished itself in the middle of the famous relay via which the flame, originating from Greece, is transported to the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The Russian Olympics has been under intense criticism after senior Russian officials threatened to jail any openly-gay, or gay-friendly, Olympic athletes, media and spectators under the country’s draconian new anti-gay “propaganda” law.

It seems the iconic Olympic Flame finally took one for the team.

The flame had just arrived at the airport, where it was met by Russia’s deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, and a full military guard, then ceremoniously brought to the Kremlin where it was greeted by none other than  Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Then, things went south.

First off, we have the jolly Olympic torch bearer – oddly, wearing a big old gay rainbow jacket and gloves – entering the Kremlin:


Suddenly, he realizes something is wrong and he’ll soon be spending the rest of his life bunking with Vladimir Putin’s political enemies in a gulag:


Oh yeah, the face says it all: Gulag baby.


Torch-guy starts frantically signalling that the flame is out:


KGB-ish guy, and soon to be gulag bunkmate, grabs a lighter and tries to relight the flame, repeatedly, to no avail:


Finally, success!


And jolly relay guy is back on course, carrying a now-faux Olympic flame representing the faux Olympic spirit that has permeated the Sochi Olympics, and the modern Games.

At the welcoming ceremony for the flame, Putin said that the flame “will show Russia to the world as it really is.”

Yep, a big ole wannabe fraud.


And here’s the video:

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