My favorite Winter Olympic sport is “Synchronized Gay-Bashing” – what’s yours?

McDonald’s, a proud sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, is asking via Twitter what sport you’re most excited to watch when the Olympics begin next month in Russia.


I know for me, it’s “Synchronized Gay-Bashing.”

A few others have chimed in as well:


How about you?  What sport are you most looking forward to, now that the Olympics are being held in (yet again) an increasingly-totalitarian state that regularly abuses the human rights and basic freedoms of its citizens?

I got the ball rolling.  Please post your own favorites in the comments, and I can add them here.


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23 Responses to “My favorite Winter Olympic sport is “Synchronized Gay-Bashing” – what’s yours?”

  1. pericles9 says:

    You guys are so good! My meager suggestions:
    The Santorum “Man on Dog” Derby;
    The Thomas Roberts “Denial” Decathlon;
    Mixed “Jump the Fence”ing;
    Competitive Hair “Curling”; and
    The “Asylum” Relay.
    Happy “Year of the Horse” and full moon to all!

  2. HolyMoly says:

    BI-athalon! Instead of speed skating, I’d like to see speed dating (with medals offered in the m4m, f4f, and hetero categories). Nordic combined skiing might be fun to watch, depending on where they are joined together. But why stop with just the Nordic people? Let every country show how THEY like to combine! Maybe some tonsil hockey instead of ice hockey. I think that’s a male-only sport. Am I wrong about that?

  3. KC Jenner says:

    This is related to the Olympic from my Vanity Fair Magazine that I got today. “Puntin’s Run For Gold”
    At $50 Billion and counting intended to showcase the power of Vlad may instead have problems of organized crime, state corruption and the terrorist threat within its borders. There is a great map of the layout for complex with railways from a resort and Ice Skating Palace ($277 million) for Kings and Queens. :)

  4. The_Fixer says:

    The Neo-Nazi Downhill Runaway

  5. Matt Rogers says:

    Cross-country fleeing.

  6. phylius1988 says:

    On that note, some other good old Olympic traditions have been forgotten – Ancient Greek athletes competed naked, for one thing. Watch the viewership go up and Olympic bids from homophobic hellholes down.

  7. Matt Rogers says:

    Spot the secret police.

  8. Matt Rogers says:

    The don’t-do-anything-gay-for-hours marathon.

  9. Matt Rogers says:

    Bomb dodging.

  10. Laura Davis says:


    �☭☭☭☭ ☭☭☭☭☭�☭ ☭☭☭☭ ☭☭☭Winter events, though, are about nothing but expensive facilities and equipment.

  11. lucyboots says:

    Gay Biathlon. Give real legitimacy to the bigots already hunting gays /sarcasm Let the world see what you support @McDonaldsCorp. #LGBT

  12. Henry Owen says:

    Speed escaping.

  13. Indigo says:

    All that and a reflection that the ancient Olympic Games were never winter games of any kind.

  14. Ninong says:

    Exploding Olympic torch relay. Cross-country skiing to escape the suicide bomber. Biathlon where the “athletes” turn around and shoot at the fans instead of the targets. Skeleton identification.

  15. Monoceros Forth says:

    I’m looking to see who wins the Grigory Potemkin Prize for the most effective and creative methods used to maintain a squeaky clean public image during the course of the Games. No Prize will be awarded if a film of any protester is seen on NBC television, or if a bomb goes off.

    I just have to say, by the way, I’ve never thought much of the modern Olympics’ Winter Games. Now we all know that regardless of the event, Winter or Summer, the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but money and training (and drugs) winneth them all. Poorer nations are always going to be at a huge disadvantage despite the Olympics’ egalitarian pretensions. It’s much worse with the Winter Games, though. Many of the important summer events, the track and field competitions mostly, are plausibly within reach of teams that don’t have expensive facilities or equipment with which to train their athletes. Winter events, though, are about nothing but expensive facilities and equipment. There’s a whiff to the Winter Games of the wealthy aristocrat or nobleman enjoying a jaunt through the Alps while on holiday.

  16. Thom Allen says:

    Gay speed h8ing, no bobshead, unfreestyle skiing, no handball (if handball is a winter Olympic sport)

  17. Thom Allen says:

    Gay speed h8ting, unfreestyle skiing, no public handball (if handball is a winter sport), no bobshead

  18. heimaey says:

    People are making money. Even the deaths that may occur from terrorist attacks will be small collateral damage to these corporate giants – forget about LGBT deaths.

  19. Indigo says:

    Hide the Big Mac.

  20. MyrddinWilt says:

    Remembering my friends

    Anna K. 1966-1989 committed suicide running from Soviet thugs
    Two Russian colleagues working to shut down the McCOLO spam network, disappeared in 2009 presumed murdered.

  21. jomicur says:

    Kill the Bi…athlon.

  22. bkmn says:

    Whack-a-gay, and not in a good way.

  23. karmanot says:

    My favorite is the lubeless louge.

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