Colbert on ENDA: “Make[s] it illegal to discriminate against lesbians, gays, batman and tartar sauce”

Stephen Colbert weighs in on the US Senate’s passage yesterday of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), legislation that would make it illegal to discriminate in employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity (basically, against gay or trans people, but a gay person also couldn’t refuse to hire someone because they’re straight).


Of course, as Colbert describes ENDA:

“They want to make it illegal to discriminate against lesbians, gays… batman… and tartar sauce.”

ENDA is expected to have a difficult time passing the US House, as Republican House Speaker John Boehner opposes it, though he doesn’t offer a terribly convincing reason.

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9 Responses to “Colbert on ENDA: “Make[s] it illegal to discriminate against lesbians, gays, batman and tartar sauce””

  1. David Benkof says:

    I have a different approach to ENDA; I’d like to see the law expanded to include all Americans, not just LGBT ones. I have a piece in yesterday’s The Hill (a publication read by many members of Congress and their staff) urging just that:

  2. dcinsider says:

    It’s time to peel that orange.

  3. wmforr says:

    Of course, Boehner has intentionally encouraged this ignorance by saying that existing legislation already covers this ground. Is he just that ignorant, or is he continuing the Republican strategy of “Lying for the Lord”?

  4. karmanot says:

    Well, I guess if official now. The GOP is pro LGTB bigotry and discrimination, to the point of denying a citizen the right to work for a living. What about jobs, jobs, jobs?

  5. pappyvet says:

    And I love tartar sauce !

  6. FLL says:

    Most readers at Americablog understand (correctly) that someone can be fired in a majority of states for being gay. With this in mind, it’s understandable that some Americablog readers might think that the recent Senate passage of ENDA is unimportant and unnecessary since ENDA has little chance of passing in the House. I have to object simply because there is a disconnect between the readers at Americablog and the average American voter. Most American voters believe that such discrimination is already illegal throughout the country, which would make ENDA unnecessary. The most recent poll (from September, 2013) shows that eight out of 10 people believe that it’s already illegal to fire someone for being gay in the United States (link here.) In this same poll, 68% support federal protection, such as ENDA.

    Now check out this video from today’s Jimmy Fallon show in which Fallon interviews Rachel Maddow (link here). I really don’t think Jimmy Fallon is putting on an act. I think he is honestly flabbergasted when he learns that someone can still be fired for being gay in the United States. Their conversation, starting at the :18 mark, is as follows:

    Maddow: “It’s basically a law that says you can’t be fired for being gay, which is not the law in 29 states.

    Fallon: “How is that possible?”

    Maddow: “In 29 states, if your boss thinks your gay or finds out that you are gay, you can be fired for that, and it’s totally legal.”

    Fallon: “Really?!”

    Maddow: “And it passed the Senate today…”

    Fallon: “Is your boss… like… Vladimir Putin or something?”

    Maddow laughs.

    Fallon: “Really?!”

    Maddow: “It’s weird. It’s one of these things where people think it’s already illegal to discriminate that way.”

    Fallon: “Of course.”

    Maddow: “And in 21 states, it is, but in 29 states, it’s not.”

    I have to conclude that Senate passage of ENDA was needed even if passage in the House isn’t possible at the moment. I put the question to you, gentle reader. How can the average American voter disapprove of an injustice if they don’t even know that the injustice exists?

  7. dave3137 says:

    Don’t forget Robin.

  8. BeccaM says:

    Cool. I’m Batman. Didn’t know that until just now.

  9. mahmoud eltanahy says:

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