#2 man in Russia’s parliament: Keep sex to once a quarter, 3-4x a year is enough

Russia’s descent into the 15th century quickened today with the announcement by the number two man in the Russian parliament, vice-chairman Vladimir Zhirinovsky, wants Russia to have new “norms for sexual activity, whereby they only have sex “once a quarter – or three to four times a year.”

Zhirinovsky, according to the RIA Novosti, was lamenting the larger cultural “problem” in Russia of the “younger generation” watching pornography and, more generally, “frivolous films.”  He says that these films have caused young people to think that “the more [sex] the better.”

“Under the influence of pornography, porn cassettes and various frivolous films like that, the young generation has internalized a norm of the more the better,” said Zhirinovsky, who founded the virulently nationalist LDPR party in 1991.

“Well, the less the better. And only when there is mutual affection. Here’s the standard: once a quarter, three or four times a year is enough.”


Zhirinovsky in happier days.

Porn cassettes? Is that like “books on tape,” where someone famous reads a porn script so you can listen to it while commuting? (All I can think of now is Boris Badenov talking dirty to Natasha – or more likely in this case, to Fearless Leader.)

Zhirinovsky also railed against drinking, smoking, and eating meat.

As we’ve reported over the last several months, Russia is in the midst of a moral and civil liberties crackdown directed against anyone perceived as undermining the motherland.  A good deal of attention has been given to Russia’s draconian attacks on gay and trans people, but political opponents of Vladimir Putin and racial minorities have also suffered.

I think someone's lucky if he gets 3 to 4 times a year.

I think someone’s lucky if he gets 3 to 4 times a year.

Zhirinovsky is known to be a bit of a nut – but again, he’s the deputy-head of the entire Russian parliament.  After the famous 2013 meteor shower in Chelyabinsk (initially thought to be an asteroid), Zhirinovsky claimed that “It’s not meteors falling, it’s the test of a new weapon by the Americans.”

Zhirinovsky also a rabid anti-Semite (“to survive, we could set aside places on U.S. and Russian territories to deport this small but troublesome tribe”), even though it was discovered that this father was Jewish, and a rabid racist:

Zhirinovsky also advocated for all Chinese and Japanese to be deported from the Russian Far East. During the 1992 visit to the United States, Zhirinovsky called on television “for the preservation of the white race” and warned that the white Americans were in danger of turning their country over to black and Hispanic people.

Zhirinovsky, who is divorced, is a tad sexist as well:

“When asked about former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, said, ‘Yulia Tymoshenko, I’m sorry, is a woman. I don’t like them, as it’s easier to persuade a woman. […] Women are more compliant, and it’s dangerous.'”

Maybe the problem is that women simply don’t like him.

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