“Its (sic) not bigorty (sic), its (sic) biology”

The Ruth Institute, a religious right organization (up until recently affiliated with NOM) whose purpose is purportedly to “make marriage cool,” posted a hip image to its Facebook page this weekend, intending to bash gay marriage.

Instead, they ended up bashing the English language.

Courtesy of Scott Wooledge, who copied the image from the Ruth Institute Facebook page before they’d realized what they’d done – see if you can spot all the mistakes:

There are 3 mistakes in the Ruth Institute’s gay-bashing image:

  1. It’s “it’s,” not “its.”
  2. It’s “bigotry,” not “bigorty.”
  3. Its (again)

I was curious to learn more about the Ruth Institute, so I googled them. Check out what came up:


If you have to say that your job is making something “cool,” you’re not making it cool.

Jim Bliss offered a more accurate version of the Ruth Institute image:bigorty-fixed

Up until just last month, the Ruth Institute was the “think tank” arm of lead anti-“gay marriage” religious right group NOM (the National Organization for Marriage).  Sadly for NOM, this isn’t their first run-in with a decidedly uncool attempt at trying to be hep (or het, as it may be) like the kids.

You’ll note in the bottom corner of the Ruth Institute’s image it show the hashtag “#1m1w” – that stands for one man, one woman.  Well, NOM found itself in a wee spot of trouble a while back for trying something similar, with its “2M4M” logo. It was intended to mean “Two million for marriage.”  But in Internet parlance 2M4m actually means, among other things, that a gay couple is looking for a 3-way.


At least the Ruth Institute, with 1m1w is promoting heterosexual anonymous sex, so there’s that.

This came on the heels of the Tea Party’s embrace of the word “teabaggers” and “teabagging” to define their movement.  Apparently unbeknownst to Tea Partyers at the time, both words have a slightly different meaning outside of politics.

Our good friend Andy Cobb of Second City did a pair of videos nailing the far-right’s ongoing gay gaffes. If you’ve not seen them, you’re in for a treat, they’re posted below.

(I’m told that in order to actually see my Facebook posts in your Facebook feed, you need to “follow” me – so say the experts.)

The first deals with “Teabagging”:

The second deals with “2M4M”:

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