Don’t look now, gay marriage just got legalized in Utah!

America’s capital of homophobia just got a wee bit gayer today as Utah – yes, Utah – ushered in gay marriages when no one was really looking,

In an unexpected decision, a federal judge struck down Utah’s ban on gay marriages, immediately legalizing gay marriages in the state. This makes Utah, at least for now, the 18th state to legalize gay nuptials.

Utah (Republican) state leaders were not pleased.

Utah is of course also home to the virulently homophobic activist religion, Mormonism, which was single-handedly responsible for killing gay marriage in California back in 2008, only to see their $20 million go to naught as we got it back anyway. Heh.  The Mormons are reportedly not pleased either – but when are they?

The AP reports that it will take a few days for a judge to review the state’s request for an immediate stay on the marriages.

And in the meantime, they’re getting married, in droves.

Regardless of whether the appeals court stays the ruling legalizing marriages, gay couples have already gotten married, and that, my friends, is one big legal nightmare for the homophobes.





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