Bored with terrorizing gays, Russian neo-Nazis now targeting blacks

Russia’s neo-nazi movement, which has been organizing across the country in a coordinated effort to kidnap young gay men, is now targeting foreigners, especially foreigners of color.

Russia is a notoriously racist country, to the point where it is reportedly not safe for anyone considered “black” outside of Moscow’s city center.  (And in Russia, black is anything that isn’t pure white.)

And while Russian white supremacist vigilante groups have been content, until now, to keep their targeted kidnappings focused on young gay Russians, we now have proof that their campaign is broadening to foreigners, and especially foreigners of color, with serious racist overtones.

In a disturbing video posted on a Russian social media site, a young black foreigner named David (who Spectrum Human Rights says is South African) is taking a shower when the men from the group Occupy Pedophilia barge in and terrorize him, including forcing him to do a fake tribal dance, then shaving his head and violently force feeding him a watermelon.  This is a small clip I’ve made from the video.


You can watch the rest of the video below, but be forewarned that it is likely not appropriate for the office.

(An earlier version of the video was posted on Google’s YouTube, and then taken down by Google.  Sadly, YouTube consistently takes down pro-gay videos highlighting bullying against trans and gay people by Russia’s white supremacists, and then YouTube has the nerve to claim that they’re taking down the evidence of bullying in order to – get this – prevent bullying.  I’ve complained privately, repeatedly, to my contacts at Google, to no avail – they continue to undermine so much of our gay rights work in this area, and then claim to be doing it in the name of gay rights.  Enough.)

You can watch that video here, via the Russian site:

And here’s another clip from the video showing the white supremacists shaving the young man’s head:

Russian white supremacists with the group "Occupy Pedophilia" shave the head of a young black South African presumably being accused of being gay.

Russian white supremacists with the group “Occupy Pedophilia” shave the head of a young black South African presumably being accused of being gay.

As we’ve written before, these Russian vigilante groups have been kidnapping people with impunity for months now, if not an entire year or longer.  They’ve named themselves “Occupy Pedophilia,” and basically lure young gay men into meeting a member of their group (ostensibly be pretending to be gay themselves).  They then kidnap their victim and torture them – including forcing them to drink urine – on film, and the film is then published on Russian social media sites.

One recent victim was raped with a bottle. More on that attack from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

The series of short clips, making the rounds on the mobile phone application WhatsApp show the victim, who seems to be an ethnic Uzbek, being bullied into confessing that he is gay.

He is asked to identify himself and is stripped of his clothes, which are later burned. He is then handcuffed, beaten, insulted, and threatened with a gun. Ultimately, he is forced to sodomize himself by sitting on a bottle, which is then pushed with a bat.

The man, visibly terrified, weeps throughout much of the ordeal….

“We made him sit on a bottle so that he repents for his sins and comes to reason,” he told RFE/RL’s Uzbek Service. “We did this to protect the dignity of Uzbeks. We live and work here, we are in contact with people of different nationalities. There will be no respect for us otherwise.”

According to the purported assailant, the attack took place on September 11 in Novosibirsk, where he himself is a student, and all the participants were ethnic Uzbeks.

He says the man was first detained by a group of Russian antigay vigilantes who lured him to a fake date through a social-networking website.

The vigilantes then allegedly handed him to the city’s Uzbek community.

“Russian guys caught him and called us to say they had a gay Uzbek,” the self-proclaimed author of the video said. “We then questioned him and he confessed to everything. There were six or seven of us. The Russians told us he was a pedophile, which he denied. But he confessed that he was gay.”

The Russian government has done little to stop these groups, even though its members freely post their faces, and their crimes, online.

Here are some of their recent victims:

15 year old gay Russian boy kidnapped, and tortured, by anti-gay vigilantes that the Russian government refused to arrest.

15 year old gay Russian boy kidnapped, and tortured, by anti-gay vigilantes that the Russian government refused to arrest.

Russian vigilantes show off a young gay boy they claim to have abducted and then doused with urine after entrapping him via a gay social media site. Reports from Russia suggest the boy may now be dead.

Russian vigilantes show off a young gay boy they claim to have abducted and then doused with urine after entrapping him via a gay social media site. Reports from Russia suggest the boy may now be dead.

Russian vigilantes kidnap and attack a young gay Russian they first stalked on a local social media site.

Russian vigilantes kidnap and attack a young gay Russian they first stalked on a local social media site.

Trans woman brutally beaten by Russian vigilantes, who filmed the attack and then posted it online.

Trans woman brutally beaten by Russian vigilantes, who filmed the attack and then posted it online.

Of course, the level of hate in Russian society goes far beyond gay- and trans- bashing.  Russian white supremacists – who reportedly are all over Russia’s second-largest city, St. Petersburg – have been branching out their attacks to include migrant workers of late. And Spectrum Human Rights shares a press release from Russia’s “Coalition Against Hate” that says that on April 22, 2012, white supremacists organized an action in which they stormed Moscow subway cars and beat up anyone perceived to be ethnic:

On April 22 a so called “white train car” action (organized beatings of all people with non-Slavic appearance in suburban trains, as well as those passengers who tried to stand up for them) in the trains Moscow-Tver, Moscow-Klin, Moscow-Konakovo.

There is still a video of that action on YouTube, but you’d better watch it fast:

The human rights, and rule of law, situation clearly continues to deteriorate in Russia. And Russia’s government seems all too happy to let.

Have a great 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, so long as you’re straight. And white. And Russian.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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71 Responses to “Bored with terrorizing gays, Russian neo-Nazis now targeting blacks”

  1. Trav Osterly says:

    good video , the gay was promptly sent back to his homeland

  2. dumbracist says:

    I watched the video and it made me sick

  3. Alex says:

    All these “victims” are pedophiles except for one boy who is a gay prostitute. By making no difference between gays and pedophiles you are basically admitting a very close relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia. I also always thought they are quite close. Good that Putin signed the law protecting Russian children from being solicited and corrupted by gays and pedophiles.

  4. ofe_2002 says:

    beheadings on line from russia, beheadings plural, were to be found only a few years ago..

    if some neonazi group is willing to kidnap people and behead them and post… then well anything is possible.

    Russians many russians are not even christian, so they have no moral code… so for them in an amoral world they can do whatever they think they can get away with..

    I have been to russia in the early 2000s.. Its getting SOOO much worse ! !

  5. rapidron says:

    2 words to describe Vassily Pupkin:

    Brainwashed Tool.

  6. Tom in Lazybrook says:


    It appears as if the Russians have now attempted to ‘do something’ about the Occupy Pedophilia leader. They apparently are looking to charge him with hooliganism (instead of attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, and other serious felonies). But rather than arresting him, they apparently have allowed him to go on a fabulous vacation in Thailand, where he will presumably sit until the Russians can figure out how to ditch the charges against him.

    If he really is in Thailand, can we get the Thai government to publically deport him, citing videotaped evidence of serious felonies? And can we get him deported back to Russia so that the Russian government’s attempt to ditch the charges is frustrated?

    Sexually assault Gay men, kidnap minorities, and commit felonious assaults in Russia? I guess that gets you a free vacation to the beach in Thailand.

  7. Moderator3 says:

    You don’t need to worry about him showing up around here.

  8. cleos_mom says:

    “In any western country this negro would be sentenced to many years in

    Word for word that was exactly the statement of your other account, “the other Russian guy”. You’re not only a troll but a clumsy one with an out-of-date English vocabulary.

  9. cleos_mom says:

    Judging from how quickly Russia has become the American right’s new best friend, I’d guess quite a few.

  10. cleos_mom says:

    “negro”? Is that term commonly used in totally non-racist Russia?

  11. C Kukkuk says:

    Thank you for update.

  12. Bill_Perdue says:

    The bigots there, emboldened by the Putin regime, are beginning to act like American racists, adding anti-gay bigotry to their agenda.

    Just as they were emboldened here by the Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes.

    below Clinton signs DOMA, Bush meets with pope to ask for help with state DOMA’s and Obama sabotages marriage equality

  13. Ninong says:

    It’s wrong for a 19-yr-old to want to hook up with a 15-yr-old. At least it’s wrong here where I live and wrong in your country. However, as I have already pointed out, it’s not wrong in almost every European country because the age of consent laws are different there.

    I think the point you need to understand is that most Russians do not accept you no matter how “safe” you feel. Most Russians — meaning more than 50% — agree with the position of the Patriarch of Moscow that homosexuality is a “sin” that will destroy humanity. I don’t know if you are Christian or not but his words are quite clear on this subject.

    These vigilante followers of Maxim “Tesak” Martsinkevich are sadistic, homophobic, racist, neo-Nazi, ultra-nationalist thugs. You can tell yourself they’re just targeting pedophiles but they’re really using pedophiles to target gay people. That’s why you have this ridiculous new law against the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors. That thing has a loop hole wide enough to march a parade through. It’s because they hate gays, not just pedophiles. The majority of the members of the Duma hate you. You can tell yourself it isn’t so but it is.

    Do you think gay people should have the right to adopt children? The Duma isn’t going to allow that. In fact, they’re about to pass a new law that will allow the state to remove children from their parents if the parents are gay. They’re just waiting for the Sochi Olympics to be over first.

    Do you think gay people should have the right to marry?

  14. The_Fixer says:

    Like I said, I am sick of this concern trolling and outright lying from people who have no profiles, no less. Both of the Russian people who have commented here have nothing in the way of profiles. This is some kind of orchestrated campaign, a transparent one that is bullshit. I feel a duty to fight back. They asked for it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have a common sense question. Do you even know for sure that these “chats” existed? Don’t you think it’s possible that they made up the entire scenario? Or do you just believe everything, even if a thug says it?

  16. karmanot says:

    Bingo! Well done Fixer.

  17. karmanot says:

    What a deceitful, lying, ‘Russian guy’ troll. It’s not working here.

  18. Is that why they jammed a watermelon in the black kid’s face? Because their heart was in the right place?

  19. Got new for you “Russian Guy,” jamming a watermelon in a black man’s face, and making him dance like he’s from some African tribe, has nothing do with a concern for children. And what about the 15 year old kid your buddies went after a few months ago – I’ve got a still from his video above. Was he looking for sex with children too? Oh wait, he is a child, so that doesn’t work. No, the video shows that he was looking for an older man. So they terrorized him. And they also kept gay-baiting the 15 year old too. So spare me the crocodile tears about how this is all for the children. Your country is racist and homophobic. None of this is for the children.

  20. The_Fixer says:

    Yes, isn’t it interesting that he got a BJ from a victim? In order to be on the receiving end of that act, one would have to be open to such a thing, and be aroused. Not only by the presence of the guy and the act itself, but all of the violent circumstances surrounding it. I think Opinionated_Lady is on to something there.

    Tesak, the leader of the bunch, put out a video a few months ago saying that “…I have little money for food because I spend it on annabolics [steroids] so that I can look good for you.”

    That’s very telling, IMHO. It has the earmarks of a self-loathing gay guy, and he acts this out on his victims.

  21. The_Fixer says:

    This is the same thing we’ve heard from other people from Russia, and it’s in the guise of “concern trolling”.

    We hear the same thing over and over “You did not translate the video properly”, “They’re going after pedophiles”, and things of that nature. Keep in mind, that we only have the word of some very questionable people that they are pedophiles. There have been no trials, no credible evidence presented, no adjudication and no sentence by the legal system. This was all done extra-legally (and as Small Cute Giraffes pointed out above, directly in conflict with the Russian Criminal Code).

    There have been people who have translated the videos. What the translations have revealed is that these people are a violent bunch of thugs.

    You’ve said that these victims are all pedophiles, targeting 15 year-olds. What about the victims who appear to be about 15 themselves? There is more than one example up there. If they’re trying to stop pedophilia, why is it necessary to beat them and torture them in such a bizarre manner? Putting bottles into the rectums of their targets is not punishment, it’s torture.

    We also have reports coming out of Russia that gay people who have no connection to any pedophilia investigations, extra-legal or not, being beaten and tortured. This is not a citizen action against pedophila, this is a pogrom.

    In the cases of genuine pedophila, why hasn’t this been presented to the police? You say that the Russian police are corrupt. In every part of Russia? I find that hard to believe.

    Further, if there is such a widespread corruption problem, why doesn’t the population do something about it rather than erroneously taking the law into their own hands?

    I am sick of the constant flood of concern trolls from Russia telling me the opposite of what I see with my own eyes and what defies logic. Further, I have a problem believing that you are gay. You are saying the exact opposite of what we have heard other gay people in Russia say. In short, you have no credibility here.

  22. The same russian guy says:

    One more remark

    Notice, that article we’re now commenting didn’t even mention that black guy was a suspected pedophile. And of course, he wasn’t kidnapped.

    The header is “vigilantes are targeting gays”, not “vigilantes are targeting pedophiles”.

    Do you think this is correct?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Fukushima? :/

  24. Anonymous says:

    One skinhead a couple months ago forced a BJ from a victim.

  25. Ninong says:

    You can’t feel too okay to be gay in a country where it is illegal to say anything positive about same-sex relationships. That would be considered propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations and a violation of the law. Any statement by you that same-sex relationships are normal, for instance, would violate the law. You would be promoting non-traditional sexual relations.
    You’re not allowed to organize gay parades because they might be viewed by children. However, you are allowed to march at night, after midnight, but without the street lights turned on. You should carry flashlights. Literally! “Carry flashlights” is the exact phrase a Russian Duma member used to explain how it might be permissable.
    And that’s just the start of what’s to come. The only reason the Russian government delayed the vote on whether to remove children from gay parents is because of the Sochi Olympics. Once those are over, they will get back to business. Then next year it will be something else that they will think of. Maybe all gays should be placed in special gay communities so that they can be happier among themselves and not expose any children to the gay sickness? Then if no children are exposed, the gay sickness will go away, right?
    Wasn’t it surprising that in Russia’s new democracy the vote in the Duma to pass the new anti-gay propaganda law was 438-0, with one abstention? Votes like that were much more common back during Stalin’s days. Is Putin the new Stalin? Maybe. Just wait a few years. He’s still young and he has no intention of ever leaving office again, not even for four years like he did for that last little charade with his puppet Dmitry Medvedev.

  26. Opinionated_Lady says:

    Does it strike anyone else that these vigilantes’ behavior may have an element of sexual sadism? It seems to me that this particular attack was so elaborately planned, and enjoyed, that there is an element of sexual satisfaction in it. Are these vigilantes comparable to the family values Congressman who decries homosexuality repeatedly only to be later discovered soliciting sex in the men’s room of a rest stop? I think they protest their own “manliness” too much.

  27. Ninong says:

    We do know how it works. This site has been covering these vigilante groups for quite some time now. No one here is condoning sex with underage boys but neither do we condone the actions of Tesak and his admirers. The guys in this video forced David to give the Tesak crooked thumb salute.

    Surely you know Tesak’s history? He was previously the leader of a violent neo-Nazi, ultra-nationalist group but now that he’s out of prison, he no longer associates himself with that group. Maybe they took things a little too far when they beheaded that guy on live video and posted it. Martsinkevich (Tesak) was sent to prison for threatening a government official, or something like that. Now he has branched out into peddling himself as a health supplements nutritionist or something, selling his own line of strength supplements. He even has a video of himself calling anabolic steroids “vitamins.” Those are illegal here.

    He has two large Nazi flags on the wall in his bedroom: one of the inside of the door and one on the wall. He proudly wears the full uniform of the Nazi SS and brags that his grandfather was a member of the SS. I don’t know if his Nazi SS grandfather met his grandmother during the war in Russia or after. Seems like it would have been difficult for a Nazi SS to survive in Russia just after the war. Or maybe his Nazi grandfather just “dated” his grandmother briefly while “touring” Russia during the war? In any case, Tesak has posted photos of himself in full Nazi SS regalia. It’s surprising to me that someone who worships the Nazi SS would be accepted at all in Russia. I had a German grandmother but I have never been an admirer of the Nazis and they didn’t even occup my country and slaughter more than 20 million civilians like they did in Russia.

    He has at least three different websites that I know of that are still active. Even though VK closed one of his earlier sites, he has new ones with edited videos (the really violent stuff is edited out). However, some of the unedited versons are still floating around on the web on individual Russian sites.

    Occupy Pedophilia uses entrapment to lure men into what they believe will be sex with an underage boy. No one is condoning sex with underage boys, certainly not any as young as 15, but that’s not the point. The point is that they are glorifying the humiliation of gay men in Russia, because in Russian there is no difference between the word for a gay man and pedophile, as I’m sure you know. They sound almost the same. Most people in Russia think all gays are pedophiles. In fact, 80% of the Russian population agrees with the actions of these vigilante thugs. You don’t have to be one of them. You could be one of the 20% who disagree with what the do. Disagree completely, because they are not “on the right side.” That doesn’t mean you condone sex with 15-year-old boys.

  28. The same russian guy says:

    Let me explain what’s really going on. These guys are volunteer anti-pedophile vigilantes. They work just as follows:

    First they create accounts at the gay dating sites pretending to be 14-15 year boys. If someone contacts them they always tell the victim that “i’m 14 or 15 years old boy”. If the victim still wants to meet they agree and arrange a meeting in a rented apartment. Looks like police operation right?

    When the victim arrives the young boy (part of a vigilante group) lets him, talks with a victim for a minute or two (conversation is being recorded) then … surprise! The action begins. The latter is usually filmed and later posted on Youtube.

    Such actions became very popular and even supported by public, because public thinks that these vigilantes do what police refuses to do thus protecting children from pedophiles.

    I’m gay myself and I’ve seen such “traps” over net. The only thing you need to be safe is to answer “sorry, you’re too young for me” to such “15 year boys” and you’ll be ok and well.

  29. goulo says:

    Violent neo-nazis (who proudly hate gay and black people) deciding who’s guilty and how to punish them is not better than someone not getting punished for a crime they’re only accused of without it being proved.

    People who go attacking people may use accusations of pedophilia as a convenient excuse, but you know very well that they attack gay people and black people in any case (and proudly post films of themselves doing it).

  30. The same russian guy says:

    It isn’t dubious. The video itself is a proof. I simply listened to what they’are talking, the questions they’re asking and the black guy’s answers. If you’ll find someone who understands russian and can translate this video – you will understand everything yourself.

    So for me the initial point is that the black guy is a criminal, whose place is in jail. I would prefer him prosecuted by law, but if the authorities ignore the problem such a punishment (illegal of cource) is better than no punishment at all.

    P. S. I’m gay. I love my country and I feel okay to be gay here. I do not support the government (in fact I’m against it) and I don’t like neo-nazis. And of course I don’t even look at boys under 18. ;)

  31. The same russian guy says:

    Sorry. I’m not a spammer. I’m unfamiliar with this site so i’ve initially posted a message
    in comment by mistake, instead of posting it at the top. So I had to
    repost it. You can delete the first post. Thank you.

  32. BeccaM says:

    I have only two words:

    Fuck you.

  33. BeccaM says:

    I hear you, my friend.

  34. Ninong says:

    The word pedophilia is from the Greek, meaning lover of children. In English it is defined in the dictionary as “an adult who loves young children.” Teenagers are not young children. Therefore, the word you’re looking for in this instance is not pedophile, but hebephile or ephephile. That’s an adult who is attracted to a teenager who is not yet a full-grown adult. I realize this distinction is not often made in the media.
    Your statement that “in any western country this negro would be sentenced to many years in prison” in incorrect. As a matter of fact, the age of consent in Albania is 14, in Austria it is 14, in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  35. Small Cute Giraffes says:

    Russian Criminal Code:

    Article 116. Battery – Battery or the commission of similar violent actions, which have caused physical pain but not involved the consequences referred to in Article 115 of this Code,shall be punishable by a fine in the amount of up to 100 minimum wages, or in the amount of the wages or salary or any other income of the convicted person for month, or by compulsory works for a period of time from 120 to 180 hours, or by corrective labour for a term of up to six months, or by arrest for a term of up to three months.
    Article 126. Abduction – 1. Abduction –
    shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of four to eight years.
    2. The same act committed:
    a) by a group of persons under a preliminary conspiracy;
    b) repeatedly;
    c) with the use of violence with danger for human life and health, or a threat to apply such violence;
    d) with the use of weapons or objects used as weapons;
    e) against an obvious juvenile;
    f) against a woman who is in a state of pregnancy, which is evident to the convicted person;
    g) against two or more persons;
    h) out of mercenary motives,
    shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of five to ten years.
    3. Deeds stipulated by the first and second parts of this Article, if they:
    a) have been committed by an organized group;
    b) have been committed by a person who was previously sentenced for crimes stipulated by this Article, and also for illegal deprivation of liberty or capture of a hostage;
    c) have entailed by negligence the death of the victim or any other grave consequences, –
    shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of eight to twenty years.

  36. Moderator3 says:

    You have made this comment twice. That is considered spamming. Please do not make the comment again.

  37. goulo says:

    At the bottom of the Olympic Committee’s FAQ (which oddly does not answer the question I frequently see asked about why in the hell they are blithely permitting the Olympics to take place in a country with fascist racist anti-gay thugs attacking people while the police wink and do nothing) you will find a link to take you to a form to leave them a question.

  38. goulo says:

    If your dubious story is true, that still doesn’t change the fact that you have violent neo-nazi vigilantes attacking people, filming themselves doing it even, and the police turning a blind eye and the government officially encouraging hostility to gay people.

  39. A common russian guy says:

    Greetings from Russia.

    Don’t let the media fool you. This happened not because David was
    gay, but because David was a pedophile. He arranged a meeting and was
    prepared to have sex with a 15-year old boy. This can bne clearly seen
    on video.

    In any western country this negro would be sentenced to many years in
    prison. But the corrupted russian police don’t care much. So some
    ultra-right activists simply do the job the police refuses to do, using
    their own methods. I do not support their ideology and don’t like most
    of their actions. But in this case they’re on the right side.

  40. Vassily Pupkin says:

    Greetings from Russia.

    Don’t let the media fool you. This happened not because David was gay, but because David was a pedophile. He arranged a meeting and was prepared to have sex with a 15-year old boy. This can bne clearly seen on video.

    In any western country this negro would be sentenced to many years in prison. But the corrupted russian police don’t care much. So some ultra-right activists simply do the job the police refuses to do, using their own methods. I do not support their ideology and don’t like most of their actions. But in this case they’re on the right side.

  41. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I just go to pieces over this stuff. I want to break a lot more than my monitor, and that’s just not like me.

  42. TheSiberian says:

    Are you about beaten pedophiles? I’m agree with you :)

  43. aaaaaa says:

    Fuck you gay-pedophile

  44. 12345 says:

    this stupid article does not mention the most important thing: this black man came to f*ck 15 year old boy.

  45. TheSiberian says:

    This artilce lies! They are beaten not for the fact that they are gay or black, but for the fact that they are pedophiles! Why do you think the name of actions is “Occupy Pedophilia”? It is not against gays or black, it is against pedophiles.

  46. Sergejs Obrazumovs says:

    Poor guys. If you dislike Russia. Please do not go to this country. And please keep your hand away from our children.
    I dislike fascists, but here they do a very good job I would say justifiable defence for our children/

  47. Lyram says:

    I wonder if the South African government is going to say or do anything.

  48. The_Fixer says:

    I haven’t the sufficient vocabulary to express my outrage.

    This is a vile crime. Keep up the public shaming of these thugs, and keep up the pressure on that criminal sympathizer organization, the IOC.

  49. discus_sucks_ass says:

    grind them then ship them to the Olympic committee

  50. discus_sucks_ass says:

    we have video of a cop shooting a guy face down on the ground 3 times in the back, all he is getting is a paid vacation…

  51. discus_sucks_ass says:

    very Romneyesq…

  52. UncleBucky says:

    Well, that could happen by our own hands, sooner rather than later…

  53. mirror says:

    It would be helpful to the disorganized, like me, if you or someone could post the contact information for the Olympic Committee and the sponsors each time you post a new piece of news like this. Anyone wanna help?

  54. Mighty says:

    Monsters. I don’t know a more appropriate word.

  55. Paul says:

    We have the torturers’ faces for crying out loud. Is anyone at all in the country or outside trying to identify them? I plead the fifth on what I’d like to see done once they are, but at least it’s a start.

  56. pappyvet says:

    Despicable. I do wonder how many here in the Land of the Free shed a hateful tear at the thought of ”The Good Old Days.”

  57. pappyvet says:

    steady on Sis

  58. DavidHart says:

    This behavior has the approval of, if not incitement by, Putin’s government. Moreover, our whack jobs (Lively, Brown, et al) cause their whack jobs to become even more unhinged.

  59. Ninong says:

    I made myself physically sick looking into that stuff several months back when you first posted something about Martsinkevich. I looked him up in Russian and came across all sorts of Russian sites filled with vile video clips. The only good thing that came out of that effort was that I did come across a nice gay Russian website where everyone is polite and everyone speaks in a sort of code, being careful to never admit that they’re all actually gay. It’s a gay Russian sports site started by one guy and then his timeline has dozens of friends posting openly. It was fascinating.

    On that site, the author, who is in his early to mid-20’s, posts pics of himself and his “boyfriend” on all their vacations together without ever admitting that their relationship is anything other than platonic. All of his friends who post are either gay or lesbian or gay-friendly. They talk about Russian sports, the coming Olympics, etc., but all the while being careful to not say anything too political. It was an amazing look into what today’s environment must be for gay people there.

  60. Thom Allen says:

    Don’t worry, Thomas Roberts is over there right now making nice at the Miss Universe pageant. I’m sure once the Russians see just how wonderful the Misters Roberts are, all the violence will end.

  61. goulo says:

    Such sad amazing blatantly hateful violent idiocy.

    This post prompted me to send another note to the Olympic Committee about their supporting the games in a country whose authorities refuse to do anything about all this anti-gay and racist violence. So thanks for the post, John. Man, there is no way I would want to visit Russia with its current culture of ignorant violent hate toward gay people and people of color.

  62. Thom Allen says:

    Of course, the Russians say that their laws don’t prevent gays from dating, or meeting, or talking – just not in front of children. Of course, in all of these attack videos, I never see any children around. Maybe the Occupy Pedophilia guys should drag a few kids along next time just show that they’re obeying the law.

    And the new IOC president (“Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss”) says that he’s satisfied that there won’t be any problems with gays in Sochi during the Olympics. Yet, these thugs had no qualms about attacking a citizen of another country.

    Russia and the Republicons, wallowing in the same moral filth.

  63. heimaey says:

    Oh but Elton John and Johnny Weir said it’s a good thing to go!!!

  64. Yep, that was my thought

  65. Ninong says:

    In the video of David, the black South African young man, it’s obvious that what they did was arrange a date between him and the young white Russian seen talking to him on the phone at the start of the video. That’s how they gained access to his apartment. His “date” probably asked him to take a shower and then, while he was in the shower, the “date” opened the door to the apartment to let in his Occupy Pedophilia buddies.

  66. CaptainMurphy says:

    I’m glad I’m not endowed with the powers of God… if I were, and saw videos like this I would wipe the human race off the planet so fast.

  67. FLL says:

    It’s no wonder that black players on British soccer teams, and their supporters, are trying to get the 2018 World Cup moved from Russia to somewhere else… anywhere else.

  68. Drew2u says:

    I have hundreds of coke-rewards points caps waiting to be redeemed. I wish I had a plastics shredder. Any idea how I could use them as protest? I’ve already stopped purchasing any coke products a while ago.

  69. BeccaM says:

    Sweet Goddess please keep me from breaking my computer monitor…

  70. karmanot says:

    Russia has become a toxic sewer and should be boycotted at every International event. Google should be placed alongside COKE and other sponsors who silently collaborate with this beastly neo-Nazi apartheid pogrom.

  71. Leota2 says:

    At this point the international community shouldn’t even piss
    on Russia if it was on fire—let alone be involved in the Olympics.
    It would be a waste of water.

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