Feds will recognize Utah gay marriages, even if Utah won’t

Uncle Sam will recognize the over 1,300 marriages of gay couples performed in Utah over the past two weeks, even though the state of Utah now refuses to recognize them.


Becca wrote the other day about how, in spite of the fact that over 1,300 gay couples were legally married in Utah in the two weeks following a federal court essentially legalizing gay marriage in the state, the state of Utah, in cahoots with the Mormons, is now refusing to recognize those marriages, pending an appeal.


The problem for the state of Utah is that the marriages were legally performed.  And even the US Supreme Court, which put an end to additional marriages, said nothing about vitiating the marriages that already took place.


But leave it to Utah and the Mormons, and their Republican overlords, to do everything they can to kill love and bash a few thousands gays.


To it credit, the Obama administration has just announced, in a video by Attorney General Eric Holder (that oddly can’t be embedded) that it will continue to recognize the marriages of gay couples that have already taken place, enabling those couples to receive over 1,110 federal benefits that accrue to married couples.

These are the relatively small things that the administration can do, that end up making a big difference.  It’s good evidence of why it matters who controls the White House.  It’s also proof that on a lot of issues there are lots of things an administration can do to help, even when its legislative hands are tied.

Good job.

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