The Obamacare sexy-elf video that has the GOP all verklempt

The nation’s leading closeted self-loathing gay Republican organization is throwing a hissy fit over “Get Enrolled,” an adorable new Obamacare-related Christmas-themed video aimed at getting gays to sign up for health insurance.

The Log Cabin Republicans are particularly incensed that the video, produced by a group called Out2Enroll, contains shots of some rather hot elves, which bring to mind the Kmart Jingle Bell boys we wrote about earlier.  According to Log Cabin, hot elves are as bad as Uganda. Or something.


Here’s Log Cabin’s bizarre, albeit typical, statement, following by the wee bit of analysis it deserves:

Today Log Cabin Republicans, the only LGBT advocacy organization on the Obamacare Repeal Coalition, denounced a video advertisement by Out2Enroll exploiting gay stereotypes to encourage gay men to enroll in the Affordable Care Act.

“This cynical ad betrays the depths Obamacare advocates will sink to in order to pad their pathetic enrollment numbers,” Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo declared. As a self-proclaimed ‘fierce advocate’ of gay equality, President Obama would do well to distance himself from this nonsense and denounce it immediately.

This ad is also an example of the left promoting harmful stereotypes that gay men are nothing more than sex-crazed lechers. If anyone on the right made such a comparison, liberals would be apoplectic.

At a time when left-wing propagandists are decrying Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for equating homosexuality with promiscuity and deviance, Out2Enroll and others should take a look in the mirror and ask if the truth is that they are the ones responsible for promoting such harmful stereotypes.”

Ooh boy, a lot of self-loathing to unpack in all of that, but let’s try.  First, here’s the ad – then let’s talk:

1. “Cynical ad”

Log Cabin calls the ad “cynical.”  No, an ad trying to help people get health insurance, for some the first time in their lives, and for others, including people with HIV, a literally lifesaving proposition, is not cynical.

What is cynical is a supposed “gay” organization that serves on something called the “Obamacare Repeal Coalition.”  Cynical is quite literally pushing a status quo ante in which members of your own community could have literally died because no one would provide them affordable, quality health insurance because of their pre-existing condition.

2. “Padding enrollment numbers”

So Gregory T. Angelo thinks a hot elf is going to somehow trick people into enrolling for Obamacare, when they wouldn’t otherwise. And that this will “pad” the enrollment numbers, because of the swarm of gay men who will buy health insurance simply because some guy took his shirt off.  Now who’s stereotyping gay men?

3. “Self-proclaimed ‘fierce advocate’ of gay equality, President Obama”

It’s not like Obama fired his campaign’s national security spokesman because his core constituency couldn’t handle a feygele in the job, but, at this point, questioning whether President Obama has been a fierce advocate as promised on gay rights issues makes you look a bit idiotic.

The man did just snub Vladimir Putin for us – again. There was also that little thing called the repeal of “Dont Ask, Don’t Tell.”  And the administration’s role in helping us get the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) repealed after the President finally came out for gay marriage.  The President’s statements certainly helped us get marriage equality in Maryland, and the administration’s advocacy on our behalf in court certainly didn’t hurt us at the Supreme Court.

I could go on about the Hate Crimes bill, and all the openly-gay senior administration officials, such as the acting Secretary of the Air Force.  But let’s get back to health care reform for a moment.  It’s not going to be a small deal for people with HIV/AIDS who can’t get affordable, quality insurance any other way.  That’s rather fierce too.

Not to mention, how much of this would President Romney have given us?  Um, none.

4. “Sex-crazed lechers”

So, I decided to actually watch the ad. It’s about sexy elves. Rather adorable sexy elves, at that.




I do think Miss Lindsey is off grabbing her vapors.

5. “If anyone on the right made such a comparison, liberals would be apoplectic.”

“Anyone on the right.”  You mean members of the political party – your party – that worked to thwart the repeal of DADT and to stop the striking down of DOMA?  Who are actively trying to put the marriage equality genie back in its bottle in state after state, and whose members traveled to Uganda to help spread the hate over there as well?  Are those the people we’d be suspicious of if they ever made a video purporting to help increase health insurance enrollment numbers among gay people?  Damn straight, we would.

See, here’s the problem that the self-loathing types never fully appreciate.  When you hate your own community, and when you continue to try to curry favor with a political party that declared war on us decades ago and has refused to relent, then yes, we tend to be suspicious of your motives.  When you say something, or do something, or make something that raises eyebrows we often are more predisposed towards believing that you’re hateful freaking bigots because the last 5,000 times we had a run in with you, you turned out to be freaking hateful bigots.

And just a small quibble. Let’s put things in a little perspective here, shall we?

On one hand, some progressive groups produced a video with some sexy elves trying to convince people to make a choice to save their lives.

On the other, Republican House Speaker John Boehner recently hosted a meeting of religious right advocates in the US Capitol in order to see if any of the wonderful “best practices” for how the Russians and the Ugandans deal with gays could be imported to America.

So, when that level of visceral anti-gay hatred is the norm in your party – and it is – a sexy self-help elf video would be a welcome change.

6. “At a time when left-wing propagandists are decrying Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson…”

You really want to go there, you poor psychologically-damaged little quislings?  Leave it to a self-loathing gay Republican to take the side of some guy who equates gays with people who have sex with animals, and terrorists.  Yet they wonder why people find them self-hating, and their party bigoted.

7. “Promoting harmful stereotypes”

I’ll take the two harmful stereotypes on the right, thanks.


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